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Five Christmas Romance Best Sellers for the Holidays

Looking for a bit of Romance for the Holidays? We’ve got you covered! Here are the best fitting Romance Best Sellers for Christmas, available to read instantly on the Galatea app!

1. The Millennium Wolves Christmas Special

In one of the most successful Adult Romance Books, The feral and unapologetic Alpha Aiden promises  a mouth-watering romance adventure


Your favorite Millennium Wolves are back—and this time they’ve got Christmas fever! Join Sienna, Aiden, and the rest of the gang for a Happy Holidays Treat. The chapters are set sometime after the first book—in a dreamy winter wonderland that doesn’t affect the main story—so there’s no need to worry about spoilers! You’d better get in a festive mood because there’s more than enough haze to go around.

2. The Arrangement

Xavier Knight knows the two things guaranteed to turn a girl on. Money. And lots of it.

Anything that involves the bad-tempered, demanding and super rich Xavier Knight is bound to be trouble. When a scandal forces him into an arranged marriage with Angela Carson, a romantic penniless nobody, he assumes she’s a gold digger—and vows to punish her for it. But appearances are deceiving, and sometimes polar opposites aren’t as different as they seem…

The Arrangement Cover

3. Wanting The Man

Andrea has spent most of her life focusing on her future. She was a straight-A student in school, and has never partied or done anything to shame herself or her family. Now she’s one of the most ambitious accountants working for the brilliant CEO Josh Wood. Everything is going as planned—until someone leaks NSFW pictures of her in the CEO’s office during the staff Christmas party. She has no memory of the night, though. It can’t be her, but how does she convince her boss of this?

4. My Cowboy

In this exceptional Adult Romance Book, the deliciously fun Hael takes Cora on the ride of her life.



Cora’s estranged father leaves her a massive inheritance, but there’s a catch! She has to maintain his ranch in the middle of nowhere for a full year. A city girl in a small town, she couldn’t feel more out of place. But when she meets Hael, the intriguing cowboy who works on her ranch, country life gets a lot more exciting…

5. The Alpha King's Claim

The powerful King Aero meets his unlikely match. A really special adult romance novel.



As the king of all werewolves and lycans, Aero rules with an iron fist. He is perfect at everything—except women.  Serena McAllister has a normal life…until she buys a painting at an antique shop and is transported to a world of werewolves and lycans—materializing right on the bed of none other than the Alpha King