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Days after her eighteenth birthday, Aurora Craton feels the mate pull while working as a maid at a pack leadership party. Her mate turns out to be Alpha Wolfgang of the Blood Moon Pack. When he finds out his mate is just a maid, he not only refuses to accept her, but threatens to mark her as a rogue if she dares to tell anyone she’s his mate. Aurora has no choice but to remain in the pack, doomed to be alone. But then there must be a reason the Moon Goddess put them together…

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Hated by my Mate

Chapter 7

I ran through the woods, trying to clear my mind of everything that had happened this evening.

And trying to close out Cronnos, who was still yapping about me ruining his chance at love.

I’d decided to take patrol duty tonight, to get my mind off of her, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about those beautiful gray eyes staring at me with sadness written all over them.

“She’s out here! I feel her!” Cronnos started shouting in my head, catching my attention.

“What the fxxk are you going on about, you old bag of fleas?” I asked my wolf.

Then a sweet scent crept into my nostrils.

I’d recognize that smell anywhere. It was her…

Aurora was out here. But what was she doing all the way out here at this hour of the night? It wasn’t safe to be running around without protection.

Anger flared within me.

What the fxxk was she doing out here in the woods, near the border, alone?

“Who cares?! Find her before something happens to her!” Cronnos shouted in my head.

I sprinted toward the place where her scent was drawing me, getting more anxious as it became stronger near the border of our pack.

I reached a clearing. Right beside the lake sat a beautiful wolf with fur as white as snow, and eyes that shone as bright as amethysts.

Who was this wolf? She was beautiful, but I’d never seen a shift like that before.

Usually, a wolf’s true form resembled its human features. The fur would be similar to the human’s hair color, the eyes the same hue as the human’s eyes.

But this one was completely different.

White fur and purple eyes…

What did it mean?

I knew I’d read something about it before, but I couldn’t recall just what it was.

I was too blown away by how beautiful she was.

“This is pointless. I have nothing good in this town to hold on to. Maybe I should pack my things and leave.”

That was Aurora’s voice, ringing in my head. Was this wolf Aurora?

Was she planning to leave?

“I could go to the village where my mom grew up, in the east. I’ve always dreamed of going there one day.”

It was Aurora. Why did her wolf take this form?

But I couldn’t think about that right now.

She was actually contemplating leaving the village.

It would be the best for both of us, especially for me, but…

Why did it anger me that she wanted to leave?

I unconsciously took a step toward her, stepping on a twig and making it snap, alerting her to my presence.

She stood up, on guard and ready for the attacker to show itself.

I had no other choice. I walked forward from where I was hiding and growled at her, showing my superiority over her.

I wanted so badly to mark her right now.

Sxxt.” was all I heard her say, earning another growl from my wolf.

I stood warily as I watched the wolf approach me. He growled, and that was enough to make me crouch down in fear. His aura exuded authority.

“So you’re planning to run away from the village, Miss Craton?” I heard a deep voice within my head.

That’s when the wind brought his scent to me, and I recognized who this wolf was.

Alpha Wolfgang…

I bowed my wolf’s head low, until my nose touched the ground.

“I asked you a question, Miss Craton,” he spoke again in my head.

This must be mind linking. I’d heard my dad and the others talk about it

I lifted my head to look at him.

“Is it your plan to leave the village, Miss Craton?” he asked again.

“Um…yes, sir. But how did you…?” I started, but he cut me off, speaking once more in my mind.

“When in wolf form, we are able to listen to any wolf’s thoughts from the pack we belong to. You are no exception.”

I gasped at the sudden revelation. Of course, they could read each other’s minds, but only if in close range.

How long had he been here listening, then? I would have to be more careful.

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“So, Miss Craton. Did you plan on leaving the village because I wouldn’t accept you?” he asked menacingly. He came closer and began to circle me.

“Since you rejected me, sir, I have no reason to be in this village any longer,” I answered, looking down at the ground.

After all, I was mateless, and had no living family left in this village. Both my parents are dead, and I had been their only daughter.

Montana had raised me, and cared for me, but I was nothing more than the daughter of her late husband. She’d had no choice but to take care of me until I could defend myself.

But now, I was legally an adult. I could leave, and fend for myself.

“You do know that to leave this pack you have to get a permit that only the alpha can give? Otherwise, you’ll be marked as a rogue,” he said. His blue eyes looked deep into mine.

“And guess what? I don’t feel like giving you that permit. So unless you want to be marked as a rogue, and roam around without a pack’s protection, you are never going to leave this place,” he continued.

I stood there, stunned.

“Ex-excuse me, sir?” I asked, still digesting his words.

What the hxxl was I saying? Aurora had every right to leave the village if she wanted to. It would even be convenient. The mate I never wanted, out of sight and out of mind.

”You really are dense, aren’t you?” Cronnos growled.

“You are forbidden to ever leave this village, Miss Craton. If you do, I will mark you as a rogue. Is that clear?” I said. I turned to leave before I said anything else ridiculous.

Whenever I was with Aurora it was like my brain stopped working.

“Why?!’” she shouted in my mind, stopping me in my tracks. “Why are you doing this to me? You already rejected me, condemning me to be mateless the rest of my life. Why are you forbidding me to leave?”

I spun around, ready to chew her head off for talking back to her alpha…but the sight of her stopped me in my tracks.

The moonlight made her white fur glow, her amethyst eyes shining defiantly back at me. She looked regal. Proud.

”She’s beautiful, Cronnos said, and for a moment, I couldn’t help but agree. I shook my head, clearing my mind.

“Rejected you? When did I do that?” I asked.

“B—Back at my home when you said I was…useless…” She lowered her head in shame, and I felt a stab of guilt flare through me.

“I said you were useless to me, Miss Craton…” I started to walk back over to where she stood. “But I never got the chance to properly reject you.”

We stood in silence, facing one another.

I’d been interrupted before I had the chance to officially reject her as my mate.

Now was my chance to do it and put all of this foolishness behind me.

”You’re going to regret this,” Cronnos warned. ”Stop lying to yourself and claim her as ours. She’s our rightful mate.”

A part of me wanted to listen to Cronnos. But I couldn’t. Our pack had to stay strong. The rogues were still at our borders. And I could not afford to have a weak luna.

I stared into Aurora’s amethyst eyes and prepared to shatter my mate’s heart forever.

Read the full uncensored version on the Galatea app!

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