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When a young runaway, Quinn, is bitten by a wolf in the woods, she discovers a world she never knew existed—a world of werewolves. Now Quinn must adjust to her new life in the Shadow Moon Pack, under the guidance of an alluring alpha.

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Lupus Paulo

Chapter 6 - Unquenchable Thirst

Any second now.

Any second and Jaxon would walk through that door into the bedroom.

Our bedroom.

I wasn’t ready for this. On any level.

For one thing, I was a virgin and clueless when it came to all things sex-related. The only male I’d ever kissed was a boy who sold vegetables in the market.

That was before my mom had gotten extremely strict about letting me out of the house.

I had been crushing on him for years. I was fourteen and he was nineteen. He didn’t look like the brightest bulb…but his body was something else.

All the work under the sun had given him a chiseled man’s man sort of look, and I felt myself fantasizing about him at night whenever my mother and I would return from shopping.

So, one day, before I could talk myself out of it, I ran up and pecked him on the cheek.

I didn’t ask for permission, and I didn’t stick around to see how he reacted. I just bolted.

Like I said, I didn’t have a lot in terms of experience.

The second issue was that I hardly knew Jaxon. Yes, I couldn’t deny, there was some…electric pull between us. I had felt it viscerally, painfully when I tried to hitchhike away.

But that didn’t mean I knew a thing about him! So, he was the Alpha, which meant he was in charge of this pack of werewolves.

Cool, what else?

What books did he read? Could he even read?

Did he have any interests outside of wolf-related things?

Was he always such a glowering jerk or did he warm up sometimes?

My questions could go on and on, and I still wouldn’t even come close to understanding the man. The fact he expected a stranger to share a bed with him was weird.

Beyond weird.

I wondered again if I should try to escape. Obviously, I couldn’t get far because of this damn…mating bond…or whatever Sky called it.

It was like an addiction you physically couldn’t kick. And not a fun addiction either, not like binge-reading or chocolate.

No, the mating bond was a deadly drug. It flowed through my veins, threatening to shut down my body if I dared to try going cold turkey.

So, if I couldn’t quit the bond, maybe I could at least hide somewhere nearby where Jaxon wouldn’t find me?

There was probably a certain distance I could comfortably survive on my own.

I considered my options. There was a window at the end of the room.

Perhaps I could try to escape the same way I did from my mom’s house? Tying blankets together and climbing my way down.


We were at the top floor of the pack house, a much larger building than my mom’s little cottage in the woods.

Even if there were enough sheets, it would still leave me on the inside of this damn fortress. I would have another wall to get over.

And then what?!

Ugh. I felt so trapped. Every time I looked at the door, I expected the handle to rattle and for Jaxon to barge inside.

I couldn’t bear the idea of what would happen after that.

I pulled out my phone, wondering if Sky could help me. Maybe she knew of a hiding place…

He’s still not here

Is it too late for me to leave?

leave and go where, silly? 🤪

I’m not ready to share a bed with him

You must know of someplace I can hide

quinn, he’s the alpha

you can’t hide from him

What do you mean?

because of your bond, he’ll always be able to find you

isn’t that romantic? 💕

I threw my phone on the bed and let out a frustrated sigh.

Romantic, it was not. Not to me.

If anything, it sounded like Jaxon had a free stalker license.

Like Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, this guy was bound to destroy us both.

Surely, there had to be some way out of this whole arrangement. No one had asked me if I wanted to be a werewolf. No one had asked me if I wanted to be mated to Jaxon.

No one had stopped to ask me anything.

With that horrible thought in mind, I turned over in the covers and wept—actually wept—my body shaking uncontrollably.

Finally, overcome with exhaustion, I felt my eyelids grow heavy and allowed darkness to whisk me away into oblivion…

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Heavy footsteps approached, waking me from my slumber. They were coming up the stairs, on the other side of the door.

He was here. The Alpha.


My eyes widened and my body stiffened with fear as the handle turned and the door slowly swung open.

His tall, dark frame took up the whole doorway. His golden eyes shined.

He was staring at me.

“So, you’re here,” he said dismissively. “Make some room. The bed’s not all yours, princess.”

My cheeks flushed with color. He was so unbearably rude.

I wanted to retort, but before I could open my mouth, he was stripping. First, knocking off shoes, then throwing off his shirt, finally, unbuckling his belt, and…

I couldn’t watch this. I quickly turned on my side, scooching to the farthest end of the bed to give him plenty of room.

I heard his pants drop and gulped. Was he going to sleep naked beside me?

Then, he walked over, lifted the sheets, and got into bed.

I could feel his weight rippling across to my side. Sense his heat radiating like an oven. Hear his deep, husky breathing in and out.

I had never been this close to a man before in my life.

Thankfully, Jaxon didn’t say another word. He simply turned to the side table and switched off the lamp.

We were in darkness now.

I knew there was no way I was going to fall asleep as long as the Alpha slept beside me. If he was even sleeping.

I felt a strange tingling in my toes, almost as if they had fallen asleep. It crept from my feet up my thighs all the way to my sex, making me groan involuntarily.

I put a hand to my mouth, hoping he hadn’t just heard that.

“You’re getting wet, and I haven’t even touched you,” he growled.

Oh no. He definitely heard me. And now he was turning toward me.

I clenched my legs together to try to keep the juices from flowing. What was wrong with my body? Why was it at war with my mind?

“You want me to touch you, don’t you, Quinn?”

“No,” I whispered. But my body was screaming, YES!

I felt one of his fingertips grazing against the bare flesh of my leg, and I shivered with delight. It was doing figure-eights, dancing across me, making me squirm.

All he had to do was bring that finger a few more inches to the left, and…

“Tell me to stop, and I’ll stop. Otherwise…” he growled, bringing his hand closer and closer to my hot core.

I so wanted him to touch me. I needed him to touch me.

When his finger reached my clit, sliding under my panties, I thought I might explode right then and there.

He didn’t rub it. He didn’t press it. He just left his finger there, making me even crazier.

“Please,” I gasped. “Please, Jaxon…”

“Please, what?”

The bastard was going to make me say it. Beg for it.

I finally relented.

“Please touch me.”

I couldn’t see him, but I swear I could hear him smile. “Your wish is my command.”

With that, he began to rub slow circles on my tender flesh, making my jaw clench and my back arch.

No man had ever put his hands on me. To think this man of all people was doing it…

It was too much to take.

“Inside,” I begged, body still winning the war against my mind.

He did as he was told, sliding one finger into my hot core while his thumb continued to rub gentle circles on my clit.

I felt paralyzed. Like I was his sexual prisoner.

And I loved every minute of it.

My hand, as if it had a mind of its own, reached for him and felt the tip of his massive manhood. It was wet already. This must’ve been pre-cum.

I’d read about that in one of my books. I used it as lubricant, wiping it on my palm, and stroking his shaft.

“Oh, my…” he moaned in ecstasy. “Don’t stop, Quinn. Don’t stop.”

We were both rubbing and stimulating each other. His cock was growing so large, it kept pressing into my leg. To think I could just roll on top of him and he could enter me. Take me. Steal my virginity once and for all.

His circling thumb and penetrating finger began to pick up speed, taking my breath away. I jerked him quicker in response.

“I want to make you come, Quinn,” he growled.

He was going to. I wanted to feel his hot jizz all over my body. Just the thought of it was making me do somersaults in my head. I had never been a creature this sexual before in my life. What the hell had gotten into me?

But I couldn’t stop now. I was in too deep.

“Jaxon…” I moaned. “JAXON!”

I was so close.

The dam was about to break.

The Alpha was about to make me orgasm.


I woke with a start, gasping, looking left and right.

It had only been a dream. A very steamy dream, but thank God it wasn’t real.

But as I looked up, I saw Jaxon standing there in nothing but his boxers, staring at me with carnal delight. Could he smell my near release?

“How did you sleep?” he asked with a smirk.

From the look in Jaxon’s eyes, I had a feeling he was about to make my dreams a reality.

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