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Lux’s mate is all she can think about since the very first day she caught his scent. She tries to imagine what he looks like, tastes like…but she knows that even her wildest dreams don’t do him justice. From sun-up to sun-down, Lux’s mate is always there, lurking in the shadows, just out of reach. She doesn’t even know what species he is. All she knows is his name: Soren

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Chapter 13 – Boundaries? Never Heard of'em

I slept soundly for a few hours covered in Soren’s sheets. My face is so nuzzled into his pillow I can barely breath, but my body is so relaxed I could die peacefully this way.

As I lie here, my mind tries to run through what life would be like mated fully to Soren.

Would we end up living in this house? Would we have children? Would my parents like him?

I try to imagine what it would be like, but like always the reality hits me as hard as his smell does while I continue to lie in his bed.

I have no idea what he looks like.

The fact I keep letting slip through my fingers every time I get a whiff of him. But now I’m in his home!

There has got to be a picture of him somewhere in this place…right?

With my mind decided, I drag my still naked body out of his extremely comfortable bed.

Walking to his dresser, I grab one of his black cotton shirts and slip it on. It lies just past my axs. The material is soft against my naked skin.

Once I’m covered, I head into the living room, deciding that I will start my search at the bookcase.

I spent around three hours searching everywhere except his room.

And I find absolutely nothing!

Other than pictures of my wolf and me, I did find a few pictures of a baby tucked away in a letter addressed to Soren from someone named Devlin, who I assume is his brother.

The baby is precious and just from the pictures alone my wolf has grown a strong attachment and protection for Soren’s beautiful niece.

However—that’s it, I find nothing else.

Heading into the kitchen, I make myself a quick sandwich, my hunger after not eating all day getting the best of me.

I eat it peacefully while looking around the house again, before guilt has me walking back into the kitchen.

Going through the cabinets, I begin looking for something to make for Soren. As more of a “sorry I invaded your space and ate your food, here’s dinner” type of thing.

After finally deciding to make him a lasagna, I get everything made up and into the oven. With forty-five minutes to spare, I go back into my search mode.

The term “boundaries” a long-fxxxxng-forgotten concept.

Walking into Soren’s bedroom again, I’m more determined than ever to learn something new about my mate.

Pulling open drawer after drawer, I’m left empty handed.

How the fxxk does this man have nothing! Not a single picture of him in this whole house! It’s criminal when all I want to do is snoop!

Pulling open the last drawer in his nightstand just like I’ve done everywhere else, I see it’s completely empty except one little thing.

The handkerchief Soren gave me for my birthday is nicely folded, just lying all alone in the drawer.

Running my fingers on the now-dry material, an idea pops into my head. Soren doesn’t know I’m here, so when he comes home he’s going to smell me.

With my mind taking a naughty turn, I know what I’m going to do for the next twenty-five minutes, and it’s going to drive him wild.

Crawling into the middle of the bed, I remove Soren’s shirt, tossing it on the light next to me before reaching into one of the drawers and grabbing a neck massager I found while snooping.

Sprawling out on the bed, I hold Soren’s massager right on my cxxt. Turning the vibration to a low setting, I slowly make cxxxles with the machine.

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The vxxxxtions send shockwaves through my pxxsy and up my spine with every twirl I make with my hand.

The feeling is pushed even higher as my head is thrown back and my lungs sxxk in the smell of Soren on the bedding.

I continue the low vibrations for several minutes, bringing myself close to oxxxm, but never fully going over the exxe, effectively making my pxxsy a soxxng wxt mxss that I continue to mxxxage with the device.

My body goes higher and higher in its euphoric feeling until I’m right on the cxxp.

Deciding with sxxxing limbs that my bxxy’s finally had enough, I crank the vxxations up to max on the little massager while simultaneously rxxning my fxxers in sxxoth cxxcles around Soren’s mark.

The sudden quick vibration from the massager and strong tingles from the mark has my legs jxxxing closed and my bxxy cxxxxlsing in wave after wave of oxxxxm.

I cxm so hard that I sxxk the blanket in my rxxxse.

Pulling the massager away from my now sxxllen and slightly red cxxt, I drop it back into the drawer just as the timer for the oven goes off. Struggling to get up for a moment, my shaking mess of a body does a quick, halting walk to the kitchen.

Once I’m in front of the oven, I pull out the lasagna quickly. Checking to make sure it’s good and ready, I cover it with tin foil, and then go in search of some paper.

I scribble a few notes and then place them in their spots. Leaving one on the lasagna tray, one on Soren’s bed, and one in his nightstand.

Going into his drawers, I find another shirt and a pair of sweatpants, leaving the other one now covered in my scent behind for him.

Taking one last look at my mate’s home and breathing in one final whiff of his scent, I take in that his house smells more like me than him.

The thought leaves me with a permanent smirk on my face.

Shutting the door I make my trip home. I think long and hard about turning around the whole trip, but my wolf and I decided something.

As hilarious and as good as it would feel to see our mate’s surprised face when he came home to our scent, we decide that we don’t want to meet him or even see him for the first time that way.

No. When we see our Soren for the first time, it will be because he gave in. My wolf and I are growing fond of our little game and the notion that in the end we’ll be stronger and hold out…

I mean, it’s only fair if he breaks first.

A slight irritation washes over me at the reminder that I spent all day looking for a picture of him, only for my wolf to remind me that, by us doing that, by us going through his stuff, we’ve now effectively put our scent on almost everything Soren owns.

Effectively claiming him and his possessions in his own home. And at that thought we finish the walk home with a proud smile.

Your move, mate, what’s it going to be?

Read the full uncensored version on the Galatea app!

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