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After Marcella Sinclair’s mother dies, she can’t help feeling like a burden to her eighteen-year-old brother. So when she gets an offer to make a pile of cash as a stripper, she does it. No one can know…especially not her brother, who is hell-bent on keeping her pure and innocent for the rest of her life.

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The Secrets of Sin

Chapter 5

“Thank you for coming with me.” I look over at Brittany as we pull into a parking space and eye the building in front of us. She nodded taking a glance in her rearview mirror.

I follow her lead and give myself a once over before we get out of the car. I’ve never been out in my work clothes like this.

Even though I have done party’s and private shows off sight, I’ve never dressed to not take my clothes off. To act as if the angel of sin was going out to watch her boyfriend win his match.

Listening to Mr. James and the advice he gave me on what exactly his athlete was like, what was expected of me and keeping true to my persona I went with a tightly fitted wrapped lace dress that ends at my mid thigh.

My white mask matching the white of the dress and making the burgundy red pop from my lipstick, jewelry and heels.

My black wig is laying flat instead of the soft beach waves I tend to do for Friday and Saturday shows.

Taking a breath Brittany and I head in. We don’t wait in line like the rest of the crowd, I could hear the men recognize us when we walked by. Calling out our names in a state of shock and awh.

Foxxy and Sin, making an appearance in the real world makes our characters seem surprisingly real.

When we get to the front doors, the security team usher’s us in.

A group of four tall and built guys in matching black outfits walk us back and down a grey hallway where Mr. James takes me in from head to toe. I could see the lustful monster lurking in his eyes.

Like all the men that come for my shows.

Mr. James clasps his hands and thanks me again for taking his offer. He tells me that his fighter is a big guy, that he goes by beast and he is already in his dressing room waiting on me.

I ask him how long till show time which he answers with a low laugh and ten minutes.

Telling Foxxy to save our seats at the stage, I let Mr. James lead me into the dressing room for my new boyfriend, the beast.

I feel a swarm of butterflies take flight in my belly. I haven’t felt this nervous since my first few shows at the bunny. Normally I feel my most confident when I’m in my character’s persona.

Mr. James let’s a swift knock at the door, a voice on the inside that sounded so faint that I couldn’t hear it.

With Mr. James leading me in I kept my mouth shut but on the inside I was really loving his dressing room. It was so spacious and peaceful.

I thought of my own dressing room and how I share it with the rest of the girl’s I work with and how hectic, loud and chaotic it is. Especially compared to this sanctuary. I am definitely envious.

A door opens, I tilt my body into a more flirty and seductive stance. My hand on my hip, my back arched, breasts up, booty out and belly sucked in. This was called the original.

Ms. Wynter said this was the very first step in being seductive. You had to learn the stance then everything else is what followed.

The exact millisecond I saw the beast walk out in nothing but his tight, very tightboxers briefs I almost screamed.

I held it in, my body flipped to my normal self before I could catch it and slam that leverback. I would know him anywhere.

The beast.

My Benny.

My mind ran with concern, for myself and for Ben. This is why he has been working out all of these years?! Because he is some bare knuckle fighter?

Like some Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, the first rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club people I didn’t know. I have never seen him, so, so unclothed. I knew he was toned and fit but Lord!

I didn’t know Ben had tattoos. His chest and ribs had intricate and ornate patterns that looked like they might connect to his back.

Ben looked unlike the sweet teddy bear that hung around my childhood. He looked like, well like a beast. Like the grizzly bear he really was.

Ben ran his light blue eyes over me. I prayed so hard he couldn’t see through the disguise. I prayed I had covered my real self up as good as I thought.

I hadn’t ran into anyone I knew at the strip club in the last three years. This was my first real test. Could I actually fool the man I have known my whole life? I hope to God.

“Hey I’m, uh beast. It’s nice to meet you.” He acted like a flustered kid, like one of the teens coming in for their first time. This wasn’t like him at all. Oh sugar snaps! I have to talk! My voice!Waving my hand in a flirty little wave I turned it up to ten. The charm has to come on thick. I can not get caught. Not by Ben. Erik can’t ever know.

“Hi handsome, it’s really nice to meet you. I’m Sin, I’m your personal Angel tonight.” I have no idea where this voice came from, but whoever lent it to me, thank you! I have never flirted with Ben, ever. This was beyond weird but I was already in so deep. The only way I could get out of this was to get in further. Then I will never take a risk like this again!

Ben smiled shiley and rubbed the back of his neck as a small pink tint clung to his cheeks. I made him blush! Oh my goodness. That’s so cute on him.“Well I’ll be getting out there, showtime in five. I know you’ll kick ass tonight like always. Sin, thank you again for this.” Mr. James held on to the door while giving us one more glance before he left.

Now, the hard part. How to leave a good impression while giving no sign at all to the man that has known me my whole life? Ben couldn’t look at me, at least not when I looked at him. I know I felt his eyes on me. I knew the feeling all too well.

“May I ask you a few questions Beasty?” I tilt on my heels, making sure to not twist my fingers like I have always done. It’s too easy to let Mari slip into Sin with Ben here. “Yes, sure. Yeah.” He gulped.He is so shy right now. I wish I could really mess with him about it.“I have never been to one of these before, could you walk me through it?”

I held the voice, it was like this brave sxxy vixen that I had been impersonating these last few years had grown her own voice in a moment’s notice. Just in time, thankfully. “Yeah, well my song will play and we’ll walk out together.

“The crowds are always loud as fxxk and the lights with be jarring, my opponent will already be out there. No ropes or a cage. It’s just an open space with colored tape. It shouldn’t take me, uh maybe ten minutes to finish.

“When the bell dings and my arms go up then the match is over. That’s when you can come back to me.” He eyed my legs. Looking at them with an intense stare made me start to feel squirmy. Reigning in my Mari side and stuffing that part of me away I kept up the charade.

“Do you always win?” I tilted my head and licked my lips as I ran my eyes over his body.

He noticed. He grunted and cleared his throat, his hands twitched at his side. I’m affecting him. Like all the others, Ben is getting turned on by me!

“I haven’t lost in the past two years. I’m undefeated.” He said proudly. I loved that shine in his eyes when he talked about something he loved. This was it, this was the real Ben. The side of him that Mari wasn’t allowed to see because I’m so innocent and couldn’t handle the bad of the world.

 I wish I could snatch my mask off and go all “ah ha! Fooled you! See! I can handle grown up stuff. I’m not a little girl anymore!” But that would be the worst thing I could ever do. “My brave champion, my Beasty.” I cooked. I could literally see the goosebumps wash over him.

I saw the restraint in his eyes. I almost let the gasp out when I saw them fill with lust for me. A knock hit the door and we were interrupted. “Show time” someone called out from the other side. Ben snapped out of his daze and jumped on his feet.

We opened the door together, I was sweating bullets when Ben held out his hand for me to take. I smiled and wrapped my arm into the crook of his elbow.

I might be playing his girlfriend but the angel of sin wouldn’t just walk out hand in hand. She had to tease it up. She had to have her own way of things.

Even though this was brand new and my nerves were sky high and climbing by the minute I still had a show to put on. Ten grand for Erik and his new car.

Ben and I stood close, his body heat wafting off him and warming me. Even with the house packed full of people it still felt chilly. We walked out, I matched his every step. My heels clicking as our only sound.

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Ben took us to two swinging doors, the crowd was loud, I could hear them clear as day from Ben’s dressing room and now it was deafening. “I got you.” Ben whispered. It was sweet he thought I was nervous because of the crowd and wanted to make me feel better. That was the Ben I knew.

The song punch back from five finger death punch boomed over the speakers and the crowd went crazy. I thought my fans went wild, this was unreal.

His fans adored him, it was like he was a god here, just as I felt like a goddess on my own stage. His face didn’t show it but I knew he liked this.

He had a serious stone wall up like he was going after his greatest enemy. I smiled and waved at the crowd, blowing kisses to the ones who reached out and called my name.

Seeing the beast with the angel of Sin made them crazed. Like they were finding out some huge secret. Like kids meeting Santa at their own houses. It was something that you could feel high off of.

The floor was open wide into a circle of red, blue and black tape. The man Ben was going to be up against had him matched in height but that was it. Ben was much bigger than him, much more intimidating. This guy looked like he was here to have fun and Ben was here for his job. He was ready to go to work.

I walked with him to the side of the blue tape that held a small square. Ben took my hand in his and laid a sweet kiss to the top of it as he entered the ring. I smiled up at him taking his hands in mine and locking our fingers together. I pulled them to my lips and planted two soft gentle kisses to each hand. Then leaned up and laid a hand on each shoulder to give him a kiss on his cheek.

Thankful to have changed my lip sticks to lip stained in time like these. No smudging or smears. When I let go of him the crowd had gone berserk, his cheeks lighting up in a light pink at my actions. “I’ll be waiting for you, my Beasty.” I fluttered my long lashes and blew him one more kiss before stepping back and taking my seat by Brittany and Mr. James in a black booth on the floor.

Thankful that Mr. James had left to talk to someone important I rushed my words spilling my guts to Brittany. Her eyes widened like dinner plates but nothing could be done.

The first ring of the bell has us snapping to Ben’s attention. I held my breath as they circled each other, the pandemonium was off the walls.

The other guy who went by the stage name shark threw the first punch, Ben blocked it and hit him twice in the side before the shark even knew what happened.

The guy went on the attack, what seemed like a show of strength he started to swing blindly out to hit him hard but most certainly not coordinated.

Ben saw the opportunity and kicked his legs out from under him, he pounced like the animal he is. Ben rained down hit after hit.

I know the crowd erupted with cheers, I know I did too. I was on my feet, Brittany holding on to me as we jumped in our heels screaming “beast, beast beast” with the rest of the fans. We lost our minds when Ben stood up and raised his hand back to his chest and crouched down like a bear ready to jump out and mall shark, ready and waiting for him to get back to his feet, to sit up and re engage in the fight. The crowd waited in silence, daring shark to give the beast the chance he wants.

Shark stirred, leaning up like the dead man he is, Ben waited. He let the shark get to his feet, even with the wobbling and way he fell down Ben still waited.

Then without a moment to lose Ben stood to his full six foot six height, spinning on one leg as he kicked the other out and connecting with shark’s face.

His whole face shifted to an inhumanly degree, like Ben’s kick melted his face. The cheer’s came out with everyone in the arena yelling for Ben.

Shark fell like a sack of potatoes and hit the mat with a loud thud.

This time Ben stood back, watching as the countdown happened. Ten seconds and if he doesn’t get up Ben wins. Shark didn’t even land a single punch to Ben’s face. I was so worried he would be busted up and bloody but his arm’s aren’t even red for the ones he blocked. Ben is amazing.

The bell dings and his arms go up in victory. I run out, forgetting about being sxxy and seductive. My Mari side is in full blast as I run into his arms and lock them around his neck. He spins us in a circle, I cheer for him.

“I’m so proud of you! You were amazing Ben! You don’t have a scratch on you! This was amazing!” I gush, leaning in and hugging him. Lost in this moment. Lost in the cheer, the madness of this night. Ben holds me tighter, nuzzling his face in my neck and breathing hard.

Mr. James walks in to the ring with us, he patts Ben on the back telling him good job and leads us out. Ben’s song starts to play but it’s barely heard over the fan’s.

Still holding me to him, he carries me out and down the hall to his dressing room. Not putting me down till Mr. James shuts the door and claps to get our attention.

“Sin, what an excellent job you’ve done tonight. I can see why you’re the best at the club.” He smiles, fawning over my ability to act like a sinful angel. I pull it back together, switching back into a better naughty Angel and stuffing Mari further down. “thank you sir, I enjoyed myself tonight. Thank you for choosing me.”

I brushed my hair back and gave him a sxxy shy smile. Mr. James nodded and handed me a thick yellow envelope from his jacket pocket. Taking it I twist the bind and peek inside. Seeing the bundles of hundreds I smile up at him. Thanking him again and bidding him farewell when he leaves the room.

Walking behind him I take another look at Ben, he is actually looking at me this time. Finally comfortable in my presence as Sin, he doesn’t look away when I catch him staring.

“You know where to find me, if you ever need another blessing from an Angel.” I hold the door knob in my hand, teasing Ben with a lick of my lips. He stands so still, so tense and stiff for a minute I think maybe something is wrong until he takes a tentative step forward and looks at me from head to toe.

Like he will forget I was ever here and disappear like a hallucination that was never real to begin with. “Beasty?” I say his name like I’m calling forth the actual animal inside him.

Ben closes the gap between us, in one step from his long legs he is in front of me, pressing his sweaty sticky body against me, pinning me in-between the door and him. My breath catches in my throat.

My eyes bug out from this one move, his tightly taped hand hooks under my chin and tilts it up to meet his beautiful sky blues. I can see so many different emotions swirling in his eyes.

Excitement, confusion, wonder, lust, contentment and the one that makes my heart stop dead in my chest, the true side of Ben that shines when he looks at something he loves, something he’s proud of, something that he truly wants.

A gasp is heard but muffled almost instantly when Ben’s lips collide with mine. His kiss sends tingles all throughout my body. Like an electric shock that shakes me with trimmers through my entirety.

My lips work with his, like he has synchronized them, bewitched me with a singular kiss. My mouth part’s, letting Ben’s tongue meet my own for a taste of something truly sinful.

I feel white hot prickles down my spine, prodding into my legs making my knees clack together and go wobbly. My head spinning like a hit from the strongest drug in the world.

I can feel the addictive gene waking up from absolute hibernation and begging for more. The kiss isn’t even over and I’m already a full blown junkie.

His tongue licks my entire mouth, tasting me like a savory dish and licking the plate clean. A moan brakes free when I feel his wide strong hands grip on to my hips and pull them flush to his gxxxn.

His fingers practically touch from my small curvy frame and his bear-like paws.

His bxxxng rock hxxd exxxion scraps the front of stomach, inciting another moan that Ben eats up and drinks away from my lips. This strange feeling runs through me and dxxxxs my pxxxes.

A need set’s me on fire, like Ben’s kiss, his touch heats up my vxxy cxxe. A need that feels so foreign and yet so primal, courses in my bloodstream.

Ben growls deep in his chest when I swish my hips in his hands and make his wxxd stick me dxxxr in the sxxxxh. I don’t know why but I feel like, like I’m hungry.

I’m starved for whatever it is Ben is feeding me. I feel so ravenous for Ben’s every touch, every swirl of his tongue, every second he is pressed to me and claiming my lips.

A loud knock makes us jump apart. Ben turns away and slams the door to his bathroom, leaving me alone and missing him. I whimper when the rush of cool air douse’s me like a fire extinguisher. Opening the door I feel dazed, Brittany’s worried grey green eyes scan me over, the sting of Ben’s bruising kiss still sending tingles through me.

“Ready to go? We need to hit the stage at least once before closing.” I step out of Ben’s dressing room and pull her along. We get to the car in a flash and I stick the yellow manila envelope into my bag. Brittany doesn’t ask me anything, we get to the bunny in a blink and change into our stage clothes.

The rest of the night seems like I hit fast forward and everything rushed by. Before I knew it I was home, telling Brittany goodnight and waving and walking in. The night was late but Erik wouldn’t be home till midnight or later.

I still had an hour, everything was okay.

I locked the door and kicked my bag off, tucking my sneakers in the shoe tree and heading to my room.

I swung the door open and hit the light, letting a scream out in surprise when Ben shut the door behind me.

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