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Kara is just your average high-school senior, not popular, but not a loner. She has a boyfriend, Adam…until she catches him cheating on her. Now she wants to forget all about him, but he keeps showing up. Then at a party he starts to get physical with her. Unfortunately for him it’s Jason Kade’s party. After handing Adam’s axs to him, Jason has his eyes on Kara, and he doesn’t like the word no. Now Kara and Jason are caught in a game of cat and mouse, but which one is which?

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Take the Risk

Chapter 14

I gazed at his large home with a neatly trimmed lawn. The gray brick stood out. I adored the oak porch that wrapped around it.

“My mom’s a social worker, and my dad’s an architect. He built our home,” Jason explained, answering my unspoken question.

Once Jason parked, we both got out of his car and he led me up the steps before we reached a large, decorated wooden door.

The front door swung open and I marveled at the beauty of his home. It was very sleek and modern.

“I love the paintings.” I gawked and slowly spun around doing a three-sixty as I took in my surroundings.

I stopped once I was face-to-face with Jason, who was studying my reaction. He laughed and looked past me.

I turned to see his dad walking toward us with a curious expression. The sophisticated aura he had made me feel intimidated.

“Hello,” Mr. Kade greeted me and I gave him a timid smile.

“What are you doing here so soon?” Jason asked. I awkwardly stood next to him as he and his dad had an intense stare down.

“I got off early,” the relaxed man replied and shifted his curious stare to me. I avoided his gaze and looked around the large room we were in.

Jason’s dad seemed different this time. A lot less angry and cold. Almost as if he were the opposite.

“You have a nice home,” I complimented while avoiding his stare. Mr. Kade nodded and gave me a smile without saying anything.

The similarity between Jason and his father mesmerized me.

“Well, I hope for the sake of your mom, you guys stay quiet.” Mr. Kade smiled playfully between the two of us. My eyebrows furrowed, and I waited for him to continue.

“I don’t think she wants to be a grandmother just yet.” With that, he walked out of the room laughing to himself, leaving me with a red face and a dropped jaw.

“What just happened?” I questioned in shock. I looked over at Jason, who I thought was going to look angry or embarrassed by his dad’s comment, but instead he was laughing his axs off.

“Gotta appreciate my old man’s sense of humor.” Jason’s laughter began to settle, but once Jason got a glimpse of the look on my face, he began to laugh again.

Before I could reply, something hairy rubbed up against my leg. “Oh my God,” I cooed as I bent down to play with the kitten. The kitten purred when I gently ran my fingers down its back.

“I didn’t take you as a cat kind of guy,” I teased and looked up at Jason, who was watching me.

He rolled his eyes. “I personally like dogs. The runt belongs to my mom. We just got him a few days ago.” Jason stared at the kitten as if it were a rabid animal.

“Aw, Jason’s just jealous because you’re so much cuter.” I rubbed the kitten’s belly, and it hummed back in pleasure. I heard him snort behind me.

“Is that so, kitten?”

I grimaced. “Stop.”

Jason’s smirk grew wider. “Why’s that, kitten?” He stepped closer to me, and I rolled my eyes. Deciding to ignore him, I went back to playing with the adorable kitten.

“What’s its name?” I switched the subject.

“His name is Koda.”

“Koda. What a cute name.” I smiled down at the cute creature who playfully bit my finger. Jason stuffed his hands into the pocket of his navy blue hoodie.

“So?” I curiously stared at Jason. “Why am I here again?”

I was led down a hallway before we reached a room. Jason opened the door, and I followed him inside. I could instantly tell it was his room.

My eyes rolled when I saw his football jersey in a frame up on his wall. Jason was the team’s wide receiver. Quintin was the quarterback and those two were unstoppable―or so I’ve heard.

I’ve never actually taken the time to go to one of our school’s football games.

The room was spacious and to the left of us, there was a spiral metal staircase that led to a second level, where there was a small area with a desk sitting in front of a large window.

His full-sized bed was under that level, and he had a leather couch sitting in front of a TV on the opposite side of the room.

“Like it?” Jason asked while observing me. I snapped out of my daze to look at him and I noticed there was now a football in his hands.

“Yeah, it’s nice,” I complimented, but honestly, it was more than nice. His room was amazing, and I wish my own looked like his―just without the football posters.

“Good, because you’re going to be spending a lot of time here,” Jason replied with his eyes glued to me. My nxxxles hxxxened in excitement.

“Why? Are you going to kidnap me?” My eyebrow quirked as I ran my fingers along the back of the couch. Jason watched carefully, eyes trailing my body.

“As much as I know you’d like that, no. We’re studying here, not at the library.” My eyes narrowed. We had agreed to study at the library.

Jason smirked. “Unless you don’t want that extra credit?”

Mr. Jones had promised that I was going to get extra credit for helping him. It happened to be exactly what my dream college was expecting, so of course I was thrilled to find that out.

Jason was using that to his advantage.

“Fine. Now can you explain what I’m actually doing here?” The two of us kept getting distracted. I couldn’t help but wonder how the tutoring was going to go.

Jason stood up and walked over to his closet. I uncrossed my arms and sat down on his couch. It was plush and comfortable.

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“Here,” I heard him say from behind me and I looked over to my left. I furrowed my eyebrows at the sight of his hand. It was outstretched, holding a navy blue jersey.

“Um.” I took it from his hands, feeling the material. “What is this?” I held it up.

The silver letters on the front said Crestview and had the number 89 on it. I turned it over to the other side, and the big letters read Kade, with the number 89 also under it.

“A jersey,” Jason replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

My eyes rolled at his response. “Obviously, but why do I have it?”

“I want you to wear it to the game tomorrow.”

I sat in silence for a minute, confused. “I don’t think so.” My eyes dropped back down to the jersey in my lap. “I don’t even go to the games.”

“Well, you are tomorrow,” Jason replied. “We’re friends, remember? You agreed, so shut up and support me by wearing that to the game.”

“Why?” I asked him, curious as to why he’d even ask.

Jason shrugged nonchalantly. “The guys are giving their extra jerseys to the girls so they can cheer us on since we’re finally playing Eastview.” My eyes closed in disbelief.

I forgot the big game was tomorrow night. We were playing our longtime rivals. At least that meant that Layla was going to be wearing a jersey, too, since Milo was on the team.

“I forgot about that,” I mumbled. “But I’ll do it.” Only because Layla was going to be there. Jess would be likely to tag along too.

“If you want to try it on the bathroom is across the hall.” Jason sat back down on the couch as I stood up. After a few steps, I stopped. I had an even better idea.

I threw the jersey on the floor. “What’re you doi— ?” My hands grabbed the bottom of my shirt.

I slowly peeled it over my head and tossed it to the side. Jason’s mouth parted in surprise, but he didn’t protest.

Our eyes connected before his gaze lowered to my bxxxsts. My nxxxles hardened as his eyes darkened. I knew they looked good in this red bra. Soft and round.

I leaned forward to grab the jersey, intentionally pushing my bxxasts together. Looking at him through my lashes, I saw his cxxk harden against his gray sweatpants. My wxxness was pxxling between my lxgs.

I leaned back up and pulled the jersey over my head. As I lowered it, I grabbed the top of my leggings and pushed them down my legs. After shimmying out of them, I tossed them next to my shirt.

I now stood in front of Jason in nothing but his jersey. “How’s it look?” My voice came out quiet. I was incredibly nervous, but fxck, Jason turned me on.

Instead of replying, he stood up and sauntered over to me. Jason stopped when he was inches away, towering over me with intense blue eyes.

I gasped when his fingers landed on my inner thigh. My eyes stayed locked with his as he slowly trailed his fingers closer and closer to my exxrance. My pussy clenched, aching for his touch.

Jason pulled his fingers away and grabbed my hips, moving me backward until my back hit the wall. I could feel my bxxasts press against his muscular chest. And his cxck was digging just below my belly button.

My forehead tickled from the touch of his dirty blond locks falling forward. Jason’s large hand gripped my thigh, before hooking under my knee and pulling my leg off the ground.

My leg remained hooked on his arm as he planted his hand on the wall for support. I gasped as he moved his hips forward, rubbing his hard cxxk onto my cxxt. I’d never had dry sxx before, but holy fxxk did this feel good.

Suddenly, his fingers touched the outside of my uxxerwear, slightly applying pressure and I clenched, waiting to see what he’d do next.

“That wxt for me?” Jason whispered into my ear. I pushed my chest outward, rubbing my hard nxxples against him.

I was so ridiculously hxxny that I was getting desperate. My damn hormones were all over the place and I just wanted him to finger me, eat me, fxxk me, anything to give me a release.

My pxxsy dripped as he slid my uxxerwear aside. The buildup was driving me insane. I just wanted him to plunge his long fingers into me and fxxk me.

We both jumped when one of our phones began to ring wildly. I glanced down at Jason’s pocket. The screen was lit up.

Fxck,” Jason cussed and pulled his hand away while simultaneously putting my leg back down. The warmth from his body disappeared as he took a few steps away and pulled out his phone to answer.

I stood with my back pressed against the wall and took a moment to recollect myself. My heart was racing wildly, and I felt more sxxually frustrated than before.

Who the fxck interrupted?

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