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Everly has lived in fear her whole life, but things get even worse when her abusive stepmother sells her into slavery. Forced to subsist in a seedy underworld of monsters thirsty for her virginal blood, Everly feels hopeless—that is, until she manages to escape to the Red Moon Pack. There she comes face-to-face with the handsome Alpha Logan, her destined mate. But her old masters pick up her trail. Will her new pack be able to defeat them?

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The Lost Princess

Chapter 14

The drive to my new home is long and uncomfortable. My new master has me handcuffed to him so there is no chance of an escape.

It feels like we’ve been sitting here in silence for forever as I’ve tried to sit as far from him as humanly possible without detaching my arm.

Suddenly, his low, gruff voice sounds out, making me jump.

“We will be there shortly, and there are some things you need to know. One, you are mine. Until I’ve decided I’ve tired of you, you will not let anyone else touch you. No males should even speak to you. If I find out that you have been consorting with any of my men, you will be thoroughly punished. Understand?”

I quickly nod my head in agreement. “I cannot hear a head shake. Use your words. I would like for you to always call me Master.”

“Y—Yes, Master,” I pipe up, not in a hurry to see what this guy feels would be an appropriate punishment.

“Good. Two, when I am not in need of you, you will help the other slaves with the cooking and cleaning. My mate, Luna Mara, is in charge of the slaves during that time. You will always show her respect and will not comment on the things we do together. If you upset her in any way, you will be punished,” he continues, and my mouth drops open in surprise.

He has a mate???

“Umm… If you have a mate then wh—” I begin.

“THREE, DO NOT SPEAK WITHOUT PERMISSION!” he yells at me, cutting me off.

The air around me seems to hum with power, and I realize he is using his alpha command on me.

I don’t know much about werewolves, but I have heard that alphas have the ability to make just about anyone listen and obey them.

The only people it doesn’t work on are people of equal or higher power or wolves that have their own alpha.

It should have worked on me, though I can tell that it hasn’t. I quickly make note of that since it may come in handy somewhere down the road.

“DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR???” he shouts, making my attention snap back to him.

I frantically nod before my eyes widen as I realize my mistake.

Before I even have the chance to correct it he grabs my face with one hand, holding me roughly as he squeezes my jaw tightly.


He glares at me for a second before releasing me so that I can speak. “I’m sorry, Master. It won’t happen again, Master,” I recite.

We had clients that were like this. I’ve always been able to quickly adapt.

I think the thought that my vxxginity is no longer protected is striking a chord with me, though.

While at the Blood Bank, I always knew that I was safe from that particular torture.

There were a lot of things I had to do, but sxx wasn’t one of them. That fact is what helped me to be so confident.

I was determined to show my worth and keep myself protected from rxxe as long as possible.

I had always hoped I would find a way to escape before this time came.

Suddenly, he backhands me. Hard. It feels like my face is about to explode on impact. My eyes instantly sting with tears.

“See that it doesn’t,” he orders before sitting back in his seat. Apparently, the conversation is over now.

Only minutes later, we pull up to a huge Gothic-style mansion. Woods spread out in front of it for miles and miles. I can’t even see where it ends.

It’s four stories tall and made of a dark stone.

Gargoyles are posted on either side of the entryway, and a few more can be seen farther down on either end.

Master’s door is opened, and he goes to get out, dragging me along with him as I hurry to close the distance as my arm gets pulled away from me.

When I get out, the man that I saw at the auction comes up to Master.

His eyes darken with lxst as they slowly travel the length of my body with a smirk. He then turns his attention to his alpha.

“I think she may be the prettiest one you’ve bought so far, sir,” he remarks before his gaze shoots over to me again.

The alpha laughs lowly before patting the man’s shoulder.

“She most definitely is. And you’ll get your turn with her as always once I’ve had my fill. Then, once you’re done with her, she can be passed around to all the rest,” Master replies, and my eyes widen as my face heats up.

I instantly feel nauseous. I fight the urge to bend over and hurl as I struggle to regain control of myself. Keep it together, Everly.

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I need to find a way to escape before I start getting passed around like a used toy.

As soon as his conversation with the other man has finished, he leads me into the house and up a spiral staircase.

We only go up to the second floor before he leads me to a room down the hallway to the right.

My eyes instantly begin scanning the room, looking for anything that I can use to get away, a weapon or escape route, anything.

There is a large four-poster bed with chains hanging from it, and I gulp. There is a plain wooden bench at the foot of the bed.

There is a desk along the wall with windows on either side of it. To the right are two doors.

Master walks over and opens one up to show me a bathroom.

The other one was originally a closet but seems to be converted into sleeping quarters meant for a sxxve.

It is a decent size, but there is nothing except a twin-size mattress on the floor with a lumpy pillow and one blanket that has clearly seen better days.

I hold back the sigh. I don’t want any reason to anger my new master, and I have yet to figure out what all could potentially set him off.

At least the sleeping arrangements are better than what I had with the vampires.

“This will be where you sleep until I’m done with you. That way, you are always nearby when I want you.

After that, you’ll sleep in the dungeons with the other slaves,” he explains.

I don’t say anything in response, and I refrain from nodding my understanding.

He turns to me and sticks his free hand into his trouser pocket before pulling out a key and holding it up in front of me.

“I am going to unlock these cuffs now. If you try to run, I will make you regret it.”

“Yes, Master.”


He frees his own wrist first before unlocking mine.

He instantly takes my hand and leads me over to the desk to put the set of cuffs into one of the small drawers.

As soon as the drawer is closed, he pulls me to him so that I am sandwiched between him and the desk.

My breathing instantly quickens as my heart begins to race. I’m absolutely terrified of what will happen next. I need to figure out a way to stall.


“Master?” I begin, hoping he won’t punish me for speaking without being spoken to.

“Yes, slave?”

“What do you enjoy doing?”

He smirks at me before tilting his head down. “Why do you want to know, little slave?”

His tone is teasing and sets my teeth on edge. However, I force a sweet smile onto my face and look up at him.

I reach up and slowly trace my fingers down one of the lapels from his suit as I fight the urge to vomit once more.

I look up to meet his cold, gray eyes. “Well, how am I to properly please you if I don’t know what you like?”

His smirk grows wider as he lets out a low chuckle. He leans closer to me so that his lips are next to my ear.

I can feel his warm breath along my cheek, and I shiver in disgust.

Sxx. I enjoy sxx. All kinds of it. And don’t worry about pleasing me, because I know that you will, my little wxxre.”

With that, he lifts me and throws me onto the desk behind me.

One hand wraps around my txroat as he sxxeezes, not enough to choke me, but enough to make it harder to breathe.

He hovers over me, his nose lightly grazing my jaw as he breathes in my scent while his free hand begins to gxope my bxeast.

My own hands cxaw at his arm as I try to loosen his gxip around my nxck.

“Please…,” I try to say, though I can barely get the words out. I want to beg him to stop, to give me time, but I know it is pointless.

“You were trying to stall, slave. You’re quite clever, but not clever enough,” he growls before biting my earlobe.

His fingers around my throat finally leave. He straightens as he looks down at me, and I watch, horrified as his fingers shift into sharp claws.

He bends forward and uses the sharp nails to rip into the sheer fabric of my dress.

I wail in agony as I feel them catch onto the skin of my inner thighs as he tears a slit up the middle of the dress.

He grins wickedly before climbing back on top of me. One hand grabs hold of both of mine before pinning them above my head.

I writhe under him as I try to get away from his roaming hand, which has luckily retracted its claws now.

It slowly makes its way down my body, and my skin crawls with repulsion.

He bends his head down and presses the flat of his tongue over the peak of my bxxast through the sheer material that I am still wearing.

I can feel my eyes filling with tears and I try to blink them away, but one slides down my cheek.

I continue to struggle underneath him; unfortunately, he is too heavy and too strong.

His free hand slides bxtween my lxgs, cupping my most pxxvate area as his rough fingers search for the entrance.

Tears begin to stream down my face when suddenly, a large gust of wind sends the windows slamming open.

One of the panes shatters, sending glass pieces to the floor. Master quickly stands up and looks at the now-broken window, stunned.

“What the hxll?!”

Next to me, on the desk, is a metal letter opener. This was all the distraction I needed.

Without giving it a second thought, I grab the weapon and jam it into his throat before bolting for the door.

I’ve reached the bottom of the stairs when I hear a mighty roar that shakes the house. I don’t look back. I don’t have the luxury of time.

I just keep running as fast as my legs will carry me. I’m heading straight for the woods, hoping that it will provide me plenty of places to hide.

Behind me, I hear things crashing as Master begins to chase after me. I push myself harder. Thank God the vampires kept me in shape.

The wind picks up around me as I head into the woods. It seems like a storm is brewing or something.

I chance a look back and see that my master and several of his men are lined up outside the mansion, straining to get to me.

However, the wind seems to be holding them back as it begins to swirl. My eyes widen as I take in the sight.

Whatever is happening seems completely unnatural. I back up, wanting to get as far away as possible as three large funnel clouds form out of nowhere.

I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m not going to let this chance go to waste. Quickly turning around, I begin running again.

I don’t know how long I have. I need to get moving. I can hear the thundering winds behind me and the sound of rain pelting down, but I remain dry.

I don’t bother stopping, though I take a quick look over my shoulder to see that it is pouring rain mere yards behind me.

It’s almost like the rain is following me…but that can’t be…right? Maybe I’ve finally lost my mind.

Ignoring the fact that I may finally be going crazy, I keep my pace as I sprint through the forest. I jump over fallen trees and raised roots.

I ignore everything around me but the path that leads to my freedom and the thudding sound of my feet hitting the earth.

The pain in my feet from running barefoot through the woods means nothing to me. At least I got away before Master had me.

At least I’m alive. Though I can’t be sure for how long that will remain true.

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