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Adelie is used to sticking to the shadows and living an ordinary life in her wolf pack. But everything changes when she is rejected by her mate, the Alpha, and must find a new pack to live in. She finds a new home in Alpha Kairos’ pack.
Kairos, a wolf known for his vile nature and raging temper, turns out to be Adelie’s second chance mate. But can they make things work if Kairos’s fear of the past prevents him from opening up and Adelie is about to discover she has powers she’d never even dreamed of?

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Alpha's Second Chance Nymph

Chapter 6 - Training Grounds

“Return to your room,” Alpha demanded. “Now.” His gaze turned to Helen. “I need to have a word with you.”

“No, please don’t,” I said. I looked at Helen, and she looked like she was waiting for punishment. “It was my fault. I wouldn’t stop asking.”

“This doesn’t concern you,” Alpha said. “Leave us. Now.”

I walked by him, my heart pounding. I retreated back to my room, and I could only hope Helen would be okay.

Few hours passed and Helen brought dinner to my room. She seemed okay, but she wouldn’t talk to me when I asked her what happened.

I would have thought that I would at least eat in a dining room. Now I was left to eat alone by my desk next to the window.

The view was wonderful but it couldn’t make up for the loneliness I was feeling.

I was having dinner at my dining room sitting at the end of the long table which was meant to hold twenty people. Helen had lit up a candle making it the only light source here.

I always liked to have dinner with dimmed lighting. Usually when lights were turned on it felt like someone else should be here.

Today even with the one candle it felt like something was missing. I knew what was missing looking at the empty chair next to me where my original mate sat, Mia.

But it wasn’t Mia that was missing… It was the feeling of something that makes me feel full.

Someone who understands, someone who is meant for me, and only me. Someone I could call mine.

There was one person in this house who could give me that but at what cost…

In the morning I still got served my breakfast in my room. I guess this will be normal to me, me eating alone in my room.

Was I that awful that Alpha Kairos couldn’t even bear to eat with me in the same room? I had always been alone. I had never had even a friend.

Of course my wolf Madeline was oblivious. She thought that our mate was the most wonderful person on earth… except I didn’t know who she was talking about. I still felt Alpha Hans.

I had two mates, I felt them both in my heart and only a mark on my neck will take the pain away from one of them. Right now I can only dream.

After breakfast I walked downstairs taking my tray with me. Walking in the kitchen it was empty, Helen was nowhere to be seen. I washed my dishes and after several tries of opening cabinets I found a place where to store them.

Today I wore a white top with spaghetti straps and a long grey mesh skirt. It all was complimented with grey ribbon around my waist which was tied to my left side.

Out of ordinary, I could actually do something more with my hair because I didn’t need to wear my cape all the time… Today I just let down my hair and put on a yellow flower crown. I don’t kill new flowers every time I need new accessories.

I have had this flower crown for several years but it looks like it is fresh from the garden. I did a spell on it from my witch book. It reverses time to the plants, they become immortal. These kinds of spells I can do only plant and tree related.

I walked to the outside door sparing a glance to the plants that were on the shelves, they were doing good to say the least.

I pushed the door open and the bright light blinded my eyes for a split second. I took a deep breath and was about to walk into the unknown when a voice spoke. “Good morning my Luna,” a young man spoke.

He was a little taller than me but a lot more ripped. He had dreads on his head but they were neatly pulled in a back ponytail, until now I thought I didn’t favor dreads.

“Good morning to you too,” I said. “Aren’t there any training in the mornings?” I asked him. In my old two packs there were.

“Yes there is right now. Why do you ask Luna?” His voice was very manly.

“I just simply don’t understand why aren’t you there.” It probably sounded a lot more rude than it should have been.

“I’m sorry Luna, I assumed that Alpha told you about me. I am assigned to guard you to wherever you go,” he said and bowed his head a little.

“I don’t need a guard.” I don’t need a chaperone. I never had one and I don’t need one now.

“Luna, it was an order from the Alpha,” He said, sounding as respectful as possible.

“Why should I need a guard?”

“More frequently in the forests have trespassed vampires. Alpha is just making sure of your safety.” Did that mean that he cared?

“Let’s say there is a vampire coming at me.” He listened carefully. “Are you going to jump in front of and into the fangs of vampire?” I asked, hiding the amusement.

“Of course Luna!” He made it sound so strong and proudful.

I couldn’t hide the laugh. “Well my knight in shining armor. What is your name?”

He scratched the back of his neck. “It’s Nathan.”

“Well Nathan. My name is Adelie and I would prefer if you call me that.”

Smile lit up on his face. “As you wish Adelie, at least when Alpha is not around.”

“Do you mind showing me around?” I asked him. Since he was here I didn’t bother to fight having a guard.

“Not at all. It would be even better now since no one is around. Well, only kids. ”

What did he mean no one? Where were all the women? He started to walk and I followed beside him.

“But the women? Where are they?”

Nathan scrunched his eyebrows at me.

“Adelie you said it yourself, everyone’s at training.”

“What are women doing there?”


That was a foolish question from my side.

″Well then,,, shouldn’t I be training as well?″ I asked him.

″Adelie, I am aware of …your situation and I don’t think these training would be fit for you.″

″Why is that?″

Nathan seemed to avoid my stare. “The training is very advanced, that’s all.″ He was trying to say I was weak.

“Well then I still want to go there. To see…how advanced,” I exclaimed and Nathan stopped and slightly changed the walking direction. I may have just wanted to see Alpha.

In my two previous packs women weren’t allowed to do training. They were usually left to watch over the pups or doing some pack work.

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“Nathan, why are women training?” I asked and he shook his head in understanding.

“They have been for two years now. Alpha gave out the order that women too need to know how to protect themselves and defend others. When they first started we were surprised how tough they can be,” he explained.

Of course women are tough. My mother was the strongest person I knew.

But didn’t Alpha think that I needed to protect myself too? Guard can’t always be by my side.

“Two years. Everyone keeps talking about that night two years ago. What happened?” I pleaded the last part. I was tired of not knowing.

“Sorry Adelie but I can’t speak of it. I am sure when time comes Alpha will explain everything to you. For the matter of fact it wasn’t just one night it was weeks that slowly lead up to it.”

What so horrible can happen to destroy that big of a pack? Maybe Alpha Kairos is to blame for… and maybe not.

“Nathan..” I got his attention and he nodded. “Do you think Alpha Kairos is a good man?” I asked him.

He turned towards me with an offended look on his face. “With all due respect Luna,” he exclaimed, using my title. “Alpha Kairos is the greatest leader of them all, he is the most caring, strongest and kindhearted Alpha.”

He said angry this time and kept on walking. To me he was anything but kind hearted. If he was so good he must have understood the importance of a mate.

I catched up with him half running since he was going faster now. “But.. but the stories about him…”

Nathan laughed. “Other packs don’t know what he did for our safety, no one could do it, I would kxll myself first before doing what he did.”

That was a serious argument to make.

“That thing..” I didn’t know what else to call it, “that he did, how did it help? Was it worth it? What was the cost of it?” I was just looking for every piece of puzzle to get to know what happened.

“You don’t believe that he is good,” he stated. “And that makes you a fool.”

I angered him, even his fists were clenched. “Alpha freed us, and now we are safe. How can you not believe he is good?”

I started to stutter but he kept talking. “The Moon Goddess thought that he was worthy enough to have a second chance, and now he got you. What more proof do you need?”

I was about to argue about how he doesn’t even want me as a mate when I felt that dxmn scent…mate!

We were at a huge training grounds. Everyone was training. The women were all in workout clothes. No one was slacking off. Some were lifting weights, some stretching, some fighting.

I walked further following Nathan close behind, like hiding behind him. It appeared he was walking closer to Alpha.

Others were watching me up and down. Judging my choice of clothing.

Alpha Kairos was fighting with some man about the same size as him. Alpha was doing great, blocking every hit. As we approached, a huge gust of wind blew from behind me. It made Alpha lose his focus, and he got hit on the face.

Everyone around Alpha was fazed by it, the man fighting Alpha was struck back, like he was afraid of himself. What’s the big deal? This happens in fights all the time I guess…

“Alpha is everything alright?” A woman asked him. Why did she? Alpha wasn’t affected at all by the hit; his stare was just focused on the ground.

Alpha didn’t say anything, he slightly tilted his head towards me. Looking me up and down. He didn’t look angry that I am here, he looked… defeated.

The woman noticed his head tilt and looked at me, smirking and walking away giggling with some other women. I guess she didn’t notice his face expression.

Everyone got back to what they were doing, except the man Alpha was fighting. He went to some kind of obstacle course.

“Alpha, how is training?” Nathan asked.

“We’re trying,” Alpha said.

Nathan stepped back to let Alpha see the full view of me. “Luna wanted to get to know the territory. I assumed that it was okay,” he sounded unsure.

“Just make sure to not let her out of your sight,” Alpha warned and Nathan nodded.

Alpha turned to me. “Adelie. Do you have any questions about the pack?” He asked me. I was allowed to question this time.

“Not about the pack…” I said trailing off.

“What about?”

“I don’t need a chaperone, no offence to Nathan but…I can protect myself if needed,” I exclaimed looking in his eyes.

When I am angry and in danger my powers take over, I just don’t know how to control them.

Alpha let out a mocking laugh. “You couldn’t hurt a fly”

“I wouldn’t need to,” I talked back. This was not the wisest choice. Alpha took a few steps towards me.

“Show me. Do anything that will make me think that you can even protect yourself from a mundane.”

I couldn’t show him anything, I don’t know how to make my powers show on cue, and even if I could it’s a secret.

″Then why don’t you train me?″ It was a bold enough question from me.

″There isn’t anything I can teach you to make you protect yourself from Vampires or even other werewolves.″

I didn’t answer anything, and I didn’t do anything. Alpha didn’t either, he just left.

I wasn’t that much offended by having a guard because I am weak, I just needed to be alone. I need to get to the forest alone. I need to see my surroundings.

This pack’s forest is now my place to keep clean, strong and beautiful. I need to find how to be alone but tomorrow, after the ceremony.

Nathan ended up showing me around the whole pack. This pack was obviously very big, just the pack members were few.

Most of the houses were empty. I was with Nathan the whole day, he didn’t show much sympathy for me. It was already 7.p.m. and Nathan spoke.

“I got a mind link from Beta. You need to go to get ready, two omegas are already waiting for you.” He said and we started walking to Alphas house.

We arrived at the entrance “Adelie. This is where I leave you. Alpha will escort you to the ceremony.”

“Oh what will I do without my knight in shining armor?” I said with an amused smirk.

Nathan smirked. “My Luna. I will be always with you when needed, don’t you worry,” He said and left.

″Thank you Nathan,″ I called out as he left.

I looked at the house. This was it. This would become my home. This pack would become my family.

But a hollow feeling was inside of me. I wanted to be Luna. I wanted to help these people. I wanted to fulfill my duty.

But my heart wanted to belong to someone more. I wanted to be with my destined Mate!

But Alpha Hans rejected me and Alpha Kairos will barely look at me.

My heart split with agony…

Is this what I was destined? A loveless life? A lonely Luna?

I looked at the forest behind me. It called to me. I could imagine living with nature, serving Mother Nature and the nature spirits.

Oh, how happy a life that would be! Away from all this pain and agony.

My heart longed to be at peace.

Maybe I should run away…

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