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Pack Rule #1: Never reveal to a human.
I broke that rule the day I met the beautiful doctor. I might be a rodeo champ, but one look at her, and I lost my concentration. The bull tossed and gored me, and now the sweet female is on to me. When I healed within hours, she knew something wasn’t right. My alpha told me to watch her. Not a problem. I’ll watch her all right. Real close. I’ll stick to her like superglue. And those human men who want to date her? They’d better step back. Because the doctor is all mine. Whether she knows it yet or not.

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Book 1 - Wolf Ranch: Rough

Chapter 4


“It was the strangest thing,” I said, my eyes on the road.

While I didn’t have a fancy car with the in-dashboard phone setup, I did have a stand for my cell and the ability to use the speaker. I was thankful for it since I needed both hands on the steering wheel. The two-lane highway cut through the mountains and followed beside the river and there were more twists and turns than straightaways. “I saw the accident, saw the wound. Hemothorax, possible ruptured spleen, blood loss.”

“I don’t know what half of that means, but it sounds bad,” Marina said. My sister, well, half-sister, was nine years younger and in college in California. She was no dummy, studying structural engineering, but medicine wasn’t her thing.

I frowned, slowed for a curve. “It explains the struggled inhales, the loss of BP. Hmm, maybe it was a spastic diaphram,” I replied, thinking aloud. They were possibilities, but I’d seen the accident, the aftermath.

“You said he was standing in the hallway when you ran into him, then walked right out. He had to have been less injured than you thought.”

“I saw the accident,” I repeated. I’d tried to touch his injury, but he’d stopped my hand over his belly. I’d felt the heat of his skin, the hard ridges of his abdomen. What I hadn’t felt was a hole in his side. No, I didn’t usually get txrned on by sxcking chest wounds, but it seemed I clearly got all hot and bothered by feeling up a cxcky cowboy’s torso.

It had been two days since the rodeo and it was finally my day off. I’d thought about him asking me out, to give me a tour of Cooper Valley. I could’ve said yes, but I just didn’t want to tango with a cowboy who was so obviously a player, no matter how hot he was. Although I was sure he’d be well worth the tumble.

Since then, I’d been busy with patients and a whopping five births—and it wasn’t even the full moon—and I’d still thought about Boyd Wolf. I went over every moment of my care for him, from the moment I dropped to my knees in the dirt beside him until I watched his taut axs as he walked out of the hospital. I also thought about the fact that I hadactually stared at his taut axs. That I thought his axs wastaut.

It was. Same with his belly. How did I turn into a starry eyed thirteen-year-old having her first crush thinking about a guy non-stop? If it weren’t professional, I’d probably have doodled on patient charts little hearts with our names in them.

It was because I was worried about him, and because I thought he was hot, that I was in my car and driving to Wolf Ranch where he’d told me he would recover. I also may or may not have contacted the rodeo to make sure he hadn’t returned to work. Even if I had overestimated his injuries, he shouldn’t have been able to saunter out of the hospital like nothing hurt. Just to be safe, I’d told rodeo management explicitly that he wasn’t cleared for competition and shouldn’t be allowed to return until he had a full examination.

Preferably by me. Not because I was dying to see those washboard abs in person. Not at all.

“I want to know why you’re so bothered,” she said. “He wasn’t as injured as you thought. This is the first patient…” She cleared her throat. “Man… who you’ve ever thought about going to his house to check on. There’s more here.”

She might be my baby sister, but she wasn’t much of a baby any longer. She knew me well enough to read into my actions. Dammit.

I sped up as the canyon ended and opened up into a wide prairie. I wasn’t more than twenty miles from Cooper Valley, but I’d never been on this side of the mountains before. The pines that dotted the rugged canyon disappeared. The land was almost flat, only slight undulations in the landscape. The river curved in the distance, trees lining the bank in spots making it picturesque. This was the Montana of my fantasies. Open ranges. Big skies. Vast land and no people.

“Audrey.” She prompted me since I’d been quiet as I ogled the view. “Tell me about this hot cowboy.”

“I didn’t say he was hot,” I protested.

She laughed, the sound loud through my cell. “You didn’t have to. Please, I have no boyfriend and there isn’t a guy in my program who’s even an option. They’re more into math equations than breasts. Let me live vicariously through you. What’s his name?”

“Boyd Wolf.”

She was quiet for a few seconds. “I’m doing a search for him because any guy who lights your fire must be… holy sxxt, woman. No wonder you’re driving to his house. Do you have sxxy undies on?”

I gasped, then laughed. “I can’t believe you just said that.”

I did have on my nicest underwear, a bxa and pxnty set that matched and wasn’t made of simple cotton. I also put on makeup, kept my hair down instead of up in a usual sloppy bun and had tried on three different outfits. All for Boyd Wolf. Maybe I really was crazy, putting effort into a guy who was sooooo wrong for me.

“He’s not badly injured, you found that out. He’s hot as hxll and you touched his abs. Don’t you want to touch the rest of him? I’m looking at his pictures online and I want to lxck him from stern to mast.”

I rolled my eyes and couldn’t help but smile. Marina was twenty-one and single. Someone eighty and married would find him hot.

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“There’s just something weird about it,” I said. “I know what I saw, what I treated. I can’t explain it.”

It was as if there’d been magic involved. Sleight of hand where you saw a quarter in a hand and the next minute it was in a glass bottle. I saw his wounds. I saw the way he’d been able to hurry out of the hospital a short time later. It made no sense. I couldn’t let it go.

“What I want to know is why you’re thinking so much about this guy when you had Mr. Hot Rancher on the hook last week.”

I frowned. “Who? Jett Markle?”

“From what you told me about him, he’s one tall glass of water.”

“He’s also self-centered, authoritarian and did nothing for me,” I grumbled. Jett was thirty-five, handsome in the clean cut, preppy sort of way. His brown hair was parted, well cut and groomed. His smile was broad, but I wondered if it were as fake as the veneers on his teeth. His clothes fit in with Montana. Jeans, simple button-up shirts, leather boots. He was just… polished. Fake. He was playing at being a cowboy whereas Boyd wasall cowboy.

There I went, using Boyd Wolf as husband measuring stick.

“But Boyd Wolf did.”

“Exactly,” I replied before I caught myself.

“Ha! I was right. You never told me what happened with Jett.”

“We went to a fancy steak place. He ordered for me.”

“What?” she practically squawked.

“Yeah, I mean, I don’t even like lamb. And rare, yuck! Then he told me about how he’d retired from a hedge fund company at thirty-five and bought a big piece of land to fulfill the lifelong dream of being a rancher.”

“Hedge fund company?”

“New York City,” I replied.

“Does he actually ranch?”

“I have no idea. I can’t imagine him getting his hands dirty let alone riding a horse or castrating calves. He lives on this side of the mountains.” I put on my blinker and turned when my GPS said. I’d remembered Boyd mentioning the name of his family property, Wolf Ranch. It wasn’t hard to forget when it was his last name. It had been easy to search and plug in for directions. “While most people live in the town, the older homesteads, probably like Wolf Ranch, are over here. Also, the big parcels for the moved-to-Montana folk like Jett.”

“So I guess the date was a one time thing?” she asked. “If he’s that bad within the first hour, it’s not worth a second go.”

I huffed out a laugh. “Yeah, I made it pretty clear I wasn’t interested. Didn’t even let him walk me to my door. But I think he took it as playing hard to get. Maybe even saving myself.” I gave the last mental air quotes. I wasn’t a vxxgin and I certainly wasn’t saving myself for marriage, but I was looking for someone to marry. It just wasn’t Jett. I wasn’t that bored with my vxxrator to sleep with him.


“Because he keeps calling. Even texted and said he’d pick me up on Friday after my shift.”

“You told him your work schedule?”

“Hell, no. I have no idea how he got it. Maybe he threw some of his hedge fund money around.” I’d been hopeful before the date, but it had been obvious really fast, right about the time he said I’d be eating lamb for dinner, that it wasn’t going to happen with Jett. I’d made it clear in my lack of interest, but it bothered me that he didn’t grasp the fact that I wasn’t interested. He was rich and attractive. Surely there had to be a whole slew of eager women in town to take him on.

The road had followed a split rail fence for the past mile. I slowed when it was broken by a huge archway. If I had any doubts of where I was, the words Wolf Ranch carved into the wood would have helped. The driveway was dirt. Straight. Long. I couldn’t see any buildings from the road, which meant the ranch was big.

“Ignore him. Go for Boyd Wolf. If you don’t, I will.”

“You will not.” I was surprised by the snap to my voice, even though I knew she was messing with me.

She didn’t argue. Instead, she softened her voice. “You deserve a great guy. A nice guy. A hotguy. You deserve every oxxasm he can give you.”


“What? You do. You might look at vxxinas all day, but I bet yours has cobwebs on it.”

I was not answering that one.

“Boyd Wolf is cocky. Sure of himself,” I countered.

“So? That makes him good in bxd.”

I sighed, took a deep breath. “He’s definitely a player. Listen, I’m here. I have to go.”

“Have fun. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Actually, forget that. Do everything I wouldn’t do, and then some.”

She ended the call as I rolled my eyes. I leaned forward and looked up at the arch. Wolf Ranch. I had no idea what I was doing, driving all the way out here. Boyd Wolf was fine. Marina was right. I’d been wrong about how seriously he’d been injured. There was no other explanation. Yet…

Fine, I wanted to see him again, to believe he really was healed. Or not hurt. He couldn’t have healed if he hadn’t really been hurt. Gah!

I dropped my forehead to the top of the steering wheel. I was fooling myself if it was only my need for answers that had me idling in front of his ranch. I was interested in knowing more about Boyd than as a doctor. I wanted to know why his abs were like a washboard. Why his skin was hot and smooth. If the chest hair I’d felt disappeared beneath the waistband of his jeans.

If his cocky attitude meant he was cocky in bed. If he’d be bossy and stern…

Yeah, I was totally screwed.

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