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Damaris’ entire life has been filled with pain and suffering. Desperation leads her to disguise herself as a man so that she can run errands for a notorious gang. But when she is captured by their rivals, the King brothers, they all claim that she is “their mate.” Damaris, terrified and confused, tries to escape their grasp. But now they’ve got her scent and nothing will keep them from finding her.

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Their Thief

Chapter 4

I woke up groaning in annoyance. My cxck was txxobbing and straining against the material of my bxxers. I roll out of bed and go to take a cold shower to try and wash away the betrayal of my own body.

I got a bxner from a wxt dream where I was making out with our mate, a guy. Guys aren’t supposed to give me bxners. I strictly prefer vxgina, not dxck.

I get dressed and head to the kitchen for breakfast. I walk in and find Alec and Luca already there eating. Alec has a pissed off expression on his face as he angrily stabs his eggs.

Luca’s expression is filled more with annoyance than anger.

“Judging from your expressions, I’m guessing we all had the same dream last night?” I said while grabbing a piece of bacon off the table.

“You mean the one where you were making out with our mate, while I gxxped his non-existent bxxbs as he sxxxddled Alec who made him oxxasm by gxxnding him against his hxrd-on?” Luca asked, looking at me while raising an eyebrow.

“We all knew we would share some sort of wxt dream with him in it last night, ” Alec said. “There are going to be more.”

All supernatural beings know that after they meet and recognize their mate, they will have dreams about them, pressuring them to mate until they are fully mated.

The first dream after meeting is shared between all the mates, which means our mate also had the same dream.

The rest of the dreams aren’t going to be linked together, they will play out our own personal fantasies and desires to arose us and incite our instincts to dominate, mark, and mate him.

They’re just going to become increasingly explicit, so last night’s dream is nothing compared to what’s going to come.

“Great, can’t wait,” I said sarcastically. “But I never knew we could give him txts in the dreams. If that’s possible I could give him a few more pxrts I’d rather prefer,” I said with a smirk while pulling out my phone.

My notifications are full of messages from women that wanted to fxck again. Sadly, ever since I set my eyes on our mate, the thought of fxcking someone else physically disgusted and repulsed me.

Stupid mate bond. Maybe over time, it will wear off and I can return to my normal routine of fxcking women left and right.

“I didn’t expect that to be possible either, but let’s discuss that later. At the moment, we need to get to Chaos to review and evaluate the staff so something like yesterday doesn’t happen again,” said Luca while putting his dishes in the sink for our maid to wash.

We all get in our own cars and drive to the club. After parking, we take the elevator to our offices that make up most of the top floor.

The first floor is the dance floor and bar, with some private VIP booths. The second floor is an exclusive level that some VIPs can’t even access.

You need to earn a certain amount in your annual income to be eligible to get a private room on that level. The third floor has even higher standards to get a room and then above that are our offices.

When we exit the elevator Alec and Luca ignore the provocative look the secretary gives us while I flash her my signature smile accompanied by a wink as we pass.

We enter Alec’s office and are shortly followed by the manager, a vampire.

“Masters, I’m so terribly sorry for what occurred yesterday,” he said while kneeling on the ground with his head down, showing his submission.

“Send all the staff in one by one. We will review them all by conducting a short interview to see if they meet the high standards we hold for our staff. If not, we will fire them on the spot and will be reviewing the certifications of whoever will replace them,” Alec said while taking a seat at his desk.

Our offices are located across from the elevator. He got the bigger office that’s in the middle, behind the secretaries desk, because he was born first.

Mine is on the right, while Luca’s is on the left. The manager’s small office is on the left wall, by the secretary’s desk.

“Yes Master Alec, I’ll do that right away,” he said, scurrying out of the office. He didn’t dare lift his head and look at us once throughout the whole encounter. He knows he’s not worthy of the privilege to look at us, no one is.

After a few hours of interviewing and firing people, I needed a break. I get up and head for the door after the most recently fired staff member left in tears.

“Where are you going?” Luca asked.

“I need a break. It’s draining making so many people tremble in fear and cry in such a short span of time,” I said as I reached the door.

“Be back in an hour,” I heard Alec yell as I walked by the next employee entering to be reviewed. She was shaking, so I gave her a small reassuring smile.

I’m about to walk past the secretary’s desk, but stop when she looks up at me with lust-filled eyes.

“Anything I can do for you, Mr. King?” she asks in a sultry voice.

My lips curve into a smirk as my eyes linger on the cxxavage her low cut top reveals.

Seeing my line of sight, her lips form into a repulsive sly smirk as she straightens her back, jutting her bxxasts out for my eyes to take in.


I get in the elevator to go to my car, dropping the smile I used just moments ago to get the secretary to sxck me off.

I close my eyes and lean my head back against the cold metal wall, releasing an annoyed sigh. I’m feeling hungry, meaning I need blood.

Maybe I should have sxcked her blood instead of getting her to sxck my dxck.

I have to feed before my hunger gets too out of control. I don’t really want to have to deal with humans screaming because I lose control and attack one of them out in the open.

I could compel them to forget about it if there are only a few witnesses, but if there’s a crowd to witness my blood lust, then that just equals more work then I’m not willing to do.

I know Alec would just kill them all because it would take less time and effort than having to individually compelling every one of them. Those years of torture really fxcked him up.

Luca, on the other hand, is too organized to ever go too long without feeding. He actually has reminders set on his phone to remind him to drink blood.

I exit the elevator and my senses are assaulted by that tantalizing scent of vanilla and lavender I recognize.

MATE! MATE! MATE! My wolf yells in my head, making me wince.

I feel my fangs elongate, throbbing with the need to be buried in my mates soft and supple skin, to drink his blood and mark him.

I feel my cxck hxxden and sxxain against my jeans, my hunger and need to feed intensifying my instincts to dominate and claim my mate.

Just when I feel like I’m about to lose control and attack the source of that scent, my wolf starts yelling at me again.

Mates hurt! I smell mates blood! HELP MATE!

I take another sniff of the air, and I smell it. Under the sweet and tempting scent of my mate, I smell his blood.

I search my surroundings to find him, my natural instinct to protect and care for my mate driving me into a panicked frenzy. My attention is caught by a small cry of pain.

I look to my left and see my mate.

He’s being held up against the wall by his throat by a man twice his size. He’s clutching his stomach where the man’s companion had punched him.

His face is contorted in pain, and I can see him bleeding from where his lip is split.

The sight infuriates me and drives my wolf mad. I can feel him fighting for control, and know that my eyes are swirling with black; my wolf fighting myself for control so he can kill.

He doesn’t need to though, because I’m about to.

Before they can hurt my mate any further, I reach them with supernatural speed and fling the man holding him by the neck into a nearby car.

I can hear with my heightened hearing, the sound of his bxnes bxxaking, which are drowned out by the sound the impact made. He’s dxad.

I direct my attention to the man that punched my mate. I grab him by the neck and lift him off the ground, as he struggles against my tightening grip. All I can see is red.

My anger will not diminish until he’s dead like his friend.

My grip keeps tightening until I hear a snap and the man goes limp in my hold. I toss his bxdy to the side and look towards my mate.

What. The. Fxck.


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How the hxll is he able to sneak away from the most powerful beings to ever exist? And not just once, but twice. My shock at my mate’s ninja skills is suddenly interrupted by a sudden realization.

Fxck. That scent. Not the vanilla lavender that identifies my mate, no, the one that it overpowers. The scent of a human. Our mate is a weak, pathetic, little, fxcking human.

He’s already tiny for a guy, but to top it all off he just had to be a human. The species that are nothing more than food, slaves, and toys for the supernatural.

It’s also clear from the situation I just saved him from, that he can’t even defend himself.

It’s also clear that he knows how to get himself into trouble because he was fighting with two gang members.

Human mates are rare, like really rare. In the last millennium, there has only been one recorded instance of a human mate, and they were mated to the weakest of omegas.

Me and my brothers have a lot of enemies that want to get rid of us but don’t stand a chance because they are too weak.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they won’t use underhanded methods, such as kidnapping and threatening our weak mate that won’t be able to defend himself in the slightest.

They may already have discovered the existence of our mate through their spies, the ones they think we don’t know about, that trail us.

We refuse to mate or love him, but that doesn’t mean we’ll let anyone hurt him.

We may not want to accept a guy for our mate, but he is still our mate and we can’t change that no matter how much we desperately want to.

Both werewolves and Vampires are protective over their mates, and the more powerful they are, the more protective they get. So, one can only imagine how protective we are over what is ours.

I can already feel anger building inside me from the simple thought of someone laying a single finger on my mate.

I know we can’t go with Alec’s plan to just ignore him and simply hope the bond goes away, not when I know how easily he can be hurt being a human.

I go back to the office as fast as I can and slam open the doors. The man being re-evaluated looked like he was about to have a heart attack, while my brothers just glared at me.

“Out. Now,” I say to the employee, causing him to scramble out of the office.

“ What the hell Jace? We already have a sxit ton of work to do, we don’t need you delaying it to take longer than it already will!” Alec said, anger lacing his voice.

“Did any of you two notice that our mate is a pathetic little human?” I ask, ignoring the glare Alec is sending my way.

“What? Uhmm… All I noticed was the vanilla lavender scent and that he was male,” said Luca.

“Same,” agreed Alec.

“Well, I just found him bleeding in the parking garage while being held by his throat as someone punched him in the stomac-”

“What!” both my brothers yell, jumping to their feet.

“Under the vanilla lavender,” I continued ignoring their reaction, “I could smell the scent of a human. That means that the mate to the most powerful beings alive is a weak little human that’s very killable.”

Shxt,” murmured Luca as he started pacing around. “Where is he?”

“Well, it seems that our mate, although weak and scrawny, does have some impressive ninja skills,” I said slightly proud. “He was able to sneak away while I was dealing with the two that were hurting him. Didn’t even bother to say thank you. I feel hurt,” I said faking a frown and wiping away a nonexistent tear.

“This changes things,” Luca said. “We can’t simply ignore his existence any longer. He could easily be hurt and targeted because of us.”

“My thoughts exactly brother,” I replied.

“Weren’t you the one who panicked the most when discovering he’s our mate? Why the sudden concern?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Just because I don’t want him, doesn’t mean I want him to get hurt or die. It also looks like him getting killed is a very possible outcome, even without the added dangers of being our mate. The ones that were attacking him were members of the local gang.”

Fxck,” said Alec, looking pissed. “Seems like I underestimated the mate bonds power. I know our natural instincts and our wolves are saying to protect him, but think about it, he’s a weakness.

“The only possible weakness we’ve had until now is that we’re willing to do anything to save one another from harm, but we know that’s next to impossible because we’re too powerful to harm.

“That’s unless they have leverage that would make us willingly put ourselves in harm’s way, such as a mate who we share a strong mate bond with that will make us do anything to prevent him from being hurt,” Alec said, thinking from a logical standpoint.

“The number of people trying to steal the power our positions hold is growing. We can’t have any weaknesses, we don’t want to end up in the same position we were in for the first century and a half of our lives.

“We’ve already suffered enough for our lifetime. Our mate is just a key that they will try to use to lock us up again. To torture and abuse us for their own pleasure and amusement.”

Flashbacks of all the suffering I have been put through flashes through my mind.

The physical and psychological torture, the sxxual axuse, the forced submission, my endless screams, my brothers’ endless screams. No. I can’t have that happen again, I won’t let that happen again.

My increasing need to protect our mate vanishes. The need to do what’s best for me and my brothers overpowers it. I can see the same change in attitude happen to Luca as well.

We aren’t concerned about the well being of our mate any longer, we’re more concerned by the threat he poses to us.

“I know you two won’t like what I’m going to suggest next, but I’m saying this with our best interest in mind. He can’t offer us children like a female mate could have, the only reason we all would even tolerate having a mate. He’s only a threat. I don’t want to see either of you have to suffer again, it would crush me,” said Alec.

He paused for a moment before continuing with a hardened and cold expression, one we’re used to seeing. “I think we should kill our mate before the bond gets any stronger. It would make it easier to get over losing him while the bond is still weak, and at the same time it would eliminate any threats his existence can and will hold for us.”

It’s quiet for a few minutes while both me and Luca register and mull over what Alec said.

All the objections that pop up in my mind to his suggestion are struck down by multiple different painful memories. Some are of my suffering, while others are of my brothers.

They both mean too much to me, more than a mate that I don’t even want.

“Okay,” I said, feeling a coldness spread through me, numbing me to any objections my wolf and the mate bond may have to the plan.

We both look at Luca. We can see him struggling with the idea, debating it in his head. He considers it for a few more minutes before I see the same coldness fill his eyes.

He looks at both of us and nods.

“I agree, it’s what’s best for us.”

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