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After the Wolf Wars, the werewolves and humans agreed to an uneasy truce and divided the world among themselves. Werewolves took the forests and plains, and humans took the cities and towns. Humanity was further segregated into Workers and Elites. Now, food is scarce and the Workers are starving, which is how twelve-year-old Worker Ellie winds up hungry and stranded in werewolf territory. Are werewolves really the fearsome beasts she’s been warned about, or have the Elites been hiding the truth?

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The Wolf Wars Saga

Chapter 5

I could see the light through my closed eyelids. That wasn’t the first sensation that consciousness brought though. The pain I felt was everywhere, and I was cold. So cold.

Even though I could feel a thick cover laying on top of me.

I was too terrified to even move.

What was going to happen to me?

I had no idea where I was. Memories from the previous day came flooding back. The gunshot, the forest, the man…werewolf. Then the big house and the doctor.

He’d done something. Knocked me out.

I whimpered. Then I felt a hand on my forehead.

“Its ok little pup,” he soothed.

I slowly opened my eyes. More reality came crashing in. Alpha Gabriel. Another werewolf. Not treating me like the enemy though. Being kind and gentle. Why?

“Cold,” I muttered, “hurts.”

I knew my arm should hurt. After all I had been shot, but my whole body ached, and my hand, it hurt so much.

I glanced at my hand. There was a bandage. A tube was coming out of it, which was attached to a plastic bag, hanging from a metal frame.

“I think you have a fever, pup. Can you tell me where it hurts?” Alpha Gabriel asked.

I looked at him, then looked at the tube in my hand. A fever! I panicked. My daddy caught the fever, so did my mummy. They both died.

I stared at Alpha Gabriel.

“I don’t want to die,” I sobbed, as tears trickled from my eyes.

One of his large hands cupped the back of my head, whilst the other stroked me hair.

“No one is going to die, Ellie,” he soothed, “now tell me where it hurts?”

“You promise?” I sniffled.

Alpha Gabriel looked at me, and smiled.

“Yes Ellie, I promise,” he gently kissed my forehead, “now, where does it hurt.”

I blinked. My daddy used to do that. Kiss my forehead and smile. He was the only one that ever did, until he got sick.

I pushed the memory to the back of my mind. It didn’t take much, the throbbing pain in my hand, and the ache in the rest of my body saw to that.

“Everywhere, but my hand most of all,” I groaned.

I tried to lift my hand to show him, but I winced, and whimpered at the effort.

Alpha Gabriel closed his eyes. I wasn’t sure why. After a few moments he opened them again. A short while after that the door of the room flew open.

A woman, who I hadn’t seen before came in.

I whimpered, the last woman werewolf I had seen was in the hospital. She scared me. I was sure if it hadn’t have been for Alpha Gabriel she would have hurt me. I wondered if this woman was the same.

“It’s ok Ellie, this is Amy, she’s a nurse, she’s going to look after you,” Alpha Gabriel whispered.

I shook my head.

“P…Please…Don’t let her hurt me,” I begged.

Amy, the nurse looked surprised. She sat on the edge of the bed, on the opposite side to where Alpha Gabriel sat.

“Ellie I promise I wont hurt you, I’m just here to help.”

I looked at her suspiciously. Then I turned my head towards Alpha Gabriel as he began to speak.

He just looked at Amy and said one word.


Amy’s mouth formed a ‘o’.

“Don’t worry Ellie, I’m nothing like Melissa,”she paused, and leant a little closer, “between you and me, I don’t like her much either.”

She winked conspiratorially, as though it was just our secret.

Amy looked over at Alpha Gabriel.

“I’ll put some antibiotics and painkillers into the drip,” she stated.

Alpha Gabriel immediately shook his head.

“No, Amy. It needs to come out, it’s causing her pain.”

Amy frowned, and shook her head.

“She needs it to rehydrate her, at least for a couple of days. If I give her medication this way it will work faster.”

Alpha Gabriel growled.

“We’ll do it another way, I wont have this pup in pain.”

His expression softened as he saw the panic in my face. The only thing that scared me about these people or werewolves was when they growled.

It was only then that it became clear that they weren’t human at all. I guess I liked to fool myself that they were just like me. They weren’t.

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“You promise to eat and drink everything we give you, and take your medicine?” He asked.

I nodded. I probably would have agreed to anything to get that tube out of my hand, or to stop him from growling at me.

Amy sighed, “very well, but I need to tell my father.”

Alpha Gabriel nodded, “take it out first, if your father kicks up a fuss you can tell him it was an Alpha command,” he hesitated, “and Amy, no mind-linking in front of the pup, it worries her.”

Amy frowned, but nodded.

“Ok, Ellie,” she began.

I turned my head to look at her.

“this may hurt a little, so I want you to be brave.”

I swallowed hard and nodded. Gripping the covers with my other hand, I watched.

It was at that point I realised the tube wasn’t in me. It was connected to something sticking out of the bandage. When she removed the tube, it didn’t make my hand hurt any less.

I clenched my jaw as she started to removed the bandage. It was hurting more now, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

Not until the bandage was completely removed. Then I saw a needle sticking out of my hand. My hand which was now had a nasty bruise.

That’s when I closed my eyes and turned my head away.

I whimpered, when I felt a sharp pain in my hand.

“All done Ellie,” Amy soothed.

It still hurt, but not so much.

I watched Amy as she walked into the bathroom. She was in there for a few minutes then came back.

“My father is on his way,” she stated.

Then she busied cleaning up the old bandage and removing the bag of liquid.

When the door opened, I was surprised to see Erik, the doctor walk into the room. Amy must be his daughter.

He smiled at me as he walked over to the bed.

“Well little trouble, what have you been up to?” he smirked.

He looked at my hand, which had just been unbandaged.

He hummed, “I was afraid this might happen,” he murmurred.

Alpha Gabriel stared at him.

“You knew this might happen?”

Erik nodded.

“It was a risk we had to take, but her body has reacted to the needle. It was too intrusive.”

I was sure Alpha Gabriel was about to growl, which caused me to tremble slightly. Instead he just coughed.

Erik put his hand on my forehead.

“She’s hot,” he hesitated, “We need to take her temperature.”

I frowned, what did he mean by that.

He turned his head away from me, and was completely still

“Is that completely necessary?” Alpha Gabriel asked.

Erik nodded, he then smiled at me, I could tell it was false. I had a horrible feeling something bad was going to happen, so I edged a little closer to the Alpha.

“Now little pup, I need you to be very brave,” he stated.

I looked at him, and shook my head.

“I…I don’t want to be brave,” I stuttered.

He smiled again.

I snapped my head to look at Alpha Gabriel.

“P…Please don’t let him hurt me,” I begged.

Gabriel, gently stroked my face.

“Don’t worry Ellie, I’ll be right here,” he soothed.

Alpha Gabriel gently picked me up and laid me on my stomach. I tried to roll back over but he put some gentle pressure on my back.

Tears pricked my eyes.

“Please don’t,” I begged, “I promise I’ll be good,” I sobbed.

Alpha Gabriel let go.

I thought he was going to let me up but instead, he grabbed my wrists and pinned them to my back with one hand, with the other in turned my head to the side and held it down on the pillow.

I kicked out with my legs, but someone quickly held them in place. Then I felt the sxxrts being pxxled down.

I felt a sharp sting in one of my cheeks. Out the corner of my eye, I saw the reason why. An injection was being administered, the sting had been the needle penetrating my flesh.

Then I felt the cxxeks of my bxxxom being pxxted.

“Dont worry pup, its just a thermometer to take your temperature,” Erik explained.

I started to scream as I felt something cold pxxetrating me. I tried to struggled, but they were too strong. My screams turned into sobs.

I carried on sobbing, unable to stop, even after they had released there hold.

Alpha Gabriel went to stroke my hair, but I let out a blood curdling scream.


I scrambled away from him, as fast as I could. Forgetting that the bed was so high, I fell off the side and landed with a thud on the floor.

Adrenaline kicking in, I felt no pain. I scrambled to the far corner of the bedroom. Curling myself into a small ball, and pressing myself into the corner.

I started to rock back and forth, banging my head against the wall, to try and take away the horror I had experienced.

Alpha Gabriel yelled at Erik.

“Do something! You’re a doctor.”

Then the door was flung open, and a woman I hadn’t seen before walked in.

She looked at me, then at the other three werewolves in the room.

“What the fxxk are you doing to her?” she yelled.

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