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Destined To Love

Emma hates all men, including Edan…until she gets to know him. Can she overcome her traumatic past and let herself love again? And can Edan learn to treat women with the respect they deserve? This couple could be destined for failure, or destined to love.

Age Rating: 18+ (Assault, Kidnapping, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Violence Against Women)


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I wandered into the garden full of different types of flowers. Roses, lilies, jasmine, poppies, and a lot more which I don’t even know the name of.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, the scent of the garden making me feel relaxed. I loved it here, alone and calm.

Nothing to worry about and not a thing to care about. The birds chirping and the leaves rustling. This all made me feel so relaxed and at peace.

I was enjoying this beauty of nature when suddenly, an annoying sound started ringing against my ear. A sound of something beeping, a sound annoying as hell.

This sound took over the musical sound of nature as it continued to get louder and louder, more louder and louder until it became the only thing I could hear.

Then, everything went black at once and all I could hear was that annoying sound.

Groaning, I woke up from my beautiful sleep and my relaxing dream with this annoying sound of my alarm, that shitty beep beep sound banging against my eardrums and it felt like they’ll bleed the next second.

Again, why did I choose this shitty sound instead of some new pop song to wake me up? Ah! Right! Because it was annoying as fuck and a great tool to wake you up.

All I wanted at this time was to smash this alarm clock with a hammer and continue to have my beauty nap.

After a few beeps, it quietened down and thanking God, I dug my head deeper into my blankets and curled myself into a ball.

My dreams! Here I come again…

Smiling, I drifted back into my precious sleep and in the very next moment, that annoying alarm goes off, bleeding my ears once again with its beeping.

I swear! This beeping was so fucking annoying.

“Uhhhh… What the hell!” Cursing in my half-sleep, I turned over and peeked at my alarm clock with my one eye shut.

My eyes bulged out of my sockets as I looked at the time, not believing that I just overslept.

“Shit! It’s almost 8:00 a.m? You must be kidding me!”

I wriggled out of my blanket hurriedly and as I was going to step on the floor to run towards my bathroom, my foot got stuck in my damn bed sheet, tripping me and causing me to fall on the tiled floor.

My messy hair came in front of my face, covering it completely.

I groaned in pain. “Damn you! What the hell?” I winced.

Today would be a bad day, I could feel it. I wanted to just take a leave and rest but I couldn’t.

I already took my leave for this month and I can’t take more. I put my hair back from my face and look at the clock now showing 8:15 a.m. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Where the hell did fifteen minutes just go? I swear, it was 8 a.m. a second ago. Was my alarm broken?

I grabbed my phone and checked the time. “Shit,” I cursed as it showed 8:18 a.m. now.

What the heck! Can’t time run a bit slower?

No! Not again. Please no! Not this time too. Miss Johns is gonna roast me alive.

I wriggled my foot out of my bed sheet and rushed towards the washroom. I brushed my teeth and took the quickest shower of my life—which I didn’t even want to take if not for me smelling like a sweaty boy’s shirt.

Always take a shower at night to avoid being late, I made a mental note inside my head.

Hurriedly coming out, I took a look at my wardrobe and picked out a floral brown top and denim pants.

Putting on my long brown boots and putting my brownish-black hair in a ponytail, I grabbed my purse and rushed to the nearest bus stop.

My face was simple as I don’t do make-up. I don’t like having tons of make-up on my face and besides who has the time for that? I was already too late.

I ran as fast as I could and with heavy breaths, I shouted, “STOP!” The bus was already pulling away but thank God, the driver heard me and stopped the bus.

I paid my bus fare and sat on the first empty seat that I saw. I placed my hand on my chest, trying to catch my lost breaths due to running so fast.

Thank God the bus driver heard me and stopped or I would have been standing there and waiting for the next bus and that’d be after thirty minutes.

Maybe today was not a bad day after all…

I took my earphones and plugged them in. After twenty minutes of the drive, I reached my destination and ran straight into the cafe. The aroma of coffee filled the air, making my mouth water and my stomach grumble.

With my head hanging low so that I could hide my face, I moved towards the kitchen with steady steps. I was technically trying to sneak in without being noticed by my employer.

“MISS EMMA JAMES!” a deep angry voice growled from beside me, and I shut my eyes knowing that I had failed.

Mission failed. I was dead.

Turning around slowly, I met the glaring hazel eyes of Miss Johns and I smiled sheepishly, looking at her.

“I am so sorry—” I started to excuse myself but got cut off by her at once.

“Don’t say anything, you are late again. It’s the fifth time you are late in the past two months. Five times Emma! You know I hate tardiness,” Miss John said furiously and I hung my head low in embarrassment.

“Miss John. I really—”

“What? You again forgot to set your alarm? I am tired of your lame excuses…” she said, her voice holding a warning tune.

YeahThat’s the excuse I made last time.

Emma! Think of another excuse. Hurry

Uh… No, I actually… I missed the bus this time,” I lied and bit my tongue hoping she would let me go. “It will not happen again. I promise,” I pleaded, looking at her with sweet innocent eyes.

Well, I hope so… And I’ll try.

Keep your promise next time young miss, or you will be in deep trouble. This is the last time I am letting you go, don’t do it again.”

Her deep threatening stare made me gulp and I nodded.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Now go change into your waitress attire,” she ordered and I nodded again.

I went to the washroom and changed into my dress. More like a uniform, I would say.

It was a knee-length black dress with a white apron in front and full sleeves with a cut on both shoulders. I took my notepad with my pen and headed to table 2.

“Hello, sir. Are you ready to order?” I asked politely to two young men sitting at the table.

One of them had blonde hair, his skin tan, and the other had brown hair with fair skin. They looked at me and gave me a smile. “Yeah, I think we are ready.”

I gave them my usual waitress smile and took out a pen, ready to write their order. “So what will you like, sir?”

“How about…” The one with the blonde hair paused, looked at me from head to toe and then replied, “You.” He smirked.

I bit my inner cheek to control my temper. “Nice joke, sir. Now please, what would you like to have from our menu?” I emphasized on the word menu to give them a clear indication that I wasn’t liking this shit joke of theirs.

“I’m serious sweetheart. What you say? Me and you for one night. I’ll pay you a handsome price,” the blonde man said, giving me a dirty smirk.

I scoffed as my blood boiled up and there goes my temper. I have had enough.

I hate them.

You want me?” I batted my eyelashes and leaned towards that blonde hair idiot. His smirk widened this time as he leaned closer.

“Would love to,” he winked at me and I smiled despite my anger.

Love to? Ok! No Miss Goody now.

I banged my hand on the table and grabbing his tie, I pulled him closer. Glaring in his eyes, I smirked and gave him my sweetest smile. I earned some of the attention from the neighbouring tables but who cares? Well, I don’t.

“How about I kick your pretty ass out of this cafe and then beat you up like a plush cushion? Sounds great! Right?” I whispered, my voice laced with anger and he sucked in a breath.

“Aww! Scared already? It’s just a trailer, baby!” I smiled with a proud look and let his tie go.

He straightened up and cleared his throat. He averted his eyes from me towards the outside window and I gave a winning smile.

“Anything else?” Smiling, I looked at the other person sitting there.

“Miss, sorry for that. Actually, we will take two cups of espresso and four doughnuts,” the other man said and I nodded. “Which flavour?”

“Umm. two chocolate and two simple vanilla ones.”

“Okay, I’ll be back.” Noting their order, I turned towards the kitchen.

I went to Kate, the barista. Everyone loved her coffee, even me, too. She had some kind of magic in her hands and had a unique way of making it. She was a completely crazy-party girl with a sweet smile on her face every time.

“Hi there…” I chirped.

“Oh…hi! I saw that you were late again,” she said while giving me a hug.

“Yeah,” I chuckled, “it’s the fifth time now.”

She chuckled in response.

“Hey, this is the order for table 2.” I gave the paper to her and grabbed five doughnuts from the fridge. Three chocolate and two vanilla ones.

“Uh Emma! It says two chocolate doughnuts here.”

“I know, one is for me. I didn’t get the time to have breakfast.” I took a bite of my doughnut. “But don’t tell Miss John’s. Hush!” I placed a finger on my lips making a hush sound.

“Okay Okay…” she giggled lightly. “By the way, I just saw what you did to those guys, you should be nice to them, Em! They are our customers.” She slightly chuckled, making me smile victoriously.

“What? I was just giving them a good show. You know! Just entertaining them,” I shrugged with an innocent face and she slightly nodded.

“I know all about your way of entertainment,” she smiled and then after a minute let out a deep sigh, like a sad weary sigh.

“Hey! Why do you look sad?” I asked her while she was making a cup of espresso.

She looked at me for a moment and then her eyes shifted to the coffee machine. “Oh, nothing,” she replied, and I knew something was wrong. There was definitely not an oh nothing.

She was usually not like that. She was a jolly person making jokes and smiling all the time.

“Hey, Kai! Is something wrong? You look a little worried. You can tell me,” I said to her, assuring her.

“No, It’s nothing,” she gave the same brief answer.

“Kai! I know something is not right. It’s written all over your face,”

I looked at her as she sighed. “Actually… I have no place to stay. The apartment in which I am staying is to be renovated. The landlords have given me two days to find a new place,” she whispered.

“How in the world would I do that?” Her voice became low, and I could tell she was on the verge of crying.

“I can help you with that.” I smiled and she looked at me as her eyes filled up with hope.


“Of course. Why not? You are my best friend after all. You can live with me.”

Her face gleamed up with joy, but then something dawned upon her, making her frown.

“But what about Alice? Your roommate?”

“Oh! She is planning to join an international university for her master’s degree. So, she’s leaving tomorrow for Britain. I will be all alone in my apartment,” I smiled at her.

“So it means I can live with you then?” she asked and I nodded.

Her smile widened, happiness evident on her face. She looked relieved now. Alice stayed with me for 4 years of university. We did our bachelor’s study together and now she was going to Britain for master’s.

I was also in need of a new roommate and thank God that new one would be my friend Kate.

“Of course, you can bring your things tomorrow, say 6 p.m? Alice will be leaving in the morning at ten o’clock.”

“It will be great. Thank you, Em! You’re the best.” She jumped with joy and hugged me. I hugged her back. I was glad that I was able to help her.

“By the way, the order is ready,” she said while pulling away from our hug.

“Oh, right.” Biting my tongue slightly, I picked the tray in my hands and headed towards the table. I put the tray on the table, not even glancing at them.

“Here’s the order. Enjoy.” I tried my best to be polite. The brown haired guy murmured a thank you and I headed towards the next table.

The rest of my shift went as usual. I work seven days a week here, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. I have just finished my bachelor’s degree and now I was planning to get admission in master’s.

I was currently saving for my college fee. My father supported me throughout my life and my 4 years of university and now I’d like to earn for my further studies.

Ever since I was 17 I preferred to be independent. My parents live a one-hour drive from my apartment in the center of New York City. I love my family and visit them often on weekends—whenever I get the time.

I changed into my clothes and took the cup of Americano that I had requested Kate to make for me. I headed towards the exit of the cafe and went out of the shop when Kate called me.


I turned my head to see her. She was standing in the doorway of the shop.

“Thanks, Emma, for everything.” She smiled and I chuckled, waving at her. “No need to—”

I was mid-sentence when something happened in a flash. The next thing I noticed was me on the floor with an empty cup of Americano on my head and hot Americano on my top.

God! It’s hot!

I gasped as I grabbed the front of my shirt a bit higher so my skin wouldn’t come in contact with the hot coffee.

I looked up and saw a guy standing there, one hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone. He looked at me with a cold expression. I glared at him.

“What the hell! Look what you have done, Mister!” I shouted at him while pointing at my Americano-covered clothes.

Gosh! Today, I’ll kill this jerk…


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I looked at him. No, I glared at that man, expecting an apology from him for bumping into me and spoiling my outfit.

He glanced at me and then again went back to typing on his phone like he had not the slightest guilt of what he just did. My temper flared up as I waited for that jerk-face to apologize.

I promised myself that if he does that, I’d go easy on him, but if he does not, then I have other ways too.

By seeing his expressions, I could guess pretty well that this man was having no intention of apologizing for his mistake at all.

What a jerk!

Oh my God! Emma! Are you alright?” Kate rushed towards me and took my arms, she inspected me to see if there were any signs of injury, her eyes showing concern.

“Yeah, I think so,” I said while standing up and still glaring at him.

He was continuously typing on his phone. In between typing he looked in my direction one or two times but his centre of attention was his phone. Kate stood beside me as she looked at me and then at that jerk.

“Hey! I am talking to you. You dumb head!” I called out to him.

His fingers stopped typing on his phone as his attention drew towards me. Finally!

He furrowed his eyebrows and then looked at me for a few seconds, not saying anything and then he shrugged saying, “Well? Aren’t you going to say sorry?” His prideful tone set my blood boiling.

Sorry? To him? Such an arrogant ass!

WHAT?!” I scoffed, not believing what I just heard.

I’d had enough of this arrogant man. How dare he say that? Didn't he know whose fault it was?

He bumped into me, spilt my hot coffee on me, and now he had the nerve to say those words? Doesn’t this jerk have a tiny bit of guiltiness for his act?

The nerve of this man

Hey! Look, idiot. It’s not my fault. It’s yours. You should be watching where you’re going. Are these your eyes or buttons?”

I batted my eyelashes and gave him a scornful smile. I glared at him while pointing at his eyes.

This earned his attention and placing his phone in the back pocket of his pants, he leaned against the pole in front of our shop. Folding his arms over his chest, a smirk took a place on his lips.

“Sweetheart! Do you really think I would apologize?” His eyes looked into mine and for the moment, I felt those deep blue eyes raking on my body as my body shivered.

I believed what made me shiver was not his eyes but his words.

Sweetheart? My fucking foot!

You should, sweetheart! Because you are the one who bumped into me and because of you, my clothes are all dirty now. You should be the one apologizing to me not the other way around!”

I yelled at him using his word sweetheart in a mocking way. He looked at me with surprise and his eyes widened with amusement.

I was insulting this guy here and all he waswas amused?

Such a creep!

Why would I apologize?” His face turned into a cold expression this time as he straightened himself but a slight smirk still playing on his thin lips. I so wanted to make his smirk go away with my smiling punch.

“I’ve already told you if you haven’t noticed,” I shot back at him and gave him a death glare.

I hated such arrogant, proud men! Who do they think they were? Gods of the world?

“You’re asking me to apologize?” He stared at me in shock while emphasizing words as if he had heard the word sorry for the first time.

His cold stare burning in my eyes. Our eyes staring into each other’s and it feels like a staring competition being held and the winner would have his name noted in the Guinness World Record.

“Bingo! Yes, mister. Am I talking to anyone else here?” I rolled my eyes while indicating the area around him, giving him a good hint to who I was referring to.

“Emma, calm down,” Kate tried to calm me down but it was of no use now. I almost forgot that she was beside me and enjoying our encounter.

“Kate, could you please leave us alone for a minute? I am going to teach him some manners,” I said through my gritted teeth as she held my arm.

“Emma, please. Don’t pick a fight here,” she pleaded. I forced a smile and held her hand.

The players have already left the start line.

The fight has already begun.

Oh no, not at all… Just go now,” I smiled to her with a half lie.

Apparently I convinced her because she turned to go back inside, but not before giving me a bit of a suspicious look. I waved her bye and sighing, I turned my attention to my unfinished business.

Ok! Now, back to that jerk!

So, you were going to teach me some manners?” Before I could say something, he said it with a bigger smirk this time.

Damn! How much I want to wipe this crap smirk of his!

Oh… You don’t know any?” I mocked and flipped my ponytail back, giving him a bitch expression this time.

If he was acting like a bastard then why not deal with him by acting like a bitch?

“So that’s why you didn’t apologize? I see,” I said sarcastically whilst rolling my eyes as he chuckled, making my anger rise up even more.

Was he making fun of me? What a creep! Definitely, in need of learning some manners!

“Let me teach you some, you jerk!” I said while fisting my hand ready to hit him. I threw a punch at him but he caught my hand in a swift movement.

What the fuck?

Hey, Miss furious! Do you know who I am? If I were you, I wouldn’t be doing that to someone as handsome as me,” he smirked and folded my arm behind my back.

He pulled me closer. His other hand wrapped around my waist as I let out a gasp when our bodies collided.

God! What the hell!

I don’t know and I don’t care to know, and secondly, I am not you. So, let go of my hand so that I could punch your pretty face!”

My voice was laced with anger as I wriggled my best to free myself but all in vain. Damn! His grip was strong.

“Are you saying I’m handsome? Thank you,” he said while that smirk still on his lips, making my blood boil and to reach its maximum limit. I’d kill this man! I swear!


I was going to curse him more but got interrupted by a car’s horn from behind him. He and I looked at the same time at a black Audi park there.

A driver came rushing to him to escort him. He bowed his head and my eyes widened in respect, and for this jerk?

What was he? A prince of Britain? What’s next? A group of ten bodyguards?

“Looks like my ride’s here,” he let go of my hand and went towards the car, leaving me in between my anger and confusion.

The driver pulled open the door for him and before getting in, he looked at me for the one last time.

“Till later…” He paused and then winked at me. “Emma,” he called me, making my eyes go wide open.

What the?

I stood there shocked at what had just happened while his car drove away. How did he know my name?

And his cocky behaviour! I was so gonna kill him the next time I see him. I hated him so much.


I went into the cafe and asked Kate to make another cup of Americano for me. I needed something to cool myself down, and the hot coffee was the best remedy for my hot temper.

“So, what happened after I left?” Kate asked me with interest while making my coffee.

“Nah… Nothing. I am so gonna kill him, I hate him,” I muttered through gritted teeth whilst my mind imagining the ways to kill him.

“Well… He was quite handsome and sexy and—”

“Woah! Hold your horses! Whose side are you on? Mine or that jerk’s?” I retorted as I raised my hands up and looked at her suspiciously.

She bit her inner cheek and looked at me like a 5-year-old kid, smiling sheepishly. “Sorry…but you have to admit. He was dayum hot!” She sighed dreamily.

“Hah! Handsome my ass! I hate these jerks. Who do they think they are? God! He ruined my mood! I want to kill him!” I groaned in frustration and anger. I hated the guts of such conceited, egotistical, arrogant jerks.

“Em! Calm down, girl! Here you go.” Kate handed me my cup and I took it. “Thank you. Bye, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye. See ya.”

I carried my cup and went to the bus station. Thankfully, my top was brown so the coffee wasn’t very visible on it. I sat in the first seat of the bus and drank my coffee. After twenty minutes, I finally reached my apartment.

Heading to my washroom, I took a bath and changed into my night pyjamas. Dropping my tired body on the bed, I started to think about that incident.

What a day… Definitely! 100% sure. One heck of a bad day! That jerk completely ruined my mood and energy… I hated him from the bottom of my heart.

I was in the middle of cursing that jerk when I heard the front door open, thinking it must be Alice. She loved shopping and was crazy about it. She loved it so much that she spent most of her time shopping.

“Emma! Are you home?” she shouted from the living room.

“Yup!” I shouted back and heard the clicking of her heels coming towards my room as I sat up straight.

“Hey, where were you? Why didn’t you wake me up today? I was late again,” I questioned as soon as she entered my room.

“Sorry, I was in a hurry today. I just got a message from my employer that I would be paid for the few days I have worked there, so I went there. Sorry,” she apologised with a smile.

Alice was a girl with curves all over the right places and with a height of 5 foot 7 inches, she could be a pretty great model.

She had curly blonde hair and always had a big cheer-up-smile on her face. Positivity radiated from her entire existence and that was the best thing I loved about her.

“Fine, no worries.” I accepted her apology.

“So, are you free? Can we go shopping or something?” she asked me, making me look at her with my mouth open. Was this girl serious?

“Alice! You just came home. Aren’t you tired?

“And the last time I went shopping with you, you spent 2 hours in one shop, and in the end, you bought only two dresses,” I reminded her of the time when she was stuck choosing between all the dresses.

I swear, if she had the chance to buy the whole store’s stock, she might have bought it already.

“That wasn’t my fault! They were all so pretty. It was hard to choose…” She pouted like a child, making me shake my head at her nonsense.

“Please, Em! Oh please… I am leaving tomorrow. So please come with me. I wanna hang out,” she said with puppy eyes.

“No! A big no!” I shook my head.

“Come on Em! I am leaving tomorrow. Please please please please,” she started chanting on with her high pitched voice. I sighed and gave in because I knew she wouldn't stop unless I said yes.

“Okay fine! Just please stop with this please please. You’ll make me go deaf,” I sighed in defeat.

“Yippie! Thanks, Em! See! Works every time.” She hugged me.

“You are annoying as hell, you know that?” I got up.

“Yes! I know and I’m proud of it,” she smiled.

I shook my head at her childish behaviour. “You’ll never grow up, would ya?”

“Nope! Never!”

“God! Let’s go then.” I grabbed my purse.

“Uhhh… Emma?” Alice stopped me as her eyebrows furrowed.

“What?” I questioned, looking at her sudden change in expression.

“Aren’t you going to change?” She chuckled and I looked at my clothes. I noticed that I was still in my PJs.

“Do I have to? They are quite comfy,” I smirked as her eyes widened.

“Oh no! You are not going in that. No way!” She stared at me with a horrifying expression like she had seen a ghost.


“No! Go change!” Alice pushed me towards my bathroom.

“OK! OK! I’ll change,” I chuckled. “Lemme grab something to wear at least.”

“Yes please. I’ll be in the living room.” She went out of my room saying that.

I opened my closet and decided on wearing my white shirt with New York on it along with my black pants.

I sighed remembering the reason why I said yes. I agreed with Alice to go shopping to divert my mind a bit from today and maybe…just maybe by going out, I might forget about him.



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