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Victoria Hutson has had a tiring four years of college, working to support herself after the passing of her mother. Now that she’s done with that part of her life, she’s found a stable job and she’s letting loose for once. Except her choice of “letting loose” means having sex with a handsome green eyed man she doesn’t know…and recognizing said green eyes on her boss the first day she comes into work.

Age Rating: 18+ (BDSM)

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“Please, Vicky? Last one, I swear,” Rob held a hand up with a pleading look. I rolled my eyes, already softening up. “It’s just a serving job. All you have to do is hold a tray and walk around.”

“So I’m not running drugs like last time. None of that shady shit?” I lifted a brow at him. With Rob, it’s always shady as fuck, but the guy kept me fed and I couldn’t say no to him.

“Ugh,” I groaned, “Fine. Just text me the details.”

I threw back a shot, my face scrunching up to the burn in my throat.

“Amateur,” he snickered as he made the exact same face.

“This is the last job, okay? I start working at the publishing house next Monday.” I waved at the bartender to pour another shot.

“Yeah, yeah. I get it. You’re ‘Lil Miss Career’ now.” His mocking tone matched his annoying face. I punched his arm and it only made him laugh.

“Yup, I’m career bound now. So I’ll be heading home to set up an earlier sleeping schedule.” I threw back another shot and waved at the bartender. “He’s paying,” I pointed at Rob.

“Oh, am I?” Rob muttered sarcastically. His arm reached out, but I grabbed it, stopping it from touching my ass.

“If you slap my ass, I’m tapping your balls. You want children, right?” I held a smart smile as he pulled his arm back with a frown on his face. I gave his cheek a kiss before turning away and walking out.


I’ve taken many jobs from Rob over the years, barely keeping up with the bills. Lately, it’s been much easier, especially because tuition was no longer an issue.

I’ve actually been living like a damn queen recently, online shopping all day and going out on nights I didn’t have a job.

Finishing my bachelor’s degree has been wonderful for my mental health, and I think a major part of it was that I was no longer as desperate for jobs as before.

This meant no more drug runs, no risks of breaking the law, and most importantly, no chance of guys mistaking me as a hooker.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Hell, if I had the energy, I’d be down to fuck for money. I knew my curves and I knew what men liked, but school has always been a top priority.

Graduating with high grades and high hopes, I signed up for a job at every publishing house nearby. I had an interview within a week and yesterday, they called to give me the good news.

Sure, I’ll be a secretary with lower pay than what I made from Rob’s jobs, but at least I won’t get another slap on my ass from some random creep trying to buy Molly.

I took a deep breath as I slipped on my pair of black slacks. They said to come dressed in black, but they never said anything about underwear.

I stood in front of the mirror and admired the black lace that seemed to pop even more over the bright red bra I was wearing.

I’ve gotten used to matching my bra and panties, especially since I’ve noticed how much better my days seem when I do that.

The address Rob gave me led to a massive mansion, and I silently cursed at myself for accepting this job. Everyone knows that the richer the guests are, the more difficult things are for the wait staff.

The fancy drink and food requests, not to mention the death threats when anyone walks in on them cheating on their spouses.

You’d think they’d offer money for silence, but I guess rich people have gotten too smart to get blackmailed.

I heard my Uber driver sigh as we silently drove through their driveway, which took a solid five minutes.

We were headed toward the back entrance, but on the way there, I spotted large fountains in the center of glorious gardens.

The mansion was modern, with white walls and Greek inspired architecture filled with golden accents. Only when I got out of the car did I see how truly large the place was compared to a small nobody like me.

As soon as I stepped through the door, I heard a man screaming orders at people dressed in… lingerie? Or maybe just underwear.

The girls were in black bras and panties, and if I hadn’t taken a second look, I wouldn’t have noticed that they were different from each other. It wasn’t a specific uniform. The girls were wearing their own undies.

“You’re late,” the screaming man approached me. “Strip.”

“What?” I stood there awkwardly raising a brow.

“Strip so you could start working, or leave and don’t waste my time.”

Still appalled, I started to take off my shirt as I scanned him. The man was tall, and had a serious look to him. His face looked like he pumps it with botox for fun and his outfit was all black, from suit jacket to shoes.

His platinum blonde hair made me want to gag. He is literally a meaner version of Gunther from FRIENDS.

“Didn’t Roberto tell you to come dressed in all black?”

“Yes, bu-”

“What the fuck is this?” He gestured at my red and black lace set with great irritation.

“I didn’t kn-”

“Ugh, you’re lucky that we’re short on staff.” He pulled out a little pin from his pocket and pinned it on my bra strap. “Don’t lose this, and-” he picked up a tray of wine glasses and handed it to me, “get to work.”

I was about to walk toward the swinging door when he stopped me again.

“Take off your shoes and grab a pair of those slippers. This is a shoes-off home. And put this on-” he picked up a black lace mask that was broken in half, with one side dangling by a thread.

“Guess you’ll just have to wear half.”

He pulled the pieces apart and tied the string of the other end onto the half that he handed me. I wore it like a pirate’s eyepatch.

“Just go serve the guests. Don’t be surprised by anything. They hate that.” Without a hitch, he was off to yell at the next person.

I took slow steps through the door, careful not to spill any wine.

That was when I heard the loud crack of a whip and I turned to see a full orgy in progress in front of the fireplace. And that was just the beginning.

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Skin. So much skin.

There were legs in the air, arms sprawled out. There was bouncing here, grinding there, thrusting every-fucking-where.

I tried to take a deep breath but my eyes were glued to the orgy in progress. Everyone was in masks, and it seemed like the only parts they wanted covered were their eyes. Everything was just… out.

I snapped out of it and walked off, almost too eager to see if there was more happening in the other rooms. I was right.

There were couples here and there doing their own thing, with the occasional group activity that seemed to captivate watchers.

Not all members were participants, but those who did participate sure gave it their all.

The hours flew by as I walked around with several eyes on me.

I guess I should have gone with all black on my underwear because there were quite a few men who seemed like they wanted to approach me after I had somehow lost the pin on my bra strap.

The only indicator of my job was the tray of drinks in my hands.

The mask I had on was irritating me with the tight strap digging into my cheek. I hated the pirate eyepatch feel to it, so when I found a random mask that looked vaguely similar to the uniform mask, I took it.

Black with nothing but a few gems on the side, the mask was subtle and could easily pass as a server mask.

But then again, as I checked myself in the mirror, I looked passable as a guest with my bright red bra under its black lace.

Glancing down the hall, I noticed a room with the door left ajar. Leaving my drink tray at a nearby table, I took light steps toward the room.

It was particularly quiet, and I felt like I was imposing, but as I caught a glimpse of a man sitting on a sofa in front of a series of screens, I realized that I shouldn’t be here.

Maybe he was someone in charge of guests’ safety, someone to enforce the rules of whatever membership that this sinful place must abide by. Or maybe he just enjoyed watching.

I didn’t know until I stood there for much too long that I liked watching as well. All across the screens were people being completely free of their pretension.

The sex was so wild, I felt myself tingle between my thighs. And as I shifted my weight, I heard the loud creak of the floorboards below me.

That was my cue to leave.

I turned and tried to hurry off, but I felt a hand wrap around my wrist, twirling me around to hit a chest as stiff as a wall. He was shirtless, but I kept my eyes low, focusing on the dark denim hanging from his hips.

Tan with a dark trail of hair leading to his…

“You know, this area is off limits,” he spoke in a cool tone as he backed me against a wall. “You must be new.”

I simply nodded and slowly met his eyes.

Oh, lord, those eyes. I had to dig my way out of those deep emeralds with specks of hazel to snap out of my trance, and even then, I was taken by his sharp features.

“Are you a watcher? Or do you like to play, too?” His tone was teasing as he whispered into my ear. I felt his hand loosen on my wrist to grab my hand and lift it toward his face.

The light stubble on his jawline was rough on my soft fingers, but I found myself biting down on my lip as I continued marveling at his every feature.

His other hand rested on my waist and was slowly making its way down to my hip as he closed the space between us. His lips were an inch from mine when he asked, “Do you wanna play with me?”

I nodded, knowing full well that this was a mistake, but I didn’t care.

I’ve worked hard for four damn years, spending my days running errands and doing homework only to spend my evenings with nothing but sad one night stands that couldn’t even make me cum right.

I needed this.

I leaned forward, trying to kiss his lips, but he backed away.

“I’m not going to do anything with you until you answer me.”

Oh, really? I lifted a brow. Wasn’t the lean in enough of a yes?

He started to turn away, and I could feel the moment want to pass, but I couldn’t let it.

He had already made his way back to his room when I reached for his arm and turned him around, grabbing his face to kiss his lips as hard I can.

His eyes were wide, and I felt a sense of satisfaction at the fact that someone so suave could be so surprised by me. “Yes,” I whispered into his ear, “I want to play.”

His lips held a devilish smile as he leaned in to kiss me again, his hand squeezing my ass before running down my smooth thigh to lift my leg up.

He hoisted me up, letting me straddle him and feel his stiffness against my sex.

The wooden door felt cool against my back as he roamed my body with his lips. I clung onto him as he made my every sense go wild.

“Beautiful,” he praised breathlessly as he unclasped my bra and left it on the floor beneath us. “I want to take you right here.”

“Then do it,” I dared him with a smirk, “I’m not exactly stopping you, am I?”

“You’re right,” he dazzled me with his smile as he pulled out his cock.

I lifted myself, guiding my opening onto his tip, and only paused when I heard him let out a light chuckle.

“You seem so eager to get fucked.” His eyes are so damn distracting.

“That’s because I am,” I spoke boldly. “So you better do it nice and hard, baby.”

Without another word, I eased down onto his dick, feeling it fill me up. I moaned at the sensation and noted that he was holding his breath.

Legs still wrapped around his hips, I started bouncing on him with what energy I had left in me. He met my enthusiasm with hard thrusts and we quickly fell into a wonderful rhythm that let his head push the right spot with in.

I thrashed in his arms as I reached my first orgasm, but I wasn’t done with him and he knew it.

He wrapped his arms around me and walked us into the room, where there was a king size plush bed waiting for us. Right as he was about to lower me onto the soft sheets, I tightened my hold around his neck.

“No,” I stated firmly.

“No?” The confusion in his expression was almost comical.

“I want you to fuck me,” I pointed at the sofa with multiple screens of people fucking in front of it, “there.”

“You’re a kinky girl, aren’t you?” He walked us over to the sofa, where he pulled out of me and gestured for me to get on my knees.

Within seconds, he was inside me again, and I couldn’t help but gasp as he rammed into me harder than before.

I felt his hand caress the side of my ass, rubbing it in a circular motion before slapping it really hard to leave a nice sting. I screamed for more. I begged for it.

I was already on my knees anyway.

Even after cumming a second time, I was still begging for more.

I felt him bend down on top of me as he continued to thrust into me. His breath was hot against my ear as he spoke sinful words to me, “Tell me you love my cock.”

I didn’t hesitate to moan, “I’d love your cock even more if you fucked me faster.”

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pressed my face against the sofa cushion as he increased his speed. I found myself watching the people on the screens as they continued with their fuckfest.

I was nearing my next orgasm when he reached his arms under me, one hand to massage my clit and the other to wrap around my neck.

He pulled me up so that I was only on my knees with my back pressed against his hard chest.

“You’re such a dirty girl,” he spoke each word between each of his thrusts, and as he turned my chin so I would face the screens, he drove me crazy with.

“I want you to cum all over my cock while you watch them all fuck.”

I shattered in his arms and felt myself go almost limp as I came all over him and left a puddle on the sofa. Wait. A puddle? Holy shit, I’m a squirter.

I could tell that he had finished as well, but he stayed inside me, basking in my warmth and tightness. We both stayed there, holding onto each other and catching our breaths.

When he pulled out of me, I vaguely heard the shrill yells of my manager and quickly got up, putting on my bra as I rushed out without as much as a goodbye.

I shouldn’t have done that. I chanted in my head repeatedly, but as I picked up my tray and headed back in to the kitchen, a small part of me admitted that it was so fucking worth it.

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