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Madie, Baby

Twenty-one-year-old Madie still lives the innocent life of a little girl, spending her days playing games, eating sweets, and imagining herself as a princess. All she wants is a daddy to care for her, but the nuns at the orphanage she lives in can’t give her much attention. One day, she witnesses something that brings her to the attention of feared mafia boss Dario Espinoza, who treats her with surprising tenderness. Could this be the daddy she’s been waiting for?

Age Rating: 18+ (BDSM, Age Gap, Age Play)


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“Call me Daddy, baby.”

“My name is Madeline, but you can call me Madie!”

“I know, no need to tell me.”

“But I wanted you to know my name! How about you? What’s your name, Mister?”


“Yeah. You look old.”

“Do I?”

“Yeah! You look so old you could be my daddy!”

“You don’t know what you’re wishing for, Madie.”

“Wishing for? It’s not my birthday, why would I wish for something?”

“Silly girl. With eyes like that, you look like you’re begging me to bend you over.”

“B-but why?”

“Because that’s what daddies do to naughty little girls.”


“Yes. Daddy.”

“Are you…are you my daddy?”

“I can be.”


“Do you want me to be your daddy?”

“But-will I have a mommy, too?”

“No, baby. Daddy is all you need.”


“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

“Madeline! I told you not to eat all of the cookies on the jar!”

“Madeline! Madie!”

Sister Mary Eunice! Oh no!

I ran down the stairs of the orphanage, looking for a place to hide. It was like we were playing hide and seek all of a sudden!

I giggled while running, this was so much fun! I never thought eating cookies from the pretty jar would lead to playing!

I heard Sister Mary Eunice from my back and saw her running after me. She looked mad. And scary, too.

I stopped for a while.

Should I say sorry? Is it time to stop playing?

I frowned. I wanted to play some more. It had been a long time since Sister Mary Eunice played with me.

She was always so busy with the other kids and babies. I loved the babies, but I also wanted Sister Mary Eunice to play with me.

It was unfair! Madie needs love too.

“Madie!” It was Sister! Right behind me! “Madie, get back here!”

I giggled and ran and ran. We were playing tag now! That suited me just fine. I was always a fast runner.

I could outrun a cheetah if I wanted to. I haven’t done that yet, but maybe I can. It was my dream to run with a cheetah. Maybe I could even have one as a pet.

I reached the front door and opened it and ran outside. It was raining a bit, but that wouldn’t stop me from playing. Playing was so much fun!

I ran outside and turned to the road. I was sure Sister Mary Eunice would follow me. She was ‘it’ and she had to tag me so I could chase after her later.

I reached the park and giggled. The rain was so cold but so fun. It was starting to rain harder, but Sister Mary Eunice was still nowhere to be seen. What a slowpoke!

She was always so slow, unlike me. I had always been fast, ever since I was born!

I looked at my right hand and expected Ellie to be there. Ellie was my stuffy and she was everything to me. Aside from Sister Mary Eunice, she was my only friend.

Not everybody liked me in the orphanage. Most thought I was weird and a freak. But I wasn’t. I was a good girl.

I looked down, but Ellie wasn’t there. Oh no! I forgot her!

I tried to think about where I last saw Ellie and remembered that I had left her in the kitchen, by the cookie jar. Oh no! She’ll get lonely without me. I should go back.

But…I was still playing with Sister Mary Eunice. I was just waiting to pop out from the bushes in the park so she could tag me. I’d do that for her, since she was so slow.

I waited and waited in the park in the rain. Why was she taking so long? Did she trip? Or maybe she went back to get me an umbrella.

It was slowly getting boring and cold here. Why was Sister taking so long? She was supposed to be here hours ago!

Oh, wait! I giggled. It hadn’t even been fifteen minutes. I was so silly sometimes.

After some time, I got bored so I decided to walk back to the orphanage. Maybe Sister got lost in the rain. She could be so forgetful.

I walked down the road while the rain was slowly getting heavier. I didn’t have an umbrella. I knew I wouldn’t get sick though.

I’m un-sickable. Is that even a word? Wait, of course it is. I just thought it!

I giggled at my thoughts and continued to walk. I wondered why it was taking so long to get home. It was only a ten-minute walk from the park.

Am I lost?

I shook my head.

Of course not. I’m like an explorer, I don’t get lost.

I continued walking, seeing no one on the road. But then I heard something by the alley I was about to pass through.

Should I really go there? I pondered before walking into the alleyway.

Of course I should. I’m an explorer, and explorers explore. Duh.

I slowly peeked my head on the alleyway. There’re no clowns here, right? It’s not Halloween. I waited for something to show up but there was none.

Am I imagining things again? Good job, Madie.

But then I heard it again. It was like a bang on metal, something hitting something else. Was someone there? An animal? A pet?

I heard the sound again, but this time louder. It was like someone was purposely hitting something.

I moved closer, trying to see something in the dark. The rain didn’t help. It was getting darker while I closed on to the end of the alley.

There was a shadow. Four, actually. The fourth one was sitting down on the floor. He shouldn’t do that. The floor here was so dirty, you could catch germs.

I couldn’t see their faces, or what they were wearing. I just see that they were four men, and the other three were so rude for not helping the fourth one get up.

Maybe they were drunk. Drunk people were so silly.

Then I saw the shadow of the first one, the one at the far left, pull out something. It looked like…a kitchen tool. It was black. Was it a peeler? A grater, maybe. It looked like one.

But graters or peelers couldn’t shoot and make a “bang” sound, could they?


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“Rest easy, baby. Time will come. Daddy will come and find you. ’Til then, be a good girl for me and behave.”


“See? This is why I forbid you to go out in the rain, Madie,” Sister Mary Eunice said. “You always get sick so easily.”

I frowned. I did not get sick easily. I just get sneezes and coughs but that’s all. I’m not sick.

Yeah, sure. Keep telling yourself that, Madie.

I shook my head, but that only caused my headache to worsen. Stupid head.

Sister Mary Eunice was wiping my forehead as she lectured me, saying that I shouldn’t have been playing alone in the rain.

But I hadn’t been playing alone. She was supposed to be with me and chase me until she tagged me. Those were the rules of tag.

But she chose to stay here in the orphanage because the other sisters weren’t here, and the kids needed a guardian. Whatever. I could play by myself if I wanted to.

I sneezed again, and my head ached because of it. Stupid fever. I wasn’t supposed to get sick! I was supposed to play and eat and play today.

Ellie was beside me, helping me get rid of the fever. She wanted to play with me as soon as possible, so I needed to get well fast.

“Alright, that’s it,” said Sister. “All finished. You rest now, Madie. You don’t want to stay sick for tomorrow, do you?”


“What is tomorrow, Sister?” I asked, I couldn’t remember what was supposed to happen. Is it my birthday tomorrow? No, I don’t think so. Is it her birthday?

“Silly girl, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten?” she said, a teasing smile on her pretty lips. “Margo, Ali, and Jacob are going to be adopted tomorrow.”


She smiled and kissed my forehead. She didn’t say anything else. Well, she couldn’t. There wasn’t a point in telling me, Don’t worry, you’ll be adopted too, or Someone will pick you.

That would be a lie.

Sister Mary Eunice left the room, smiling at me. It was a smile of pity. She knew what I was thinking, what I wanted to say.

No one wanted me. Nobody ever did. They thought I was weird and too…childish. People told me to act like my age, to be like I’m supposed to be at age twenty, but I couldn’t.

And they couldn’t understand.

They were so lucky. I wanted to be adopted too. I wanted to have a family. I wanted a mommy or a daddy.

But no one ever wanted me.

No one liked me.

It was lucky that I wasn’t thrown out of my home two years ago when I was eighteen. They knew that I had no place to go…and that I couldn’t handle the life outside.

Reality was too harsh. Too scary and dark.

Little me couldn’t handle it.

I wanted a family. I wanted friends. I wanted a daddy to take care of me.

I knew what kind of lifestyle I was living. I was twenty and still acted like a little girl. A previous girl who lived here, Amy, was like me. But she could be a big girl if she wanted to.

I couldn’t. She was like me, a little girl. And she got lucky to have a daddy who wanted her.

She taught me all about having a daddy. That’s why I wanted one, too. I wanted someone to take care of me, to want me, to love me. I wanted someone who will accept me. And my secrets too.

I blinked, tears were starting to pile up in my eyes and it hurts. I was so jealous of other kids. I knew I shouldn’t be, I should be a good girl and be happy for them. But I wanted what they have, too. I want a family, too.

I looked over at Ellie, my eyes crying. “I want a daddy, Ellie,” I sniffled. “I want a daddy.”

And then I slept. I was so tired from playing that I didn’t bother fighting the sleep, even though it wasn’t bedtime yet.



“Mierda!” [Shit!]

My yell shocked everyone in the room. These stupid fools couldn’t even do their job right. Hijo de putas! [Sons of bitches]

“Who was it?” I asked. I needed to find the person who saw my men kill one of my previous clients. Someone had witnessed my business and they were going to get what was coming to them.

“Who the fuck was it?”

No one answered me. They were too scared to even pronounce my name.

“D…,” one of them, Adon, answered. “D, we don’t know who it was.”

The headache that was starting to form in my head doubled. These idiots didn’t do the job properly and left a witness, and they didn’t even know who the fuck it was.

“Then fucking find them,” I answered, my eyes burning as I looked at them. “And this will be the last time…the last fucking time that you mess up, Adon. There won’t be another chance for you.”

He nodded slowly, his eyes quivering with fear.

“Salid.” [Get out]

All of them got out of my office and went back to work. Adon and the others knew what they had to do.

Whoever it was, whether they had family or friends, didn’t matter. They picked the wrong alley to wander down and the wrong people to see.

They had to find the fucker who saw everything and do what they were born to do.



Read the full uncensored books on the Galatea iOS app!


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