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PolyAmory: Loving the Carters

Readers are calling this one of Galatea’s best polyamory romance books


Imani uprooted her life to move to Texas with her boyfriend, Corey. But when he reveals his true nature, she kicks his broke, cheating ass to the curb. Thankfully her sexy married neighbors are just down the hall, and they’re going to give Imani what she truly deserves…


Age rating: 18+ (erotica, explicit sex)


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polyamory loving the carters

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Chapter 1: Try Something a Lil' Different


“What the fuck do you want, Corey?”


My harsh words echoed down my apartment hallway. I was fuming as I stared at my now cheating, lying, broke-ass ex-boyfriend trying to beg his way back in.


“Don’t act like that, Imani baby! I swear they ain’t mean nothing to me!”

I’d tried, but I was so damn done with Corey’s ass. I had finally come to my senses and realized he wasn’t worth the sperm his daddy wasted skeeting into his mammy.

After he’d absentmindedly left his phone at my place the other day, I did what any other suspicious girlfriend would have done. I took a peek and got all of the answers to my inner doubts about our relationship.

Text messages and DMs with multiple women asking to meet up, asking for money, and thanking him for a good time—his phone told it all. All the secrets that I had turned a blind eye to in the past. But now I saw clearly.

We had met online and hit it off pretty quickly. He was an aspiring rapper, and I guess I fell for that rough-around-the-edges thugwho had a sweet and charming side image.

Corey definitely was a smooth talker, and sadly he’d smooth-talked his way into my life, my finances, and my panties.

After some months, talking online turned into talking on the phone. Then to FaceTiming each other every day. Then, of course, feelings started to transpire.
Even though I lived in Florida and he stayed in Texas, I felt our connection was strong. We attempted to make the long-distance thing work with me visiting out there at least once every couple of months.

Until Corey started begging and pleading for me to move out to Houston with him.
And unfortunately, because I cared so much about him, I had become a fool blinded by my affections. I ended up hastily transferring my job and packed up everything to move here to Houston.

I never would have thought this bum ass bitch just needed a place to stay and a pocket to bleed dry, and I guess I was the sucker for it.

“You’re so full of shit, Corey! I can’t believe I left Florida to come to move here to be with your bum ass! We’re through! All those bitches calling and texting your phone—you can go beg them to take care of your sorry broke ass!”

I grabbed the rest of his clothes, shoes, and stupid Xbox I had by the door and threw that shit out into the hallway. He was yelling and cursing, ducking and dodging, as I threw every damn video game he had at his ass.

“So you ain’t gone let me explain!?”

“Why should I let you explain? So you can tell me another lie?!”

“All those girls are just groupies! They just want what you got, baby. I swear ain’t nothing going on with them!”

He walked closer, trying to touch me, but there was nothing he could say that would make me take his ass back.

“Everything all right out here?” I heard a deep voice come from the apartment across the hall.

I looked over, hungrily gawking at my across-the-hall, shirtless-at-the-moment neighbor, Tre, with that six-foot frame, that dark Hershey-brown skin, and that ripped chest and biceps. He was a sight for sore eyes.

“Naw, bro, we straight,” Corey said, dismissing Tre.

“Peaches?” Tre raised an eyebrow, firmly waiting for me to give him an answer.

“Her name is Imani, and why don’t you mind your damn business, man? I said we straight!”

Tre stepped forward, and I could tell from the look on his face he was gonna toss Corey’s ass down those flights of stairs if he kept on with that slick mouthing he was doing.

I quickly stepped in front of Tre, placing my hand on his chest and stopping him in his tracks.

“He’s not even worth the energy it’s gonna take to beat his ass like I know you want to, Tre.” I spoke softly to him as he looked down at me, smirking.

“I wouldn’t mind busting a sweat just as long as I put my foot up his ass. He deserves it for how he’s been treating you.”


He took my hand in his, and if I didn’t know any better, the way he stroked his thumb across my fingers you would think it was a little bit…flirty?


I shook the thought out of my head once I heard Corey start up with the foolishness again.

“Muthafucker, you pushing up on my girl right in front of me!”

There was Tre with that look again. I was done with all this drama with Corey, and I was going to end this shit right damn now!

“Corey, get your shit and get the fuck out! I’m tired of talking to your ass! You keep on and I’m gone call up those boys in blue ’cause I’m sure they wanna talk to your ass anyway ’bout them warrants you got.”

He looked surprised; I guess he didn’t think I’d find out. After stumbling onto his habitual cheating, I dug a little bit deeper and found out his ass had multiple warrants for failure to appear.

“That’s foul, Imani! I thought you were better than that.” He pointed at me as he picked up most of his things.

“Yeah, yeah, and I thought yo’ ass was loyal, guess we both were wrong,” I said, fanning his ass away.

He just shot me the nastiest of looks before turning and walking down those flights of stairs.

“You all right, Peaches?”

“Yeah, I’m okay,” I replied, wanting to finally get a chance to ask him why the hell he kept calling me Peaches.

Tre stood a little closer. I guess he saw the tears building up in my eyes as he took his large hand and wiped a stray drop away with his thumb.

“Don’t cry over that piece a shit. You deserve much better than that asshole.”

“I know, Tre, it’s not just that. I can’t believe I let his ass convince me to uproot my life and move across the damn country. Now I’m all alone out here. I just feel so damn stupid…”

“Look, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. Maybe it didn’t work out for a reason. Maybe it was just to get you here so you can try something different…maybe to find what you really need in your life.”

Oh shit, he was biting the corner of those juicy ass lips. And I’d be damned if he had that tingle in my spine vibrating up my back as he stroked his hands up and down my arms.

Tre was so damn fine, and I was kicking myself for enjoying the sensation of him touching all over me. He had me breathing heavy, almost near in a trance looking into those deep mahogany eyes.

“What I need?” I asked breathlessly.

“Yeah, Peaches. Maybe what you need is closer than you think.” He licked his lips.

I wasn’t sure if that was him pulling me closer or my body allowing itself to be drawn into his gravitational pull. All I knew was his hard-cut body was dangerously close to mine, and I was not protesting.

Things were getting a little bit hot. But not as hot as it would be if his—

“Hey, Imani! Hey, baby, what’s going on?”

I suddenly jumped back hearing Kenisha, Tre’s wife, as she approached us.

She walked up to Tre, hugging on him as he leaned down to kiss her.

Yeah, Tre was married, and I felt really guilty for being attracted to this man like this. Kenisha was so nice and sweet and they both had been really helpful with getting me adjusted to life out here in Texas.

If you’d see them you wouldn’t even think they were together. They seemed like total opposites from the outside looking in.

Kenisha was short and petite. She could come off a little bit bossy, definitely loud, bubbly, and super touchy and affectionate.

Tre was broad and tall and was more of a laid back, quiet, go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He had a tendency to look serious a lot of the time, and Kenisha would always remind him that he should smile more.

“Hey, baby, how was the salon? You look beautiful.” Tre asked, kissing Kenisha on the lips.

“It was great, babe, I love my new hairdo. Thank you for my early Valentine’s Day gift.” She stood on her tiptoes and pecked him on his lips again, tossing back her platinum-blond hair.

“You’re welcome, my little Cream Pie.” He wrapped his arms around her petite waist, pulling her closer.

“Y’all are too cute.”

“Thanks, girl. Oooohhh, you should come with me next time. Zizi is an awesome stylist, and they have a badass nail tech in there we should hit up and check out.”

“Yeah, I might need to, dealing with all this bullshit with Corey. I need to be pampered a little bit.”

“Uh-oh, Corey’s acting up again? You’re so beautiful, Imani, you shouldn’t be having to put up with that shit.”

“You sound like your hubby over there.” I giggled, pointing at Tre.

“Great minds think alike, they say.” She smiled, leaning into him.

“Yeah, you’re right. Well, don’t worry, girl. I won’t be putting up with Corey’s shit anymore. I just kicked his ass out to the curb. And your hubby was here to back me up.” I smiled at the both of them.

“Well, I’m glad he was here to help just in case Corey’s ass was in his feelings. You should come in and have a drink with us. I’m sure you need it.” Kenisha grabbed at my hand and started to pull me toward their apartment door.

“Oh no, I’ve taken enough of y’all’s time. I don’t want to impose on you two any more than I have.”

“Oh, girl, please. We love having you over. Don’t we, baby?” she asked, locking our hands together as she dragged me past the threshold.

Tre just looked over at me with a slight smile on his lips.


“Oh definitely, we love having you over. You should…stay over more often.”



“Mm-hmm you should. We always have a good time when you’re over. We enjoy your company,” she admitted, walking toward me to bring me a red solo cup full of something she had just made at the wet bar.

Cough, cough, cough.

“Damn, Kenisha! What’s in this?” I asked, choking from how strong it was.

“Mmm, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lotta alcohol,” she laughed, sitting down right next to me.

“Girl, what, you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me or something?” I laughed jokingly.

She raised an eyebrow at me, cleared her throat, and took a sip from out of her red cup.

“Mmmm, I’m just trying to help you relax from your stressful day, sweetie.” She rubbed her hand up and down my thigh, giving me little goosebumps all over.


“You know what, Tre gives great massages. You know he used to be a massage therapist before he opened his gym. He’s so good with his hands, I don’t mind sharing him with you.” She had this devious little grin on her face.


I looked up to see Tre in their bedroom. He had a thick cotton towel wrapped around his toned, sculpted body like he was going to take a shower.

He had suddenly stopped at the door, fixing it tighter against him as he looked out at us. But then it was almost like he was focusing on me. Damn that look he was giving me was all too familiar.

It reminded me of last week when I was going through the motions with Corey and I needed a shoulder to cry on. And like always Kenisha and Tre opened up their home to me.

Well, I guess I must’ve fallen asleep on their couch, and I woke up around two or three in the morning to Kenisha moaning Tre’s name.

After debating whether or not I should leave, I was caught up in the front row to them making love.

Hell, at one point I could have sworn they saw me looking, but maybe I was imagining things, because they didn’t stop or seem startled by someone watching.
I had to give it to them, although they may have been total opposites, in the bedroom they were both equally tantalizing in that Ghetto Kamasutra.

After getting my little fix off the live porn, I figured I would finally give them their privacy.

I went to put my shoes on and grab my keys to head back over to my apartment when I caught a glimpse of Tre standing right in front of the door totally naked.


Jeezus, I think I had drooled a little bit looking at his body and how noticeably big his dick was. And I don’t think I ever looked at him the same since then.


“Umm, ugh, I—I’m good, thanks.” I forced a smile, readjusting myself so she would stop feeling me up.

“Well, sweetie, if you change your mind he doesn’t mind helping with that.”

“Thank you. I love you guys. Y’all really make me feel so welcome here. I don’t know how I would’ve made it through these five months without you both.”

“Aww, Imani, you’re welcome! Ooooh, we should do something fun tonight!”


“Yeah, girl!” she hollered, jumping up and straddling my lap, grabbing at my wrist and pushing me back down on the couch.

“Umm, Kenisha, girl, what you—”

“Come on, Imani, don’t trip, just relax and just don’t tell me no tonight.”
I looked up into her sparkling eyes as she licked her round plump glossy-coated lips.

“Okay, Keke… I—I won’t.”

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