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5 Reasons This Romance Story Will Be Your Next Binge Read

On the market for a new series you can devour in one sitting? Sapir Englard’s oh-so-addictive werewolf romance, The Millennium Wolves, is taking the paranormal romance world by storm.

19-year-old Sienna can’t help but fantasize about the rugged alpha of her pack. Rumor has it, Aiden Norwood is looking for his mate. Or, at least, a partner for the upcoming mating season. But when Sienna receives an invitation to the Pack House, and the alpha stakes a claim on her, her fantasy goes up in flames. No one says no to the Alpha before, but Sienna is determined to find her real mate. And no matter how much she wants Aiden, she’s sure he’s not the one…


Here are 5 reasons The Millennium Wolves will become your newest book obsession… 

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1. The male love interest that puts all others to shame


What makes a truly iconic fictional lover? Is it their perfectly symmetrical faces and chiseled abs? Their smooth-talking? Grand gestures? Raw animal magnetism? 


Alpha Aiden Norwood, my newest obsession, is old-school chivalry meets lethal bad-boy. The disheveled-haired, golden-eyed lonely boy is both a terrifying creature of legend and a well respected leader of the second largest pack in the USA. He’s powerful and dominant… but also incredibly romantic, and treats his woman like a queen. Move aside, Christian Grey! 


2. The Fiercely Independent and Seriously Relatable Narrator


Just to be clear, when I say “relatable”, I don’t mean accident-prone, stumbling over even surfaces, and constantly in need of saving like Bella in Twilight–or a multitude of other female protagonists for that matter. 


Sienna in The Millennium Wolves is the kind of relatable person who doesn’t always say the right thing–who is opinionated but is also an incorrigible pushover. She’s an introvert who overthinks everything, filters nothing, and who you’re actually rooting for the entire time. You’ll fall in love with Sienna–and you’ll probably recognize a lot of yourself in her too. 

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3. The Captivating Fantasy World


Modern-day werewolves. Mating Bonds. Fantastical love rituals.


Reading The Millennium Wolves, you’ll be thrown into the world of the East Coast Pack, hear the rumors that turn the tides of the werewolves most important season, and glimpse the secret, personal life of the Alpha, Aiden Norwood. 


And, if you’re really smitten with the drama and violence of the Millennium Wolves world, you can also check out Devil vs. Alpha and Ghosted Soul from the same universe for a deeper glimpse into the mythology behind the world.


4. The Romantic Parts (!)


Who doesn’t love a little heat? 


Like many of its predecessors in the werewolf romance genre, The Millennium Wolves doesn’t shy away from the intimate parts. And while there’s so much more I could say on the topic…You’ll just have to read and see. 😉


5. The Cliffhangers


I know, I know… No one actually loves cliffhangers. But this is a list of reasons you’ll binge-read the story! 


The Millennium Wolves skillfully threads the romance, the drama, the tension–all of it into an incredibly captivating story that keeps you coming back for more. It may take you a couple of chapters to get hooked (maximum of five–probably less, though!), but… there’s a reason why it’s currently a top-performer on the Galatea app. It’s honestly addictive–in the best possible way!

This hypnotic romance smash-hit spans over 7 books and has left its millions of readers breathless and desperate for more. Read it exclusively on the Galatea app—recognized by BBC, Forbes and The Guardian as one of the hottest apps for explosive new romance novels.


The Millennium Wolves 

 by Sapir Englard

👁‍🗨 20 million reads
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