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The Millennium Wolves Is Selling Faster Than Harry Potter

Werewolf romance smash-hit The Millennium Wolves spans over 7 books and has been read over 125 million times on the Galatea app. The romance reading app has received recognition from BBC, Forbes and The Guardian with Forbes saying “The Millennium Wolves [on Galatea] is selling faster than Harry Potter”.

The novel, having sold more than Harry Potter in the same one year time frame since it’s release, is set to be the story on everybody’s lips this year. Not only is the novel itself proving wildly popular, but it’s only available on Galatea.

Millennium Wolves is becoming the most addictive and intoxicating romance novel of 2021

Why have millions become obsessed with The Millennium Wolves in particular? The story speaks for itself. Follow Sienna as a nineteen year-old werewolf with a secret: she’s the only virgin in the pack. She’s dead set on making it through this year’s Haze without giving into her primal urges—but when she meets Aiden, the alpha, she forgets all about her self-control. She won’t give in without a fight – even if her body is begging her to.

The excitement and trepidation keeps readers hooked

The steamy, sensual novel of the virgin and the alpha has ignited a passion in women everywhere and it’s not hard to see why. When a reader enters the werewolf realm, from the very outset they’re faced with plot lines of animalistic urges and the shockingly gorgeous Aiden Norword. The explosive plot is ramped up in intensity and takes readers one step closer to the action in its audiobook format also available in the app. It’s never been easier to transport yourself into a new book and binge read than it is on Galatea.

Handsome and rugged Aiden Norwood stuns readers of The Millennium Wolves

Read The Millennium Wolves, One Exciting Episode at a Time

The Millennium Wolves’ unputdownable chapters are available in 15-20 minute episodes, enough time for you to sneak a coffee break and lose yourself in sensual, thrilling fantasy. Readers are reportedly indulging in the novel at any given opportunity and checking in on the Galatea app to catch up on chapters around the clock. The fantasy romance novel is earning revenues of $100,000 per month, and the Middle Eastern author behind it, 24-year-old Sapir Alexandra Englard, will use her royalties to attend Boston’s Berklee College of Music to study Film Scoring.

The App Behind the Book’s Success

Readers have fallen for The Millennium Wolves because of the story itself, of course. But Galatea made it possible. The app thrusts you into the heart of the story and is jam packed with different novels for women. From billionaire bad boys to drool-worthy detectives, the app has hundreds of stories across almost every genre of romance. Other titles blowing up on the app right now include Broken Queen and The Arrangement. Discover passion, love, and suspense at the tap of a button for you to read on-the-go. With over 6 million chapters being consumed on the app every month, the addictive, serialised fiction novels take on a whole new dimension and are bound to get you hooked.

The brutally handsome Aiden Norwood of The Millennium Wolves

Reading on your phone is easier than reading a paperback

It’s not simple to commit to reading a whole novel but on Galatea it is. Women everywhere are squeezing in new chapters on their phones, wherever they may be. The Millennium Wolves has been read by over 125 million readers already, so what are you waiting for? Kick start your reading habit and transport yourself into a new captivating novel today and let your imagination run wild. Ready to run with the wolves? Galatea is available for free in your app store and you can start reading The Millennium Wolves now. Download Galatea now to begin your adventure >>

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