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Romance Books for Everyone? Forbes Recommends This App

This App Is Taking Data-Driven Publishing to the Next Level with New Romance Books for Everyone


Romance books get a bad rap. People who aren’t in the know assume they’re unintelligent, repetitive fluff designed for equally brainless readers—usually women (and don’t even get me started on the history of that). It may come as a surprise, then, that reading romance books can be hugely beneficial—for people of every gender. 


That’s right, romance books are for everyone.


According to Adrienne Westenfeld of Esquire in her article on “Why Men Are Reading Romance Novels,” romance books are “for anyone who wants to live a more emotionally rich life.” Among other things, the stories can spark important conversations around what romance and intimacy mean for both an individual and their partner.


We’ve seen this in action amongst the Galatea Reading App’s community. Some readers have even claimed that the app saved their relationship. Here’s what they’re saying:

With its data-driven approach to publishing, whereby an algorithm selects only the most-popular books for publication on the app, Galatea truly has a romance book for everyone—every type of reader.


To sample Galatea’s best romance books, download the app from your app store, or click on the button below.



Galatea already has hundreds of addictive stories to choose from, and new titles are added each week. It’s possible to read on the app for free, but we recommend subscribing to Galatea Unlimited, which grants access to everything on the app, including its audiobooks and signature immersive stories (with sound and haptic effects that play while you read).



“A large portion of their audience says they don’t usually read books, but do read Galatea.” Read the full Forbes article here.