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5 sizzling stories you can read in the Galatea app today

The Galatea app has received recognition from BBC, Forbes and The Guardian as many begin to notice that The Millennium Wolves is selling faster than Fifty Shades.

1. The Millennium Wolves

This novel has been driving women crazy since it’s release and is set to be the story on everybody’s lips this year. Not only is the novel itself proving wildly popular, but it’s only available on Galatea.

Follow Sienna as a nineteen year-old werewolf with a secret: she’s the only virgin in the pack. She’s dead set on making it through this year’s Haze without giving into her primal urges—but when she meets Aiden, the alpha, she forgets all about her self-control. She won’t give in without a fight – even if her body is begging her to.

2. The Arrangement

Anything that involves the bad-tempered, demanding and super rich Xavier Knight is bound to be trouble. When a scandal forces him into an arranged marriage with Angela Carson, a penniless nobody, he assumes she’s a gold digger—and vows to punish her for it. But appearances are deceiving, and sometimes polar opposites aren’t as different as they seem…

3. Gideon

Love comes fast and hard for those not searching for it. Gideon has been a special ambassador to the Royal Lycan Family for over 200 years. Living a life of commitment to the crown, he has given up on love entirely. 22-year-old Layla, a human in a family of werewolves, has been trying to be independent her whole life. After taking a housekeeping shift from a coworker, she ends up in a house that smells good enough to make her crawl into the owner’s bed…

4. Chasing Kiarra

Kiarra always runs away from her problems, her feelings, herself. Kiarra unintentionally wanders into a small town bar where she immediately grabs the attention of the locals, and more notably, Aidan. Aidan can’t seem to keep his distance, nor does he want to. Kiarra isn’t sure if she wants to tear Aidan’s head off or let him tear her clothes off. Either way, Kiarra soon learns that Aidan has a big, bad secret, and now the claws are out.

5. The Alpha King's Claim

As the king of all werewolves and lycans, Aero rules with an iron fist. He is perfect at everything—except women.  Serena McAllister has a normal life…until she buys a painting at an antique shop and is transported to a world of werewolves and lycans—materializing right on the bed of none other than the Alpha King.