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This Contemporary Romance Novel Got Us Hooked Immediately

Contemporary romance smash-hit, Caught Up In Between is seducing readers all over the world. The story is available exclusively on Galatea, a fiction reading app offering a unique immersive reading experience, which has received recognition from BBC, Forbes and The Guardian, among others.

Romance Novel Caught Up in Between


Not only is the novel itself proving wildly popular, but so is the reading experience on Galatea, with the unique immersive sound effects that teleport the reader into the world of the story.

All Rebecca wants when she finally gets to college is to focus on her studies and nothing more. That is, until she meets the drop-dead gorgeous Logan and his equally hot best friend Drew. Now she’s caught between the college’s two star football players and neither will back down. Things are about to get very complicated…and very steamy!

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Chapter 1

“Hey Becca! Open your eyes, sleepyhead! We’re almost to our hotel.”
I woke up startled. Ugh, my neck hurt. How did I manage to fall asleep during a thirty-minute ride? I turned my head and looked at my best friend, Kate.
She practically jumped with excitement, sitting behind the steering wheel of my Prius.
“Why are you yelling?”

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“Are you kidding me?! Tomorrow you and I will be settling into our dorm, and tonight we are going to our first college party at the infamous Kappa Alpha fraternity! I don’t even know which I am more excited about!”
“Let me guess? I bet it’s the partaaay!” I laughed because she noticed my sarcastic tone of voice and frowned.​
“You’re no fun!”
“Sorry, Kate, I promise to behave.”
“I honestly can’t believe that our parents let us leave for college before tomorrow’s move-in day. I thought we would be coming here with them in tow, but I guess the fact that we’re both 18 and never got into any trouble, they let it slide! I’m glad they don’t know our secrets!”
She winked at me, and I laughed.
“So, tonight is the party, and it will probably be my first one-night stand at college. Tomorrow, we will meet our parents and get settled into our dormitory!”
“Do we need to go to the party? Maybe we could just take a walk around town and find our way to the dormitory?”
“Rebecca Dawson, you’re starting to piss me off! We had a deal! You promised me you would go with me to this fucking party, and you will go with me. Even if I have to drag you there!”
“Okay, Kitty Kate, I give up. No need for violence!”
“Good girl, you know I love you. Besides, why do you need to walk around town? Home is only thirty minutes away. We have been here hundreds of times, and it’s a small town, nothing like the Big Apple, where you can be lost within a few minutes!”
“You have a solid point, girl. How long until we get to our hotel? I need to use the bathroom badly.
“First you fell asleep, now you want to pee… Where is my best friend and what did you do to her, old lady?”
“Shut up, Kate!” I smacked her thigh lightly, and she laughed.
“Well, thanks to my driving skills, we’re here! Go check us in, and I will park your car.”
I groaned but followed her orders. Kate caught up with me as I strolled to our room.
I took my time using the bathroom and then walked back into the room, to find Kate already in her lacy red underwear and staring at two dresses on the bed.
“You should go with the strapless pink dress. You look sexy in it.” I plopped myself down on my bed and looked at my friend. Her nose wrinkled with concern.
“Do you really think so?”
“Yeah, but you will need to choose a strapless bra.”

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“Consider it done.”
Kate laughed, unclasped her straps from the bra, and put on the pink dress I suggested. She looked stunning and unbelievably sexy.
Red curls enveloped her baby doll face, with her full lips and light green eyes. She already had makeup on and it only made her look more beautiful and more mature. But I guess that was her intention. We will be freshmen at the party, and she didn’t want that fact to stand out to everyone.
“You look perfect, Kate. That dress hugs all your curves in all the right places, and your cleavage… God, I almost pity the boys at the party!”
Kate spun in front of the mirror, looking at herself from all sides. She winked at her reflection and turned to me.
“Yeah, I am dressed to impress and seduce one of the fraternity guys tonight! Are you sure that my round ass looks good in it?” She threw me a questioning look, and I nodded with a smile, which she returned.
“Becca, I can’t believe that in three days we will start college! It’s like my dream come true! I am going to study with my best friend in the whole world, and we both are finally single!”
She shut up almost immediately and looked at me for my reaction. I shrugged my shoulders; I didn’t want to think about my newly single life tonight.
Kate noticed my movement and said, trying to ease the atmosphere.
“The most important question now, is what are you planning to wear tonight?”
I shrugged my shoulders again because truth be told, I didn’t care.
I didn’t want to go to this party, and I would have been perfectly fine arriving here with my parents tomorrow. But Kate made me come, she drove us here and even chose this hotel for the night. I sighed.
“I brought only one dress with me. This.”
I dug in my travel bag and dragged out a white summer dress. It was a scalloped lace A-silhouette dress with ¾ sleeves, and it served as a contrast to my tanned skin.
I changed into it without hesitation and without waiting for Kate’s approval. I knew she wanted us to be sexy tonight, but I was going to look lovely. I put on blue flats and let my brown hair down, tossing it a little. As my hair often was braided, it was a little curled at the ends now, just as I loved it.
“Please, tell me that at least you will let me do your makeup?”
“No, I am good,” I answered.
I applied colorless lip gloss to moisten my lips and added green push-up mascara to my eyelashes.
Kate and I were both green-eyed, but my eyes were a darker green color. My mom had always told me that my eyes were almost emerald green.
When she saw me for the first time, she thought that my name should be Dorothy. Thanks to my grandmother, she didn’t let her do that. I loved my name, my full name actually—Rebecca—but as most of my friends called me Becca, I got used to that.
“Well, I must say. You look stunning, even in this boring dress.”
I pouted my lips at Kate, and she laughed.
“It’s a lovely dress, but I was hoping for something sexier, you know. But I guess, as long as this dress highlights your slim waist, big boobs and long legs—I’m okay with it. Even if your round hips and tight ass will stay hidden from everyone.”
“We always have your ass and hips on display, right?” I winked at her and walked to the door. “Do you even know where this party is?”
“You forgot that I had a spring-fling with a member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity last year? Of course, I know,” Kate answered and walked next to me.
She put her hand on my hip. “Ready?”
“Always.” I smiled, and we exited our room.

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Chapter 2

Kate and I walked down the street, and as we neared the college campus, I heard the sounds of the party. Loud music could be perfectly heard, even from a distance.
“So, what’s our plan for tonight? Are we mingling or just having fun?”
“How about both? I think most of the older students already arrived… I hope to meet some guys from the football team. If we are lucky, Jones will be here. He’s gorgeous and hot! Even one look at him makes me wet, and I am sure I am not the only one!”
“Who is Jones?” I arched my eyebrow at her with a question in my eyes.
“Becca, I can’t believe it! Your ignorance is amazing!” Kate laughed and rolled her eyes at me. “Jones is the star of our college’s football team, and he’s the best quarterback the team has had in several years! I heard that after graduation, he could even be drafted to the NFL.”
I flinched after I heard the word “quarterback.”
The memories of Adam flooded my mind. He was my boyfriend for two years and also was the quarterback on our high school football team.
He was my first serious boyfriend; I gave him all of myself and I was sure that he was the one for me. How stupid was I? Very.
He started cheating on me a short time after I lost my virginity to him. Our relationship ended with my heart being broken when he dumped me one month before graduation. He told me that I just couldn’t satisfy him in bed, no matter how hard I tried.
So he just chose what was best for him and dumped me for one of the meanest girls in our class. They had been fucking behind my back for several months before Adam finally decided to be honest with me. How generous of him! Fucking asshole!
“Becca, are you still sulking because of dickhead Adam Farrell?”
“No, Kate. Honestly. You remember that everyone expected me to have a public breakdown, but I held my head high and didn’t show any of them how painful his betrayal was for me. That helped me to overcome my pain.
“It’s just strange. He was a big part of my life for two years, and I loved him. I thought that we were fine and our sex life was perfect… I was wrong about both.
“Now I think that maybe I am frigid or not sexy enough… Ugh, I don’t know! Every time I hear the word… My mind is blank, and ‘I am not sexy enough’ flashes in my head like a neon light.”
“Don’t you see yourself in the mirror? You’re stunning with your big emerald eyes! You have a perfect, curvaceous body. Your body is like a guitar! I even envy your boobs and long legs! And ass!” She linked our arms and tugged me closer to her.
“I am beautiful. I know that. But what if I am not good in bed? What if Adam was right, and I can’t satisfy any men?”
“Adam is a jerk, and he didn’t deserve a precious girlfriend like you! Believe me, Becca, I have a feeling that you will find your perfect guy here. I don’t know why, but you know my intuition. It’s always right!”
“Here is hoping.” I hugged my best friend and smiled at her. “So, I guess you want to get laid tonight? Maybe I could talk you out of it? Just drinking and dancing?”
“Nah. I have been waiting for this party for too long. Becca, I know that there is no sex for you tonight, but at least, promise me you’ll try to have fun?”
“Will do, Kitty Kate, will do.” I laughed at her pouting lips as she marched us to the front door of the fraternity house, which was wide open. People were everywhere; they laughed and drank from their red cups.
Kate and I had been at the party for almost forty minutes and we already caught the attention of two guys.
I wasn’t interested in either of them, but Kate found one of them attractive, so I shut my mouth and tried to be nice. One of them was Liam, and another was Caiden, but I wasn’t sure who was who.
As I said, I wasn’t interested. Kate dragged me to dance a little, and the guys followed us to the dance floor. Soon enough, Kate was locking lips with her admirer.
I saw the other guy looking in my direction with a suggestive smirk , and I decided to go to find the bathroom.
After I wandered a little through the house, I finally found it. Thank goodness, it was empty. When I was on my way back to the living room, where Kate was, I saw a room off to the right.
The door was open, and the lights were dimmed. I heard laughter. I was curious, so I walked into the room and stopped, leaning my side on the doorframe.
There were people all around, but what caught my attention was a group resting on two couches in the middle of the room.
They were playing cards, they were drinking, and they didn’t give a damn about the people around them, who were watching them play.
I don’t know what made me stay here, maybe the atmosphere of the room or the guys playing cards. I stood with a red cup in my hand, taking each of the guys on the couch in my view.
They were athletes, probably football players; they all looked muscular and huge. They were popular and loved by girls. I could tell just observing them.
Some of the girls were sitting on the laps of guys, some on the back of the sofa, a few girls lingered near the walls.
As I kept looking at everyone from the group, a guy with a short haircut, who was sitting with his back turned to me, shifted a little, and my eyes landed on the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen.

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