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For Andra, bonding with a dragon seems like an impossible dream. But when she crosses paths with a handsome Sky Rider, Andra experiences a whole new world of possibilities. With a little bit of magic, she may even find herself soaring through the skies…

Age Rating: 15+


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For Andra, bonding with a dragon seems like an impossible dream. But when she crosses paths with a handsome Sky Rider, Andra experiences a whole new world of possibilities. With a little bit of magic, she may even find herself soaring through the skies…

Age Rating: 15+

Original Author: Erin Swan


Andra pressed her palms against the glass, breathless, praying for a closer look.

The dragon soared past the arched window, pouring fire from its jaws.

Orange light flashed on its scales as the gorgeous creature twirled in the setting sun.

Andra’s breath caught. It felt almost like the dragon was dancing just for her.

The idea lit a fire inside her, and suddenly the glass grew hot against her palm.

Andra winced as she pulled away. How strange that the dragon’s fire could reach her, far away as she was…

But there was so much she didn’t know about the beautiful creatures. So much she could never know.

She would never—could never—be a Rider. The Judges ruled long ago that only young men could be chosen, and only of the highest class.

Andra could only dream of soaring through the skies, hunting in the Wilds, or becoming one with her very own mind mate…

Fate had not shone on her like the light of the setting sun. She was just a servant girl.

The leather collar on her neck, sealed with a cold metal lock, meant she had ten more years of servitude.

She was fifteen, so she would be twenty-five before she would taste freedom.

Andra could look to that day, far in the future, and feel hope.

But she could never be a dragon Rider. That was a distant dream. And a dangerous one at that.

“Race you to the rafters!” Talias shouted, stumbling out of a nearby fireplace and stirring up a filthy cloud.

Andra was pulled from her dreams and into his twinkling brown eyes.

His face was covered in soot, and the shine of his blond hair was darkened by the dirt, but he was still as handsome as ever underneath all the squalor.

“Oh, yeah? Well, I bet you can eat my dust!” Andra replied.

The two friends sprinted through the vast, vacant hall, their footsteps echoing off the stone walls.

“I don’t like to eat dust,” Talias shouted. “I like cakes and pastries.”

They were running neck and neck.

“With such fine taste, I would think you were a Judge’s son, not a kitchen boy!” Andra teased.

Talias grabbed the only ladder, but Andra was ready. She was already shimmying up the wooden support beam.

“A Judge’s son couldn’t run like me,” Talias retorted.

“Nor climb like me!” Andra shouted.

Grasping it tightly between her legs, she pulled her body up with her arms, over and over again.

Finally, she hopped astride the rafter and smiled as she caught her breath.

She watched triumphantly as Talias scrambled to the top of the ladder.

“I don’t know why I ever think I can beat you at climbing,” he panted.

Andra giggled. She hoped Talias would never stop trying. Then they could race each other forever—and she could always win.

“Well, I may not be the son of a Judge, but I am the son of a kitchen maid,” Talias went on. “So I can probably find a few pastries for us.”

“After this?” Andra asked.

“You bet. Let’s make quick work,” he replied.

Andra’s friendship with Talias was the best part of serving in the Hall of Riders. Having someone to laugh with made the time go quickly, and it made the hard work more fun.

She watched him admiringly as he dusted the wooden surface with his rag. His blond hair fell in front of his face, and the sleeves of his shirt were rolled tightly to his elbows.

He worked with sure, even strokes of his hand. Talias didn’t rush as Andra always did.

Even when he did chores, it seemed there was nowhere else in the world he would rather be.

The two finished their work in the rafters, moving through the multi-colored shafts of midday light.

When the task was complete, they walked quietly through the corridors, the sound of their footsteps lost among the chatter that echoed off the stone walls and floors.

They bowed their heads and averted their eyes from the elegantly dressed Riders who populated the Hall.

This was Andra’s favorite time of year, when the Riders of all Paerolia congregated in the Hall to see which young men would join their ranks…

Eventually, the corridor opened up to the grand entrance. Celebratory banners hung from the high ceilings and over the massive double doors.

Andra and Talias passed under the white silk banner bearing the crest of the Judges—an olive branch crossed with a sword—and the crest of the elves—a huge oak tree on a background of royal purple.

Then they were outside.

“Ah,” Talias sighed, turning to the sun. Now that they were out of the Hall, they could talk freely. “If I could, I would toil outside all day long.”

The two walked across the grass to the edge of the woods where the kindling was stacked.

“You could own your own farm someday, if you like,” Andra replied. “If you can tell yourself apart from the barn animals, that is.”

“Har har.” Talias nudged her arm playfully. He smiled down at her, and the two walked in silence for a moment.

“Would you live with me if I did?” Talias asked as he lifted an armful of wood. “I would need someone to look after the pigs.”

Even though she knew he was just teasing, Andra’s heart leapt in her chest.

“You’re lucky I like pigs. But I’ll only live with you if we have a cow, too, so we can always have milk and cream.”

“I like the way you think,” Talias replied.

The two crossed back across the great lawn to the Hall of Riders with loads of firewood in their arms. The majestic stone castle rose above them, flags flying from its turrets.

Andra’s thin burlap dress was cool against her skin, but sweat beaded beneath her leather collar. She was accustomed to the sensation. She had worn the collar her whole life.

Not all workers in the Hall wore leather bands around their necks, but the indentured servants did.

The collar itself hardly bothered Andra, though she hated the contract it represented. It symbolized her father’s crime, and the ten years of service that remained.

But she knew it was pointless to be angry about what she could not control.

Some day, she thought to herself, my life will be my own.

A calm sensation overcame Andra, and she felt a benevolent presence press against her mind—like the warmth of a fire.

For a moment, she and Talias were cast in shadow. Andra looked up to see a massive creature flying under the sun.

Its outstretched wings were as tall as an oak tree, and the sun shone through as a translucent blue.

A long, spiked tail trailed out behind the creature. As it soared above her, Andra wondered how something so dangerous could move with so much grace.

“Dragon,” she whispered, a smile spreading across her lips.

“The Choosing will start soon,” Talias said.

The two locked gazes, and Andra could tell from the spark in his eye that he had an idea.

“What if…?”

“It’s forbidden,” Andra replied. “Especially for me.”

For a servant to enter the sacred Choosing ceremony was one thing, but for a indentured servant…it was almost unthinkable.

And yet, Andra was enticed by the prospect.

She knew from the moment Talias had suggested the idea that it was dangerous.

Then again, she’d had a hard time saying no to the handsome kitchen boy from the day she’d arrived at the Hall of Riders.

“We would be in the same room as that dragon,” Talias went on, raising an eyebrow.

“Let’s do it,” she agreed, her eyes lighting up with excitement.

“Yes!” Talias rejoiced, rushing ahead to deliver the firewood.

In the kitchen, many hands toiled for the evening’s supper. The air smelled of garlic and rosemary.

Andra dropped her armload by the large furnace.

“What mischief are you two making now?”

Talias turned to the plump, cheerful face of Nelly, the head cook of the Hall.

She grabbed Talias by the ear, and he swatted her away.

“No mischief, mother,” he replied innocently. “Andra and I are simply doing our chores. In fact, we’ve been so good, I thought we might deserve a little treat.”

Nelly narrowed her eyes in distrust, but eventually, she pulled two misshapen pastries from her apron.

Andra and Talias each ate their own sweet in one bite.

Nelly reminded Andra of her own mother, who she hadn’t seen in years.

Her mother was bound by her own work contract in a Judge’s manor far away.

Talias escaped, weaving between the chefs with Andra at his heels. They emerged into the grand dining room, where the feast tables were laid for over a hundred guests.

Andra rushed in front of him, racing through the corridor to the reception hall.

She paused for just a moment before the vast doorway. Applause poured from the ceremony, and without hesitating one moment more, Andra ducked into the large room.

Talias hurried to her side, and the two crouched behind a large statue as the room fell into silence.

Andra peeked over the top of the sculpture’s marble base…and then she saw it again.

The dragon.

Andra’s eye was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Its gorgeous blue scales were iridescent, shimmering like tiny sapphires.

The dragon lowered her head gracefully toward Judge Dusan, the Master of the Hall of Riders. The Judge bowed in turn, then gently touched the great beast’s snout.

Andra realized she was holding her breath. Finally, she looked from the dragon to the dozen human and elven boys standing before the Judge in ceremonial robes.

These were the most promising first-year students of the Hall of Riders.

The young men given the greatest opportunity in all of Paerolia: the opportunity to match with a dragon, if fate should deem them worthy of the bond.

The opportunity to become Riders.

The very thought of riding a dragon made Andra’s heart leap with excitement, even though she knew it was impossible for her.

She was a girl—and a slave.

The audience was filled with older Riders who had gathered to see the newest generation of their honorable kind…

Andra glanced up at the statue looming over her.

Eliana of the Two-Bloods, the last female Rider, and the warrior who had ended the Three Hundred Years’ War between dragons, humans, and elves.

“Welcome Riders, potential Riders-to-be, and our guest, Ena,” Judge Dusan said in greeting.

The dragon nodded at the crowd, closing her brilliant eyes.

Judge Dusan wore a regal white robe, and his long beard was braided and tied with a golden clasp.

He watched over the Hall and the surrounding area, as was his duty. When the emperors of old were replaced with Judges, the Judges were tasked with the protection of their people and the guidance of their Riders.

“Students, nobody knows the anxiety and excitement that you feel right now like the esteemed men behind you…”

Andra watched as the boys shifted on their feet.

“And now,” the Judge went on, “we welcome a moment of silence as Ena determines how many Riders are among you.”

The Hall went as silent as death itself.

Not a moment later, a fire warmed Andra’s mind, growing closer and closer, until…

She gasped.

Instinctively, Andra began to pull away, putting up the walls to protect her thoughts as she had been taught since childhood.

But there was something so gentle about the presence that she stopped.

It pressed itself against her mind like an invisible embrace, and she felt joy swell inside her at the touch, her eyes closing as she savored this strange and wonderful contact.

“Hello, young one.”

Andra felt Talias grip her hand. His was clammy with sweat.

“How special you are…,” the soft voice continued, “I feel your mind is a bright star in the darkest night.”

Then, abruptly as it had come, the touch was gone.

Andra turned to Talias, smiling in wonder. But he looked back at her with confusion.

She realized she was the only one who the dragon had spoken to.

Andra craned her neck, desperate for another glimpse of the magnificent creature who had seen something special in her.

Talias tugged on her arm, but she ignored him.

“Ena has spoken!” Judge Dusan announced.

The whole room paused in silent trepidation as the Judge lifted his arms above his head.

Every soul in the Hall was hanging on his next words. How many Sky Rider bonds would form this year?

Judge Dusan sighed.

“The honorable dragon senses three potential Riders among us. Thus, she will grant us three of her own eggs for tomorrow’s Pairing Ceremony.”

Whispers went up from the crowd.

“Yes, the numbers dwindle, year after year,” Judge Dusan called, his voice sharp. “But, as always, we are thankful for what we are given.”

Andra’s trance was broken by Talias’s fingernails digging into her palm. One glance down at her friend told her that it was time for them to leave. Now.

The two friends began to crawl for the massive double doors, then bolted, dodging left into the shadows of the corridor.

“The Choosing is about to end,” Talias hissed. “You’re going to get us killed!”

Talias’s anxiety made Andra walk even more quickly, but it could not ruin the wonderful feeling that lingered in her mind.

She could still feel the fiery warmth of the dragon, and Andra repeated her affirming words over and over in her own voice.

Your mind is like a bright star…

But at that very moment, the guests were dismissed and the Riders began to rise.

Andra started sprinting, but Talias grabbed her hand just before it slipped out of his reach. He pulled her sharply to the right, over to the engraved metal door that was nestled in an alcove.

The Hall of Memories.

“We aren’t allowed in here either!” she warned.

But the deep voices of the Riders were moving toward them, and they had no choice.

They leapt into the dim room, and Andra yanked the door shut behind them.

She turned to Talias, who was struggling to catch his breath. His eyes were so wide with exasperation that Andra snorted with laughter.

Though Talias tried not to smile, he eventually joined his friend. And when Andra brushed away the chin-length brown hair that had fallen into her face, Talias reached for her hand.

She felt the familiar dip in the pit of her stomach at the touch. She gazed into his warm eyes, which had come to feel like home to her.

“That was terrifying,” he whispered. But his smile implied that it had also been fun.

Andra wanted to tell him what the dragon had told her, but Talias was already looking away. He gazed up at the high ceiling of the small room.

“Ers Fehnar.”

Andra’s eyes traveled up the intricate carving in the wall…and then her breath caught.

Swirling fire of all different colors was trapped in large, glass-like orbs suspended near the ceiling.

These were the first flames of the dragons of old—whose bodies were long gone, but whose memories were preserved forever.

The orbs bobbed gently in the darkness. Andra was hypnotized by a deep, molten red.

Before her eyes, the glassy orb seemed to grow and then disappear. The only thing she could see was the red flame that had burnt for centuries: forever roiling, never going dim.

She knew from its color that this first flame belonged to the Guardian Oriens of the Rising Sun, the legendary dragon who helped defeat the evil emperor of old and restore a new order for Paerolia.

He had been Eliana’s Pair.

Andra was awestruck as she thought of the Pair of Sky Riders…they were brave not just in battle, but in their vision for how the world could be.

Oriens and Eliana knew that humans, elves, and dragons could live in peace.

“Andra,” Talias whispered.

She knew, somewhere in the back of her mind, that they should leave.

But as the vision materialized before her, she was rooted to the spot.

The red flames began to twist. They formed shapes that worked together to create a complete image.

It was a dragon, soaring on massive, molten wings. And on its back was a girl whose hair blew in the wind.

Andra knew it must have been Eliana of the Two Bloods.

But for just a moment, the Rider looked like her…

An unspeakable longing filled Andra. It burned in her heart and wrapped around her throat.

Instinctively, Andra raised her hand to the silver lock on her collar, the very thing that made her dream impossible.

But the moment she touched it, she gasped and pulled away. Her finger had been burned…

All reason told Andra that she would never know magic. She would never feel the otherworldly heat of a dragon’s flame…

And yet, the lock that bound her was scorching hot.


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The next day, the festivities continued in the Hall. The cheerful din of the Riders’ Feast filled the dining room to the rafters.

Andra reached skillfully between two costumed Riders, topping off both of their goblets of wine with her large pitcher.

As a servant, Andra was well-trained in being silent and invisible…which meant that she was an excellent eavesdropper.

“…and then Gorvenal asked, ‘Wouldn’t you prefer the rabbit roasted?’ And he charred my supper for me!”

The Rider slapped his knee at his companion’s story, throwing his head back with laughter.

“It was a bit overcooked, of course, but delicious all the same.”

Andra smiled to herself as she continued down the long table.

Imagine having a dragon as a friend, she thought enviously.

Not only were Riders the best soldiers among the humans and the elves, they also had an unimaginable bond with the most incredible creatures.

“The longest year of my life,” an elf remarked further down the table, his long, white-blond hair tucked behind pointed ears.

The others around him nodded in understanding.

“Please, friends,” another Rider cut in, holding up a shaking hand, “let us not speak of the Range.”

When their glasses were filled, Andra continued on her way. She had heard of the horrors of the Mordis Range, where all Riders spent one year of mandatory service.

When a Rider reached out for a piece of bread, Andra peered over his shoulder to inspect the mark on the inside of his palm. A green flame. It represented the bond he shared with his dragon.

Andra gazed at her own hand as she continued down the table. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have a mark of her own…

But her fantasy was short-lived, for while she was distracted, she walked right into a Rider standing before her and spilled red wine down the front of his fine tunic.

The large man stared down at his clothing in shock.

“I’m so—”

Andra wasn’t able to finish her sentence because, with the speed of a viper, the Rider slapped her, hard, across the face.

Her face stung, but it was Andra’s pride that hurt the most.

She clenched her free hand into a fist. She yearned to meet the Rider’s furious eyes, to repay the slap he’d given her, but her mother’s voice echoed in her mind:

“Your willfulness will get you killed, just like your father…”

“No need for violence, friend!” Another man rose and spoke to his angry comrade. Andra recognized him as the man with the green mark.

His curly hair covered his ears, but Andra could tell from his light blue eyes that he was an elf.

With a wave of his slim hand, the wine seemed to draw itself off the large man’s silk tunic, leaving it as spotless as it had been before.

At that moment, Andra felt a stirring inside her. It was as if the magic felt almost familiar, though she had never witnessed anything like it.

Andra forgot the rule to never meet the eyes of her superiors. She gazed up at the elven Rider in wonder, and he winked at her.

“Master Rider, our dearest apologies!”

Talias appeared at Andra’s side and bowed low before the two men. Since Talias was not an indentured servant, he wore no collar, and his status was higher than hers.

Andra, reluctantly, bowed as well.

Talias grabbed her hand and pulled her away.

“Are you alright?” he asked softly, releasing her as he led both of them to the kitchen.

“I’m not hurt, if that’s what you mean,” she replied. “But isn’t it surprising that the finest men in all of Paerolia can be such pigs?”

“Andra!” Talias warned. “That mouth of yours is more dangerous than a rogue dragon in a flock of sheep! You have to be more careful. I can’t lose you.”

Andra felt her cheeks flush as Talias looked sincerely into her eyes.

“I don’t trust you out there any longer,” he went on, and his expression became light once more. “Let’s go do the dishes.”

Andra smiled to herself as she followed after her friend.

The two of them walked to the back of the hectic kitchen, where a pile of dirty dishes was steadily growing. Other servants were already crouching beside the large tubs of water.

Andra began to wash. She let her mind wander as her hands worked.

Nelly interrupted her with a tap on her shoulder.

“A letter’s come for you.”

Andra gasped, wiping her hands dry on her dress before tearing open the thin envelope. She only received letters from one person: her mother.

She scanned the shaky handwriting she knew so well.

My dear Andra, the letter began.

I dream of the wonders in the Hall this time of year.

All in all, I cannot complain. Judge Castigo and his son are treating me fairly.

Andra felt a small ache in her heart. She remembered the Judge and his son Ledo as anything but fair. In fact, they were violent and cruel.

But it was just like her mother to protect Andra from the harshness of reality.

She had done so Andra’s whole life.

Though her mother always tried to hide it, she had made a great sacrifice to ensure Andra’s safety. She had added four more years to her own contract.

That was why Andra lived in the Hall…why she had a better life.

It’s better that you are far from here. Though I miss braiding your hair and hearing your stories.

All my love,

Your mother.

PS. Have you seen a dragon?

Andra tucked away the note. Her heart ached with longing.

If only she could tell tales about the dragon as her mother braided her hair…

But now her hair was too short to braid, and her mother was far away.

She returned to washing the dishes, and tried to focus on how lucky she was.

The Hall had brought Andra great joy. Here, she had Talias, and she was surrounded by the nobility of all Paerolia.

But she was still an indentured servant.

Andra wondered what it would be like to be just another servant, like Talias, instead of having a labor contract hanging over her.

Ten more years of this, Andra said to herself. Ten more years and then I’m free.


The time passed quickly as Andra washed the dishes beside Talias. Eventually, all the fine china was clean and the Feast was long over.

Talias’s mother whistled as she arrived to check on them.

“Take a break, young ones,” she instructed. “If you hurry, you can catch the last of the sun.”

Andra and Talias didn’t need to be told twice. Andra was fifteen, and Talias was two years older, but the friends still fooled around like children.

As they neared the door, Andra elbowed Talias in the side. As he doubled over, she scurried out before him.

“I win!” she yelled, tumbling in the grass.

“Not everything is a race!” he shouted as he pinched Andra’s sides to get back at her.

She laughed until she gasped for breath, and then the two fell still as they stared up at the sky.

“It’s the best time of year, but it’s also the hardest,” Talias said with a sigh.

“If only we were students,” Andra whispered, “and not servants…”

She almost finished: then maybe we could be Riders too. But Talias was already shaking his head.

“We can’t think like that,” he whispered.

Andra nodded, picking at the grass with her fingers. The clouds above were fluffy, turning red with the sunset.

The color was similar to the Ers Fehnar, she noticed—of the powerful dragon of old. It was almost as if the Guardian was looking down at her now…

Just then the bell tolled.

“The Pairing!” Talias gasped. “The ceremony is about to start.”

Andra closed her eyes. What would it be like to be there? she wondered.

Talias touched her shoulder, and Andra opened her eyes to find a devilish smile on his face.

“We should go,” Talias said. “If you climb up the rafter in the corridor, you can crawl right across the support beam into the reception hall!”

Andra’s heart began to beat faster.

She knew it was a dangerous idea…but she also knew she couldn’t say no.

The two friends shared one last smile before Andra rushed to her feet and took off.

“Last one there is a rotten dragon’s egg!” she shouted.


The Hall of Riders was quiet. Andra rushed through the corridor on light feet, with Talias one step behind her.

The massive double doors to the reception hall were open once more, and Andra could hear Judge Dusan addressing the crowd.

Quickly and silently, Andra shimmied up a support beam next to the doorway. When she reached the top, she crawled into the reception hall.

Perched on the beam at the back of the room, Andra could see the whole ceremony. And as long as they didn’t look up, nobody could see her.

Today’s ceremony required even more pomp and circumstance than the one day before. Massive bouquets of roses and exotic flowers were positioned at the end of each pew.

The twelve potential riders wore long, red robes. Their faces were somber.

The coming ceremony would determine the rest of their lives.

And then the blue dragon, Ena, who sat before all the Riders of Paerolia, lifted the shimmering wing that she held in front of her. She revealed three eggs displayed on a golden altar.

Green, brown…and purple!

Andra could hardly believe her eyes. Paerolia hadn’t seen the Pairing of a purple dragon in a century.

“The Guardians smile upon us!” Judge Dusan rejoiced as the crowd whispered excitedly.

Ena raised her pointed head high, revealing the lighter scales of her throat, and the room fell once more to silence.

Then she bowed down so she was right next to her eggs.

She let out a low noise, similar to a cat’s purr.

Their mother’s voice. This would draw the baby dragons from the safety of their eggs into the real world.

The eggs began to quiver. Andra watched with rapt attention as, very slowly, they began to hatch.

Ena continued to coo to her babies, singing to them and welcoming them to life.

The baby dragons pushed their way out, and Andra watched in awe as the creatures slipped onto the golden altar. Slick with fluid, they looked to her like living gems.

Andra was certain she had never seen anything so beautiful in her life.

These young dragons were no larger than lambs, but they would grow to tower above the houses in the village.

“The young ones will form a connection with their destined Rider,” Dusan announced, “but the sacred bond is solidified only when the dragon touches their mate…”

The room fell into rapt silence.

I wish I could get closer so I could see every detail… Andra thought.

She watched all the young dragons as they stretched their wings and tried their shaky legs for the first time.

She was especially endeared to the purple dragon, who cried out for Ena in a tiny voice and was smaller than the others.

Andra smiled at the little dragon. How she wished she could comfort it…

Just then, the purple dragon turned from her mother, and looked up to the rafters. The young creature looked directly at Andra.

Their eyes locked from across the room.

Andra felt the warm presence in her mind once more, but this was different. This was wild—and powerful, like a raging fire.

At the same time, Andra trusted it wouldn’t burn her. Instead, she wanted to lean into it, to let that fire purify her and forge her into the person she wanted to be.

Andra couldn’t breathe. The powerful, invisible current passed between them, and there was only one thought in Andra’s mind.

One dangerous, life-changing thought:

What if this perfect creature is destined to Pair with me?


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Age Rating: 16+

Demon’s Artifice Series

As the daughter of an elemental witch and a battle magic-using hunter, Sarah is already a force to be reckoned with. But as she approaches her twenty-first birthday, she discovers she has an ability long thought extinct: she is a dream walker. To summon the power she needs to fulfil her quest, Sarah will need to bind herself to the demon Leondris; an act which awakens sexual fantasies and desires she never knew she could realize.

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Rape, Sexual assault/abuse)