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Even in a perfect world, where werewolves and humans are treated equally, there will always be hatred and fear. Erin Blackthorne knows all about the latter, having been trained by her father to hate and kill werewolves her entire life. To say she adores her father would be putting it lightly, but then she’s captured during a raid and discovers something that changes her entire world: the truth.

Age Rating: 18+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Even in a perfect world, where werewolves and humans are treated equally, there will always be hatred and fear. Erin Blackthorne knows all about the latter, having been trained by her father to hate and kill werewolves her entire life. To say she adores her father would be putting it lightly, but then she’s captured during a raid and discovers something that changes her entire world: the truth.

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Michelle Torlot

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

Erin Blackthorne

I looked out from the battlements of the old fort. Part of it had crumbled, but some of it was still habitable. Being right in the middle of the forest made it the perfect camp. For now at least.

I ran my fingers through my black hair, it was getting long again, I should have really cut it before today; it was too late now.

I didn’t mind.

What I looked like wasn’t important.

Who I was, that was important.

I felt movement behind me, I didn’t need to look around to know who it was.

“Are you nervous?” he asked. There was no concern in his voice.

“No, Father,” I replied. The beat of my heart against my ribcage, belying the fact that I was.

I felt my father’s hand rest gently on my shoulder. Sweeping my hair out the way.

“Don’t lie, Erin!” he scolded.

I turned around, the faintest hint of a smile on my face.

I looked up at the man standing behind me.

His weathered face, a few battle scars hidden by the black beard, now peppered with flecks of grey.

His hair the same, pulled back from his face in a pony tail.

“Maybe a little,” I admitted.

He smiled. “It’s good to be a little bit scared, it gets the adrenaline pumping, gives you the edge.”

My smile faded. “They can smell it, though, can’t they? Fear?”

He nodded. “But everyone is slightly afraid of them,” he hesitated, “the only difference is, we’re not afraid to fight back!”

I balled my fists, resolute in my determination.

“I just want to make you proud, Father.”

He smiled at me, and placed his large hands on my shoulders. He stared into my blue eyes, the colour mirrored his own.

“You make me proud everyday, Erin Blackthorne.”

He kissed me gently on the forehead, then walked back towards the centre of camp, leaving me to my thoughts.

I turned and looked out at the forest, a small smile on my lips.

I was proud to be Simon Blackthorne’s daughter.

Not that I was his only child.

He took an interest in all his children, of which there were many.

Some said I was his favourite, I didn’t believe that though.

It was the way things worked, out here on the fringe.

A thriving community of free people.

Sacrifices had to be made of course, but everyone was prepared to do that.

So that they could be free from the werewolves.

They had lived among us for so long now. They had integrated into society. Humans and werewolves were equal, that’s what they tried to brainwash everyone into believing.

I knew better.

My father had taught me that.

He was one of the original freemen.

Now we were hunted.

Called guerillas and terrorists just because we didn’t want to live under the rule of the werewolves.

My father, along with three other men founded the free people.

All the children came from the four founders.

Not all by the same mother, but that was the sacrifice.

Eventually the founders would hand down that responsibility to their sons.

The community would continue.

I would not be mated with any of my brothers though.

I would mate with one of the sons of the other three founders.

The community would continue and grow.

I was already the second generation.

Today wasn’t that day though, today was the day I would do my first solo mission.

I would go into enemy territory.

It was just a supply run, but it was still risky.

Avoiding the security patrols— human and werewolf.

I had fake ID, but didn’t want to use it unless I needed to.

If the worst happened, I would quite happily kill.

If I was captured, I knew it would mean death.

Slow and painful while they tried to force me to tell them the location of the community, our strengths and weaknesses.

To be safe, if I didn’t return at the allotted time, they would move and find a new camp.

The elders were fully aware that some wouldn’t be able to withstand the pain inflicted by the werewolf masters.

First priority was to keep the community safe.

We were all aware that if you didn’t return, you were either dead or captured, which ultimately meant you would be killed.

I remembered my first werewolf kill.

My father had been proud of me that day too.

We’d laid an ambush.

Why werewolves drove cars rather than ran, I could never understand.

Probably to try and fit in.

That’s not to say they didn’t run in wolf form sometimes.

Mostly though when travelling from city to city they drove.

By the time he saw the stinger, it was too late.

Tyres ripped to shreds and his car not going anywhere.

When he emerged from the car, he realised it was an ambush.

He’d shifted there and then, into a big black wolf, twice the size of a normal one.

Father had given me a crossbow for my sixteenth birthday.

I had coated the bolt tips in Wolfsbane.

It was illegal to grow or possess the plant, the penalty for that was death.

Unless you lived on the fringe, then it was a must have.

Silver was scarce.

Silver and Wolfsbane, the only two things that could take a werewolf down.

I had fired my crossbow, the bolt had hit the wolf in the shoulder. My father was so proud of me at that moment. He hugged me, and my brothers stood there, patting me on the back.

We’d walked over to where the wolf was lying on the ground, he was groaning, hurt.

I didn’t feel sorry for him, he was the enemy.

They never took prisoners, why should we?

When my father handed me the axe, I swung it hard, slicing through the beasts neck without hesitation.

It took two attempts, and it was dead.

My face was spattered in the beast’s blood.

First blood, my father had called it.

He had stood behind me, gripping my shoulders, as the wolf shifted back into a man.

His head separated from his body.

“Look at him, Erin. Always remember, they may look like us, but they’re monsters!”

I walked down the stone steps which lead from the battlements, and headed towards the main compound.

My father stood next to an old jeep and my brother, Devon, was standing next to him. I smiled at them both. They looked so alike. It was a Blackthorne trait, dark hair and blue eyes.

My father smiled. “Do you have your knife?”

I smiled, and slid out the silver bladed knife that was hidden in my boot.

“Good, only use it if you need to, don’t take any unnecessary risks,” he urged.

“Yes, Father,” I whispered.

He smiled back. I glanced at Devon, he wasn’t smiling, he was frowning.

He handed me an id card, and a map.

“Don’t worry, Devon, I’ll be fine,” I chirped, trying to put him at ease.

He pressed his hand to my face, “Just come back safe, little sister.”

I nodded, smiled, and climbed in the jeep.

“Jack will drop you at the rendezvous point, and return in twenty-four hours,” Devon stated, he frowned again, “Don’t be late, Erin, you know what will happen if you don’t return!”

I nodded. “Don’t worry, Devon, I’ll be there.”

I glanced out of the rear of the jeep as we drove away, looking back at my father and brother.

I had no way of knowing that this was the last time I would see them.

Jack smiled as he accelerated away from the camp.

“This is a rite of passage for you. Who would have thought, little Erin all grown up! You know what comes next don’t you!”

He put his hand on my thigh, but I quickly swatted it away.

Jack was a Rougemont.

A potential mate for me.

All females had to bear at least one child.

Jack with his red head and green eyes was the oldest son of one of the other founders.

He was obnoxious and full of himself.

Not really surprising, being Oscar Rougemont’s son.

He was also a lot older than me, but he’d had his eye on me since my first blood ceremony.

“Let’s focus on the job at hand shall we!” I hissed.

He smirked at me. Of all the people in the world I might have to fuck, he was bottom of my list.

Devon didn’t like him much either, and I trusted my older brother’s judgement. When the time came, I wouldn’t have a lot of choice. It would either be him, Mason Oakwood or Ethan Sanderson.

The job at hand was to bring back as many supplies as I could, mostly food and medical supplies. If I found any ammo that was easy to carry, then I would bring that back as well.

It was more of a test than anything, but failure wasn’t an option. Only the strong could survive on the fringe.

The rendezvous was about a mile outside of Harper Falls.

Harper Falls was also where I was going to get the supplies from.

It was pretty rural, a small town surrounded by farms and of course, the forest.

How I did it was up to me.

Steal some credits and buy it.

Shoplift, or break in and steal them after hours.

Jack had been right about one thing, it was a rite of passage. Everyone had to prove themselves, unless they wanted to be a glorified servant, cooking and cleaning.

That wasn’t for me, so at sixteen I made my first kill. At eighteen, you had to do your first solo run. Which is exactly what I was doing.

Of course not everyone is up for that sort of life, being a foot soldier.

But we’re all taught from a very early age that the shifters are the enemy, and freedom is the priority.

The establishment is based on a lie.

The lie being that humans and werewolves are equal.

This isn’t true, the wolves run everything, choose what freedoms the humans have.

What jobs they can do.

By the time most of us reach the age of sixteen we want to kill our first werewolf!

I know I did.

I had my own reasons.

As I climbed out of the jeep, Jack tapped his watch.

“Twenty-four hours! Don’t be late,” he warned.

I waved my hand and watched him drive away.

I took a deep breath, already I felt nervous. I ran my fingers through my hair, before I checked the map, and headed North. Keeping close to the woods, and off the main road, I could avoid patrols.

Even though the town was a small one, I knew that there would be patrols looking out for possible rebels.

That was what we were.

There were several rebel camps.

My father’s was the main one in this area.

Lately we had taken down several patrols, a mix of werewolf and human.

Patrols had been increased.

Any chance for the establishment to take us down, they would.

I personally hated the idea of killing any humans though.

It was the werewolves who were the real enemy.

The people in the established settlements were just misguided and lied to.

The guards in the patrols however, were fair game.

Working hand in hand with the enemy.

How could they be so blind, so stupid.

I emerged from the forest, the town lay to the east.

On the outskirts were farms.

I had to head into the town to get the medical supplies, but I thought perhaps I might be able to pick up food and maybe even some money from the farm.

I pulled out a small pair of binoculars from inside my coat, and scanned the farm ahead .

It was mostly crops, rather than livestock.

There was a big farmhouse.

If everyone was out tending the fields, then the house might be empty.

It was definitely worth a shot.

As I scanned the fields I frowned.


I was slightly surprised to find werewolves working on a farm.

I’d always imagined and been told, that sort of manual work, they would make the humans do.

I shrugged, it was intel to pass back to my father.

I could take whatever supplies I could from the house, if I got the opportunity to take any werewolves out, I would.

Creeping up to the farmhouse, I peered in the window.

It didn’t look like anyone was inside, and they had stupidly left one of the back windows open.

I slid the sash up, and climbed in.

Quietly, I dropped to the floor.

I found my way to the kitchen; while rifling through the cupboards, I found lots of food.

Tinned items mainly.


They were the best.

They would keep for longer.

I quickly chucked them in my rucksack.

After getting everything I wanted from the kitchen, I crouched down and looked through one of the windows.

There was no sign of anyone coming back to the house, so I headed upstairs, being careful not to make too much noise, in case anyone was sleeping.

I peered in the rooms, all of them were empty, so I headed to the bathroom, and checked the medicine cabinet.

There wasn’t much, just a few painkillers and bandages.

Not really surprising.

I knew from my lessons that werewolves had a fast rate of healing.

I took what I could find, then searched the bedrooms.

I found some loose money in the biggest room, and a wallet.

I took it all.

If I hurried I could use the credit card to buy the medical supplies before anyone realised it was missing.

That way I wouldn’t have to break in anywhere and it would be job done.

I realised my luck had changed when I crept back down the stairs.

I heard voices, assuming them to be the werewolves that were working on the farm.

I couldn’t tell whether they were inside or out.

I hoped out, so that I could make it to the window, and get away.

I could hide in the house, until they disappeared, but as soon as they came into the kitchen, they would realise they had been robbed. I wasn’t prepared to hang about and wait for a patrol to be called. I decided to risk it, and head for the window. I nearly made it too. As I climbed through the window, I heard someone yell, “Hey! What the hell!”

I glanced around to see a werewolf glaring at me.

He was in human form, but it was easy to see he was one.

His height and his build gave it away.

The way his eyes flashed black, just for a split second.

I didn’t hang around and jumped out the window. Bang went my chance of using the credit card. First priority now was to get out of here.

I headed towards the forest. I still had plenty of time. I just had to lie low for a bit, until nightfall would probably be best. I had to hope he didn’t shift, and run after me.

He didn’t shift.

He didn’t need to.

As I ran away from the house I heard what sounded like a pop.

I let out a scream as I fell to the ground.

It was agony.

Whatever he had done, I lay on the ground, completely incapacitated, and in pain.

I felt my rucksack being pulled off my back. Then I heard him growl, before he finally spoke.

“Move an inch, and I’ll break your neck,” he hissed.

I couldn’t move currently, but as soon as I was able I would. If I couldn’t get back to the rendezvous point, then I might as well be dead, I wasn’t gonna be ruled by some fucking werewolf.


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Erin Blackthorne

Neither happened, I didn’t get to move, nor did the shifter break my neck.

Even after the pain subsided, I was too weak to hardly move at all.

Then the patrol turned up.

I groaned in pain as they pulled my arms behind my back, and put a pair of cuffs on my wrists.

To my surprise they weren’t werewolves, they were humans.

One of them grabbed my hair and yanked my head back.

“Look at that, another Blackthorne!” he smirked.

I heard the werewolf chuckle. “Not even a Blackthorne can resist a taser!”

I felt a sharp pain in the side of my neck, seconds later the lights went out.

I remember one day when I was younger, sitting around with my brothers.

My father telling us stories of the spies and resistance in the second world war.

He told us how they would never talk, even if they got captured.

How some had special fillings made of cyanide.

They would break them, and kill themselves rather than give away their secrets to the enemy.

He then told us that we had to be like them, if we were ever caught.

That was because they would torture us, until we gave up our secrets, or until we died.

Then he smiled and quoted Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘Our life is made by the death of others’.

Put your family first, one day you may need to be one of the others.

Today I realised I had to be one of the others.

When I woke up, I knew I wasn’t going to be on the edge of the forest.

Whatever the guard had put in my neck, had knocked me out.

Now I lay on a bed in a small windowless room.

A cell of some description, metal door, concrete walls.

My hands still cuffed behind my back, and my head throbbing like a bastard.

By the time I was finished, it would throb more.

There was a sink and a toilet in the corner of the room.

All I had on was my tee shirt and underwear.

My boots were gone, which meant that my silver knife was also gone.

Another reason to have me killed.

Weapons that contained silver were outlawed.

If you were found with one, that was it.


I wondered why they just didn’t put a bullet in my head, but they somehow knew I was a Blackthorne.

I’d heard the guard say that, before I blacked out.

They wanted information first.

Information that I would never give them.

I managed to sit, and walked over to the door. This was gonna hurt, but then who said killing yourself would be easy. I started to smash my head against the metal door.

“I’m gonna make you proud, one last time, Father,” I whispered.

I managed to bash my head against the door several times before the guards came running in.

I hadn’t noticed the CCTV camera in the cell.

Blood had already started to run down the side of my face when the door burst open.

Two guards came rushing in, and restrained me so I couldn’t do any more damage to myself.

Then I glanced up and saw him.

A werewolf.

I could tell by his size and his looks.

They always looked like they had just stepped out of a gym.

Always had that confident aura about them which said ‘look at me, look how perfect I am, look how insignificant you are!

’ His dark hair was cropped short, and it was like his brown eyes were staring into my soul.

I smiled at him, a sardonic smile which said, you lost.

He looked at me, sighed, and shook his head. His hand was gentle as it cupped my jaw, and his thumb gently brushed my cheek.

I frowned as my vision started to blur. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was his deep baritone voice.

“Everything’s going to be okay, little one.”

I’d failed. Failed in my mission to retrieve much-needed supplies. Failed to avoid capture. Failed to kill myself. Worst of all, I’d failed my father.

All I could hear was a beep…beep…beep.

I groaned, my head hurt.

By all rights I should be dead.

I tried to move.

When I realised I couldn’t, I opened my eyes.

There were tubes attached to my arms, and some sort of machine was beeping next to me.

I was secured to a bed.

Restraints on my wrists and ankles.

I screamed at the top of my voice, and pulled against the restraints.

“Let me go! Let me go right now, you mongrels!”

A woman in a white uniform walked over, she looked like a nurse.

“It’s okay miss, we just don’t want you to hurt yourself,” she soothed.

I looked at her, she didn’t look like a werewolf. She wasn’t big enough. In fact, she was quite petite.

“Please…you’ve got to help me. They’re gonna kill me. Torture me. Just let me go!”

She shook her head. “No one is going to hurt you, just lie still,” she coaxed.

I couldn’t believe she was so calm, she would stand by when a fellow human being was about to be killed. I started to pull at the restraints again, throwing my head back against the bed.

The nurse now looked slightly panicked, she must of pressed an alarm.

The door crashed open.

Two men came running in.

I should say one man and a werewolf.

The man was dressed similar to the woman, all in white.

The werewolf I recognised immediately.

He was the same one who had stood in the doorway of the cell.

“Let me go you fucking mongrel!” I screamed at him.

His face remained completely passive, as I pulled at the restraints, and continued to throw my head against the bed.

“Erin!” he began, “I need you to calm down.”

His voice was quiet and calm, which made me even angrier.

“You won’t get anything out of me, it doesn’t matter what you do…you might as well kill me now!” I screamed.

I carried on wrenching at the restraints and throwing my head around.

“And don’t you dare fucking tell me to calm down, how calm would you be if you were tied to a fucking bed!” I growled.

He walked over and put his hand on my head, holding it in place.

The pressure on my head wound hurt like hell. I couldn’t help but cry out.

“No one’s going to kill you. I don’t want to hurt you, Erin, but I won’t allow you to injure yourself anymore. If you keep your head still, I’ll let go…if not…,” he warned.

I closed my eyes, and stilled my head. He was too strong for me. If I continued, I knew it would only cause me more pain.

He finally let go, and I screwed my eyes closed, waiting for the pain in my head to pass.

Then it dawned on me. How the hell did he know my name?

“How the fucking hell do you know my name?” I groaned.

He took a deep breath.

“As Alpha, it’s my job to know all the wolves in my territory,” he hesitated, “even the hybrids!”

I pulled at my restraints again. “I’m no fucking wolf,” I growled. “I’m a hunter, and I kill your kind…for pleasure!” I hissed.

He smiled at me. “You carry the scent of a wolf, Erin. Granted it’s faint. Mostly I can smell your fear, but it’s definitely there!”

He held out his hand, and the female passed him a clipboard.

He hummed, “you have significant amounts of Wolfsbane in your blood. Its suppressing your scent, as well as your wolf. If you were a full wolf, you would likely be dead, so you must be a hybrid.”

He looked back at the sheet on the clipboard.

“When was your last dose, very clever to try and hide that from us. Not clever enough, though!”

I scowled at him. “What the fuck are you talking about? You’re a fucking idiot!” I hissed.

He hummed again, and handed the clipboard back to the woman. He walked to the wall, and picked up the receiver of a phone. I watched as he tapped in a few numbers, then spoke into it.

“I’m with the Blackthorne, I need your assistance.”

He hesitated, listening to whoever was on the other end of the line.

“As soon as you can!” He concluded the call and hung the phone up.

I stared at him. What was he doing, who was he sending for.

“I won’t tell you anything, I don’t care what you do!” I hissed.

He smiled at me again, “Don’t worry, Erin. No one’s going to harm you!”

I pulled at the restraints again, whenever someone said that, it usually meant the complete opposite. There was no way I was going to beg, but I wasn’t going down without a fight either.

The human male who had come in looked worriedly at the restraints. This made me struggle even harder.

The werewolf glanced over at him, he could probably smell his fear. Fear that I was going to get loose, and when I did they would all be sorry.

I glared at the man.

“How can you stand by and watch a fellow human being suffer like this? When I get free, you’re gonna be so sorry!” I hissed.

“Don’t worry, James, she won’t get loose, and she won’t hurt anyone,” the alpha reassured.

The man nodded back at the werewolf.

How could they be so pathetic? I carried on pulling at the restraints. Then the door opened, and in walked another werewolf; he was blond.

He came straight over to the side of the bed.

“Keep away from me you fucking mutt!” I screamed.

He looked at me and raised an eyebrow, then turned to the alpha wolf.

He shook his head. “Sorry Alpha Marcus, just fear and human.”

Alpha Marcus smiled. “Thank you, Stephen.”

The werewolf, called Stephen turned and walked out the room. What the fuck was that all about?

I smirked at him. “What’s it like to make an idiot of yourself oh mighty alpha wolf! Guess you’re wrong!”

Alpha Marcus slowly walked towards me grinning, and showing his canines.

Shit, he was gonna kill me now, I just hoped it would be quick.

I closed my eyes, waiting, but all I felt was his hand slide under my neck.

The hairs, immediately stood on end, like someone had put something cold there, but his fingers were warm.

He started to massage the back of my neck with his fingers.

I tried to move away from his hand, but he held it firm.

I moaned as a tingle of pleasure went down my spine. From the back of my throat I emitted a small growl, I had no idea where it came from.

My eyes widened.

The more he massaged, the more pleasure erupted through my body.

I was feeling sensations I’d never had before.

If it had been another person I don’t suppose I would have minded quite so much, but he was a werewolf!

My sworn enemy!

“Please…please don’t!” I moaned, as another jolt of pleasure made me tingle.

My resolve at not begging soon melted away. I had only prepared myself for pain, not the sensations I was currently feeling.

Then he whispered in my ear.

“You see my little wolf, I’m never wrong!”

He pressed his nose against my neck as he sniffed.

“Hmm,” he growled with pleasure.

I shuddered, this time not with pleasure, but with disgust.

My brain finally kicking in, against my rebelling body.

I tried to pull away, but he still held my neck firmly.

The thought of a werewolf this close disgusted me.

“Don’t worry, little one, all will become clear very soon,” he whispered.

His fingers pressed gently on my temple.

“Sleep, little wolf,” he whispered.

As much as I tried to fight it, I felt myself once more drifting into oblivion.


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