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Katelynn wants nothing more than to meet her mate. As the daughter of an alpha, her expectations are high, so she’s not surprised when he turns out to be Prince Roman, who’s in line to be Alpha King. What does surprise her, though, is what an entitled dick he is! Unfortunately for Roman, Katelynn isn’t a pushover. She’ll never obey him, which is something he’ll have to learn very quickly!

Age Rating: 16+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Katelynn wants nothing more than to meet her mate. As the daughter of an alpha, her expectations are high, so she’s not surprised when he turns out to be Prince Roman, who’s in line to be Alpha King. What does surprise her, though, is what an entitled dick he is! Unfortunately for Roman, Katelynn isn’t a pushover. She’ll never obey him, which is something he’ll have to learn very quickly!

Age Rating: 16+

Original Author: Denicea Christina

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

“I am not a child! I am a better warrior than well… EVERYBODY! You can’t keep me forever!” I scream at my father.

His dark brown eyes stare angrily into mine. His raven black hair sat wildly on his head from the many times he’s drawn his hand through it.

My raven black hair doesn’t look any different. We’ve had this conversation a million times before.

Father always tried to protect me and I just want to be free.

“If you are not a child, don’t act like one.” I look at my mom for help.

Blue eyes staring at each other and I could immediately see that she didn’t want to let me go either. “The warriors are strong and they’re not women.”

I’m still staring at my mom and I can see shock creep over her face. She turns around, her back to me and her angry eyes on Father.

“Excuse you? What exactly do you mean by ‘they’re not women’ huh?!” Dad rubs his face as he lets out a deep sigh.

“Baby, I didn’t mean it like that,” he says with a voice as sweet as candy. My mom however is just as fierce as me, or, well, I’m just as fierce as her.

“I don’t think that your very clear words had any room for misunderstanding. You know what? Choose ten warriors for Katelynn to fight. If she wins, she gets to go. If she loses, she won’t.”

My mom’s tone says that there is no room for argument, so my dad doesn’t. He simply nods at her as he dismisses me with a wave.

“You’ve heard your mother. Go prepare yourself, the fight will be in an hour.” I let out a high-pitched scream as I hug my mom from behind.

I run upstairs to my room.

I use my witch power to open my bedroom door, so I don’t have to stop running.

I grab my brush and make a French braid in my hair.

When I’m done, I dive into my walk-in closet to grab some fighting gear.

My pants are a leather legging that feel like a second skin.

A tank top above it and I’m ready.

When I check the clock, I see only ten minutes have passed.

I pace back and forth in my room.

I would win this.

I don’t even have to shift.

I have seen every warrior train since I was little, I trained along with them.

I know their moves; I know their postures and I know their surprise attacks.

They, however, did not know mine since my witch training is different from my wolf training.

I check the clock, another half hour.

I decide to go find Lucy, my best friend.

Lucy is the opposite of me.

She doesn’t like to fight, she hates our training.

Her attitude is completely the same as mine though, just with different interests.

I don’t even bother knocking on her door as I walk into her room.

Lucy lives with us.

She is born one day after me but when she turned ten her mother died of cancer.

Her dad is a warrior so he can’t take care of her all the time, so she moved in with us.

“Luce! I finally did it! Mom did it. Dad said something to piss her off, so Mom allowed me to fight ten of the warriors. If I win, I get to go along patrolling!” Lucy rolls her eyes from behind her desk.

I look at the books in front of her, of course, she is studying. I wiggle myself in front of her to sit on her desk, right on top of the books.

“LUCEEEE. Be happy for me.” I say with a pout. She sighs as she leans back.

“The Mate Founder is next week; do you think your mate is going to let you be a warrior?” Lucy says with boredom.

She has been hearing my tantrums for ten years now. Since I was twelve, I decided I wanted to be a warrior. I trained hard every day for seven days a week.

“I’m not going to find my mate and if I do, he better not try to stop me. I bet I’d be stronger too.” There’s way too much confidence in my voice, but I do not care.

I am finally here, finally on my way to becoming a warrior and nobody is going to stop me.

I could have been a warrior at eighteen if my father would have allowed it, which he didn’t.

Lucy’s eyes soften as she looks at me with a smile.

“I hope you get everything you want. But it often doesn’t go the way we think it goes.” She gives me a brief hug, before walking to her closet.

Lucy is more girly than me, her closet is full of dresses and skirts. She pulls out a white skater dress with blue flowers at the skirt.

“I will come cheer you on as you kick their asses,” she says with a grin before putting on the dress.

Her curly brown hair dances around her face as her green eyes look at me.

I look at the clock to see that there are only fifteen minutes left.

I jump off the desk and tell her that I’m going down already.

When I walk into our backyard, which is just a huge field surrounded by trees, I see my parents and the warriors already standing there.

Some of the warriors are shifted to their wolf-self while some of them remain in human-form.

I’m not going to shift, I don’t even need to.

I walk up to Marcel, one of the warriors that I’ve become close with over the years.

He is one of the best we have.

One on one he often kicks my ass, but he has taught me a lot also.

“Hey Rebel, you finally got through to him, ha?” Marcel says with a huge grin. I know he’d be happy for me; he knows how long I’ve wanted this. My face mimics his as I nod happily.

“I’m going to kick your ass this time!” I stick out my tongue to him. “We’ll see, Rebel. We’ll see.”

He walks away to join father again and I turn around as Lucy’s scent comes to me. She looks beautiful, as always. I look down at myself and shrug. Well, warriors don’t have to look beautiful.

My father claps his hands to get our attention. Everybody turns to him. I can see that some of our pack members have decided to watch. Nearly forty people stand around us.

“We are here for a little contest. Ten warriors will fight my daughter, Katelynn, if she defeats them all she will start as a bottom warrior. However, we’re going to do things a little differently now. She will fight all ten warriors at the same time.”

I hear a few gasps and some members look at me in pity. I hold my head up high while I wear a scowl. As if I can’t handle them all at once.

“Let the games begin,” my father ends.

The ten warriors are lined up.

Every other warrior is shifted into their wolf-self while the rest is still their human-self.

I stand about 100 yards away from them.

I hold my head up high grinning wickedly.

I see them eyeing me with care.

I bet they’re not fond of hurting the alpha’s daughter.

I stick out my finger and gesture to them to come at me.

Marcel is the first to step forward as his human-self.

Two wolves step with him.

They divide and circle me.

I stand still as I use my nose to track their location.

They move silently over the grass.

Marcel charges forwards to me.

He jumps and holds his fist out.

I have seen this move many times on him, he uses his whole weight to punch.

I drop on my back and put my hands up.

A force of wind knocks him away.

I can hear the rest come forward too.

It’s a game of ducking and rolling as I try to shield myself from their punches and bites.

I throw punches at the human-selves, using my magic to make them crash harder.

Within minutes four of the humans are knocked out and I am once again being circled.

This time by five wolves and Marcel.

They move in unison, all taking steps at the same time.

I slowly walk a circle grinning at every one of them, my hand to the floor as a wall of fire appears.

One of the wolves, a younger one, whines and backs away.

I know he is afraid of fire after burning his arm.

Two wolves on opposite sides jump through my wall and I duck making them crash into each other.

I quickly roll back before they crash on me.

A pain shoots through my leg as one of the remaining wolves sinks his teeth in it.

I quickly thicken the firewall around us to prevent Marcel and the other wolf from coming in.

The wolf lets go of my leg as he crawls over me.

His teeth sink into my shoulder causing more pain.

I let out a growl as I squeeze him hard around his neck with my arms.

I bury my head at the side of his face and then I shift.

Before the wolf realizes what I’m doing, I already have my teeth in his neck.

I use my back paws to roll us over.

I use my weight to keep him down to the ground while I sink my teeth even further into his neck.

He whines and I can feel his body change under me.

Once in his human form, I step off of him and throw him through the firewall.

The fire lessens as he hits it.

I don’t want to hurt any of them permanently.

When I look back, Marcel’s legs are already on my neck, making it hard for me to breathe.

The last wolf bites me in the same leg.

I let out a howl, getting mad at being hurt.

My howl is cut short as Marcel squeezes even harder.

I kick the wolf at my legs in the face while I lie down on Marcel.

I quickly stand up throwing my head up and back down as Marcel smashes into the ground.

The blow has loosened his legs and I use this to turn my head a little and bite him in his side.

I quickly let go again as I realize the wolf is jumping.

I turn my head towards him and howl, the howl carrying my magic and he too is hit by a force of wind.

I turn around as I can see that Marcel is just grabbing his side, trying to control the pain.

I use my high position to growl at the last wolf.

The wolf bows his head in submission.

The cracking of bones grabs my attention and I turn back to see Marcel has now shifted into his wolf.

His wolf is a little bigger than me.

The only sound I hear is the wind as Marcel and I stare into each others’ eyes.

No witchy stuff. A fair fight, you and me.

I nod my head in agreement at his mind-link and take position to attack.

I jump towards him and this time he turns on his back.

My teeth sink in his neck while his sink in mine.

I can feel the pain go through me, so I bite down harder.

We spin over the floor a few times, him trying to stay on top and me doing the same.

We end up with him being on top of me.

His teeth in the left side of my neck, while I hold him at the right.

His paws at either side of my head.

I quickly let go of him to bite down at his front paw breaking it.

He whimpers in pain, letting go of me.

I push him off of me as I now sit on top.

I could have sworn I can see him wink, but before I can ask, I hear my father’s voice.

“STOP!” I get off of Marcel to face my father. Shifting back as I look at him. “Katelynn, you have won,” he says with a defeated voice.

The pack members around us begin to cheer.

Lucy pulls me in a tight hug, a little too tight for my pained body, but I don’t care.

I have the biggest smile ever on my face and if my legs didn’t hurt so damn much I would have been jumping around.

A hand claps my shoulder and I turn my head to see Marcel.

I let go of Lucy and quickly heal his wounds.

Marcel pulls me into a big hug.

“You’re welcome, Rebel,’ he whispers in my ear. I pull away and look at him in confusion, but he is already off to his mate who holds out clothes for him.

My mom comes to me showering my face with kisses as she says a million congratulations.

She holds out sweatpants and a tank top that I quickly put on.

I have won!

I am a real warrior!

Oh gosh, I can’t wait.


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I am still happy about winning the test, but I must say that I am bored out of my mind.

The first five days I walked patrol with pride, using all my senses and taking my job unbelievably seriously.

As it turns out, I have the most boring side of the border.

Not even an uninvited bird flies here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy my pack is safe.

But this isn’t quite the adventure I was going for.

On top of that, I have been shoved in and out of dresses for three days now.

My mother wants me to have the perfect dress for this damn mate thing.

I can tell you, I have never been fond of dresses nor have I ever felt the need to stuff my face with so much make-up that even a heavy storm wouldn’t falter it.

Thankfully, my mom has finally found a perfect dress.

I must admit, it is beautiful.

The dress is a shade darker than my blue eyes, making my eyes pop.

It shows one of my beautifully strong legs by a slit, while it makes my hips look more feminine.

There’s a bit of cleavage showing by the V neckline, but not too much.

Thin straps hold my dress in place.

While I walk from left to right for the millionth time, I think about my mate.

If I find him. I hope if I do, he’s a warrior too.

That would make things a lot easier.

However, judging by my life, that’s probably not the case.

I rarely get what I ask for and above all that I have alpha blood.

It is not common for a she-wolf to be more dominant than her mate. Lucky me, huh.

I hear a twig break behind me as Marcel’s scent fills my nose.

“He’s doing this on purpose,” I say once I’m shifted back. Marcel just laughs.

We had a conversation about what happened at the test, he bluntly admitted that he let me win so I’d get what I want. Highly appreciated but a little frustrating too. I thought I won fairly.

“Your mother asked for you.” This earns him a growl. It’s not his fault, but I cannot try on my dress one more time or let people pull my hair.

“She loves you. She wants you to have a good life, Rebel.” I roll my eyes at him and don’t even bother to answer.

I pull up my clothes and put them on before walking back to what I am sure are more hours of torture.

Maybe I can hide out in Lucy’s room.

Before I even get the chance to come up with a plan to sneak into the house, I see my mom standing in the doorway.

“Young lady, your shift ended thirty minutes ago.” Her hands are on her hips as she looks at me disapprovingly. I quickly give her a puppy-like smile, making her face melt. Phew, dodged a bullet.

“Come on, Sweetie. I want us to have some alone time. Who knows, you find your mate tomorrow. We won’t be able to see each other for a while if you do.”

Yup, she just said we as if my mate is her new God.

To be honest, I don’t want to have a mate yet.

I know what the pull can do. Before I know it, I’m pregnant and walking around like a sealion.

I put my arm into my mother’s and we walk inside together.

She pulls me along to the library where Lucy and dad are already seated.

In front of them is a game of Monopoly.


After several hours of playing, with the usual arguments about cheating and the shitload of very unhealthy snacks, Lucy and I walk upstairs together.

“Kat? Can I sleep in your bed tonight?” Lucy’s voice is soft, anxiety filling it.

I know she really wants to find her mate.

She has been to several nearby packs already to see if he was there, unfortunately he wasn’t.

I nod at her, understanding in my eyes.

I hope she finds her mate, if anyone deserves it it’s her.

After we both have showered and put on our PJs we lay in my bed.

“Kat, what if our mates live so far apart that we never get to see each other anymore?” Sadness comes to me so quickly that I get dizzy.

“If it does, we will video call every day! I will tell you all about my mate and you will tell me all about yours.

“Then we’ll gossip about the pack members, the newest human celebrity scandals, and watch Grey’s Anatomy together.” Lucy lets out a soft chuckle.

“I could tell you about all the annoying things my mate does because you know I find something annoying in everyone. Then we’ll curse at useless things like all the doors are green.

“Then when our mates start to complain we’ll chase them away with our crazy woman look and just continue the conversation.” Lucy chuckles once more.

“I love you. You have been like a sister to me. There was a time where I never thought I’d be happy, but you were always there.

“You were always there to annoy me, so I wouldn’t get mad at life. You were always there to make me laugh, so it’d be impossible for me to be sad.

“You were there to challenge me, so I could never be weak. You are the best sister anyone can have, Katelynn. Thank you.”

We’re both crying and holding on to each other frantically at this point.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms.

I dream about Lucy and I finding a mate in the same pack.

Never to be separated from each other.

When I wake up, there’s something wet dripping on my shoulder.

After a quick exam, I conclude that it’s Lucy drooling all over me.

I quickly pray to the Goddess to never separate us again but to help Lucy with her drooling problem.

I silently get out from under her and sneak into my bathroom.

I stare at the reflection in the mirror for a while.

I look surprisingly good for someone who has just woken up, after falling asleep crying.

I take a quick shower, brush my teeth, and walk out in my robe.

Knowing my mom she will be here shortly to put me in her chosen outfit.

When I get back into my bedroom I see that Lucy is sitting up.

“Do you hear that?” she whispers.

I turn on my wolf hearing.

I hear a voice in the distance that I do not recognize.

Jeez, how early are they here?

Lucy stands up on the bed, makes a high pitched happy sound, and begins jumping up and down.

Giggling at her craziness I quickly jump on the bed too and jump along with her.

That’s how my mother finds us.

Her scowl makes us stop immediately.

We’re still laughing, while my mother preaches to us about how ladies do not jump beds.


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