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Millennium Wolves – Christmas Special

Your favorite Millennium Wolves are back—and this time they’ve got Christmas fever! Join Sienna, Aiden, and the rest of the gang for a Happy Holidays Treat. The chapters are set sometime after the first book—in a dreamy winter wonderland that doesn’t affect the main story—so there’s no need to worry about spoilers! You’d better get in a festive mood because there’s more than enough haze to go around.


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Your favorite Millennium Wolves are back—and this time they’ve got Christmas fever! Join Sienna, Aiden, and the rest of the gang for a Happy Holidays Treat. The chapters are set sometime after the first book—in a dreamy winter wonderland that doesn’t affect the main story—so there’s no need to worry about spoilers! You’d better get in a festive mood because there’s more than enough haze to go around.

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Sapir Englard


“We could do chocolate chip cookies with raisins, which is never really done, but it combines two great cookies, right?”

I had to bite my lip before I laughed at Grady, the caterer I was on the phone with. “How about we save the innovations for Easter,” I responded. “Let’s just stick with chocolate chip, sugar, and gingerbread cookies. Okay?”

“You’re the boss, Sienna,” he said. “We’ll be at your house for the setup at 5pm on Friday—”

“NO!” I screamed.

My response was met with silence. I tried to get my breathing under control as I explained. “I told you 3pm, Grady! Everyone’s coming at 5, because the Yule Ball begins at 7:30.”

“I have it written down as 5—”

“Well, it’s NOT 5! How can you set up and serve at the same time? Tell me, is that possible?”

“No… no, I suppose it’s not—”

“Then I suppose you need to be here at 3. Correct?”

I heard Grady sigh through the phone. “Correct, Sienna.”

Just then I heard the front door open behind me, and I turned to see Aiden walking into the house. It was snowing outside, so there was a dusting of white power on the top of his head and his coat-covered shoulders.

But even with the snow, he looked hot as hell.

“Who’re you intimidating this time?” He asked me, pulling me close to him and lowering his lips to kiss me. “Can you stop being a dominant for two seconds?”

“Shhh,” I silenced him. “What was that, Grady?” I asked into the phone.

“I just asked when the write up would be. You know, the write up in the Pack News about how much the Alpha and his closest family and friends loved our catering.”

I rolled my eyes, and Aiden laughed at my dramatics. But he hadn’t heard what the caterer was asking. “Soon, Grady. I promise it’ll be soon.”

“Well then, see you at 3.”

I hung up, and immediately Aiden swept me up off the floor. I let out a giggle. “What are you doing? Put me down!”

“I don’t think so,” he declared, walking me around to the couch. “You’ve been giving all your attention to the pre-Yule ball party for days, but there are other things that need your attention.”

As much as I would’ve loved to get my hands on Aiden’s, uh—yule log—I had responsibilities as the luna.

“I know, but Aiden, I have so much to do. I don’t have time for this! I still have to buy the decorations, to make the place cards, to decorate the tree—”

But then he was dropping me onto the soft cushions, and lowering himself down so he was straddling me. “We’re gonna have to get you to stop talking,” he smirked.

And then his lips were on mine, kissing me with the same tender passion I’d come to know well since we mated.

While the heat between my legs was growing, it wasn’t consuming me. Not like it would be if I were hazed.

See, the haze hasn’t hit yet.

Which was beyond strange, considering it was the holiday season. The haze always came before the holiday season, because it had to come before the year was over. That was the rule.

But here we were… waiting. Waiting and waiting and waiting. And nothing. Everyone in the pack was getting nervous about it—in fact, there was so much pent up anticipation about the lack of haze that, in many cases, people were screwing more just to prove a point.

That they could have intense sex if they wanted to, haze or not.

But even though Aiden and I were kind of concerned about the missing haze, I have to admit that having so much free time—especially at this crazy time of year—has been nothing short of incredible.

I’ve had more time to focus on things non-sex-related, like my art. And my gallery was flourishing because of it.

And—due solely to the lack of haze—I was finally able to organize a pre-Yule Ball party at our house for our favorite people. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do since Aiden and I mated, but for one reason or another was always too preoccupied to get it done.

But not this year.

This year, all of our friends and family would be celebrating Christmas with us, in a private space, with good food and good drinks—and then we’d go to the Ball together. It would be perfect.

But in order for it to be perfect, I had to get the to-do-list done.

I grabbed Aiden’s shoulders and pushed him off my lips. “Aiden, I can’t now,” I whispered, trying to ignore how cute the sad-puppy-dog face he was giving me was.

I slid out from under him and got up, lacing my boots back on. “You’re seriously leaving me?” He asked, rubbing his hands through his hair. “We haven’t had sex in almost a week.”

“That can’t be right—”

“It is. Last Thursday, Sienna. After the boardroom meeting. Today’s Wednesday.”

I thought about it. He was right. We never went without sex for a whole week—that was crazy. But I really had to go buy the decorations, and then make the place cards, and the tree—

“I’m sorry,” I told him softly. “I would love to make love to you, Aiden. I would. But I have so much stuff to do, and I want Friday to be perfect.”

He sighed. “It’s okay. I understand.”

“I’ll make it up to you.”

“I know you will,” he responded, the mischievous glint in his eye shining right at me. I ignored the heat that had returned between my legs, and shooting my mate one final smile, walked out the front door.


I wasn’t some teenage boy in the throes of puberty. I was an adult man for fuck’s sake—I could control my horniness for a couple days.

At least, that’s what I kept telling myself.

Seeing Sienna all the time, sleeping beside her, getting glimpses of her body all the time—and not being able to have sex with her? It was torture. And clearly, the time apart wasn’t bugging her the same way it was bugging me.

Even without the haze, I was constantly distracted by the idea of being inside her. In the bedroom, in the kitchen, in my office. It didn’t matter.

All that mattered was that I needed her.

But she made it very clear that I’d be waiting until Friday. So in the meantime, I had to distract myself. After she left, I thought about where I should go—and then it dawned on me.

I still hadn’t found her the perfect gift yet.

I’d gotten her gifts, sure, but not the one yet. The one that would cause her to squeal, to freak out, to jump up and down.

So that’s what I would do. I’d give her the gift of her dreams, and then the night of her dreams.

This Christmas would be the best Christmas ever.


A little more ribbon—no, that was too much now.


Even though I was an artist, I was so bad at this stuff—anything crafty, I felt like an eight-year-old boy with no fine motor skills. It always ended up looking like some sad third grader’s homework.

I undid the ribbon and started again. This time I wasn’t going to fail at being crafty—I would be crafty. That was my only option.

I felt bad about denying Aiden sex, especially when I wanted it so badly too.

But the real reason that I had to shoo him away was that I still needed to wrap his present.

I had bought Aiden the perfect gift—a bottle of 21-year-old scotch from his favorite distillery—and it needed the perfect wrap-job to go along with it. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he opened the gift.

Maybe it’s selfish of me, but that was always my favorite part about gift-giving: the feeling of pride when you know you nailed the gift.

I tried to get the ribbon across all sides of the package, and then tie the bow right in the center, but again it just wasn’t cooperating. I let out a massive groan—and just then, the bedroom door flew open.

“Sorry, I forgot my keys,” Aiden said, stepping into the room.

I whipped my head around. “YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HOME FOR ANOTHER HOUR!” I screamed at Aiden, who literally jumped backward at my volume.

“Whoa,” he said, his hands moving up in an I’m innocent gesture. “What did I walk in on?”

“Nothing!” I snapped. “I am hard at work here and you’re not allowed to see what I’m doing!”

He put his hands over his eyes and started walking closer to me, exaggerating his inability to see by stumbling into things. I couldn’t help but laugh. “You, my darling mate, are an idiot.”

He removed a hand and smiled big. “Why thank you—”


His hand moved back over the eye, and I hurried to put the gift and the ribbon, still untied, back into their hiding bag. “Okay,” I sighed. “You may return the gift of sight to your eyes.”

He dropped his hands, and the next second he was jumping on me. The bed bounced as he landed, and I was laughing so hard I thought I’d pee my pants right there. “Aiden!” I exclaimed between laughter. “What is wrong with you today?”

“What do you mean, just today?” He asked, smirking. His face was right above mine, and I took in his glowing skin, his thick black hair, and the way the golden-green color of his eyes always sparkled.

He was definitely hot as hell.

Like, my dream man, in every single sex dream I’ve ever had.

And he was mine.

I wrapped my arms around him and, when our lips met, I felt the same tingle of lust in my core that I always felt. His fingers trailed my body effortlessly, like they knew what they were doing without even having to think about it.

I broke free for a moment. “I’m still mad you interrupted me. I was really getting somewhere, you know—”

But then his hand was moving up my skirt, and his finger traced me through the lace of my underwear—and I stopped talking so I could moan instead.

“You were saying?” He asked, smirking, as his finger rubbed faster.

But I couldn’t even respond—the bliss had taken over. And as I closed my eyes, getting lost in the feeling, I knew only one thing: it was going to be a damn good Christmas.


After my brief detour to get my keys, I finally made it out of the house to find a present for Sienna.

And to my own astonishment…

I'd actually done it.

I'd found her the perfect gift.

I was so overcome with excitement and impatience—I couldn’t wait to give it to her. I couldn’t wait to see her reaction, to see her face! She was going to freak out. I knew it. God, I was proud of myself.

I was on a high as I left the store. What was I going to do when I got home and she asked where I’d been? How was I going to keep this to myself?

Be strong, Aiden.

It’ll be worth it.

If I was able to wait for sex until Friday, then I could wait for this too.

At least Sienna allowed me a little sample earlier.

I was just about to start the car and drive back when my phone started to ring. I looked at the screen and saw Jeremy’s name flash across it. “Hey, Jeremy,” I greeted him through the phone.

“Aiden, what’s up?”

“Just about to head home. What’s going on there?” I knew Jeremy was still at the pack house, even though this week was pretty casual in terms of work.

Pack leadership was given more freedom during the week of Christmas to spend it how they’d like—most chose to take time off and be with their family, but others, like Jeremy, wouldn’t dream of taking that much time away from the office.

“Everything’s good, under control. But there is one thing I need to let you know about.”

I sighed. “Hit me.”

“The Alpha of the Millennium has decided to attend our Yule Ball, Aiden. And he requests your presence at a private meeting before the Ball. Starting at 5.”

My mind started spinning.

5pm on Friday. That’s when the party at our house was taking place—the party that Sienna was pouring her heart and soul into planning.

But I couldn’t say no to the Alpha of the Millennium—nobody could.

“Are you there, Aiden? Did you hear me?”

“Yeah. I’m here. I heard you.” But what I would give to not have.


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hey, I was thinking we could have a little pre-xmas brunch
mom and dad are babysitting, so this is my chance to get out
are you and aiden in?
I have a million things to do
But I can never turn down a mimosa
Or french toast
can’t wait sis, xoxoxo

“Do you want another?” The waitress asked me, motioning to my empty mimosa glass.

“No, thank you—”

“She’ll take another,” Selene said, interrupting me and smiling at the waitress.

I turned beside me to where Aiden was sitting, giving him an I’m-about-to-be-drunk-before-noon look.

He reached under the table and squeezed my knee, and as I watched the waitress refill my glass with more orange liquid, I told myself I had to stop worrying.

It might be the day before Christmas, and there may still be a million things I had to get done before the party—but it didn’t matter. What mattered is that I was at brunch with my mate and my best friend, and my best friend’s mate, and we were all happy and healthy.

And, oh yeah—it didn’t hurt that the mimosas were pretty damn good, either.

“To us,” Selene said, lifting her refilled glass into the air for a toast.

“To us,” Aiden, Jeremy, and I chorused back, clinking our glasses.

I wish I could take a snapshot of this moment in my mind, so I could remember it forever. I wanted to replay it every morning, right when I woke up, to remind myself just how good I had it.

“Hey, Aiden. Did you decide what you’re going to do about the Alpha of the Millennium?” Jeremy asked, interrupting my thoughts.

“The Alpha of the Millennium?” I repeated, glancing at Aiden. “What about him?”

I saw Aiden narrow his eyes at Jeremy, giving him a weird look. I was so confused—what was going on?

“Hello? Aiden?” I pressed.

Aiden sighed. “Yeah, Raphael’s coming to the Yule Ball. We just found out.”

“That’s amazing news!” I exclaimed.

It was always exciting when the Alpha of the Millennium came to town—not only was his reputation pretty spot-on, nailing just how interesting and cool a man he was, but he was also a friend of ours. Someone we liked seeing.

Only, Aiden’s face didn’t look happy at all. In fact, he looked kind of annoyed at the whole thing. “What aren’t you saying?” I asked him softly, leaning into him.

But before he could answer me, Jeremy bellowed from across the table. “You have a meeting with him before the Ball, right?”

The color drained from my face.

My smile slowly evaporated.

Before the Ball.

But our party was before the Ball.

The party that I’d been slaving away for, spending hours and hours each day to make perfect. The party that I’d been planning in my head ever since Aiden and I first mated—the party that was finally going to happen, after all this time.

I didn’t know if it was the surprise information or the mimosas, but my mind was spinning. A wave of nausea hit me—and I knew I had to leave the table. I had to go to the bathroom, I needed space. And maybe to vomit.

“Sienna—” Aiden reached out for me as I got up, but I waved him off and took off across the restaurant, heading for the bathroom at the end of the hall. When I got there safely, I exhaled, splashing cold water onto my face.

The door opened, and Selene appeared. “Oh, honey,” she said, understanding exactly what was going on in my head without me having to say a word. She wrapped her arms around me and smoothed my hair.

“What am I going to do?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. But right now, we’re going shopping.”


When we stepped into our favorite boutique, I knew it was just the thing Sienna needed to cheer up. I’ve been her sister for long enough to know that when she wants something, she pours every single ounce of herself into getting it.

That means that this party? She’s been working for it every second of every day. Making sure every last detail is perfect. The last time I was over at her house, I found a notebook filled with 30 different variations of eggnog recipes.

The girl does not play when it comes to Christmas.

So we needed to get her mind onto something else, ASAP. When I was in the Christmas spirit, nothing gave me the same sense of purpose as helping out my sister, especially when it involved fashion.

I guided her towards the backroom, where shoes lined every wall. “Sit,” I instructed her, pointing to the plush purple armchair that felt more like a throne whenever you were on it.

Sienna sat, and I helped her take her massive jacket off. Then I crouched down in front of her, so our eyes were level, and stared right at her. “Wipe that self-pity off your face right this damn second, Sienna Mercer-Norwood.”

Surprise filled her face—and then she let out a chuckle.

“Good,” I approved. “Now, since the mimosas aren’t strong enough to get you out of this hole, we’re going to the next rung on the ladder. Shoes.” I swiveled my head around so I was looking at all of the beautiful shoes on display.

There were stilettos, booties, tall boots, pumps—hell, there were even sandals, despite it being December on the East Coast.

When I turned back to Sienna, she was still scanning the walls. Good. I gave her a few more seconds, and then I grabbed her by the shoulders and gave her an intense look. “Point,” I ordered her.

And she did.

She pointed at a pair of burgundy stilettos. Three inches high, with a classic strap and a softly pointed toe, they were classic and modern at the same time. They were hip and fun and elegant, and they were perfect for Christmas.

I grabbed it off the display and walked right up to the salesgirl. “I’ll take these in a size seven,” I told her, heading over to the cash register.

“You can’t buy them for me, Sele—”

“Shut up,” I cut Sienna off as she arrived beside me. “They’re your holiday present. Merry Christmas,” I smiled at her.

She pulled me into a hug. “Thank you!” She exclaimed into my ear. “They’re perfect. Even if everything else isn’t.”

“Screw everything else,” I reminded her. “All that matters is us. And the shoes.”

“To us,” She said, echoing my toast from earlier.

“To us.”


Our shopping trip hadn’t ended at the shoe store—far from it. We’d hit up half a dozen stores, until my outfit had changed from head to toe.

“Holy shit, Sienna,” Selene exclaimed from three feet in front of me. Her eyes were traveling up and down me, and her mouth was wide open.

I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks—being stared at like this always made me a little uncomfortable—but when she whistled to further her point, I had to laugh.

“Stop it, Selene.”

“I mean, god damn,” she continued, ignoring me. “You are a goddess. And I am a genius.”

I looked down at the dress. Selene really did know her fashion, and she’d picked out the perfect look, just for this year’s back-to-back Christmas Party/Yule Ball celebration.

It was black velvet, and it was a masterpiece. It was a form-fitting number with a halter neck that put my cleavage on full display, and it wrapped snugly around the rest of me, ending a couple inches above my knees.

“Come here. Look at yourself,” she instructed, and I walked over to where she was standing, looking in the full-length mirror across from us. I let out a gasp—I couldn’t help it.

The black velvet stood out against my pale skin, making me look luminous. And next to the black material, my luscious red locks popped.

I checked out my feet, secured in the new burgundy stilettos she had just bought me, and I couldn’t help but realize that everything looked…perfect.

It might look perfect, I reminded myself, but it’s not.

Aiden won’t be there.

I sighed, and Selene immediately noticed the mood change. “What is it?”

I looked at my sister—knowing she always saw right through me. “I just wish Aiden could come to the party. I want my mate by my side.”

Selene nodded. “But you’ll see him at the Yule Ball, right?”

“I guess.”

Selene grabbed my hands. “Sister, I love you endlessly, you know that. But Christmas is about everyone that you love. The party will bring everyone together, and you’ll see Aiden a couple hours later. Don’t stress yourself out, okay? You look too damn sexy to be stressed out.”

I smiled at her, letting the wisdom of her words wash over me.

Maybe I was being dramatic. Maybe everything would work out just fine.


When I climbed into bed that night, Aiden still wasn’t home from the pack house. I guess he had a ton of last-minute Yule Ball preparations to finish before tomorrow.

And even though the last minute change of plans wasn’t ideal, I couldn’t really blame him. He was just being a good Alpha.

I sighed, pulling the pillow he slept on closer to me. It smelled like him, and if I couldn’t be cuddling with the man I loved, cuddling with his pillow would be the next best thing.

Everything was set for tomorrow: I decorated the tree, finished the place cards, and arranged the furniture. The caterer was set and the bartenders were confirmed. The party would be per…well, no, it wouldn’t be perfect without Aiden.

But it would be pretty damn close.

As I drifted to sleep, I felt a smile gently fill my face. A smile I didn’t even have to think about.

Because on this night before Christmas, even in an empty house, in an empty bed, I knew I was surrounded by love.


That was a different story—and it would be rewritten tomorrow, after the chaos of the Yule Ball was finished. Aiden and I would finally be together, uninterrupted by to-do-lists or last-minute stressors.

Haze or no haze, we would burn the fires of our passion deep into the night.

But for now, love would have to do.

And the love, it was all here. Warming me from the inside out in this cold, snowy winter.


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