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Being the new kid in town is hard, and Roselynn is feeling the pressure. But then she literally bumps into the illegally handsome Felix on her first day at school, and all her fears vanish. She feels a spark, but to Felix, it’s even more intense… all, when werewolves meet their destined mates, things get intense quickly. Now she has to deal with a new school, an alcoholic father, and being the mate of the future alpha of an entire pack of werewolves!

Age Rating: 16+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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I stared up at my house before glancing at the “Sold” sign that was planted in the yard.

Except I supposed it was no longer my house.

I sighed before turning and walking back inside.

“Dad!” I called out, my voice echoing through the now-empty halls.


I walked up the stairs to the second level, looking into each of the rooms before finding my father in the master bedroom, grabbing the last box.

“Here,” I said, taking the box from him. He smiled before walking back down the stairs.

I followed him down out of the front door and over to his 2018 Chevy Silverado.

I pushed the box onto the truck bed, then slammed the tailgate shut.

“Where’s Whiskey and Lucky?” I asked Dad as he came out of the house.

“I’m not sure where Lucky is. She’s probably on the back porch, asleep. But Whiskey is running around in the backyard.” Dad ran his fingers through his graying red hair.

“I’ll be right back, then. Where’s the cat carrier?”

“In your car, I think.”

Why was it in my car? I didn’t remember putting it in there.

I shrugged to myself, then went to grab the cat carrier and, luckily, found a leash as well.

I walked back through the house before walking out of the back door.

I looked at the porch swing and found Lucky curled up asleep. I reached down and rubbed the black cat’s head.

“Come on, girl,” I whispered as I picked her up and put her in the carrier. She was a beautiful Burmese cat that was missing part of her ear.

She looked up at me with angry eyes before meowing. I laughed gently as I shut the door. “You’ll be let out soon enough,” I tell her.

“Whiskey!” I yelled as I looked around for my gray pitbull.

I heard him barking before I saw him running out of the woods toward me at full speed. I laughed and bent down with my arms open.

He plowed into me, licking my face. He had two different colored eyes.

“Yes, yes. I love you too,” I cooed. He barked again. I clipped the leash to his collar before grabbing the cat carrier.

Once I made it to the car, I put the cat carrier in the back seat before opening the passenger door and pushing Whiskey into the car.

I shut the door and turned to my dad, who was covering the truck bed with a tarp.

“Need help?” I asked, grabbing one end of the tarp. A few minutes later we had everything strapped down and ready to go.

“All ready?” he asked, glancing at the house briefly.

“No. I don’t want to leave,” I whispered.

“I know, honey. But you know we have to. Is Ramona coming by?” he asked, probably trying to change the topic of conversation.

“Yeah. She should be here soon.”

“ROSELYNN!” I turned when I heard my best friend’s voice calling my name.

I walked toward her when I saw her running down the street, her red hair streaming behind her. She didn’t slow down, and barreled right into me.

“Jeez, Ramona,” I laughed.

“Don’t laugh! You’re leaving me!” she cried.

I sighed and hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry. But maybe one of us can visit on weekends, or something like that. After all, I’m only moving an hour or so away.”

“Oh, we definitely will,” Ramona promised.

We smiled at each other before my dad spoke up. “Come on, Rose. We’ve got to go.”

I sighed, forcing down tears. Ramona let hers run freely down her face.

“Call me, and text me every day. When your wifi gets set up, we’ll video chat with each other. Deal?” she said in a rush.

“Deal.” We hugged again before I climbed into my black, 2015 Dodge Dart.

That was one of the perks of having a dad who was a renowned vet—although he often threatened to take away my car if he felt like I was abusing it.

“Having a car is a privilege, not a right,” he’d told me when he gave me the keys, the Christmas after I had gotten my license.

And he was right. He trusted me with the car, and I wouldn’t do anything to betray his trust.

Besides, it had once been his friend’s car, before he bought it from him, so it wasn’t new.

I waved at Ramona one last time while Whiskey barked at her, his tail hitting my arm.

“Calm down boy,” I grumbled and shoved his butt away from me.

He sat down in the seat before looking over at me. I smiled and mumbled “good boy” as I rubbed his head.

Then my dad pulled out of the driveway and I followed him.


I waited patiently while Dad pulled into the paved driveway of our new house before pulling in behind him.

I killed the engine and got out of the car, telling Whiskey to stay.

“What do you think?” Dad asked as he came around the truck.

I looked at the house. It had light paneling, the roof had dark shingles, and there was a two-car garage connected to it.

The first level of the house and the garage were connected and the second story went over the top of the garage. The covered front porch stretched around two sides of the house.

“It’s nice,” I mumbled. I glanced at the garage doors. “Looks like that moving company just left our stuff in the garage and left the doors opened.”

“I noticed that, and I’ll definitely be calling the company and filing a complaint,” Dad said before turning back to me.

“Why don’t you go let Whiskey run around the backyard? It’s fenced in, so don’t worry. But keep Lucky in the house for now.” He handed me a key to the house.

“Aye, aye.” I mock-saluted before getting the two animals out of the car.

I walked down the driveway, then across the stone walkway. I make my way up the wooden steps before unlocking the door.

Once I stepped into the house I sat Lucky’s carrier down beside the door on the light wooden floor. I looked around the room.

I was in what would be the foyer. I shut the door behind me and unlocked Lucky’s carrier. Slowly, the cat stepped out of it, then she walked off, probably to find a place to sleep.

I unlatched Whiskey’s leash and sat it on the carrier. The dog ran off, leaving me standing by the front door.

I opened up one of the doors on the left and looked into the garage.

They really did just put everything in there, didn’t they? I shut that door and opened the door that stood on the opposite side of the hall.

I flicked on the light and stared down the stairs that appeared to lead to a basement. Then I switched off the light and shut the door.

I walked further down the hall and came to two archways. One led to a large kitchen, and the other to a dining room.

The foyer ended with what I supposed was the living room and the stairs that led to the second story. I walked into the living room and found one door that was just a closet.

I walked back out of the living room and into the kitchen. It was really nice, with granite countertops, dark wooden cabinets, and very nice appliances. It had a very rustic feel about it.

I went over to the door that led outside and opened it. There was another covered porch, although it was much smaller, and it led to the backyard.

Dad was right. It was fenced in, and looked like it had enough room to hold a dog park and a pool.

“Whiskey!” I called.

I heard the dog running towards me and looked at him before pointing to the yard outside. “Go play.”

He barked, running out of the house and into the yard. I shut the door and made my way upstairs, flipping the switch to turn on the hall light before exploring the rooms.

There was one, very large master bedroom with a nice ensuite and a walk-in closet, and two other, smaller bedrooms.

Only one other bedroom had an ensuite, but both of them had large closets. There was an office up here as well, which I assumed would be for Dad’s use.

I walked back down the stairs, then into the garage.

“Dad?” I called out.

“Yeah?” I heard him answer.

“Want to start moving furniture?”

“Yeah. Come on out here and help me, please!” he called.

I walked outside and began helping my father move the boxes inside.


Hours later, we finally finished moving the boxes and putting everything back together.

I sighed and leaned against the wall of the living room, staring at the messy place.

I was so happy it was only Thursday. That meant I had all weekend to get Dad to help me organize everything before I started school on Monday.

I stood up and walked around the house, looking for my dad. I found him in the office upstairs, setting up his desktop computer.

“Hey Dad, do you want me to run to the store really quick? We kind of need food,” I said, leaning against the door frame.

“Sure. Here.” He handed me a credit card. “Take a jacket with you, though. It looked like it was going to rain. Also, try and get Whiskey back in before you go.”

“Alright. See you in a few,” I called over my shoulder as I left the office and entered my chaotic new bedroom.

I dug around the piles of clothes for a jacket before finding one, then grabbed my keys, phone, and wallet before heading back downstairs.

I went to the back door and yelled for Whiskey. Just as the dog made it onto the porch, the clouds above opened up, and rain started to pour.

As I shut the door behind Whiskey, I mumbled, “That was lucky.”

I rubbed the dog’s head before grabbing a sheet of paper from one of the many notebooks already shoved into one of the kitchen drawers, along with a pen.

I began making a list of everything we needed before leaving the house.


By the time I was finished in the grocery store, it had stopped raining, so at least I didn’t have to load the groceries into my car in the rain.

That also meant I didn’t have to take them into the house in the rain, either.

Once I parked the car in the garage, I shut the door behind me after figuring out which button to push on the remote clicker thing.

My dad came into the garage and helped me carry all the groceries in and put them away.

After getting the dog and cat food inside, I found the animals’ water and food bowls, then gave them some food.

“What do you want for dinner?” I asked Dad, who was about to exit the kitchen.

“Something simple is fine,” he replied. “I’ll be in the office.”

I fixed some grilled cheese and soup, and brought my dad some. He thanked me for the food before he went back to putting files in a filing cabinet.

I left the office and walked back into the kitchen to enjoy my dinner at the large island in the middle of the kitchen.

After cleaning up my mess, I headed up to my room. I quickly changed into my pajamas, then collapsed onto my bed.

I huffed a sigh and snuggled into the bed.

It was a nice house, it really was, but I hadn’t wanted to move back when my dad had first told me about selling the old house, and I still hadn’t wanted to move today.

But I supposed there was nothing I could do about it.

I sighed again and closed my eyes, hoping I could fall asleep in this unfamiliar place.


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I sighed in relief as I collapsed onto my bed.

“I’m done!” I yelled, throwing a fist into the air.

Finally, everything in the house was in order. The living room looked decent, the kitchen had everything it needed, the dining room looked very nice, and the bedrooms were in order.

I sat up when I realized that tomorrow was Monday. Then I rolled over and screamed into my mattress.

I didn’t want to go to school tomorrow, and to make matters worse, it was already two months into my senior year.

I forced myself to stand up and walk over to my closet. Grumbling to myself, I picked out an outfit for tomorrow, tossing the clothes onto the satellite chair that was shoved into a corner.

As I was looking through my bookbag to make sure I had all of my school supplies, my laptop started beeping.

I looked at the computer, which sat open on the desk beside my bed, and saw Ramona’s face smiling on the screen.

I sat down in the swivel chair and answered her call.

“Oh, thank God! I didn’t know if they had set up your internet yet,” Ramona sighed.

I laughed, “Yeah. It was hooked up yesterday.”

“Oh, look at your room! Very nice,” Ramona gushed.

“Thanks. I spent the better part of today fixing it.”

“So,” Ramona started, “you’re going to the high school that has ranked number one in almost all sports in the state for years. Are you going to try out for the softball team?”

“Um…I don’t know. Do you think I have a chance? I mean, you said it yourself…they are ranked number one in the state,” I mumbled.

“Of course you have a chance! Besides, if you don’t try you’ll be upset with yourself forever. And you were the best pitcher our school has had in awhile,” she said.

I laughed. “Thanks, and you’re probably right. I’ll talk to the coach tomorrow about trying out.”

“Good. I’ve got to go, my mom is yelling for me. Talk to you tomorrow!” Ramona yelled before ending the call.

I closed my laptop and leaned back in the chair. Then I got an idea. I slipped on some old sneakers before walking into my dad’s office.

“Do you know where my net is?” I asked.

“I put it in the garage. Do you need help setting it up?” he asked, already getting up.

“Nah, I got it. Thank you, though.” I walked into the garage and found my pitching net still packed into its box, with a five-gallon bucket of softballs beside it.

I found my softball bag sitting near the bucket and pulled it onto my shoulders, then grabbed the bucket and walked into the backyard.

I went back to get the net then set it up in the backyard, near the fence furthest away from the house.

I opened my bag and pulled out my two gloves, then stretched before slipping on the left-handed one.

I grabbed a ball out of the five-gallon bucket and spun it around in my hand before tucking it into the glove.

I brought the glove up so that the tip of it touched my nose. I breathed deeply, the smell of leather filling my nose.

Then I moved, releasing the ball and watching it head towards the net.

I nodded when it hit the painted red mark on it, then did the process all over again.

It was almost dark by the time I moved everything onto the porch and carried my bag up to my room.

I had no idea how I didn’t notice it wasn’t in my room to begin with. This bag was my prized possession.

After eating and taking a shower, I set my alarm clock and climbed into bed.

Tomorrow was my first day at a new school, and I could already feel my nervousness growing.

I hoped it went well.


I woke up the next morning and got dressed, then grabbed my bookbag and my softball bag.

I walked down the stairs and found Lucky and Whiskey curled up on the couch. I laughed and let them outside.

I wasn’t worried about them running away; they would both come back for food.

I set my bags down by the door, then walked back into the kitchen, where I found a note from my dad.


I had to go in early today. Don’t wait up, because I will probably be working late. Have fun at school.

I sighed and threw the note away. It reminded me that we’d had to move because of his job.

I quickly fixed something simple for breakfast before leaving the house, making sure I had my phone, wallet, and keys.

I threw my bags into the trunk of my car, then pulled out of the driveway.

Once I saw the school building, I looked for a way into the parking lot. Then I quickly pulled into the parking lot and found a spot.

I got out of the car, ignoring the curious glances that the loitering students cast my way. I got my book bag out of the trunk before shutting it and heading into the large brick building.

After finding the office, I walked in and talked to the secretary about getting my schedule.

“Name?” she asked, not looking up at me.

“Roselynn Callahan.”

“Here you go. Math and science rooms are on the second floor, English and history are on the first floor, and elective classrooms are scattered throughout the school,” she said, handing me several sheets of paper.

“Okay. Thank you,” I called over my shoulder before exiting the office.

She didn’t respond.

“Rude,” I mumbled while I looked down at my schedule.

“She can be prickly,” a voice laughed. I looked up from the paper.

“Hi,” the girl chirped, holding out her hand, “I’m Aisha!”

“Roselynn. Nice to meet you,” I smile back, shaking her hand.

“I know she’s not very helpful, so that’s why I’m here. If you need any help finding classes, or have any questions, just find me and I’ll help you,” Aisha said.

“Actually,” I mumbled, “do you know where I could find the softball coach?”

“Oh, Coach Byrd? Are you going to try out for the team? What position?” She asked one question after the other.

“Yep. I’m a pitcher and a third baseman,” I stated proudly.

“That’s awesome! I’m a catcher and a first baseman,” she squealed.

I smiled up at her; she was at least five-foot ten. And she was pretty, with her long hair and blue eyes.

“Meet me near the softball field after school and I’ll introduce you to her.” Aisha grinned.

“That would be great, thank you.” I sighed as the bell rang. “I had better get to class. I’ll see you after school.” I waved at Aisha over my shoulder before walking away.

Then I stared down at the paper in my hands, wondering if I should have also asked her for directions.

“232, AP Calculus…” I mumbled to myself.


“Oof!” I clutched the papers in my hands tightly as my butt connected with the tiled floor of the school.

“Are you alright?” the person I’d just crashed into asked, stretching out a hand to help me up. It was a male voice, around my age.

I took their hand, noticing the pleasant heat that shot up my arm when our skin touched.

“Um, yeah. I’m good. Thank you.” I pulled my hand out of his, then looked up into warm brown eyes and a million-dollar smile.

“I’m Felix.” His low voice echoed through the hall.

“Roselynn,” I supplied, trying to ignore the way his voice sounded.

“It was nice to meet you, Roselynn, but you might want to get to class,” he laughed before walking away.

Oh, yeah. School is still a thing, isn’t it?

I briefly glanced over my shoulder to stare at him. Is it even legal to look that good?

He glanced over his shoulder at me before smiling and giving me a wink. My face heated up. I turned around and quickly walked away.

Nope, no. He did not just catch me staring at him.

I refused to believe that just happened.


I was talking with Ryder and Ryker, my beta and delta, when I smelled rosewater. I froze when Damon, my wolf, started pacing in my head.

“Mate!” he yelled, causing me to wince.

I looked at Ryder and Ryker, who were looking at each other, confused.

“I’ll talk to you two later,” I mumbled, turning away from them.

I followed that scent, not really paying attention to where I was headed. It was getting stronger, when I rounded the corner it was all I could smell.

Right before someone crashed into me.

“Oof!” I looked down when I heard the noise.

“That’s her!” Damon yelled.

“She’s a human,” I whispered.

“And?” Damon growled.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just stating a fact,” I huffed at him. He went silent, probably ignoring me.

I returned my attention to the girl sitting on the floor in a daze. “Are you alright?” I asked, reaching out a hand.

She placed her much-smaller hand in mine. I enjoyed the heat that spread through my arm, and I could hear Damon purring. My wolf was purring.

She pulled her hand away, and I missed the contact.

“Um,” she mumbled, but I could hear her perfectly, “yeah. I’m good. Thank you.”

She looked up at me and I couldn’t help but smile. She was almost a foot shorter than me, with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes.

I realized I was staring and mentally shook my head. “I’m Felix.”

“Roselynn,” she replied, a small blush tinting her cheeks pink.

“It was nice to meet you, Roselynn, but you might want to get to class.” I laughed, not able to help myself, then walked away so I didn’t do something stupid—like hug her.

As I walked down the hall, Damon was yelling at me to turn around.

“Stop. She’s human, not a werewolf. If we did something stupid, she would freak out,” I sighed.

“But… Ugh! Fine,” he grumbled before going silent again.

I shook my head at him, then felt someone staring at me. When I glanced over my shoulder, I saw Roselynn staring at me.

When we made eye contact I flashed her a grin and a wink, then watched as her face grew very red before she darted down the hall.

I laughed softly before heading to my own class.

I couldn’t wait to tell my pack that I had found my mate.

They would be so happy.


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