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Alice thought it couldn’t get any worse. Attacked by a rabid wolf at work, but waking up the next day without even a scratch, is she starting to go crazy? But now the bad-boy at her school has started to take an interest in her. Is something happening to Alice?

Age Rating: 16+


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Alice thought it couldn’t get any worse. Attacked by a rabid wolf at work, but waking up the next day without even a scratch, is she starting to go crazy? But now the bad-boy at her school has started to take an interest in her. Is something happening to Alice?

Age Rating: 16+

Original Author: Jessica Edwards


Tonight hasn’t been so bad. I mean, you have good days and bad days, right? Sundays are usually quiet around here but it’s not so bad, really.

The regulars are kind and generous with their tips, and even my boss, Robbie, isn’t so bad.

Sure he’s a little on the lazy side, and stares a little too long at my backside, but he always pays on time and lets me take any leftover food home with me.

I look up at the old, round clock hanging on the wall and sigh in contempt.

Only half an hour to go.

I stare at the last customer of the night, praying silently that he’s close to finishing. I grab the coffee pot and walk with a forced smile to approach the customer.

“More coffee, sir?” I plead with my eyes in the hope that he’ll say no.

“No thank you, my dear,” he says as he stands from the table.

I help him put on his coat and grab his umbrella. He hands me a ten-pound note and walks out the door without a word.

I put the money in the till and turn off the lights in the diner.

Afterward, I head towards the back of the diner where the kitchen is, and realize it’s only Terry and I left.

He’s looking at the schedule hanging up on the office wall with a look of dread on his face.

Terry sighs loudly as he looks at the dates he’s working. He’s worked at the diner for over thirty years, and not once has he had a day off.

His hair is starting to gray, but he can cook the most delicious food I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

“Hey Terry, the last customer just left. Do you want me to lock up the diner for you?”

Terry waves at me but doesn’t look away from the schedule, “I’ll lock up the front, but could you do me a favour before you leave, dear?”

Before I can respond, Terry gathers six plastic bags full of trash and drops them at my feet.

“You want me to take these out to the dumpster?” I ask. I gather all six bags, three in each hand, and look up at Terry.

“Please? I would really appreciate it.”

He grabs his jacket, waves at me, and leaves.

I stare at the swinging door, dumbfounded, and shake my head.

With the bags still in my hands, I leave through the back and walk towards the dumpster. I scoff when I see that it’s pouring down rain.

Great. Thanks, Terry. Thanks a bunch.

I push open the top of the dumpster, and grab the first two bags to throw them in when from the darkness behind me, I hear the faint, unmistakable sound of growling.

I freeze, wondering if it was just my imagination playing tricks on me.

Terrified, I clutch the bags close and turn around, holding the garbage bags as one would a sword, ready to strike out.

As I open my eyes, I see the source of the growling. Standing not two meters away is the largest wolf I’ve ever seen.

I whimper in fright and slowly start to retreat backward, dropping my makeshift weapon as I go. I feel my back touch the dumpster and realize there’s nowhere for me to go.

Shaking in fear, I close my eyes, praying the wolf doesn’t see me as a threat.

Or worse, a meal.

“Please don’t hurt me,” I whisper repeatedly to myself.

Then I open my eyes and wish that I hadn’t.

Its eyes will haunt me for as long as I live. They are blood red, and filled with pure hatred towards me.

A dull shade of grey covers its whole body, with big chunks of its fur missing, like it had been ripped off.

The wolf looked as though it had scars everywhere on its body. How had it managed to survive this long?

I do the only thing I can think of. I kneel down on the wet floor with my head bowed down, in the hope it’s a sign of submission.

The wolf howls into the night and lunges for me.

I scream as it tackles me, but then it runs into the bushes and out of sight. I look in the direction the wolf ran and start laughing hysterically.

What the fuck…?

I shake my head and pick myself off the floor, my uniform completely ruined.

I check myself over, and that’s when I notice that my clothing’s been torn apart on my right shoulder.

Why does my shoulder hurt so much?

It looked as though something had taken a chunk out of my shirt.

“Ouch!” I wince as I touch my shoulder, seeing red liquid coating the skin on my hand.

Blood! Did it bite me!?

I look around, trying to figure out whether that had really happened.

Shaken, I chuck the last few bags in the dumpster, then grab my bag, lock up, and head home.

As I walk home in the dark, the rain no longer pouring, I look up into the night sky, and notice the full moon.


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When I arrive at school the next morning, all I can think about is last night. I woke up early to check if it actually happened, and knew that it did when I saw the bite marks.

As a result, I couldn’t sleep. At all. Sleeping on my right side hurt too much.

School was by far the last place I wanted to be.

I walk to my locker to grab my English book, and that’s when I hear my best friend calling my name from the other end of the corridor.

“Alice! Did you watch Game of Thrones last night?”

One thing about Sam, is that she doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of her.

Me? I worry way too much about what people think.

When Sam reaches my locker, she places her hands on her hips and tilts her head for an answer I have yet to give.

“So, did you watch it?”

I shake my head, “No…I missed it.”

“You what? How did you miss it? You do realize it was the finale, right!” she shrieks hysterically at me.

“Sam.” I use my hand to signal her to lower her voice. “Everyone’s staring.”

“You think I care about what people think?”

She doesn’t give me a chance to answer. Instead, she turns around and faces all the onlookers.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s rude to stare? My mum always tells me to never stare at anybody, because if you do, some people might not be as nice as I’m going to be.”

She turns around and shrugs at me when she sees the pure shock on my face. “I told you, I don’t give a damn about what people think.”

I look inside my bag to see if I have everything, only to realize that I don’t have my pencil case. I reopen my locker when I hear Sam sigh.

“Are people still staring?” I ask.

“What? Oh, no just Ryder and his crew. They walk around here like they own the place, but seriously, how does a guy even look that good?”

I grab my pencil case, I shut my locker and look at my best friend, whose mouth is wide open.

“Sam! You’re staring, honey, and drooling.” I close her mouth, shove the pencil case in my bag and stare at them.

Every single person moves to the side to make room for them to pass.

You see, this gang practically owns the school, and if you hurt one of them, you hurt them all.

Everyone knows who they are, and no one dares to try and talk to them, or to even approach them.

They walk side by side in a perfect line: Bane and Silver on the outside, with Kellan and Ryder in the middle.

Bane looks to be the most frightening one out of them all. He has an oval-shaped face with small, blue piercing eyes. His mouth is full and firm, formed into a constant sneer.

He has tanned skin with a warm, golden brown tint that accentuates his large, muscular frame. His hair is thick, black, and slicked down with both sides of his head shaved.

He also has a black bushy beard decorating his face. It’s hard, sometimes, to take him seriously with the beard, because it kind of makes him look like a big old teddy bear.

But if the rumours were true, you definitely shouldn’t say that to his face–not unless you wanted to end up in the hospital.

He wears a plain white wife beater that’s low enough to show the hair on his chest, and a long black necklace rests on his chest.

The necklace is made of three interlocking swirls that I think was called a triskelion. He wears tight black jeans with low-heeled black ankle boots.

Next, I look over at Silver, who walks on the far right corner, and just blatantly stare at her.

Every girl wants to be her, and every guy in this school wants to date her, but everyone knows that she’s in love with Ryder.

The way she looks and smiles at him, with her perfect teeth and her perfect body. She has a heart-shaped face with smooth, pale skin and bright blue eyes.

Her mouth is full, and perfectly shaped, which helps accentuate her pouty lips. Her long wild, untamed black hair rests on her left shoulder and hangs down by her waist.

Her build is small but muscular. Rumours say that she kicked a jock’s ass once, after he slapped her ass.

He left in an ambulance, and didn’t return to school until the next month. No one ever touched her again. Not after that.

She’s wearing a black leather jacket that falls to her waist, plain black shorts, and black thigh-high boots.

The kindest-looking one out of them all is Kellan. It seems kind of odd to see him with these people.

He has an oval-shaped face with creamy, fair skin, and dark brown eyes that look haunted yet gentle at the same time.

His face holds no expression, which makes it hard to determine whether he’s happy or sad. Curly brown hair frames his perfectly shaped face.

He wears a black stretcher plug in his left ear, and both of his arms are covered in colourful art. His body is slim, without an ounce of body fat, just pure muscle.

He wears a plain black wife beater, tight black jeans, and black sneakers.

Kellan just might be the only approachable one out of them all. He has this aura of kindness about him that draws people in and it makes it impossible to dislike him.

I can remember when he and his girlfriend were together.

Anna was one of the sweetest girls in this school. Every single person here respected her and treated her with the utmost kindness.

But Kellan lost the love of his life over a year ago, after her body was found by the river in the early hours of the morning.

People say that the crime scene was like something out of a horror film.

Nevertheless, Kellan lost a part of himself after losing Anna, and I didn’t blame him.

“What makes her so special? I bet she has like, a magic vagina or something. Plus, she’s probably slept with all three of them,” my friend mutters, looking at Silver.

I look away from Kellan just as he passes us and gasp at my best friend. “Sam, stop staring before she beats you up as well, and you end up in the hospital!”

“What? It’s not like she can hear me.”

I grab Sam’s hand and drag her down the corridor toward our English class. We take our seats near the front row, and I take out the reading book and wait for Mr. Daniels.

“Honestly, I guarantee you that she’s sleeping with one of them.” Sam points with the tip of her pen to the back of the class without looking.

I look over my shoulder toward the back and see the four of them sitting together, but neither of them speak to each other.

Silver sits beside Ryder as always. She always remains by his side.

I look over at Ryder, his expression remaining impassive as Silver strokes his arm compassionately.

Anyone could tell just by looking at her that she’s in awe of him.

Kellan, on the other hand, remains silent, sitting with his elbows on the table and his head resting between them.

Bane sits with his legs crossed on top of the table, his hands resting behind his head. He looks around the room like he’s observing everything around him. Only then did it hit me.

“Sam!” I hit her hand as I turn around, accidentally knocking the pen out of her hand.

“That’s my favourite pen.” She points down towards the floor. “It never hurt anybody.”

“Are they even supposed to be in this class? Why am I only realizing this now?” I motion, tilting my head toward the back of the room.

“It’s the middle of senior year so…no. The school doesn’t let people change courses in the middle of the year, but I don’t know. Maybe they worked something out with Mr Daniels?” Sam suggests.

She picks up her pen and inspects the damage “You owe me a new pen, by the way. This fountain pen was a birthday gift.”

“Yeah, sure.” I look toward the back of the class again, only to realize that they're staring back at me.

They really are intimidating.

Silver tilts her head to the side and stares at me with a hateful glare, while Bane’s jaw ticks.

I knit my brows and look towards Kellan. He smiles a small smile, his eyes crinkling at the sides when I smile back at him.

He only smiles for a second, then looks down at his desk again. I turn my head completely to face Ryder, and for the first time in years, I really take a good look at him.

He has a chiseled face with spotless, tanned skin and emerald-green eyes that keep me staring, but they hold no threat, nor hatred, just a pure, curious stare.

I look at him, and he stares back at me with a smirk. His lips are full, yet firm.

I bet he’s kissed a lot of girls with those lips…

After adjusting his beanie, he slicks his shiny black hair to one side and sticks his tongue out at me. I knit my brows in confusion again, and turn around.

“Asshole,” I mutter under my breath.

As I face the front of the class, all I hear is Ryder laughing from the back.

Shit! Can he read lips or something?

“Who’s the asshole?” Sam looks around the room to find the culprit, but only finds me staring at her.

She points to herself in panic. “If this is about the pen, don’t worry about it.”

“No, it’s nothing. I’m just not up for work tonight.”

I pick up the book and skim over the blurb.

“Behind on homework? I can help you at the diner tonight, if you want?”

“Thanks, but I’m sure I’ll be able to catch up in time.”

I pull out a pen from my pencil case just as the door to the classroom opens.

Is Mr. Daniels off sick today?

“Good morning students, my name is Mr. Edmund, and I will be your English teacher for the rest of the school semester. I believe you are reading the novel Wuthering Heights. Can anyone volunteer to start us off?”

He writes his name on the whiteboard as Oliver Edmund.

“Where’s Mr. Daniels?” Sam asks.

“I’m not obliged to share that information with you, Ms. Frey.”

He turns around and stares at Sam with a cold demeanour.

“Sir? We were promised to have our test results back today,” I say politely.

This practice test was everything I needed to pass next week's exam.

If I fail another class, I’m not sure how I was going to survive the rest of my senior year.

“Alice, isn’t it?”

He walks down the aisle, holding the clipboard that has everyone’s name, and tilts his head to the side.

“That is correct, yes,” I answer with a calm, collected voice.

“Always raise your hand if you have a question.”

He does a once-over on me, then walks to the front of the class, and points to the board.

“I’m your teacher now. Whatever Mr. Daniels taught you before, forget about it because he’s not coming back.”

He claps his hands together and looks at me. “Now, Alice, why don’t you start reading for us. Chapter eight, if you please?”

He sits down in the chair, and motions with his hand for me to start reading.

Where are you, Mr. Daniels?


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