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Trinity Weld is the only known wolf in her pack who can’t completely shift. Only her family treats her like an equal, which has made the omega wolf suspicious of everyone outside of her trusted circle. Jason Collet is the oldest and strongest of Alpha Clayton’s three sons. Short-tempered and ruthless, he cares about nothing except his pack’s well-being. In this violent world, mates are a rare find for only a lucky few. What will happen when these two troubled souls find each other?

Age Rating: 18+ (Abuse, Sexual content, Violence)

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Trinity Weld is the only known wolf in her pack who can’t completely shift. Only her family treats her like an equal, which has made the omega wolf suspicious of everyone outside of her trusted circle. Jason Collet is the oldest and strongest of Alpha Clayton’s three sons. Short-tempered and ruthless, he cares about nothing except his pack’s well-being. In this violent world, mates are a rare find for only a lucky few. What will happen when these two troubled souls find each other?

Age Rating: 18+ (Abuse, Sexual content, Violence)

Original Author: Evija Simanajeva

Note: This story is the author's original version and does not have sound.


It was 6:00 a.m., and I was rushing to get ready for work at the pack house. As an omega, I was forced to have a shitty job as a maid.

Not that there was something wrong with working as a maid, but everyone I worked for, or even with, acted like I was a nobody, like I didn’t deserve to be treated like everyone else.

I guess that was because I was different. I was a black sheep of the pack.

Shitty feeling to know that everyone considers you a freak only because you can’t fully turn into your wolf, and even when your canines and claws grow out (we all can turn partially), you stand out.

I looked different from any other werewolf.

If, when any normal werewolf partially turns, your canines and claws grew out and your eyes changed color to amber, but nothing else changed, my eyes turned white with a small black circle around my pupils, my canines grew out only a little, my claws turned black, and ends of my naturally dark brown hair turned white.

I also couldn’t communicate with my inner wolf, but I could feel her.

So here I was, dressed in a simple maid outfit, ready to get this day over with. I hated mornings. I went downstairs to grab something to eat.

“Good morning,” my sister, Tracy, two years older, greeted me.

She was my only sister, plus my best friend. She has always stuck up for me when other kids picked on me. Because of that she didn’t have many friends, although she was sweet, funny, brave, and smart.

“Morning,” I mumbled.

“Someone is in the bad mood today.” Tracy chuckled. She handed me a cup of tea.

“Thanks.” I took a sip. “I am always in a bad mood.” I smirked at her. She just shook her head.

“Come on, let’s eat and go to the pack house. You don’t want to be late.

“Plus Alpha Collet and his sons from Proelia pack are coming tomorrow for Christina’s birthday and everything has to be perfect otherwise we’ll get punished.

“Christina already hates us as it is.” Tracy rolled her eyes.

It was true. Christina was our alpha’s daughter and spoiled like none other. She always got what she wanted, and tomorrow was her twenty-first birthday.

It had to be the biggest party of the year where everyone was supposed to admire her. Which sucked for us as we would probably be treated as her slaves today.

Not that it would be any different from other days.

“Don’t remind me. I hate her guts,” I growled.

“Don’t worry. She’ll probably make a fool of herself, as always. She wants to charm Jason Collet as he’s supposed to be the next alpha.

“But I have heard rumors that his father wants to make Brandon Collet an alpha and not him, so who knows, Christina probably will try to charm him,” Tracy laughed. I also chuckled.

“That wouldn’t surprise me at all.” I had finally finished my sandwich that Tracy made me.

“Okay, let’s get going,” I said, and we went to the pack house. It took us about fifteen minutes to get there.

We went our separate ways as Tracy worked on the first floor, but I cleaned rooms upstairs.

I grabbed all the supplies and went to the second floor where all the bedrooms were located. I started with the master bedroom. I made the bed and then dusted everything.

Took out the garbage and took the dirty laundry away.

Then I moved to Christina’s bedroom. Thank God, she was too busy preparing for tomorrow and wasn’t even there. It took me half the day to finish with the second floor.

I went to the kitchen to eat lunch. Tracy was already there, eating.

“I am exhausted. I had to help to decorate the ballroom and let me tell you Christina is one indecisive bitch,” she whispered to me as I sat beside her. It made me laugh.

All three ladies in the kitchen glared at me. They were cooking.

I ignored them and filled my plate with food. I was starving. Tracy and I talked about different stuff during our lunch. Then we went back to the ballroom and helped with the preparations.

I was carrying strings of lights to the backyard when someone bumped into me and knocked me down.

‘‘Watch where you’re going, freak,” a high-pitched voice yelled at me. I looked up and saw Christina, our so-called princess.

Anger rose in me. That bitch bumped into me, and she dares to yell and blame me? I wanted to punch her so badly, but if I did, I would be punished and thrown in the dungeon.

“God, can you be more useless?” She looked at me with disgust. I thought the punishment I would receive for punching her would be worth it.

“Sorry,” I mumbled instead of doing what I wanted. My family would be disappointed in me if I disrespected her. She was our future luna.

“You’d better be, you poor excuse of a wolf.” She smirked and left. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. Christina was very mean and conceited.

But what made it even worse, she was exquisite.

Christina had long ginger hair that complemented her delicate facial features. She was tall and thin. She always received a lot of attention from guys, and many girls envied her.

I used to be one of those girls, but then I realized that I never wanted to be like her.

I grabbed the lights and carried them to the tree where I put them on. The rest of the day I worked in the yard. I didn’t see her anymore for the rest of the day.

Finally, it was around 9:00 p.m. and I was ready to leave. I waited for my sister. She came in the kitchen and was followed by our luna.

She was nice, not like her daughter or even our alpha who was old-fashioned and cared for the pack’s reputation more than for the pack’s well-being.

Our luna, Mary, was caring and smart. She looked after her pack like Alpha should. She made sure that everyone felt good in her presence. Luna Mary was a petite woman and beautiful.

She was only thirty-seven years old. Yes, she was fifteen when she got pregnant with Christina. Among our people, it’s a common thing to get pregnant at a young age.

It sickens me, but what do you expect if werewolf males follow their wolf needs and primal instincts more than their better judgments?

As Luna Mary walked into the kitchen, she smiled at me.

“Hello, Trinity. Ready to go home?” she asked me.

“Yes,” I answered. I just wasn’t used to people apart from my family being polite to me.

“I wanted to give you both an invitation to tomorrow’s celebration here. As you have a day off tomorrow and the day after that, I figured that you deserve to relax and have a good time.

“Everything is explained in this invitation. Dress code, the time of arrival, etc.”

She handed Tracy a gold envelope.

We both were speechless.

“All right. I have to go now. I’ll be expecting you here tomorrow. Presents are not needed.” She smiled once more and left.

Tracy and I, we both stood still for a moment, unable to process that we had just been invited to a ball.

“Wow,” I mumbled. I was not sure that I liked the idea of going, but the tone in our luna’s voice told me I didn’t have much of a choice.

It would be disrespectful to decline an invitation from the luna herself, anyway.

“I guess tomorrow we’re going shopping.” Tracy grinned. She loved shopping. I was less excited.

“Let’s go home and tell Mom and Dad the news. I bet they will be as shocked as we were.” She chuckled. I just sighed.

“Yeah. Let’s go home. I am too exhausted to even process the thought of going to Christina’s birthday party.” I yawned.

“Yeah. Tomorrow will be a long day.” She took her stuff.

“Don’t remind me,” I grumbled. I was sure that I would hate what was coming.


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I woke up the next morning around nine. The sun was shining brightly through my windows, and oddly, I felt good.

If yesterday I dreaded going shopping and later to Christina’s birthday celebration, today I was eager. Something was wrong with me.

I didn’t bother to change from my pajamas, and went downstairs to get breakfast. My parents and sister were all there, sitting by the kitchen table chatting.

“Good morning, everyone.” I smiled at my family. They looked up at me, amused.

“What?” I wondered. Why were they looking at me like that? Was there something on my face?

“Someone’s joyful today.” My dad smiled at me.

“Yeah, what happened to ‘I’m always in a bad mood’?” Tracy snickered, quoting me. I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Is there something wrong with being in a good mood?” I raised my eyebrows. Mornings weren’t my favorite part of the day, but was I really that grumpy all the time?

“For you to be, it’s just unusual.” My dad chuckled. I glared at him playfully.

“All right, leave her alone, you two. Good morning, sweetie.” My mom came up to me and kissed me on my cheek. “Want some pancakes?”

“Sure.” I sat down at the table while my mom put on a plate for me.

I know that I was twenty-five and my sister was twenty-seven years old and we still lived with our parents, but it was convenient for us.

My parents had troubles with money so we helped them out by paying the bills and the house was big enough for all of us.

“So, Tri and I are going shopping for dresses today and then we are going to the hair salon to get our hair done.

“We will look amazing tonight and we’ll show all of those wolves above us we, omegas, can be just as classy and more beautiful than them,” Tracy said proudly, and we all laughed.

“You already are more beautiful than them, but I want to warn you both. Those wolves there can be cruel. Do not let your guard down and try to be respectful even if they are not,” my dad lectured us.

He was concerned about our well-being and knew that if we did something wrong, we could easily be punished or worse—killed.

“We know, Dad.” I took his hand and squeezed it.

“But you also know that if any of those hormonal wolves try anything on you, and if they think you must obey all their whims just because you are omegas, kick their asses and show them you are not to be messed with like that.” He winked at us.

We all laughed at that. The rest of the breakfast went quickly. We ate and got ready.

I got dressed in my jean shorts, black T-shirt, and black Converse. I put my shoulder-length hair in a ponytail.

When I was ready, I went to Tracy’s room and knocked.

“Come in,” she called from behind the closed doors.

“You ready?” I asked her while entering the room.

“Yeah, I just need to put on mascara.” She was standing in front of her closet where a floor-length mirror was located. She was wearing white shorts, a red blouse, and black sandals.

“Okay. I’m ready, let’s go.” She grabbed her purse, and we left. Dad let us use his car, so we could drive to the mall in the town.

Our pack was located deeper in the woods. Our home was more like a village that no one really knew about.

We lived separate from humans, but that didn’t forbid us from communicating with them if we kept our secret. Most of us chose not to interfere with them, though.

The drive to the town lasted for forty minutes. When we finally arrived, we had developed a plan. First, we would find dresses, which, according to the invitation, had to be white or gold.

Then we would find shoes if none that we owned matched. Next step was going to the hair salon where Tracy had made an appointment at five o’clock.

“I love this place,” Tracy said while we looked at the huge building.

“I know you do, but we have a mission today, so no unnecessary drooling over things we don’t need,” I laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. Now let’s go, we have like five hours to find everything.” She grabbed me by my hand and dragged me through the mall.

We had been here for almost four hours and all we had found was new lingerie, a few T-shirts and Tracy a new handbag. Yeah, we didn’t follow our plan. But I expected nothing different from her.

She just couldn’t help herself.

“Let’s go into this one. I just have a feeling that my perfect dress is in here,” she said as we entered a small shop. I looked around and was pleasantly surprised.

It was cozy-looking shop with a lot of dresses, none looking alike.

“Hello there. How can I help you girls?” an elderly looking woman came out of the back room. She had short curly gray hair and was wearing a colorful summer dress. She looked like a nice woman.

“Yes, we are looking for two gowns for a huge ball. They have to fit a white and gold theme,” Tracy said.

“Oh, we have little of that, but I am positive you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. Come with me.”

She motioned for us to follow deeper in the store. She looked through some dresses and pulled out a beautiful long dress covered in golden glitter.

“Wow. Shiny,” I said, looking at it. Though it was beautiful, it was not for me, but Tracy was in seventh heaven.

“Oh my God. It’s perfect. I want to try it on,” she squeaked.

“I thought so.” The lady chuckled. They both went to the dressing room while I stayed behind. After ten minutes Tracy came out looking stunning in that dress.

“Oh my, Tracy. It’s like it was made for you. It’s amazing,” I said truthfully.

The dress was floor length with spaghetti straps. It hugged her body. In front, there was a deep V cut that showed her breasts, but it didn’t look slutty. She turned around and her back was bare.

“This is my dress. I’ll take it. Oh, but how much is it? I don’t think I can afford it,” Tracy asked sadly. The dress looked expensive.

“It’s not expensive at all. This dress costs $55,” the lady shocked us.

“$55? Are you joking?” Tracy’s eyes were wide open and she was glowing in happiness.

“Yes. I make these dresses myself. Each of them is unique. I remember how I always walked around the shops admiring dresses, but could never afford them.

“So, I opened this boutique to make someone like yourself happy and beautiful. I love to see young girls in my dresses.” The lady smiled.

“Wow. You are amazing.” Tracy hugged her.

“I’ll take it!” Tracy jumped up and down.

“As for you, dear”—the lady turned to me—“I have something for you.

“I just finished the dress yesterday, and no one has even tried it on, but I think it will fit you,” she said and went in the back room.

After a few moments, she came out with a white dress.

“Come. Try it on.” I followed her into the dressing room. She ordered for me to undress. I stood there in only my panties, uncomfortable and cold. Then she helped me put on the dress.

When she finished tying the back, I followed her back to where Tracy was waiting.

“So, what do you think?” I asked her after she failed to say anything. Did it really look that bad?

“Oh my God, Tri. You are so beautiful.” I saw her eyes tearing up. I smiled. I faced the mirror and gasped.

The dress was made from soft white material with long sleeves. My back was bare till my butt. A little too low, but as long as my butt crack didn’t show, it was okay.

The upper part of the dress was tied behind my neck, so it wouldn’t fall from my shoulders.

In the front, there was no décolleté, which I liked. The dress was skintight but under my butt it fell freely, so I could move well.

“Take it. Like, Trinity, I don’t think you’ll ever find a dress more perfect than this one.” Tracy hugged me.

I looked at myself in the mirror. This dress really was amazing.

I turned my attention back to Tracy and the old lady. “I’ll take it.” I smiled, and they both did the same.

“Finally we have dresses. Damn, every guy will want us and every woman will want to be us.” Tracy ginned, and I laughed out loud.

Even though today was exhausting, it was fun to go out with Tracy and to feel normal.

We paid the lady for the dresses, still shocked that they cost so little, and headed to get our hair done.

After another two hours we finally were ready to go home.

We arrived there around seven. Thanks to Tracy’s crazy driving skills, we got home in half the time it took us to get to the mall.

Turned out that the party was supposed to start at eight, but we still had to dress and do our makeup.

We got ready as fast as we could. I waited for Tracy downstairs. Looking in the mirror, I was surprised to see the way I looked. In a good way.

My hair was curled and in an updo hairstyle. I was wearing gold earrings and a delicate golden locket. I didn’t have to buy shoes because my nude strappy silhouettes were a perfect fit.

My mom did my makeup, and she had put on waterproof blood red lipstick. I looked and felt beautiful. I hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

Tracy came downstairs. She looked exquisite. Her long blond hair was curled but let loose. Her makeup was a little darker than mine and her lips were painted dark brown.

“All right, I’m ready. Let’s go. We’re already late. I took my phone and invitation. I’ll call you, Dad, when we’re ready to go home. Now let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Tracy ordered.

“Calm down. Everything will be fine,” I assured her. I wasn’t sure why, but it seemed like truth.

Tonight would be a good night. Well, hopefully.


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