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The Russian’s Defiant Wolf

At age six, Anna moved in with her grandfather after Hunters killed her parents. Now, twenty years later, their murderers have been caught and executed. It’s finally time for Anna to move on with her life. At twenty-six, she still hasn’t met her mate and doesn’t feel hopeful. But then the Oborot Pack comes to visit for Christmas, and both Alpha Viktor and Beta Erik claim Anna is their mate! Anna’s got an important decision to make—but how can she choose between the two hunky Russian wolves?

Age Rating: 18+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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At age six, Anna moved in with her grandfather after Hunters killed her parents. Now, twenty years later, their murderers have been caught and executed. It’s finally time for Anna to move on with her life. At twenty-six, she still hasn’t met her mate and doesn’t feel hopeful. But then the Oborot Pack comes to visit for Christmas, and both Alpha Viktor and Beta Erik claim Anna is their mate! Anna’s got an important decision to make—but how can she choose between the two hunky Russian wolves?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: S L Parker

Note: This story is the author's original version and does not have sound.


“Please Mamma, Please Papa, wake up. I’m scared!” Anna sobbed over the lifeless bodies of her parents; their bodies were stiff and cold under her small hands. Her heart was breaking.

Her confused six-year-old mind refused to acknowledge the dark blood that stained her mother’s pristine cream sheets, and her small nose, with its enhanced sense of smell, refused to believe the rancid scent of death and decay, came from the bodies before her.

“Please,” her uncontrollable sobbing continued. The smell in the room and the sight of her dead parents had her gagging. Nothing came up from her empty stomach.

They couldn’t be dead, they’d promised to keep her safe, how could they protect her from the world if they weren’t there?

“Please,” the repeated word was whispered this time, as her crying and coughing eased into small whimpers. Her small body collapsed in between her parents and her eyes closed.

The silence was unbearable.

Hours earlier

Heavy footfalls sounded through the ceiling and ricochet off the walls that surrounded Anna to penetrate her small ears, startling her awake from a deep dream filled slumber.

A quick sniff told her that it was still the early hours of the morning, her ears picking up that the birds had not yet risen from sleep, all was silent outside her family’s home.

So, who was in the kitchen?

From her bed, Anna couldn’t make out any strange scents from above her ceiling, but the hushed voices that followed yet another set of stomps a few moments later, weren’t those of her parents.

Staring up at the ceiling, Anna followed the sounds of whoever walked around the kitchen above and huddled back against her headboard, covering herself in the thick duvet when the hatch door above her shook, under the weight of whoever stood on top.

Her heart started to pound in her chest, so hard she feared it may breakthrough her chest. Mommy and Daddy are never up this late, and they’d never had any friends over before.

Anna followed the sound of footsteps as they made their way across the floor to head into the hallway. Muffled voices sounded again, before the front door slammed closed, leaving the house silent.

Leaving Anna with nothing but the sound of her thundering heart and laboured breathing. Anna wanted to call out for her parents, but her lips wouldn’t move.

For as long as she could remember, the one rule never to be broken, was never come above ground before dawn. So, Anna kept quiet, and waited until morning.

From her seated position against her pink painted bedroom wall Anna peeked out from under the covers.

The banging from hours before, accompanied by strange voices that had startled Anna from sleep seemed like forever ago.

Anna’s room was a converted basement that lay underneath the kitchen, where most of the thuds had occurred.

The hatch door that separated Anna’s room from above was unnoticeable unless under close examination.

The ceiling above that had previously shook from the weight of heavy footfalls, now lay silent, too silent.

Whoever had been in the house with her parents had been gone for hours and dawn had finally broken, making way for the new day.

Outside, Anna could hear the chirping birds, waking from their nests in the tall tree’s surrounding their small cottage.

By now, Anna’s father should have been down to collect her, as he did every morning. It was a Sunday, and that meant they’d be out on the lake all morning catching salmon for dinner.

In fact, they should already be there; her father was always the first and earliest to rise.

Confused and eager to move from the cramped position she’d managed to get herself stuck into-out of fear that if she moved a muscle, something bad would happen.

Anna stretched out her limbs and let the duvet fall from her now over heated body, after using said quilt as a shield to protect her for an unknown number of hours.

Her small muscles ached with the movement.

Shuffling off her bed, Anna felt instant relief as she stretched, arms high above her head, small frame shifting back slightly, to ensure a full body stretch.

Once satisfied, Anna crossed the small space from her bed, over to the creaky wooden stairs in which she would need to climb to reach the hatch door. Anna hesitated, still afraid to make any noise.

Resigned to the fact that she wouldn’t be breaking any rules, since dawn was well and truly here, Anna proceeded to climb.

Careful to step lightly and not on the parts of the wooden steps she knew made the slightest of creaks.

The exposed wood of the stairs was cold against her bare hands and feet, but she just wanted to see her parents, and heading back down to search for her slippers and gloves seemed unimportant.

Anna reached out a small hand once she reached the hatch, aware of her trembling, then gripped the cold metal handle, twisted and pushed.

The hatch door lifted, then met resistance, giving her only a thin gap to peek through. Turning her head slightly to the right so her ear faced the small opening she strained to hear for any noise.

After a long moment of complete silence, Anna found the courage to speak.

“Mama, Papa?” She called out. “I’m stuck,” waiting for them to come running, Anna looked around the kitchen as much as she could through the small gap.

She cocked her head slightly to get a better look and saw that the blind was still drawn closed.

The coffee pot her mother set up routinely every morning before dawn, was still packed away in the cupboard mounted on the wall. Maybe they slept in after having late night guests?

After a few moments and receiving no reply, Anna started to panic. They wouldn’t have gone out and left her alone. They never had before.

The eerie silence that filled her home caused fear to settle in her small body, urging her to cower and retreat back down to her bed and wait, like she’d been told to do every night, until her father came to collect her after dawn.

Surpassing that urge for a stronger need to be with her Mother and Father, she mustered up the extra strength her parents had forbid her to use–unless there was an emergency–and pushed against the old wooden hatch door.

Instead of meeting resistance this time, the hatch door swung open, throwing whatever had been blocking it, into the air.

The kitchen table came crashing down a foot from the open hatch door a second later, Anna backed down a couple of steps, waiting for the sounds of her parent’s angry voices at the noise she’d made.

Confusion gripped her, why had the table been blocking her hidden door?

After another long moment, and not a peep from her parent’s, Anna slowly peered out again and another moment later, she climbed out, keeping the hatch door open in case she needed to hide again.

There was nothing like the safe feeling of being tucked under a thick duvet in your own bedroom.

Anna found herself shifting from foot to foot, the wooden floor beneath her feet was freezing.

By now her father usually had a fire lit, warming the house with its heat, but instead there was nothing and now her whole body was chilled.

Outside, snow would be falling, lacing the forest and cottage in white, the cottage would only get colder if they didn’t light a fire soon.

On the floor before her, slushy snow booted footprints stained the wooden floor, made by the visitors from hours before, the cottage was so cold, that the snow hadn’t melted entirely.

Anna’s heart started to thunder again, when she noticed that some of the boot prints were mixed with red. Anna took off at a run out of the kitchen and down the corridor.

She daren’t look back as she pumped her small legs, her focus solely on reaching her parent’s room. Her small feet splashed in the red stained slush as she ran, causing her to slip once.

Anna caught an awful scent when she slowed to a stop, a meter away from the half open oak door, obscuring her view of inside her parent’s room.

The scent reminded her of when her father had taken her hunting.

She remembered they had come across a deer that had been dead and rotting for a few days, the stench had been so vile and strong to Anna’s delicate developing nose, that they’d had to leave the area.

She would never forget that smell.

Why would Mama and Papa have a dead animal in their room?

On weak, shaking legs, Anna closed the distance between her and the door, then reached out and pushed on the door, revealing the room to her view. An icy chill crept up her spine.

Refusing to believe her eyes, Anna spoke the first words that came to mind.

“Are you still asleep?” She asked in a quiet voice. The scent was stronger inside of the room, but there was no dead animal in the room that she noticed. The smell was coming from the bed, from them.

She caught other scents now too. One’s she couldn’t name or place, the smell of multiple outsiders filled the air.

She smelt dirt coming from the large wet footprints marking the floor in perfect lines up to the bed, staining her mother’s immaculate cream carpet.

She could smell the blood that stained the candy floss pink coloured sheets covering her parent’s bodies up to their necks. Above the quilt, her parent’s heads rested on their pillows.

Eyes closed, looking peaceful. But their colouring wasn’t right, and Anna knew the blood staining the sheets was the cause.

Letting out a sob she’d been holding, Anna broke from the icy chill that had kept her immobilised and raced to the bed, before jumping between them on top of the covers.

Anna shook them both, begging for them to wake up.

The footsteps she’d heard during the night did not belong to friends of her parents; whoever they were, they’d come into her house and hurt her parents.

“Please Mamma, Please Papa, wake up. I’m scared! Please,” her uncontrollable sobbing continued. The smell in the room, the sight of her parents, the combination of both had her gagging.

Nothing came up from her empty stomach. They couldn’t be dead, they promised to keep her safe, how could they protect her from the world if they weren’t there?

“Please,” the repeated word was whispered this time as her crying and coughing eased to small whimpers. Her small body collapsed in between her parents and her eyes closed. The silence was unbearable.

An eternity later, or so it felt like, Anna heard a sound. Sitting up from where she’d been laid down between her parents’ lifeless bodies, she strained to listen.

Movement from outside the cottage sounded. There was someone at the front door; she heard the distinct sound of the front door handle turning, the creak as the door opened, then the sound of voices.

“Why has it taken so long to find them?” A deep male voice spoke. “You’re supposed to be the best damn tracker in the state.

“I haven’t seen my son in eight years for Christ sake!” Anna could smell the man’s anger from where she sat; the power he carried in just his voice alone, had her shaking in terror.

The words didn’t register inside her brain. Had the people who hurt her parents come back for her?

“I’m sorry Alpha,” another male voice, though his one was lower in pitch. “They covered their tracks well. A place like this so out of the way, it was almost impossible to find a scent–”

“Stop!” A female voice cut the men off. The light steps they had been taking halted. “Do you smell that?” Anna could hear sniffing, could they smell her? The woman growled.

“Everyone, watch your backs.”

The footsteps started up again as they began moving towards the room she was in. They grew louder as the intruders moved closer.

Anna started to crawl backwards on her hands and knees as fear took over her body, and the need to hide was overwhelming to the point where she was trembling uncontrollably, her breath was coming out in rapid puffs.

She couldn’t make it back to her bedroom without passing the intruders.

Her head jerked from side to side as she frantically searched every crevice of the room with her eyes. Before she could act, the footsteps stopped outside the door.

Anna’s body shook uncontrollably in terror. No one would protect her now. Her father’s gun was in the living room, knives were in the kitchen, she had nothing.

A figure in all black stepped inside the doorway. A woman Anna noticed, her long raven black hair and features were so much like Anna’s mothers.

A growl left Anna’s lips as the woman made a move to approach. The woman dropped her gun to the floor and whimpered as she stared past Anna to her parents.

Anna’s parents had told her never to growl at anyone she saw, but the noise came from deep in her chest and couldn’t be helped.

The woman moved in slowly then, her hands held up as if surrendering, she was followed by more dark figures.

The curtains were open in the bedroom, but the sun hadn’t broken through the trees that were shading the cottage yet, so she couldn’t make out the facial details of the people behind the woman.

The last man to step into the room, took one look at Anna then at her parents who lay motionless behind her, and then threw his head back, letting out an almighty roar.

Terror shook Anna’s body and the urge to flee took over. She dove off the bed, running towards the window.

It wasn’t open, but maybe if she used her extra strength, then she could break the glass and escape. Where she would go from there, hadn’t registered with her yet.

Hands encased her small waist and lifted her high off the ground before she could make it close to her escape route. Anna growled and scratched at the strong hands that had her.

She was turned in the hands that had her and quickly realised the man that held her was the one who roared, which only made her whimper and struggle more. He growled deep in response.

Anna paused as a sense of knowing washed over her when she stared deep into his narrowed pain filled eyes. She knew those eyes. She knew his scent. He smelled just like…

“Papa?” She asked. The man’s eyes softened then grew glassy.

“No.” He replied softly, slightly shaking his head. “I’m your Papa’s Papa. Do you understand?”

“Grandpa?” She knew his face. Her father had shown her pictures of this man, told her stories about him.

“You smell like my papa” She sniffled; her eyes blurred when tears overflowed to run down her cheeks.

“Will you wake him and mama, please?” He pulled her close and cradled her into the warmth of his chest. “I’m sorry my sweet.” He spoke while stroking her back. “They’re gone.”

Chapter 1

“Anna,” the sound of my name being spoken, drew me back to the present.

“Hmm?” I turned in the direction of the voice, to find Casey, my best friend, staring at me. A concerned yet amused expression upon her face. When had she gotten there?

“Are you okay?” She questioned, her brow wrinkling with just concern now.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I forced a smile.

“Well you’ve been drying the same glass and staring at the bar top for the past ten minutes. You haven’t heard a single word I’ve said, have you?” She chuckled now.

I dropped my gaze to my hands, to find she was correct. The memories were so strong this time, that I hadn’t heard Casey at all, or even realised what I’d been doing.

“Oh,” I set the glass on the bar top, and hung the cloth onto its designated hanger beneath.

“Sorry, my mind was somewhere else.” The bar in which I worked, had been closed for an hour, and along with the rest of the bar staff, we were going about the nightly cleaning routine, readying the bar for the next day.

As usual, it had been a long and busy night, as it was every Friday night, with the entire pack present, along with outsiders, humans who knew of our kind.

“How are you anyway?” Casey spoke again, reminding me I was yet to give her attention. Get out of your head Anna! “We’ve barely spoken since…” Casey trailed off and I averted her aqua blue eyes.

“Case,” I sighed. “I’m fine. You can talk about it. It’s been twenty years.”

“Twenty years since your parent’s death, yes. But the hunters were only caught a month ago.”

“I know.” I closed my eyes at the fresh hurt. The empty pit inside me aching anew.

“I’m sad that it took twenty years to find the hunters.” I re opened my eyes to find hers on me again, a small smile tugging at the corners of my mouth, it was the first time in a whole month that it was genuine.

Small steps. “I’m glad the hunters are dead. Now my parents can have their revenge in the afterlife, right?”

Casey shook her head, her long mousey blonde locks swaying at her shoulders. “No, they can’t. Hunters most definitely go to hell, my friend.

“Where they suffer unimaginable pain for all eternity, for all the pain that they have caused us.” At that my smile grew, until she continued. “At least now you can move on.”

“I guess.” I sighed again. For twenty years, all I’d dreamt about, all I’d wanted out of life, was to have revenge for my parents.

Then finally, a month ago, I’d heard news that the trackers had found the monsters responsible.

At the time I’d been prepared to tear them limb from limb, but my grandfather, who was the spitting image of my father, and currently our packs raining Alpha, had forbade me from carrying out any torture.

Only allowing me to see them once, and at a distance, while they were still breathing.

That’s not to say I didn’t try, but one female, even with enhanced strength and speed, was no match against four males.

Or a reinforced steel door when I’d been locked up, for as my grandfather put it, ‘my own good’.

The next time I’d seen the hunters, they were dead, and about to be burned. From the brief glimpse I got of the bodies, they’d clearly been tortured, but not nearly enough for my liking.

And they’d been killed too quickly. If It had been my decision, I’d have made them suffer for months. After all, they’d made me suffer for twenty years.

Much to the alpha’s annoyance, I still wasn’t speaking to him, or my Aunt Nina, who had taken my grandfather’s side.

As angry as I was (And still am). Casey was right, it was time to move on. But what now? By Casey’s growing smirk, I knew she had an answer, and I already knew I’d hate it.

“I have just the thing to help you move on.” Here we go. “You know the Christmas party is coming up soon?” I inwardly cringed and refrained from rolling my eyes.

Every year, the pack held a Christmas party, two weeks before Christmas, and every year, Casey would play match maker with all the single females within the pack. Especially with me.

Casey was sweet, but the pack was small, and there were only so many available males left, and half of them were cubs.

“You know, Case? As much as I love you, my dear sweet friend, I’m afraid you have already set me up with most of the pack, at least twice. My mate isn’t here.” Thank fully that was true.

I wasn’t ready to meet him any time soon.

Casey rolled her eyes, and chuckled, like she did every time I spoke of mates. Casey had never been a one-man kind of woman, and I couldn’t recall her ever spending the night with the same male twice.

Casey reached over the bar and grabbed my shoulder, giving me a shake.

“I’m not talking about you getting mated yet. You’re twenty-six. I’m talking about you, Anna Banana,” I sneered at the chosen nickname.

“I’m talking about you getting out there and getting the best fuck of your life. Or in your case, your first fuck.

“You’re a twenty-six-year-old, virgin werewolf for Christ sake!” A blush stained my cheeks.

Sure, it was no secret that I didn’t sleep around, but somehow Casey always managed to make me embarrassed about my lack of promiscuity. “Besides,” she continued.

“This is the twenty first century, gone are the days where we mate for life. We are a dying breed.

“If we all mated for life with our own kind, then some of us would be getting a little too close for comfort with those that we shouldn’t.

“Our pack is sixty strong, but I’m related to ten who live in this town.” Her nose scrunched with distaste at the thoughts running through her mind.

She shook her head to clear them, then once again continued. “Odds are, your mate is human. Why don’t you come into the city with us this weekend? You’ve never been to a nightclub.”

“I work in a bar.” I protested. She dropped her arms from my shoulders.

“Exactly!” Casey voice rose in pitch and she stomped her foot in a childish manner, Casey could throw a tantrum to make any child envious. “You work, you always work.

“You’re never the one on the dancefloor, grinding your hips against someone. Trust me, if you pick the right human male, they have just as much stamina in the bedroom as our males.

“Humans at the minute are obsessed with working out and competing with their friends over who has the biggest muscles.” She wagged her eyebrows.

I snorted with amusement; she was incorrigible. “I think I’ll pass. Besides you know I hate this time of year.” I couldn’t help the way my shoulders drooped. Christmas was all about family.

Especially within a small pack. Casey had a large family; my aunt Nina had her mate. All I had was my Grandfather, who I had no intension of speaking to anytime soon.

“Ah ah,” Casey put a finger to my lips. “We’re making new memories this year, and I have a surprise. We’re being joined by another pack for Christmas.”

“What?” I said when she dropped her hand to the bar top. This was news to me. How the hell had Casey found out this before me? Probably because every time your Grandfather enters a room, you exit.


“The Oborot pack.” She stated this, as if I should know the pack. I didn’t, but the name sounded familiar.

“They’re Russian?” I asked.

“Yes, they’ve been in America for over twenty years. Word is, they were chased out of Russia by hunters.” I didn’t have time to mask the hurt, it must have shown on my face, so Casey moved on quick.

“Anyway, their pack is joining us for the Christmas celebrations, and they’re staying through to the new year. How good does that sound? Having hot naked Russian guys running around.

“It’s going to be the best Christmas ever!” She exclaimed, smiling like the Cheshire cat. All the while clapping her hands together in giddy excitement.

“Come on, you’ve finished your barmaid duties.” She clasped my hands now with hers. “We have planning to do. This year I’m going to make sure that Anna gets herself a Russian meaty banana, or two.”

“Do you know how disgusting you are, Case?” I couldn’t help but smile and I sputtered out the insult. Especially when she shot me her most innocent ‘who me’ look.


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Just under a week later the town was completely decorated. Fairy lights of all colour seemed to twinkle from every tree surrounding our small but beautiful town.

I couldn’t hold in a scoff as I looked down over the town, now looking like a Santa’s grotto.

For a town that wishes to stay inconspicuous, they sure aren’t being discreet.

The hair on the back of my neck started to rise and the wind carried the scent of strawberries. Aunt Nina was lingering behind me, and probably had been for some time whilst I was lost in thought.

Another gust of wind blew, and the scent grew stronger. Aunt Nina had not long showered. For as long as I could remember, she’d used a strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner.

“The town looks great, sweetie. You did a good job.” Her familiar soft voice sounded from my left as she moved closer.

As much as I didn’t want to see or speak to her, I couldn’t deny the scent of her, and the warmth radiating from her wasn’t comforting. It had been a lonely month.

“The view is amazing from up here.” She continued when I didn’t speak. She wasn’t lying, I had hiked up the mountain and was currently standing on an exposed ledge.

The wind grew stronger and I hugged my arms around my middle. I had come out prepared, wearing a winter coat, hat and gloves, but the night was growing cold fast.

Werewolves body temperature ran hotter than humans, but that didn’t mean we were immune from the chill.

The weather channel predicted snow to fall in the coming week, and the Oborot pack were due to arrive at any moment.

All week I'd been questioning Casey about the pack, but she claimed to know as little as I did, reminding me that my Grandfather had been the one to invite them, and therefore all the information I wanted, lay with him.

As curious as I was, I couldn’t bring myself to seek him out for answers.

“I just helped string some lights, Aunt Nina. It was all Casey’s doing. Lord knows what the town will look like for her mating ceremony.” I smiled at the thought.

Casey had been in crazy commando mode all week, she’d had the whole town involved, and everyone had been assigned to different jobs, from small things like putting up the never-ending stream of lights.

To decorating the twenty foot ‘Christmas tree’ centred in the middle of the town.

I’d seen the Grinch movie years ago when I was a child and couldn’t help but notice Casey had used it for her base of inspiration.

I still couldn’t believe how organised and bossy Casey had been during the week, she’d even snapped at my grandfather once–by accident of course– and under his raised brow, Casey had cowered and immediately rambled out a stream of apologies before fleeing.

“Yes, Casey isn’t one for doing things half-heartedly, I’ll admit. But it all does look amazing, I can’t wait for the Oborot pack to get here, it’ll be good for us, to mix with other wolves.

“It’s been a long time since some of us have mixed.”

I scoffed and shook my head. “Well I can’t imagine they’d have any trouble finding us. We’re about as subtle as Las Vegas right now.” Aunt Nina sighed at my dry tone.

“Anna, it’s not like we’re advertising what we are. It’s Christmas. Every town in the country will look like ours.

“If we are targeted by hunters, then we are double the strength with two packs here.” She paused. “Look at me.”

I turned, not being able to refuse. Her gaze locked onto mine when I did so. My aunt Nina was all I had left of my mother, and it tore at my heart, even now, after so long, how similar they looked.

Nina had my mother’s unruly dark hair that cascaded down her back in waves, her large blue eyes and even scent was like my mothers.

The only difference between them was that my mother had always been warm and gentle to everyone she met. Aunt Nina was only truly warm and gentle to her mate and me.

I had only been the focus of my aunts anger once and never wanted to be again.

“You’ve had a tough life so far, and I know you’re cautious, you never let anyone in. Not completely anyway. You’re not living Anna, just existing. When was the last time you even shifted?

“You’re surrounded by pack here; you don’t need to be afraid–”

“I’m not afraid,” I said defensively, I’m not. “Maybe if I’d have gotten some revenge for my parent’s death, then I wouldn’t be moping around–” Aunt Nina cut me off before I could continue.

“You didn’t need to see what was done to those hunters,” she reached out to touch my shoulder and I didn’t move away.

Mostly because If I did, then I’d tumble over the edge of the ledge, and fall to my death. But also, because I craved her touch. The tight grip was comforting and eased some of my anger.

“I wish you and Grandpa would stop treating me like a child. I’m twenty-six for goodness sake. I needed it; I needed to see them punished. I was the one who found my parents, Aunt Nina.

“I heard the hunters come into my house. If they’d taught me more about my wolf instead of making me hide her, as if she was something to be ashamed of, I could have helped.”

My breathing was laboured, with every passing word my voice had grown in volume.

Aunt Nina’s face softened before a loud cheer sounded from the town below us, ending the conversation. Aunt Nina hardened her features and gave me a measured stare.

“That will be the Oborot pack arriving. Take a run, Anna. Cool off and then come down to greet our guests.

“You’re the future pack leader, your grandfather will want you there, I’ll cover for you,” she leaned forwards and embraced me in a warm brisk hug.

“I love you Anna.” She released me as quickly as she hugged me, and with that took off at a run back down the mountain towards the town.

I took a deep breath, then let it out on a huff that sounded more animalistic than human. My wolf was close to the surface, impatient, and waiting to be let out.

I could feel her pacing at the mere thought of going for a run, it had been a while.

I rarely let her come forwards, we both seemed to have completely different personalities– My wolf was a free spirit, she loved the forest, loved to explore and annoyingly enough, she wanted a mate.

Though I was quite happy to wait in that department, much to my wolfs disgust.

The thought of releasing some of my pent-up energy had me giving into temptation, sort of. Deciding against fully shifting, I let my wolf come to the surface freely to enjoy a two-legged run.

The exercise would at least keep her calm for a little while.


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Age Rating: 18+

The Nerd’s Secret

Mia Brooks isn’t your ordinary teenage girl. She is an orphan with a secret. After her parents died, she lived on the streets until a kind woman took her in at the orphanage. She began to turn her life around and learned to fight. Only a few people know her secret identity as a fighter, but that secret is about to be revealed when Aaron comes into her life.

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Kidnapping, Sexual Abuse, Rape)

The Love Shack

Avery O’Neil is a film student at UBC, battling a long-time secret crush on athlete Aaron James. What better way to get over Aaron than to try out a by-invitation-only fling at The Love Shack? No lights, no talking, no seeing your partner…but what does Avery do when her first experience gets under her skin?

Age Rating: 18+

Gideon Is The Steamiest Love Story Since Twilight

Werewolf romance smash-hit, Gideon spans over 3 books and has already been read millions of times on the Galatea app. The app has received recognition from BBC, Forbes and The Guardian for being the hottest app for explosive new romance novels.