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Natalia dreams of going to college, but her mom and dad have other plans. Her brother has already been to college, so that doesn’t benefit her parents. But placing Natalia in a nunnery will give them something to brag about. If you’re pregnant, the Church won’t accept you, so Natalia goes to the Strip and has unprotected sex with a strange man. When the man bites her, she realizes her mistake, but it’s too late. She’s just mated with a Viperian! What’s worse is, she kind of (really) liked it!

Age Rating: 18+ (Extreme Violence)

Warning: this book contains material that may be considered upsetting or disturbing.

Reader discretion is advised.

Note: Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Natalia dreams of going to college, but her mom and dad have other plans. Her brother has already been to college, so that doesn’t benefit her parents. But placing Natalia in a nunnery will give them something to brag about. If you’re pregnant, the Church won’t accept you, so Natalia goes to the Strip and has unprotected sex with a strange man. When the man bites her, she realizes her mistake, but it’s too late. She’s just mated with a Viperian! What’s worse is, she kind of (really) liked it!

Age Rating: 18+ (Extreme Violence)

Warning: this book contains material that may be considered upsetting or disturbing.

Reader discretion is advised.

Original Author: SJ Wilke

Note: This story is the author's original version and does not have sound.

Natalia’s mouth was dry, and she found it hard to swallow.

“This is so exciting,” her mother said, squirming in her seat.

Her father nodded with a big smile on his face.

Natalia managed a swallow and almost choked.

“I… I wanted to go to college.”

She almost coughed the words.

“Nonsense,” her mother said. “I never went to college and look at what I’ve accomplished.”

“How can you not want this?” her father said with a wave of his hand, indicating the room in which they sat.

“This is just a waiting room,” Natalia muttered, but her statement was misconstrued.

“Fine imported mahogany woodwork. The finest tapestries. Gold. Silver,” her mother said, pointing out the lavish decor of the room. “I almost feel under-dressed.”

Her mother smoothed her skirt and fiddled with her necklace. Natalia knew the dress was an original creation that cost a lot of money.

Her mother had accessorized with matching shoes, a hat, and gold jewelry with diamonds and rubies. Natalia thought she was overdressed considering where they were.

However, she nodded in agreement with her mother. The richness of the room did seem to make her mother’s outfit and even her father’s tailored suit, appear shabby.

Natalia smoothed her own dress out of uneasiness. She swore her white dress glowed, making her feel even more self-conscious.

“I meant this room is supposed to look over the top. They’re trying to impress you,” she said, startled to find her voice raspy.

“Of course,” her mother said as if reprimanding her. “A position in this church is quite an honor. An honor to be proud of.”

Her mother looked ready to explode with joy.

“This church is at the forefront for helping the poor.”

“A lot of people could be helped with the money in this room,” Natalia murmured.

She felt like reiterating that she wanted to go to college but decided it would be futile.

“I didn’t know we were coming here.”

“You’ll be taken care of for life,” her father said, looking about the room as if this lavishness would soon be hers.

Natalia grimaced. This was not where she thought they were taking her. This was the last thing she ever wanted for her life.

“Can’t we wait and decide when I’m eighteen?”

If she could make it that far then she would be free.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” her mother said.

“You need to grab these opportunities when they arise,” her father said.

“What on earth are you going to do when you’re eighteen when you can be settled here?” her mother said.

“College?” She barely whispered the word.

“Nonsense. Your brother, Beryl, has already been to college.

“He’s happily married, and we already have a grandbaby.” Her mother scrunched her shoulders and smiled as if she was admiring a baby in her lap. “Such a precious little boy.”

“You have everything you ever wanted,” her father said to her mother.

Natalia thought the smile plastered on his face seemed a little forced.

“Not many get an opportunity like this. To be accepted in the most prestigious church,” her mother said.

“I don’t want to be a nun.”

“Not a worry in the world,” her father said under his breath, sounding almost as if he was envious.

A wave of horror swept over her at the finality of her parents’ decision. She found she could hardly breath as if a huge rock was sitting on her chest.

“Do you think we’ll get tea?” her mother said in a quiet voice as if afraid she would be overheard.

“Not this early in the morning,” her father said in an equally quiet voice.

“Tea?” Natalia was aghast that her mother was wanting tea. Her parents were destroying her life, and her mother wanted tea?

“We’ll get you some later,” her mother said, reaching over to pat Natalia’s knee as if to comfort her.

Natalia jumped. A door panel, concealed in the wall in front of them, opened to reveal an office. A man, dress in sandals and a rich ornate green robe, stepped out.

In silence, he ushered them into the office with a wave of his hand. She felt him staring at her, hardly giving her parents a glance.

Natalia swallowed hard when she rose. The office beyond the door was more lavishly decorated than the waiting room.

“Please, sit.”

The words were a command.

“Your Lordship,” both her parents said while they settled into chairs in front of the desk with Natalia sandwiched between them.

Natalia recognized the man as the Lord Abbot. She had seen him on the news. His business suit was expensive and adorned with gold cuff links and a gold tie pin.

She thought he hardly looked the part of a humble servant of God. He looked as if he was a banker and they were a family applying for a loan.

“I’ve received your application,” the Lord Abbot said.

Natalia felt as if they were inconveniencing him by their presence. He never even rose from his desk, denying them any respect.

She also noted with distaste that he didn’t even bother to introduce himself. Of all the times she had seen him on the news, he had only been called by his title.

She wondered if anyone knew his real name. She set her face to show no emotion, already hating him immensely.

“Excellent to hear,” her father said, rising to place an envelope on the desk.

Natalia swallowed hard again. She knew there was a check in that envelope and hoped her father hadn’t been too generous.

The Lord Abbot shifted in his chair making her think he was going to grab up and open the envelope to see how much, but he didn’t.

“The application will be reviewed by our board, and you should know in a week or so.” His eyes fleetingly took in the envelope.

Natalia stiffened when his eyes moved over to her. She had the odd feeling he was staring at her breasts. His look was creepy, but his words gave her a ray of hope.

She feared they would take her at once. There was time to plan an escape.

“We are so please you are considering our Natalia,” her mother said with a gush of pride that made Natalia embarrassed.

The Lord Abbot smiled and nodded, but his eyes never moved away from her. Natalia almost expected him to lick his lips. She envisioned a forked tongue like a serpent.

“My assistant will provide information on preparing your daughter should she be accepted,” the Lord Abbot said, gesturing with his hand toward the door.

The same robed man that admitted them stood in the open doorway holding a packet. He also gestured with his hand.

To Natalia, it was an obvious sign that the meeting was at an end even thought it seemed like it had hardly started. She rose with haste. The open door was her escape.

She wasn’t going to wait another moment. Her movement spurred her parents into realizing that the meeting was over. She hurried ahead of them out to the corridor toward the front entrance.

“Natalia, don’t walk so fast,” her mother said.

Natalia felt she needed to get outside for air before she suffocated. She rushed out the front entrance and trotted down the steps before she stopped and sucked in huge breaths.

Her lungs found the smog of the city refreshing. The heavy traffic that flowed in front of her looked like paradise.

She had the brief feeling she was a doomed prisoner who had received a delay in execution.

“Let’s have lunch at the cafe,” her mother said when they caught up with her. “I know it’s a little early, but we can have a cup of tea beforehand.”

“If we must,” her father said.

“Cafe Green or Paula’s?” Natalia said, falling in behind her parents.

She felt a malicious pleasure in knowing that the question would irritate her mother.

“Paula’s, of course,” her mother said, almost sounding snippy.

“Green’s has better food,” Natalia said in a quiet voice.

Her mother didn’t respond. She knew her mother preferred Paula’s. It was the place to be seen, and it was the last place Natalia wanted to go.

The cafe had a huge outdoor area with artistic tents over it that allowed people to sit out at tables rain or shine. There tended to be more rain than shine during the early fall days.

“What a beautiful sunny day,” her father said.

“Yeah,” Natalia breathed, noting big fluffy clouds.

She now felt like a ten-year old having just completed some program at church, and that her mother wanted to now show her off, dressed in what could be described as a white fluffy virginal dress.

However, it wasn’t even Sunday. It was a Thursday. Late morning.

“I have to go back to work right after lunch,” her father said.

Her parents strolled arm-in-arm in a leisurely manner as if they had the world at their fingertips.

Natalia swallowed hard again when she spied the packet her mother carried. Her mother held it out in front of herself as if making sure anyone they saw could see. Natalia already knew what was inside.

Her friend, Rebecca, had faced the same fate and had shared everything. She felt like crying when she thought of her. Rebecca was now dead.

“You’ll have to read this closely,” her mother said, waving the packet.

“I already know what’s inside,” she said with a gloomy voice.

“Nonsense. Each packet is specific to the person. I’m sure, due to your father’s position, that you will be well placed in the church,” her mother said as if she had already read the information.

Natalia shook her head but knew her mother didn’t see. Nor her father.

“All the same,” she said, knowing the packet spelled out the proper behaviors and rules. Due to the death of Rebecca, she now knew violating the contract carried a death penalty.

“Natalia, I’m not liking your attitude.”

That was her mother’s way of telling her to shut up.

Natalia knew that Rebecca had been taken to the Church, but believed she also had time to plan an escape. Unfortunately, she had been taken back to the Church the next day.

She found a way to escape six months later. However, she had only managed to survive a few months among friends before she was captured.

During her short freedom, she had informed them about the life of a nun, and it wasn’t pretty. A nun was a slave who washed, cleaned or worked in the gardens.

As well, there were the endless prayer sessions and long periods of isolation. And there was the sex. Rebecca informed them that she had been sterilized that same day she had been taken to the church.

After a few days of recovery, she was put into service for any of the male clergy to use at will. A refusal resulted in a gang rape and a beating.

Natalia didn’t know exactly how Rebecca died, but the rumors suggested she was entombed and starved. Or as the Church would probably say, she was left to the mercy of God.

Natalia felt her chest tighten in terror with the thought of her own impending death.

“R-Rebecca said….”

“Enough, Natalia,” her mother said in a stern voice.

Natalia knew she couldn’t broach the topic again. Her parents only saw the good and the glory.

“You can’t believe the story of some rogue runaway. Her parents were publicly embarrassed.”

Natalia knew differently. She had seen Rebecca’s bruises and the horror in her eyes.

The cafe was busy, but with a bribe from her father, the waiter managed to find them a table.

Natalia’s only respite was that the table was off to the side and by a pole that partially blocked them from view of the other tables.

She took the chair that allowed her to face the city and not the main area of the cafe. If she couldn’t see the other tables, then she could pretend they didn’t exist.

In front of her, she saw life and hope. A’ppollo was the largest metropolitan area on the whole continent. The skyline was packed with high rises and raised rails.

The roads were packed with cars and trucks. The rails ran constantly. The city never shut down. The economy was booming, so she heard. Everyone she knew who went looking for employment found it.

Her mother put the packet on the table. The sun seemed to choose that moment to hide behind a cloud.

“Tea,” her mother said, ordering as soon as the waiter arrived.

“Yes, ma’am.”

To Natalia’s dismay, her mother was rubbernecking around to see who else was present. To her relief, the waiter was quick to bring the tea, distracting her mother.

Natalia stared at her cup while her mother poured them all tea. Her throat was still tight, and she was having a hard time swallowing, especially since the packet lay on the table right by her.

It was hard to ignore: her death sentence. She tried to take solace in her tea, taking longer than usual to add milk and sugar, and then, stirring it a long time as if it were too hot.

Finally, she put the cup to her lips, but the one sip of warm tea sat in her mouth. She couldn’t swallow. Her napkin soaked up the tea before it dribbled from her lips.

“See, now there’s a proper young lady,” her mother said.

She was looking around the cafe again.

Natalia took note of the mother and daughter pair that passed. While her mother had seen a proper young lady, Natalia had seen another downtrodden girl.

“I remember growing up and children ran amok,” her mother said with distaste.

Her father nodded absentmindedly as he sipped his tea. He looked far away in thought.

“You have it made, Natalia. I’ve told you a hundred times. Your father is doing well in his work. We have a very nice house. You have everything you could ever want.

“Look at the opportunities in front of you.”

Death, Natalia thought while she looked at the few tables in her view. The inhabitants were all adults. The only minor she had seen had been the other girl with her mother.

It was illegal for anyone under eighteen to be out without the accompaniment of an adult: preferably a parent. She wasn’t allowed to have more than one friend over at a time.

Nor was she allowed to go to a friend’s house unless a parent was in attendance. She had no phone. No computer. Her parents dictated everything.

The waiter returned.

“I’ll have the tuna salad on white. No dressings or sides,” her mother said.

“The lunch special,” her father said.

Natalia knew he hadn’t even looked at the menu.

“Chicken salad sandwich,” Natalia said. “No sides.”

The waiter nodded and left.

Natalia thought about what she did have. She had a savings account, but…

No, she thought, that wasn’t something she really had. It wasn’t even in her name.

Yeah, she thought, glancing at her mother, I become a nun, and you get to keep all the money.

However, she doubted that any of the money that she had ever received as gifts ended up in a savings account. Most likely it all ended up in her mother’s pocket.

Her mother liked to spend money, specifically on clothing and jewelry. In fact, she liked to spend it so much that Natalia knew her father had set an allowance, restricting her mother’s extravagance.

Her mother frowned and stopped looking around. Natalia hoped no one her mother knew would appear. On the plus side was the fact that it was Thursday and it was still early.

“I wonder if you’ll even need to pack. You’ll be in a habit once you’ve gone through training. She’s going to be a novitiate or a novice?”

Her father shrugged.

Natalia wished her mother would shut up.

“There’s no training,” she said in a hoarse whisper.

“Nonsense, Natalia. You don’t just read this packet and know everything. Goodness, child. You’ll need training just like you would in the job market.

“You just don’t reach eighteen and someone hires you.”

“College,” Natalia said in a deadpan voice.

“We can’t support you forever,” her father said, piping in.

Natalia suppressed a strong urge to slap him. They were sending her to her death, and they were worried about money?

“Mother spends…”

“Natalia.” Her mother’s voice was like a slap in the face. “Don’t you dare talk like that.”

Her mother forced a smile when the waiter arrived with their food.

Natalia picked through her sandwich, hiding the fact that she was tossing bits of it to the pigeons. Thankfully, her mother thought it was ladylike to leave a meal half-eaten.

“I have to get back to work,” her father said.

He had only eaten half his own meal.

Natalia could see he was in no mood to linger. He signaled for the bill.

“It’s such a nice day, you should call in,” her mother said.

“I have responsibilities,” he said, handing a credit card to the waiter.

The waiter scanned it at the table, and her father signed the electronic pad. He rose from his seat, forcing her mother to realize they would sit no more.

He didn’t stroll arm-in-arm with her mother, forcing her to walk at a faster pace.

Natalia felt like running to their car and felt some relief when she was able to hide in the back seat out of public view. She hoped her mother had forgotten the packet at the cafe, but she hadn’t.

The drive home was quick. Her mother babbled about whatever was out the windows. Her father remained silent, just nodding in an agreeable manner at times.

Natalia ignored her mother, unless she heard her name, and then she would just smile.

Her mind was spinning with options, but by the time her father pulled into the laneway, she knew exactly what she had to do.


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“I’ll take the packet,” Natalia said, grabbing it from her mother’s hand. “I’m the one that needs to read it.”

“Yes, you do, sweetheart.”

Her mother’s voice sounded too sweet.

Natalia turned and rolled her eyes when she headed for her room. Once there, she closed her door.

“Like hell I’m going to read this.”

She kept her voice low, almost afraid that her room was bugged. However, she tore open the packet. A quick glance at the contents caused her to swallow hard and feel lightheaded.

The five sheets were double-sided and filled with small print. They were exactly what Rebecca had received. There was no customization.

“Boilerplate. My name isn’t anywhere on here. They probably make these up before hand and just grab one when they need it.”

She tossed the pages onto her makeup table, then stood in the middle of her room. It was decorated as if she were a fairy princess, and she hated it. The pink and the lace were excessive.

“Like I’m some stupid five-year-old,” she said in a low voice.

She managed a deep breath before going to her closet. From the very back, she pulled out a red dress.

“Who thought I would actually need this.”

She rolled it up and put it into a small backpack.

“The girl pack won’t believe me when I tell them,” she said. “I laugh that you never noticed this, Mother, when I added it to that pile of clothes you were buying.”

She found it soothing to talk to herself.

“I need a few accessories.”

She stepped over to her makeup table, taking the few items she thought she would need to make herself up and placed them in the backpack. On the floor were some red slippers.

She put those in as well before zipping the bag closed.

“One dress. No bra. No undies. About as sexy as I can get.”

She looked around and listened hard. The house was dead quiet.

“And no one is going to know,” she mouthed the words to herself, thinking about Rebecca.

Rebecca had relied on friends after her escape, but one ultimately betrayed her, thinking it was for her own good.

“If no one knows, no one can tell.”

She tiptoed to her door to open it slowly. There was no one in the hall. She closed the door without a sound and sat on her bed.

“The girl pack discussed this, should it happen again. One sexy dress. One guy. One pregnancy. The church will no longer want you.”

She swallowed with apprehension.

“And here I am in that situation. But I have the time. I have the plan. Head to the Strip, find a guy, and have sex.”

She grimaced.

“Of course, he has to be an adult over eighteen. Damn male birth control.”

She mulled over the fact that underage males were on medications that prevented them from having erections.

“It’s in your food, you idiots. That’s how you’re getting it. I think the stuff makes them stupid, too.”

She rolled her eyes.

“I have to get pregnant. Contract states…”

She rose to pick up the papers. Her eyes seemed to immediately find the paragraph, causing her to swallow hard again.

“There it is. The applicant cannot be pregnant or have born children.”

She put the papers down and resumed her seat on the end of her bed.

“Once pregnant, no more nunnery.”

She paused to think things over.

“I wonder how many times it will take to get pregnant? I think I’m in a good time now. Stupid cravings. Hungry all the time. Of course, I’m not eating regular meals.

“I have to make sure I’m not getting fed birth control or anything else.”

She chuckled.

“You help there, Mother. You love to eat at restaurants. Can’t drug my food at a restaurant. At least, I hope not.”

Someone walked by her door, causing her to freeze. She figured it was her mother since her father had left for work immediately upon dropping them off at the house.

The closing of her mother’s door confirmed her identity.

“Just eight more weeks and I’ll be eighteen. So close, but…”

She flopped to a prone position on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

“Father’s rich. There’s no way the Church is going to pass on me. Waiting to review my application, my ass. They’re probably just going to make you pay more money, Father.”

She sat up abruptly.

“I can’t go to the Strip a virgin.”

Her voice was but a whisper.

“Can’t have an intact hymen. Girl pack talked about that too.”

She rose and locked herself in her bathroom.

“I hope this doesn’t hurt as much as everyone makes it out to be.”

She grabbed an emery board and sharpened one fingernail into a point. Her reflection in the mirror showed her in deep thought.

She had always thought she could be a model because of her huge blue eyes. Hair could be any color, but her natural color was strawberry blond. She knew the red dress would highlight that trait.

“I’ve got the slender figure. Everyone’s slender because that’s the fad, but I got more cleavage that most this skinny.”

She turned sideways to look at how much her breasts protruded.

“Yeah, Lord Abbot. You were staring at my boobs,” she said with a sneer.

Her white dress was straining against her breasts. It glared back at her.

“Stupid dress.”

She took it off with no regard if she ripped anything and threw it onto the floor. With glee, she stomped on it while she undid her bra and added it to the pile, along with her panties.

“And last… This annoying thing.”

She unclasped the cameo necklace that her mom always insisted she wear and dropped it onto the pile. From out of a drawer, she pulled out a bottle of baby oil and a sex toy wrapped in a towel.

“I can’t believe you let me buy this, Mother. To think it’s okay to buy such a thing for a bachelorette party. A party you ended up not letting me attend. But you forgot about this.”

She set the items on the edge of the tub before she positioned herself by laying back with her knees up and her legs spread.

The tub was cold to her skin, but she didn’t feel like getting a towel to lay against.

“A good distraction, the cold. Now, a little baby oil,” she said, dribbling some between her legs and over her finger with the sharpened nail.

With intent focus and no hesitation, she inserted her finger into herself. She gasped, flinching from the pain. Some quick breathing and a little massaging made the pain dissipated quickly.

“That wasn’t so bad,” she said with a deep breath. “Everyone said it was a horrible pain. Probably some exaggeration. Not an interesting story without pain and gore.”

However, she still had to take a few more deep breaths before she continued. She oiled the sex toy and slowly inserted it while masturbating.

Her mind could think of no daydream to make this a pleasant experience. There was no sexual desire considering why she was doing this.

She stopped after a short time, then wiped herself and cleaned up.

“I don’t need this anymore,” she said, wrapping the sex toy in a feminine napkin.

She threw it into the trash, then filed down the fingernail until it wasn’t so sharp.

“Whew. Glad that’s over. Now I just have to wait.”

She dressed only in jeans and a t-shirt, not bothering with underwear.

“Would just be a bother to take off anyway.”

She slipped on her running shoes and retired on her bed with some books to read.

The rest of her day was predictable. So were her parents.

At two pm, her mother left for a charity tea event. Natalia almost had the house to herself. There were four servants. She heard one of them vacuuming the hall.

They did all the cleaning while her parents were gone.

“I don’t count. They just have to keep tabs on me to make sure I don’t wander off somewhere.”

At five pm, she went down, as was her habit, to have her dinner. She walked out to one of the patios with her plate.

“Father’s stupid expensive hunting dogs. And he doesn’t even hunt. Just lets you run the property as if you’re protecting it. But he’s scared to leave you out at night and kennels you.

She laughed.

“This is the one time I like you dogs.”

She fed her dinner to them.

“Hopefully my food isn’t drugged for your sake,” she said while one licked her plate.

She returned the plate to the kitchen, then returned to her room.

Shortly after six, her mother came home.

She knew her mother would have a light meal and then retire to her bedroom. It was almost seven pm when she heard her pass the door.

“One more to go,” she said.

She lay on her bed to wait and fell asleep.

It was dark when she woke. She bolted upright and looked at the clock. It was almost ten-thirty pm. She sighed with relief that she hadn’t slept the night away.

There were noises downstairs that she recognized were coming from her father. She figured he must have just gotten home. Ten minutes later, he walked by her door, down the hall.

She heard him shut his door. Her parents slept in separate rooms.

Natalia waited ten more minutes before grabbing the backpack. She opened her door slowly to make sure there was no one around. The house was quiet.

She knew the servants retired once her father headed to bed.

As stealthily as possible, she trotted down the stairs and out a side door. Natalia paused to let let the door shut behind her. She breathed deep, finding the evening air smelling wonderful and fresh.

For a moment, she felt so free, until the door clicked softly behind her. She jumped.

Just the door latching shut, she thought. She checked the area. There was no one visible and no sounds of anyone. She trotted across the yard.

There was a route she knew to take that wouldn’t trip any of the security lights. She knew it well, having gone out many times before.

There was one fence to climb over, but it was easy, since it was meant to be more decorative and keep the dogs in than to keep people in or out.

Once out of the yard, she knew to keep to the shadows, which were plentiful. She also knew which yards to avoid because of dogs.

Almost two hours of jogging and fast walking brought her into the part of town she wanted. She was no longer the only person around, but everyone kept to themselves.

At times, she felt it was adults who ruled the day, but it was the children who ruled the night. Every person she saw was a minor.

If she saw someone walking alone, she assumed, just like everyone else, that the person was heading toward their pack.

She spied a teenage girl walking with a boy, hand-in-hand. Her eyes saw a sister and brother. There was no age limit, but the youngest she had heard that escaped parents was seven years of age.

She hadn’t started escaping until she was ten, but only because of the security around her parents’ house. It had taken her a while to figure out the security light pattern.

Tonight, however, Natalia was avoiding the areas where her pack hung out. She didn’t want to be seen by any of her friends.


She turned into a dark alley and stopped. The heavy stench of garbage greeted her.

However, she knew because of that there wouldn’t be anyone here: not even a drunk, a drug addict, or a dumpster diver.

She glanced around, not looking to see if anyone was around, but that there weren’t any rats.

“I hate rats.”

She was glad to find that there were neither people nor rats when she stepped into the darkness. With care, she positioned herself between two dumpsters, pausing a short while to let her eyes adjust.

The stench was powerful, pushing her to more haste. She stripped naked. Her hands shook while she rolled up her jeans and t-shirt into a tight ball.

She pulled out the dress and slippers before stuffing in the ball of clothes. The backpack, along with her running shoes, were stuffed behind a bin for later retrieval.

She felt herself tremble but couldn’t tell if it was the cool of the night or her nerves from being naked. She was quick to slip on the dress and slippers.

“Damn, this is shorter than I remember,” she muttered to herself, still feeling anxious.

The dress was barely a couple of inches past her rear. She wondered if she could walk without it inching up and revealing her ass. She took a few tentative steps.

The tightness of the dress and the fact that the material felt glued to her, made her realize the dress would stay in place. However, she found no comfort in that.

In fact, she was feeling more and more nervous.

“I can do this,” she said in a tense whisper that caused her to jump.

Her voice seemed loud.

She forced herself to walk out of the alley, but it took two blocks of fast walking to ease her breathing and nerves. It helped that no one seemed to take any notice of her, even dressed this way.

“Just a sex worker heading to work,” she murmured. “Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Except for the fact that she could feel the cool night air wafting up the dress.

Her ass felt cold, and she kept touching to make sure the dress hadn’t shifted, but it was just the fact that she was wearing no underwear.

“Three blocks to go,” she muttered.

She knew exactly where she was and could tell she was getting closer to the Strip. There were more people walking about, and they weren’t dressed for a Sunday stroll.

Red and bright colors were the norm. The more skin showing, the better.

She turned one last corner, and found herself on a wide, four-lane boulevard. Along both sides of the street, for more than a mile, she knew was full of sex workers.

A police car drove by. She flinched even though she knew she didn’t have to be concerned. Based on what she had seen, if the workers stayed on this boulevard, the city ignored them.

A chauffeured car drove by. The rear window was open, and she caught sight of an old man sitting in the back. Most of the traffic consisted of fancy sports cars or limousines of various lengths.

“The rich and horny men of high society,” she said under her breath.

She wondered if her father ever cruised down this street. She knew he wasn’t getting any more sex from her mother. Maybe why he worked so late, if he was really working. She bet he had a mistress.

Natalia paused to check what her competition was. A pair of skinny men, dressed in tight pants, strolled by. They were in a hot discussion about a designer brand of shoes and which colors were best.

There were two women together in a huddle further up and one woman who was very wobbly on her feet.

However, across the alley from this section of the block, there were dozens of scantily clad women strutting.

The large number of women caused her some alarm since she didn’t think there would be that many down this far.

There were many nights that she and her pack had sat on the stairs of a building that overlooked the Strip. They learned the rules of engagement by watching.

One rule appeared to be about earning your position on the street. They had seen that women nearer to the clubs had a better chance of finding business.

Her current position was almost as far as she could get from the clubs and still be on the Strip. She thought it was the safest place to start.

She already knew she couldn’t move farther up the street to improve her odds. On one occasion, she had seen the brutal beating of a worker who had moved up without regard to those ahead.

She knew she would only be able to work this bit of the block.

The fact that traffic was streaming past at a fast pace seemed to confirm that the men wanted to be closer to the clubs. None were moving slow or near the curb which signaled that they were looking.

She now had the concern that she might not attract anyone down this far.

Natalia moved closer to the lone woman who appeared intoxicated. The woman stumbled, and Natalia bumped her, keeping her from falling. She gently navigated the woman to a light post.

“Grab on. Look like a pole dancer,” she said to the woman who laughed, but didn’t push Natalia away.

There was truth to the adage that there was safety in numbers. If she could buddy up with someone, then no one would bother them.

She had heard that making buddies also tended to promote one’s status and allow a worker to move up the street.

The woman tried to twirl around the pole, but almost fell again. Natalia kept her from falling.

“Warsh er nam?”

Natalia kept herself from wrinkling her nose. The woman’s breath was horrendous.

“Nattie. What’s yours?”

The woman giggled and mouthed a name. Natalia didn’t catch it since a limo choose that moment to screech a U-turn, just barely missing the curb. Then it hugged the curb, going slow.

The window at the back was down, signaling that the person was looking, but Natalia noted no one seemed interested in approaching the limo. She knew this was odd.

From her distant observations, when a vehicle had a window down, the workers swamped it, vying for the person’s attention.

She was unable to see who was inside because of the tinted windows and it was dark within the vehicle. Her only thought was that this person was known and not well liked.

Or maybe… they were looking for a guy?

No, the two guys strutting were ignoring the limo as well.

“There’s your chance,” Natalia said to the woman clinging to the pole.

“Devil,” she said before tottering off, breaking any buddyship between them.

Natalia suddenly felt self-conscious that she was standing there by herself. She controlled the urge to pull her dress down further.

The limo was almost next to her when the other two women approached. One gave her a quick sneer as a warning to keep her distance. Natalia stepped back away from them.

“Hey, babe. Looking for me?” one said.

A man’s hand appeared out the window. He snapped his fingers once and pointed at Natalia. The other two women looked disappointed and walked off. Natalia found she didn’t know what she was to do.

Her distant observations didn’t include what was said.

The limo pulled up to the point where the open window was just beyond her, however, she still couldn’t see the person inside. The door opened.

The dark figure of a man stepped out part way, grabbed her hand and pulled her in.

Natalia felt herself land on his lap, then slide partially beside him. She heard the door shut and felt the limo move. The man at once seemed to be smelling her hair and neck.

She had the feeling they weren’t alone. After a few moments of him sniffing and pawing over her, she was able to see that there was an older man with a young woman sitting across from them.

She had the feeling they had picked up that woman from the other side of the street. She had lots of makeup on and a tight dress with a push-up bra.

It was at that moment that Natalia realized she had forgotten to put on her makeup. It was too late now and didn’t seem to matter.

The old man smiled and chuckled. The young woman frowned and looked a little disgusted.

To Natalia’s concern, the limo was no longer cruising along the curb, but in the middle of the street, moving quickly.


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