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Aria Delphine is descended from the first witch ever to live. The aura of power that flows from her is enough to make most supernatural beings run for the hills—but not Kai Baltic. Kai is the only hybrid in the world, a mix between vampire and werewolf. When war strikes too close to home, he’s forced to call in a strong ally, and shocked to discover that she’s his mate. Will these two unique beings find a way to navigate their shared fate?

Age Rating: 16+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Aria Delphine is descended from the first witch ever to live. The aura of power that flows from her is enough to make most supernatural beings run for the hills—but not Kai Baltic. Kai is the only hybrid in the world, a mix between vampire and werewolf. When war strikes too close to home, he’s forced to call in a strong ally, and shocked to discover that she’s his mate. Will these two unique beings find a way to navigate their shared fate?

Age Rating: 16+

Original Author: Kay Lauren

Note: This story is the author's original version and does not have sound.


The thin paper pressed loosely on my fingertips as I nearly laughed at the contents it held.

“I never thought I’d see the day. The Hybrid needs help from little ole me.” My hand sarcastically placed over my heart and I heard Callum scoff as he mumbled something under his breath.

“You know a big ego doesn’t suit you. Maybe try being more selfless.” He threw the knife at the tree and missed, causing it to reflect off the bark and onto the ground.

“Because I’m a woman and ladies don’t act in such manner blah blah blah. I know.” I rolled my eyes in his direction.

“It would be great if you could take this seriously.” He ran his hands through his dirty blonde hair, allowing his curls to flop back down.

His hazel eyes flashed up at me with a slightly pleading look that took me by surprise.

“Callum, you’re my Protector. Aren’t you suppose to keep me away from things like him?” My brows furrowed at the sight of him becoming more frustrated.

“My point exactly, I am your protector not the other way around.

“Think about it in this light, if you help him you’d have a solid ally whenever there comes a time you’re in need.” He said, throwing another knife at the tree with a tad bit more force this time.

Hitting bullseye.

“Helping a magical mistake in a war that I know nothing about? Yeah. Right.

“Sounds like a great plan, in fact I’ll be the front line!” I shouted sarcastically and I seen his eyes grow darker at the tone I had used.

Shoulders tensed with a deep frown etched into his expression.

“I can practically feel my ancestors’ disapproval all the way from limbo, hell my mom might even break out just to come beat some sense into me.” I said and looked up to meet Callum’s glare.

“I won’t ask again, we are going to help the Hybrid and that’s final.” His jaw clenched together and he spared me one last glance before turning around and walking off towards the temporary cabin we had been staying in.

What the hell was he thinking? He couldn’t just demand me to go then walk away from me like he was my father.

Narrowing my eyes at his descending figure I felt my legs move to their own accord, following right behind him.

This conversation was not over.

“So, what’s the plan huh?

“We get there, meet him, be guests in his home, become buddy buddy before he drains us of our blood?” I said entering the house to find Callum already throwing some of his clothes into a red suitcase.

“Aria not-,” I didn’t give him the chance to finish.

“No, he might rip our heads off for looking him directly in the eyes, I’ve heard that’s a stupid rule for the werwolf kind.” I snap. “And who exactly is this war even against?”

I got silence as an answer.

“See, you don’t even know yet you’re so willing to just pack up and head there! It could be a trap!

“When did you become so reckless in your decisions?” I opened my mouth to continue my rant but Callum slammed his fist straight into the floor, his body moving up and down from the heavy breaths he was taking.

My mind went blank as he slowly looked up at me with darkened hazel eyes, almost completely brown.

“When I started losing my powers Aria! That’s when I became reckless in my actions!

“That’s when I started thinking of every possible way to keep you safe!” He shouted before taking a deep breath and shaking his head slowly.

My heart sank at his words. There’s now way he was losing his powers, witches don’t just lose their powers.

“What… what do you mean?” I asked, easing down on the floor beside him. “We don’t just lose our powers Callum that’s impossible.”

He scoffed at my words before looking back at me, his hazel eyes had returned and I was thankful for that.

“Clearly it’s not impossible.

“I’d lay my life down for you in a split second but as of now, I don’t think that I could put up much of a fight.” He stated, laying his head back on the bed that was behind us.

His eyes fell on the wall infront of him.

“So when you said you wanted to help the Hybrid so he’d owe me… this is why?” I asked slowly and he nodded. Even though he was the one losing his powers he was still putting me first.

He wanted to make sure if something ever did happen to him, I wouldn’t be without someone to help me.

“But I’m the descendant of the first witch, that’s gotta count for something.

“There’s got to be something I can do to stop it or to help you.” I said as I sat up on my knees and reached for Callum’s hand. As soon as I grasped it and closed my eyes he pulled away.

“I promise, there’s nothing you could do to stop this and even if there was, I wouldn’t allow you to try it.” He said before giving me a small smile.

“Don’t look at it like this is the end. There’s always a new beginning. Who’s to say that I won’t just become human or that I become stronger?

“We don’t know the outcome so don’t stress that tiny little brain of yours.” He playfully said and my mouth dropped open before smacking his shoulder.

I smiled down at the floor before looking back up to see his eyes wide, staring right at me.

“What?” I asked but got no answer and he started backing away slowly. “Callum what is it?” I asked again.

“I…. I think I see… smoke coming from your ears!” He shouted before standing up allowing laughter to pour from him in waves. “Oh that was a good one, I had you going you should’ve seen your face!”

I stood up and narrowed my eyes at him before he finally stopped laughing.

“Oh don’t give me that look, go get packed up so we can hit the road and don’t take forever either. We’re already running late.” He shouted behind me as I walked out towards my bedroom.

“You know, you’re like the brother I never had.” I shouted back and heard a chuckle escape him before he answered.

“And you’re like the little sister I never wanted but got anyways.”

After I finished packing Callum came to my room and collected my suitcase.

“So how far does the Hybrid live?” I questioned as we walked out the door and towards the sleek black car sitting out front. Callum popped the trunk and threw our luggage into it.

He looked up at me with a smirk.

“You really wanna know?” His eye brows raised slightly.

“Uh, yeah?”

“About a five hour drive so I’d advise you to slow down on any fluids because I’m not stopping every ten minutes.” He said as he slammed the trunk.

He walked to my side of the car and opened the door for me before headed to his side.

Oh this is going to be a long ride.


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“Aria, wake up.” A nudge at my shoulder had me leaning father into the door and I tried my best to ignore it.

“Aria. Come on get up, I need your help.” Callum’s voice pushed me awake and I peeked a look up to him, finding his eyes already on me.

With a huff I scrunched my nose and opened both eyes while my hands found their way to my messy hair.

“What is it?” I grumbled, sitting up fully in the seat and looking ahead through the windshield. My eyes met with an onyx colored gate that was closed infront of us.

“I need you to see what we’re walking into. How many people is he surrounding himself with?” He asked and I took a deep breath to clear my head.

Closing my eyes, I searched my mind for elemental strings that dangled losely within my reach.

A gray string was the first to appear and I reached out to grab it, my fingers grazed it and I felt air replenish my entire body.

The cold chills raking every inch of me, allowing me to became one with the element Air.

It felt as if I was floating outside of my body now. Everything around me turned a dark shade of gray and I pushed forward with the wind, searching for an essence.

An essence is a light that supernatural beings put off, each type has a different color to represent the light essence inside them.

Red for werewolves, light blue for witches and a black for vampires, representing their lack of soul.

A little further up, I had found an essence that almost made me snap back in surprise.

The color was not like one I’d ever seen and the sheer power it held could have knocked the breath out of any low status supernatural being.

The color was a bright golden shade, almost the color equal to the sun and just as bright.

That had to have been the Hybrid.

Searching further I had only found one bright red essence.

A smirk made its way onto my face as the wind slammed back to my body, causing my eyes to pop open and look towards Callum.

“Well, the little hybrid must not see us as much of a threat. He only has one werewolf with him that I can see.” I informed Callum as he opened his door to go open the gates.

“Well, when you can kill all of your enemies in the blink of an eye I don’t think backup is the first priority.”

I scoffed and watched him get out of the car and run up to the gates, he pulled on the big piece of chain that was hooked around the center and they came tumbling to the ground.

The gates slowly swung open.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Callum jogged back to the car and shut the door behind him.

“Apparently he can’t kill the enemy he’s going to war with, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.” I mumbled and Callum pursed his lips while taking the dark scene around us in.

Nightfall had come too quickly, quicker than usual.

“Why’s it so dark already?” Callum asked and the car pulled forward down the long driveway.

“Honestly, I don’t know. We should’ve at least had another two hours or so before nightfall.”

Callum and I studied the outside a tad bit more until a gorgeous house, or should I say mansion, came into view.

The building had looked older than usual but still had its modern touches, such as the beautiful fountain the was placed in the middle of the driveway, creating a circle around it.

Pulling around, we stopped close to the door and he pushed the car into park before shutting the ignition off.

“What do we do now?” I turned to look at Callum who was already climbing out of the car. Hustling to grab my seatbelt, I unlatched it and pushed the door open.

“I don’t get it, he knows we’re here. He has to.” Callum looked towards the door with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Well… go knock.” I said and his eyes snapped to mine in surprise.

“No why wou- you go knock.” He grumbled and I just shook my head.

“Oh no way, this was your idea. I’m not going up there to get my hand bitten off.” I said and Callum just mumbled some words I didn’t quite catch over the wind.

Probably containing some very voice words in there somewhere.

“Brother and sister?” A feminine voice gained my attention instantly and my eyes fell upon her. She was standing by the door that had been vacant moments ago.

“More or less.” Callum said as he rounded the car towards the woman. Her petite frame made it seem like she was weak and fragile, but her eyes told a completely different story.

They were an earthy brown and her hair was almost the same color, except a slight tint of red shown.

Callum reaches out for her hand and she accepted.

“I’m Callum and this is Aria, we’re here for Mr. Baltic.” He said and her eyes lit up with an emotion I couldn’t quite grasp as she looked in my direction.

“Ah yes, we’ve heard a lot about the two of you. Follow me.” She bowed slightly before turning on her heels and entering the house, we quickly followed.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, who are you?” Callum asked while unintentionally using himself as a border between her and I.

“My name is Raven, I’m one of Kai’s allies.” She stated in a calm voice that held absolutely no emotion.

I turned to Callum with an odd look.

“She sort of sounds like a robot.” I whispered to Callum and from the side I seen a sneer appear on her face.

“I don’t sound like a robot, I just don’t associate with your kind. In my better judgment, I don’t even think you should be allowed past the gates.” She continued down the hallway and turned a corner.

I slowed my pace so that I was walking behind her and my eyes found the back of her head.

Focusing everything in my mind on her I closed my eyes to find an element, I’ll show her what ‘my kind’ thinks of someone like her.

“Don’t!” Callum snapped at me and my eyes jerked open. Raven whipped around to face us and her eyes ate up the scene.

“Don’t…. you look beautiful today Raven.” He sent a small smile towards her and she just rolled her eyes before turning around once again.

Callum sent daggers my way with his death glare.

“His office is that door right there,” she said allowing her finger to point at the door infront of us. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more important matters to attend to.”

She spun on her heels and clanked her way down the hallway.

“She’s just a bundle of joy.” I grumbled sarcastically as Callum knocked on the door. There was an entire wall between us and the hybrid yet his power still radiated so strongly around him.

“Come in.” A deep silky voice answered and I felt chills rake my spine.

Callum opened the door and stepped in without a second thought, giving me a glimpse of a desk through the doorway. Pushing myself forward, I entered into the office and finally saw the hybrid fully.

He was sitting on the opposite side of the desk, leaned back against a leather chair. His muscles were tense under his black shirt which cut into each indention of his perfectly sculpted body.

My eyes traveled slowly up to his face, taking in the view.

I expected a man covered in scars with horrid features from war but instead I’m met with a chiseled jaw, pink plump lips, and breathtaking amber eyes.

To throw in the perfect mixture, his curly black hair defined the bright orange in his eyes even more.

His hair had been cut on the sides, not a lot but almost faded into the curls on top of his head. It was the perfect look for sophisticated and sexy all wrapped up in one.

“Mr. Baltic, as you probably already know, my name is Callum and this is Aria.” Callum turned to gesture towards me and the hybrids eyes followed, stopping on mine.

“Ah, the famous Aria Delphine. Your beauty certainly lives up to its name.” His voice was almost melodic to me and I felt my face harden instantly.

I knew exactly what he was doing, he was trying to use his vampiric mind tricks to pull me in.

A perfectly built predator.

“We aren’t here for small talk, let’s discuss this war we know nothing about.” I deadpanned and he just sent a smirk at me before replying.

“Right to business? Hm, that’s not how I’d usually do things but if that’s how you prefer it little witch.”


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