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Ava Darling may be a nerd, but she can’t wait to leave high school. On a good day, her fellow students ignore her; usually, they tease her. It’s just one more year though. Then she can move on to university and a fresh start. Unfortunately, a cruel prank puts Ava dead in the sights of school bad boy Hunter Black, who comes to her with a bizarre proposal. The two couldn’t be more different, but if they team up, they might find that secretly—very secretly—they have more in common than they think!

Age Rating: 16+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Ava Darling may be a nerd, but she can’t wait to leave high school. On a good day, her fellow students ignore her; usually, they tease her. It’s just one more year though. Then she can move on to university and a fresh start. Unfortunately, a cruel prank puts Ava dead in the sights of school bad boy Hunter Black, who comes to her with a bizarre proposal. The two couldn’t be more different, but if they team up, they might find that secretly—very secretly—they have more in common than they think!

Age Rating: 16+

Original Author: Sir Ellious

Note: This story is the author's original version and does not have sound.


Do you ever have those days where you just don’t want to even get out of bed?

Yeah, today is one of those days. I groan and roll over looking at my alarm clock.

It has already gone off twice but, I’ve snoozed it which isn’t the best of plans either, however, I’m only ten minutes late, nothing a quick rush around and a skipped breakfast wont fix. Lucky me.

Crawling out of bed I make my way to the bathroom across the hall.

Scrubbing my teeth and doing my business I stare at my reflection before walking out and heading back to my room to get changed and ready for school.

Throwing on a pair of black jeans ripped at the knee and an oversized Harry Potter top with the Hogwarts crest upon it.

When I say oversized, I mean two sizes too big for my petite figure but, that’s the way I like it hiding me from the outside world.

I grab my ‘ugly’ pair of big black-rimmed glasses, ugly because that’s what everyone who teases me at school calls them, when they acknowledge me, and brush my excuse of hair into a loose ponytail on top of my head, letting the brown hair sway behind me.

It was the start of my final year of the sixth form, a new year and boy I was just dreading it, another year to be picked on, used and threated.

I couldn’t wait to escape and go away to university somewhere where I could have a fresh start.

I may be a nerd and all but, even I hate the thought of getting up at the crack of dawn to learn and to study.

I grab my bag that sat at the foot of my bed, luckily, I had packed it the night before and It was ready to go, as I headed down to the kitchen to leave for school.

All the lights were off, but I can see a note on the fridge through the light that manages to break through the blinds.

Walking over to the window I pulled up the blinds letting my eyes be blinded momentarily before they readjusted themselves to the light that was streaming through.

I walked over to the fridge and pulled off the note from the fridge.

I sighed as I read the note.

Working double shift, there’s food in the fridge, you’ll have to make it yourself. Mum x

Walking over to the fridge I pulled it open, the cool air blasts across my face, even though it’s still quite warm out as its early autumn it brings goose bumps to rise over my skin.

Again, I sigh as nothing takes my fancy. Shutting the fridge, I grab an apple from the side before I make my way out the door as I don’t want to be late for my first day back.

Don’t get me wrong this is a normal routine or at least it was, with the summer break over I needed to get back into the swing of things, get back into an old routine and old habits to stop this sort of thing happening.

It’s only me and my mum now and she must take extra shifts to be able to provide for us for us to be able to stay afloat, we even had to downsize from our lovely home because we couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage.

She works as a nurse and her pay isn’t exactly high, it wouldn’t be, they are understaffed and underfunded but working for the NHS makes my mum happy as she is able to help others and seeing her happy makes me happy.

My dad died in a car crash two years ago when he was hit by a drunk driver that swerved and collided into him, he was instantly killed, taken from us whereas the drunk driver walked away with just a few bruises and breath in his lungs.

Even though he’s gone I still miss him loads. I was a daddy’s girl; he was always there for me when I needed him and now, he’s gone.

It’s been two years and yet I still feel the pain, the grief that hangs over my head.

I feel my eyes well up with tears, but I push them away as I didn’t want to cry on my first day back to sixth form. I shake the thoughts away as I carry on walking to school.

When I reach the school’s gates, I notice all the cars and people that have gathered to catch up after the summer holidays.

The school may be a public one but, there were still a lot of people here that had a lot of money and weren’t afraid to show off with their fancy cars and expensive clothes with brands I have never heard of.

I walk with my head down and making sure no one notices me; I slip into the school and walk towards my locker at the end of the corridor.

If you haven’t already noticed I’m the girl that likes to be invisible, the one people overlook until they need someone to do their homework or they’re having a bad day and they need to let off some steam.

The world gives me the gift of invisibility and I’d be a fool not to take advantage of it right?

My locker is right at the far end of the hall and so no one notices when I am there, a bonus for me. Walking towards it I find a blonde-haired girl waiting, I smile, this is my only friend, Lily.

Let’s do the introductions, shall we?

Lily has been my best friend since I was little, we met when we both discovered our hatred for this horrible girl called Jessica and we shared a packet of sweets together because Jessica had stolen and ripped up our work.

We may have only been five but who cares? Friendship is friendship at the end of the day. Lily is stunning.

She has blonde curly hair that falls to the middle of her back, she has bright blue eyes that catch the attention of most.

She’s 5″6 with super long legs that girl’s envy, she has curves in all the right places, and she has naturally tanned skin. All in all, she’s what most boys want.

It’s funny to think that I don’t get noticed when I’m with her but, if you’ve ever seen The Duff, you’d understand how easily ignored I am.

I don’t mind however, I never really understood why she would stay by me, but I am grateful for it.

“Hey bitch, how was your holiday?”

I smile at the way she greets me before replying. She’s so confident in herself and I admire her for that.

“You know me I was very productive and managed to eat all the ice cream and watch loads on Netflix.”

“I noticed, you watched all of shadow hunters in two days.”

I smiled at her, but I knew it was true, how can you not love the mortal instruments.

Now if you’re wondering how I manage to pay for Netflix I don’t. Lily, my babe, lets me use her account. Her parents are quite rich, they own an Italian restaurant and it’s amazing!

If you could try it then you’d understand. I’m like their own personal taste tester.

I smile at her as I take out my books from my locker, Lily’s on her phone texting away like a maniac the tapping of her nails on the screen is somehow calming in the sense of chaos around us.

It’s hard to think that we’re so close when we come from very different places.

I’m brought away from my thoughts when Lily’s slapping me on the shoulder repeatedly, I roll my eyes and wonder if she’s broken her nail with the force of the blows. I turn around and there they were.

The three Sex-gods. The Three Musketeers.

The whole hall has gone silent and students’ part like the red sea to let them through as they watch them walk down the hall, girls are batting their eyes hoping to be noticed, while boys glare at them because they want to be them.

I roll my eyes, sure they are fricking hot don’t get me wrong but, they are players, fuckboys, excuse my French. They hump and dump. Fuck and chuck. Nab and shag.

Sometimes it’s for fun other times it’s a game or a bet but either way, it’s meaningless to them.

The leader of the group and sexiest, in my opinion, is Hunter Black. He’s six foot and is made of pure muscle. Not the gross bulky stuff you see more like the kind you see on models and hot people.

His hair is a dark brown almost black and his eyes are the colour of the forest. A dazzling emerald green. He is the ultimate Sex-god.

He is dreamy and drool worthy however, the downside is he has slept with nearly every girl in the school, and he’s never with the same girl twice.

Except for that bitch Jessica he keeps running back to her and she loves the attention that comes with it, as the most popular and sexy guy in the school wants her all the guys want her.

Then there’s his best mate, Liam Thorn. He is also six-foot-tall, he has blonde hair and blue eyes and he is hot in his own kind of special way.

He’s a swimmer with a gorgeous body but he’s not as much as a fuck boy as Hunter and not as hot, in my opinion, he has been known for having a girlfriend from time to time which to me screams cute and I think the others could learn a thing or two from him.

Lastly, there’s Declan Reed, with black hair and standing just slightly taller than six foot. He also has blue eyes.

Declan is not only known for being a fuckboy but, a prankster as well which is weird because if you saw him you wouldn’t think he had a sense of humour, when I see him most of the time he always has a scowl on his face as if he’s only got one emotion and that’s intensive dislike of people.

He hasn’t been with Hunter and Liam that long maybe about three or four years but he sure as hell fits in with his looks and he sure as hell is loyal to them.

Oh, and did I mention that all these boys are rich? Like ridiculous rich, they could properly buy the school if they wanted to and no one would stop them.

Everyone respects them, the teachers, students, I’m sure even some of the parents fear them and would do anything they asked.

There have been rumours that they are involved in some horrible things, like gangs and drugs but the police are too scared to do anything about it and with their money I’m sure they could just buy them off.

No one really knows if it’s true or not but, no one dares ask.

So, there you have it, these three boys basically run the school, and no one tells them otherwise.

I turn away from them as they walk past and keep my head down. I like being invisible, I just don’t like attention or maybe I don’t like what the attention would bring for me, pain and fear.

I groan as the bell goes off and Lily and I make our way to our first class, maths.


Walking out of the class and carefully walking around other students I start to complain to Lily about the school.

People are walking everywhere in a mad rush and I’m trying my best to avoid them, so I don’t get any lash back.

“It’s torture! Do they really expect us to do maths on a Monday morning?”

Lily just giggles and shakes her head at my foolish outcries.

“Well, they must really hate us this year.”

She has a sarcastic tone and I turn to glare at her before we both burst into fits of laughter. I’m not bad at maths no, I just hate the subject.

I don’t even know why I chose it as an A-level, it’s pointless and when will I ever get asked to work out algebra or circle theorems? The answer is I will not ever!

Lily and I are walking to our next class dodging people and ignoring the shouts from students and teachers, I’m so distracted by all the noise that is going on around me that I’m not paying attention to where I am going, it takes me by surprise when a guy pops up in front of me without warning not being able to stop myself we crash into each other.

Having the wind knocked out of me I stumbled back a bit grasping at my stomach and looking up into the eyes of the guy who caused me this pain.

Through the tears in my eyes I can make out his face, we stare at each other before he barges his way through us nearly knocking me over and scattering my books.

As if having the wind knocked out of me wasn’t enough, he had to scatter my books which I had managed to hang onto in the first attack.

“Sorry gorgeous.”

He says with a wink in my directions before he’s lost in the sea of students. I stand there shocked. Some guy and a hot guy at that called me gorgeous and winked at me! Someone noticed me!

I feel my cheeks go a deep shade of red before I shove my head down and carry on walking dragging a very confused Lily behind me who had collect all my books embarrassed by the whole fiasco.


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After that delightful Monday which I managed to survive if you were wondering, I was now sat in the canteen of our school and it was hectic.

It was finally Friday, and this means everyone was excited for the weekend. Teenagers were shouting at one another and laughing as they met up with friends and I was groaning sat at my table.

It’s my table because Lily and I are the only ones that sit here.

Sad, I know but no kid wants to be seen socialising with me because it would just lower their social status and could put a target on their back, unless of course they were trying to use me.

I look over at Lily and she has her gaze on the popular table, to be more precise she is looking at Declan Reed. She’s had a crush on him ever since he asked her for the answers to a quiz in science.

It’s kind of sweet and yet I don’t want to see her get hurt.

I know what Declan is like and I don’t want him messing with my best friend, even if he did the change, I would rip his head from his shoulders if he ever hurt her.

I sigh as I look behind me and watch the popular table too. Declan is chatting to the twins, most likely about a party they are going to be throwing.

The twins were the jokers and the party throwers of the school.

They were basically like Fred and George Weasley, like the twins they had the same fiery red hair and the same humor and ability to make anyone laugh no matter the situation you were in.

I used to have a few classes with them I knew how they could make people laugh, even the teachers however sadly I have been mostly on the receiving end of their pranks, the classic bucket perched on the top of a door and falling on your head, putting glue on my chairs so I couldn’t get up, putting gum in my hair and my personal favorite locking my in the cleaning cupboards.

It wasn’t all bad because at least I could get my work done in peace and quiet. The teachers never did anything to stop it so eventually I gave up telling people and just learnt to deal with it.

The twins weren’t gym lads like the rest, thank god but this means most of the time it was someone else picking me up and throwing me in the cupboard.

They were about 5″10 and were called James and Justin if you can imagine, even more confusing as people mix them as they look so alike even though they weren’t identical.

They were really sweet when they weren’t pranking me but, they never really cared for girls the way the other boys did.

They are too busy whispering with Declan to come up with the latest prank or the joking around.

Seeing as neither of them have ever been seen with a girl I secretly suspect they might be gay, but I would never tell them that too their face.

Next to Declan at the table was Liam who was talking to a girl, who in my opinion was really pretty and he looks rather nervous as he speaks to her while the girl is blushing and giggling at his words which only seems to boost his confidence.

It’s actually refreshing seeing one of the guys trying hard to impress a girl and not trying to get into their pants which is what usually happens at lunch.

Then there’s Hunter, he’s got a girl on his lap and they are snogging each other’s face off, can you say gross?

His hands are tangled into her bleached blonde hair while he pulls her closer to him as if they aren’t close enough already.

I feel my appetite leave me, as I turn back to my food but the mentally image of Hunter snogging some random girl is etched into my mind, forever giving me a nightmare.

Do they know this is a canteen where people eat and not some strip club or whatever?

The girl on Hunter’s lap is wearing hardly any clothes, however, the little material that is there is too small for her and you can basically see everything which is not something I wanted to see, I pull a disgusted face and look up at Lily who is now texting away on her phone with a far off look on her face and a hint of sadness.

I sigh and rest my head on my arms lying on the table as I wait for school to be over.

Even if I still had two more lessons to go, luckily one of them was a free period which meant that I could get ahead of work and complete it all for next week, thankfully I had asked my teachers what they would be covering next week.

I feel a chair being moved next to me and then a human like presence taking up space. For a nerd, I, am very antisocial like most but, if I can avoid human contact I will.

I lift my head off my arms and stare at the boy who is sitting next to me, he has a big smile on his face, like he doesn’t realise that just by sitting next to me I could lower his social status and he could be beat up for it.

I recognise it as the same guy from earlier who crashed into me and called me gorgeous.

I feel a slight burn in my cheeks and use my hair to hide my face that is in my ponytail, letting fan over my face as I do my best to ignore his presence.

“Hi” his voice is soft and inviting as if he doesn’t realise the danger he is in.

The stranger is talking to me what do I do? If I leave, he’ll think I’m weird. Okay just say hello, I got this.

I can feel my heart rate speed up and the blood is hammering in my ears, my mind feels lightheaded and I feel like I might faint.

“Hello” My voice comes out higher than normal, and my embarrassment only deepens. He smiles at me. He’s cute and he has dimples when he smiles but, it doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

“You’re Ava, right?”

I nod my head as I gulp down the extra saliva that has accumulate in my mouth and praying to whoever is listening that he didn’t hear or notice me gulp. How did he know my name?

“Well, Ava would you meet me in the library in 5 minutes?”

Again, I nod my head and watch as he walks away towards the library through double doors before, he disappears from sight. Why did I even agree to meet a random stranger?

I look towards Lily ready for some advice but, notice she has left me. She must have left when the guys showed up. Traitor.

Guess I better start making my way to the library, he probably wants me to do his homework for him or maybe use me to make himself feel better about how horrid his live is.

That’s the usual rundown of things, do their homework and never talked to them again and they ghost me in the halls or get beaten to a pulp and pretend it never happened.

Sighing, I leave the canteen and walk down the halls to get to the library, it’s quiet and it’s starting to make me feel nervous. Walking down the halls I can hear my footsteps echoing.

It’s nice not being caught up in this rush of people as they try to get to their classes on time, for someone of my height, it’s hard to move in such a crowd, I get shoved and swept away by the hordes of people around me.

It doesn’t matter because they wouldn’t care if they could see me because half the time I think they do but they just like to push me around just because they can because I never do or saying anything back as it only makes matters worse.

Walking into the library I notice how quiet it is, normally people are in here trying to get their work done and secretly eat their lunch in here as well as they are too scared to go to the canteen, I would know as I’m sometimes the one hiding out in here because no popular person wants to be caught dead in here.

There isn’t anyone in sight as I sweep my gaze around the vast room.

I see the guy that asked me to be here, he’s lurking in the shadows where a load of books is on the shelves sending an eerier glow over him.

I walk over to him nervously fumbling with my hands as I do, he smirks at me from the shadows and it makes me feel uneasy like he’s the cat and I’m the mouse.

“You look beautiful.” His voice is low and soft and makes my whole body light up and tingle.

I feel my cheeks heat up slightly and I’m thankful that it’s dark in here so he can’t see the effects he has on my, I don’t understand why he has this effect on me and why I even care.

He grabs me by the hand and pulls me closer to him, trapping me between the bookcase and his body.

I could feel the heat coming off his body and his breath fanning my face, like little sweet minty kisses.

My breath hitches in my throat and my heart is ready to jump out my chest like a caged animal. The guy leans forward closing the gap between us, his face is inches from mine.

I see him glance down at my lips. OMG!! What do I do? This can’t be happening; I don’t even know the guy and I’m not sure if I even want to kiss him.

My mind goes black and I am frozen as this guy closes the gap between us. There’s an inch from our lips.

I can feel his breath fanning over my face more intently, the smell of mint hinting me like a wave from the sea.

My mind suddenly goes into a reboot as I watch his eyes flutter close, I don’t know if I’m ready for this, I don’t even know the guy.

I’m panicking, I don’t know him this is so wrong; he can’t take my first kiss.

Then he pulls away and starts to smile and laugh. I’m so confused. He looks at me and he no longer looks sweet, he looks like a monster.

His eyes are sharp and cold, his smile is replaced with an evil sinister grin. There is no warmth in his face only hard lines and hatred plastered onto his features instead.

He pulls back and he’s looking around as if expecting people to come out and congratulate him on his amazing prank that he has just pulled.

“Did you really think I was going to kiss you? Look at you, you’re not pretty at all you look like a cow’s arse. I bet you’ve never even been kissed by a guy have you.

“You’re nothing but a nerd and that’s all you’ll ever be!”

I can feel the tears bubbling in my eyes, he had tricked me just so he could hurt me. I’ve never even met the guy why would he do this?

I hear more voices join the laughter as I see a whole bunch of people walk out of the shadows with cameras and phones pointing at me.

At the front is Jessica, the girl Lily and I both hate with a passion. I feel the tears streaming down my face like a waterfall as people point and laugh at me.

Jessica puts her phone in my face and smirks at me. The pain that I feel for being tricked in such an intimate way is breaking me apart. The embarrassment and pain are too much so I run, I always run.

I run as fast as my little legs can carry me out from the library as their faces haunt my dreams, I can still hear their laughter as it ricochets around my head like a bullet taunting me like the devil himself.


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