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Contract Killer

The envelope was standard enough—it looked just like all the others. And the result would be the same: open the envelope, meet the mark, complete the hit, and move on. But when he saw the picture inside, ~he~ felt like the one who was dying. His heart jumped back to life as he stared at the gorgeous face in front of him. ~Rosa.~ Why would someone want her dead?

He wants her more than anything he’s ever wanted… Will he be able to pull the trigger when the time comes?

Age Rating: 18+ (Abuse, Violence)


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The envelope was standard enough—it looked just like all the others. And the result would be the same: open the envelope, meet the mark, complete the hit, and move on. But when he saw the picture inside, he felt like the one who was dying. His heart jumped back to life as he stared at the gorgeous face in front of him. Rosa. Why would someone want her dead? He wants her more than anything he’s ever wanted…

Will he be able to pull the trigger when the time comes?

Age Rating: 18+ (Abuse, Violence)

Original Author: Lizzie Lioness


I was seated at the library with my eyes glued to my book. From the moment I looked up from the dusty pages, I caught his gaze. The stranger’s magnificent blues refused to move away from mine.

His lips curved up and caused my breath to hitch. I glanced at the paperback in his hands, and realized it was one I had read before. Good taste, sir.

He was gorgeous, and if I weren’t taken, hell I’d flirt right back.

The man focused on me longer than anyone should, so I shifted my attention away from his when the blood rushed to my cheeks.

After a while, and out of curiosity, I glanced up and he had turned the page and smiled. Wow. That damn smile.

My thoughts broke when the alarm rang out on my phone. To avoid any complaints, I quickly shut it off before I realized I was late.

Shit. I need to meet Jordan.

When I stood and collected my things, I caught gaze with the stranger once more before I ran out of the library and made the short stroll back home.

“I’m back, Jordan! Are you ready for our date?” I threw my keys and bag on the kitchen island but honed my ears to the screams which came from the bedroom. “What the fuck?”

As I bolted up the stairs, the sounds which were once muffled, became defined. “Jordan! Yes! Oh, Jordan!”

The door flung back when I kicked it open and it caused a dent in the drywall. Jordan’s naked ass thrusted back and forth as he fucked some girl, clearly not realizing that I had stormed in.

I grabbed the nearest item, which happened to be a vanilla scented candle which he got for my birthday and threw it at his back.

He pulled off his slut and turned around. “What the fuck?”

My blood boiled as I stared at the guy who I thought I loved.

“Shit. Rosa.”

“Um. Who’s this? The girl looked to Jordan before shifting her attention back to me, not giving a shit that her naked body was on display.

“I’m his girlfriend.”

She shifted his attention to my soon to be ex.

“You have a girlfriend, you asshole!” A resounding clap echoed when she slapped him right in the face before she collected her clothes and bolted out of the room.

“Nice. You made her a tramp.”

Jordan stumbled off the bed and fell to my feet. “I’m sorry, baby. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. She means nothing to me.”

“Get the fuck up and get out of my house!” I screamed and pushed him away, so he tumbled onto the carpet.

“Please. No. I need you.”

“Get your shit and get out Jordan. We’re fucking done!”

He wrapped his arms around my legs, but was met with a swift kick in the face. “Ahhh!”

“I said get the fuck out!”

Jordan collected his things and got changed before he stormed out of the room and finally out of my house. He’d only just moved in with me a month before.

As soon as I heard the door slam, I went back downstairs and snatched the last bottle of JD from the cabinet under the sink.

My trembling hands poured some over ice and I brought the glass to my lips, willing to do anything to calm my nerves.

Fucking asshole.

I thought about calling Liv, my best friend, but she’s got her own issues to deal with while her parents go through their divorce.

The chilled drink in my hand almost slipped, so I decided to sit on my porch and enjoy the incredible view.

With direct access to the sand, I rested against my chair and watched the waves roll in with ease.

I can’t believe that man whore! After everything we’ve been through together, the dickhead goes and does something like this!

It was a sunny and humid day, so it wasn’t a surprise when the dark clouds rolled in. The few people remaining collected their belongings as soon as it started to pour.

I was only pulled from my thoughts when my phone rang out.

“Hey, Liv.”

“What did he do?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Jordan called me in a panic. He said you kicked him out.”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I kicked his ass out.”

“Why? What the fuck did he do?”

“I caught him fucking someone else in our bed.”

I need to remember to burn the sheets.

“Sonofabitch,” she growled.

Liv continued to curse over the phone for an additional ten minutes.

A few times I had to move the receiver away from my ears from her shrieks, which reminded me why I loved the girl in the first place.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m good. I’ve got my whiskey in my hand and I’m looking out at the beach. I mean it’s pissing down, but it’s all good.”

“I should come over.”

“No, babe. I’ll be fine. Just sort your things out first and we can hang out soon.”

“Okay, girl. Love you.”

“Love you, too.”

I hung up the phone and placed it down on the small round coffee table next to me. My thoughts turned back to the blue-eyed guy in the library. If I had known that Jordan was cheating on me! Damn!

Ugh. Who am I kidding?

I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

Things were different between Jordan and me because we’d known each other for years, but when it came to flirting with other guys, I was hopeless and inexperienced.

We were together for eighteen months, but had met a few years prior, while we worked at the same bakery. Completely clueless that he was in to me, so when he asked me out, of course I said yes.

Starting to regret that now.

Five days later, Lexi came over to see me. As soon as I opened the door, her eyes widened, and an audible gasp echoed out.

“My God, Rosa! Have you been sitting in this house for the past week feeling sorry for yourself?”

“Of course not,” I chuckled. “It’s only been five days.”

“Are you being sassy with me?”

“Aren’t I always?” I closed the door and Liv proceeded to pull me in for a hug.

“Nope. Nope. Nope.” She stepped back and wafted the air with her hands. “When was the last time you showered.”

“I don’t remember. What day is it today?”

“It’s Wednesday.”

“Monday,” I replied.

“You haven’t showered in two days?” Liv yelled. “Are you kidding me?”

“Of last week. I think. Shit. I can’t remember. When did I catch Jordan fucking that girl?”

Liv stretched her lips and vigorously shook her head. “Go.”


“Go now.”


“Get your fucking ass upstairs and have a shower,” she ordered. “I love you babe, but you smell like a teenager’s dirty sports bag.”

“Fine,” I huffed, turned and ran up the stairs. Well, I stumbled more like it with my lack of energy.

“And for the love of God, wash your fucking hair!” she yelled out.

God, I love that girl.

We have opposite personalities, but we had always gotten on well. I was shy when it comes to guys, but she was straight forward on the other hand.

I groaned when I removed my clothes, but as soon as I stepped into the hot water, I felt a sense of calm and relief.

The hair tie I tried to remove was a bit of a struggle, but the first thing I did was wash…and repeat three times.

Using the strawberry body soap, I scrubbed myself over and over as the images of Jordan fucking another girl crept in my mind.

When I finished, I dried off, got changed in a flash and made my way back to Liv.

When she pulled me in for a hug, she took a deep whiff of my hair and moaned. “Much better.”

“I feel a bit better.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t see you earlier.” She pulled away and wiped the stray tear that fell down my cheek. “I want to kill him.”

“So do I.”

“If I see that asshole anywhere!” she fisted the air and clenched her jaw. “I’m going to do the both of us a favour!”

“I can’t believe he did this,” I sighed and fell back onto the couch in the lounge room.

“We’re going out drinking tomorrow night.”

“I’m not really in the mood-.”

She cut me off before I could continue. “I’m not asking you. I’m telling you.” She rubbed her hands together. “Be ready by 8.”

I knew there was no arguing with my bestie. When she made up her mind about something, there was no changing it.

“Fine. We’ll go.”

“Good,” she leaned back satisfied. “Now what are you going to do today, because there’s no way you’re staying home again?”

“I’ll go to the café and head to the library.”

“It’s a start,” she sighed. “Look I have to go. My parents have a meeting with the lawyers. They want me to be there.”

“Good luck, babe.”

“Thanks.” She leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Don’t forget. Tomorrow at 8, we’ll go to the Red Dragon.

“And how do you expect us to get into that club? It’s reserved for the best of the best.”

“We are the best of the best,” she joked before she rolled her eyes. “Ugh. We can only try. Wear something revealing.”

“Are you serious right now?”

“Yes, I want in that club.”

“Fine, but if we don’t get in, we’re coming straight home.”

The bell rang above my head as soon as I stepped into the café. Every person in line turned to glance at me before their attention shifted to the menu board.

When I looked around the small space, I caught a glimpse of someone seated in the corner with his head down between the pages of his book.

As he brought his coffee mug to his lips, he spotted me looking and gave me that half smile I loved so damn much. As my cheeks flushed, I turned away to avoid his stare.

Shit. He caught me. A man that hot should not exist.

The line progressed until I was at the register.

“What can I get you?”

“Large cap, extra froth please.”

After adding my delicious request, I paid the barista some money before I checked the café for an empty chair. The only one available was on a table next to the hot stranger.

With whatever confidence I had left, I strolled over, avoiding any eye contact with him before I pulled out the chair to take a seat.

A few minutes later, after my coffee was delivered and I settled with my book, a voice pulled me from my thoughts.

“Excuse me. Can I join you?”


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The Assassin

I glanced down at the petite girl on her knees while her tongue slid against my erection. She was clearly enjoying herself by the sounds she made each time she moved back and forth.

It had been a while since I’d done anything since I only returned from an assignment today.

I was pulled from my thoughts when a loud knock thundered against the door. “Excuse me, sir.”

“Do you need to get that?” the girl pulled back and I shook my head.

“No. Keep going.”

Bianca, or Brienne. Whatever her name was, put her mouth back on my erection.

“Romeo, it’s important!”

“Fuck!” I huffed and pushed the girl back with a little more force than I should have before I zipped up my pants. In a rage, I opened the door and growled. “What the fuck do you want?”

“I need to talk to you.”

“This better be fucking good.”

“You caught another one.”


“The U.S.”

“Fuck!” I ran my fingers through my hair. “Have they paid?”

“Double your normal fee.”

Double. Someone clearly wanted this person dead.

“Slip the envelope under the door. I need to finish up here.”

“You need to leave.”

I stepped forward and my icy stare burned a hole in Derek. “I’ve got no problem putting a bullet in you. Understood?”

“Understood, sir.”

I slammed the door in his face before the yellow envelope slid against the carpet. Shifting my attention to the girl, I unzipped my pants and removed what she had begged me for.

“Come finish the job.” Once she had finished, I barked. “Leave, and don’t come back.”

She snatched her purse and bolted out the door. Curious, I picked up the sealed envelope and tore it open to find only one thing inside. The photo of my target with the name and address on the back.

As soon as I saw her face, my cock immediately hardened.

Fuck. She’s gorgeous.

She looked completely innocent, and there had to be a reason why someone ordered the kill.

I want her. I need her. I’m going to have her.

Not satisfied from before, I fell back onto the recliner in the corner of the room with the photo in my hand. Needing another release, I fumbled with my zipper before I pulled my pants past my ass.

I have a rule. Never sleep with the same girl twice. To protect me, and to protect them.

My eyes glanced at the photo before I turned the picture around to find out her name. “Rosa,” I breathed and took my cock in my hand.

Her lips looked like they tasted of chocolate dipped strawberries, and I suddenly thought what it would be like to kiss them.

How they would feel wrapped around my cock, and how far would it go down her throat.

A guttural groan escaped my lips as my hands slid up and down my shaft. “Argh.” I couldn’t peel my eyes away from the photo.

Rosa was beautiful, and the sight of her made me hard, and I had imagined what her voice sounded like.

“Rosa. Fuck. You’re so beautiful. I wish I were there with you. I wish you were doing this to me, even if it is only for one time.

“I know I could make you scream.” My head kicked back, and I growled while my cock throbbed in my hand. “Uh. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

A deep breath released from my lips before I glanced down and gave Rosa’s photo a kiss. “I’ll be seeing you soon.”

I stepped out of the room and called for Derek. “Book me a flight to the U.S.”

“Already done. You leave tonight.” He hands me an envelope with the itinerary.

“I need to know who ordered the hit.”

“I’ve spoken to the bosses. The person wanted to remain anonymous.”

My demanding tone caused him to swallow hard. “Find out. Now.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And, Derek…don’t bring me any more girls.”

“Of course, sir.”

The drive to the airport was quiet, yet the busy streets and heavy traffic told me something different. For the first time, I’ve questioned the contract I’ve received to kill.

Even though I’ve assassinated women before, they’ve always deserved it in my eyes. This girl looked innocent, and I was desperate to find out the reason for the hit.

I was recently in the U.S. for another kill. The man I murdered abused some kids at school, and one of the parent’s found out and hired me to slit his throat, but I tortured him for good measure.

As a contract killer, I have my own rules to go by, and my bosses are aware not to give me any which goes against my list.

First rule. Kids are off limits. I don’t kill them at all.

Second Rule. I only kill women who deserve to be killed which brings me to my third rule. I don’t kill anyone for bullshit reasons.

If someone asked me to kill someone because they’re gay, I won’t do it. My bosses tried that once and I ended up shooting the person who tried to hire me in the first place. My fourth rule.

Don’t contact the person who ordered the kill.

The final, and most important rule is to keep my identity safe. I’m good at what I do. One of the most sorted out contract killers in the business, but one thing I love more than killing, is sex.

I love to fuck, but never with the same woman twice. I don’t get attached and I don’t fall in love.

The plane ride was quick, only because I fly first class every time. When I arrived at the airport, I made my way through customs and security.

“Welcome back, sir. Do you have anything on you that requires a declaration? Any weapons of any kind?”

“No, sir.”

“Step to the side so we can pat you down.”

“Yes, sir.”

He uses the wand and searched my body, and allowed me to leave when he’s satisfied, I’m not a threat.

If only he knew.

Before I met with Rosa, I had a meeting with one of the international bosses in Las Vegas.

They’ve arranged for me to be picked up from the airport and driven to meet them. This better not take fucking long. I’m desperate to see Rosa.

My bosses were in the VIP high rollers lounge at the Venetian when I was escorted to their room.

“Romeoooo!” Frank bellowed.

“What’s going on, Frank!”

“Ahhhh, here he is,” Cameron spoke.

“The main man of the evening,” James chuckled.

I glanced around the expensive room before I took a seat next to Frank.

“Take one of the girls back to your room when we’re done. I recommend the Blonde one over there.”

There was no need to look as I knew I wouldn’t be interested in any of the girls in this room. “No. I’m okay.”

With their cigars in their mouths, Frank spoke while fog drew from his breath. “We asked you to come here to talk about your latest contract.”

“What about it?”

“The person who hired you, is willing to pay you triple the amount to ensure the job gets done.”

“That’s a lot of money, Frank.” I tapped my fingers on the blackjack table. “What did she do?”

“We can’t discuss anything specific with you,” he replied.

“I need to know, Frank.”

“She doesn’t go against your rules if that is your main concern.”

Fucking oath it’s my main concern. Looks like I’m going to have to find out for myself.

“I trust you, Frank.” A forced smile appeared on my lips.

Not really, you motherfucker.

“One more thing. He said you have to kill her within the next month,” Cameron interjected.

“That can be done,” I said.

“It’s such a shame she has a hit on her. That girl is fine as fuck.” James whistled before he took a sip of his whiskey.

Fuck, I hate that guy.

“Come and join us, Candy!” Cameron yelled from across the room.

“Yes, cutie?” She strutted over and swayed her hips before she batted her lashes.

“Our friend here is lonely. What can you do about it?” Cameron winked.

She shifted her attention to me and immediately sat on my lap. “Want to have some fun?”

“No. Leave. Now,” I ordered.

Candy shrugged, stood, and walked over to Cameron, who pulled her into his lap. “Show him what he’s missing out on.”

I’m not gonna sit here and watch these guys get off.

“I’m out. I’ll leave in the morning.”

“Going soft on us, Romeo?” James laughed.

My fists rolled into a ball and my jaw clenched as I gritted my teeth.

“Don’t mess with him, James. He’ll kill you,” Frank stated, as though it were a fact.

It was. There were plenty of times where I imagined slitting James’ throat.

One fucking day.


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