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Alpha’s Second Chance Nymph

Adelie is used to sticking to the shadows and living an ordinary life in her wolf pack. But everything changes when she is rejected by her mate, the Alpha, and must find a new pack to live in. She finds a new home in Alpha Kairos’ pack.

Kairos, a wolf known for his vile nature and raging temper, turns out to be Adelie’s second chance mate. But can they make things work if Kairos’s fear of the past prevents him from opening up and Adelie is about to discover she has powers she’d never even dreamed of?

Age Rating: 16+

Note: This is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Adelie is used to sticking to the shadows and living an ordinary life in her wolf pack. But everything changes when she is rejected by her mate, the Alpha, and must find a new pack to live in. She finds a new home in Alpha Kairos' pack.

Kairos, a wolf known for his vile nature and raging temper, turns out to be Adelie’s second chance mate. But can they make things work if Kairos’s fear of the past prevents him from opening up and Adelie is about to discover she has powers she’d never even dreamed of?

Age Rating: 16+

Original Author: Miss_Toria_blue

Note: This is the author's original version and does not have sound.


I was always taught by my mother to keep my profile low. Hide under my massive black cape that covered half of my face as much as possible, look up as little as I could.

Always obey rules and don’t be reckless, never talk back, don’t make friends. And lastly, keep your secret safe.

And this all was to not draw attention to me. If people knew what I was, it would bring danger to me and to the people that are around me, and it would make me do horrible things.

The people that are looking for me want to use me as a war weapon and to create more like me. Powerful fighting machines. At least that’s what she always told me.

The cape was mostly there because my mother said that my beauty was dangerous for me, that others would try to use it. People judge others by their looks if they saw me they would instantly want to be friends with me.

Nymphs are usually born with very friendly and welcoming faces. They are also very beautiful, at least that’s what all the books that I have read say. My mother also said to me that I am gifted with the most precious gifts, but what good does it when I live my life in the shadows, it wasn’t a gift it was a curse. My life was a tragedy.

I am a nymph. A nymph is a nature spirit who maintains nature. My purpose is to maintain the forests and plants in my pack, the Silver Moon Pack. Every full moon I go out to do ritual, thanking Mother Nature for her gifts to us. I need to keep my forest clean and alive as long as I am in this place. Not because my mother taught me to but because that’s what nymphs do, it’s in our nature, we do it subconsciously.

No one knew I was a nymph, only my mother and father. Nymphs are on good terms with werewolves but I needed to keep it a secret so there are less chances I am caught on what else I was capable of, that’s why my mother kept it a secret as well. I didn’t care so much that they would hurt me. I cared that they would hurt others.

I have never met other nymphs besides my mother. She was half wolf, half water nymph. The main word being ‘was’…

My mother passed away when we were attacked at our old pack, the Dark Moon Pack. She died because of me, and she died protecting me. One warrior got scared of me and trying to kill me. He killed her instead.

My father has made it clear that my mother doesn’t blame me and he keeps telling me that it wasn’t my fault. But I can never shake the guilt out of me. My mother was a nymph and nymphs forgive easily, it was in her nature to not blame me.

I have three parts of me. Firstly, I am a forest nymph. Secondly, a small part of me is a wolf. This part is so small that I can’t even shift. I have a wolf in my soul but not my body.

It made me sad to think that my wolf, Madeline, didn’t have a wolf form. She has made it clear countless times that she is okay with the way she lives. If I could do anything to give her a wolf form I would.

The third next part of me is from my father. I don’t see my father often because his job requires traveling. I meet him only when someone around me dies.

My father is Death.

His job is to collect souls from passed away bodies. He stores those souls each in a glass container and puts it each according to family tree and souls color. If a person has been bad in his life his soul is black, if they were good, it's white. But in life there isn’t just good or bad. Mostly there are hundred shades of greys.

Death has two forms.

His first form is a skeleton with black cape. The one that everyone is familiar with from the books. His second form is humanlike. He looks like any other normal person would.

No one can see Death on a normal daily basis but since I am his daughter I can see him when he is around. He always walks up to me when he is near, asks about how I have been. I know that he truly loves me.

My mother was an exception, and she also saw Death, my father and mother didn’t know how it was possible. But that’s what made them fall in love. Death is immortal and finally he found someone in a million years that could see him. Finally he found love.

Other people saw Death when they are dying. To good people my dad gives a death wish.

Death wish is a wish that death completes out of a dying person's request. My father gave me the wish when I last saw him, since I can see him I can use the wish anytime he’s near.

Death wish can do almost anything but make you immortal or bring you back to life. I was told to use it wisely because even if I am death's daughter I still get only one.

From my father I inherited dark magic powers.

These powers make me invincible but my mother forbid me from using them. She said to me to use them only when there are trusted people around, but it had never happened. The one thing she did let me use was a healing power. I can heal human flesh wounds but in order to do so I must feel the same pain the injured one is feeling. Sick plants and trees I heal with no pain. I still don’t know how far my healing power goes.

My wolf is the one that makes me have a mate. And mate was the one that completely broke me and still is hurting me with horrible pain to this day.

Dark Moon pack members always called me names because they thought I was strange, I didn’t talk much, always wore capes and they thought I was weak because I couldn’t shift. I thought that all would change when I would find my mate and on my eighteen birthday I found my mate, Alpha Hans.


He was standing in the front of my house. The most amazing smell filled my nose and the most gorgeous man stood in front of me. My wolf went crazy in my head, passing back and forth.

Mate! Mate! My wolf Madeline chanted while my mother put her hands on my shoulders behind me. She must have known what was happening, it was my birthday she knew this was going to be happening.

“Alpha Hans…” I said in disbelief raising my head up from the ground. How can I be his mate? Maybe I am dreaming.

He too is one of the people that called me names but I am ready to forgive him, after all he is my mate it’s not like I can fight the bond. He is meant for me. And only me.

“We need to talk, Adelie. Let’s go somewhere quieter” he said and started walking towards the forest not even glancing at me if I was following but I did.

I didn’t want to talk with my mate the first time in front of my mother either. I gave my mother a last glance and smiled like crazy. She always talked about how happy she was with my father and I too wanted that kind of love.

We walked in the clearing in the forest, he didn’t say anything the whole time. But I was as happy as I could be, my mate was here, with me. They said that mate was the one that will love you even after death. Not even death can come between mate bonds.

Alpha Hans turned towards me but with not the expression I hoped for. I wanted for him to run towards me, take me in his arms, but he looked cold in his stare, like I was any other pack member or even less.

“I can’t have you as my mate Adelie. I am sorry, you are weak, and you don’t even have a wolf form. What kind of Luna would you be?” He spat at me, disgusted which sent thousand sharp needles in my chest.

He continued. “You are hated at this pack. And the pack needs someone they can look up to and you are not one of them.” My heart shattered into million pieces. Wasn’t it hurting for him to say those words?

“What?…’’ I asked, not believing his words “ I can change Alpha.” I fell to my knees. “I can be whatever you want me to be, I promise” I cried out.

Of course I couldn’t shift but I needed him. I couldn’t let go of my savior, he is the one made for me, to understand me, to love me no matter what.

“I Alpha Hans Lightwood, reject you, Adelie Murrell, as my mate and Luna of Dark Moon Pack,” he said those words and all my vision went blurry for a second.

My heart felt gone, all I felt was pain. The most horrible pain I have ever felt.

“No!” I screamed in anger, sadness, and heartbreak. And I couldn’t control my powers. Black smoke came from my finger tips that made Alpha Hans step back in terror and from corners other wolves came closer to me.

One lunged right at me but I knocked him out with a blast of black smoke. I never knew I could do that. The wolf howled and others stepped back in fright. I was afraid myself, afraid of what I might do.

My mother ran up to me. “Mom!” I screamed at her as she was held down by Alpha Hans. He looked as if I could hurt my own mother.

“Run!” Was all she said? I was always obedient to my mother. But this time it took time for me to listen. They were going to hurt her. “Run Adelie!”

I was still in place, but Alpha Hans walked up to see me leaving my mother. He walked slowly and raised up his arms in surrender, his expression was almost guilty.

“Freak!” said one warrior from beside me. He was still in his human form and threw a knife towards me but something stopped it. My mother blocked it by jumping in front of me. The knife was resting in her chest as she fell to the ground.

I saw death in front of me. No! That meant that she’s gone. “Don’t take her.” I almost pleaded to him like he could do anything.

Father looked at me “Run!” He screamed, making the ground shake, no one else saw him but me and my mother, he had never screamed at me in my whole life.

I let out a smoke bomb that kept me shielded, I didn’t think of doing that, it just happened.

I ran away, I ran till my feet gave up and I was sure I left the Dark Moon grounds. I ran away like a coward. My mom protected me but I just left her to die, not even saying goodbye, she was the only one for me and now she was gone.


One year later and I am still a member of the Silver Moon pack. Alpha Archibald took me in his pack within a second when he found me wandering around his pack.

He is the most kindhearted alpha I have ever met. None of his pack members called me weird or weak for not having a wolf, they just stared because of my coat.

Even Alpha Archibald didn’t know who I was. When he asked about my mate, I told him he is dead. That is easier than admitting that I was rejected.

I am so ashamed that my own mate, the one that I am destined to be together rejected me. If I wasn’t good enough for him I am not good enough for anyone.

Today was a full moon and I needed to thank Mother Nature. It was already dark and I made sure that my roommates were sleeping. I lived in one of the pack houses with werewolves that were without mates.

I made some potion from plants around the forest and put it in their drinks to make them sleep tighter. They can’t know that I was sneaking out and besides it doesn’t hurt them if anything, they always wonder why they have such deep sleep in full moons.

I walked out of the pack house in my long black cape with hood and ankle length white dress. I always wore long dresses, my mother always did too and I wanted to keep doing it.

My mom said long beautiful dresses were nymph traits. Nymph style was more medieval than modern. I tried to wear what’s considered normal clothes but I always felt out of place.

Everyone was sleeping and no one was outside the pack house because who would leave at this time. Guards were patrolling on the borders of our pack and I wasn’t going to go that far either way, I have successfully been sneaking around for about a year now, never been caught.

I walked deep in the forest to my usual ritual spot. When I arrived I took off my cape. And let my brown hair fall to my back. I always made sure to look extra nice on full moons to let Mother Nature know that I was worthy of being a nymph.

I sat down next to a huge tree that was surrounded with purple flowers. This tree was the biggest of them all, it was powerful in his spirit and he had seen a lot.

I have learned so much from just listening from him and other trees, trees are the ones that made me understand my duties as a forest nymph. They could talk to me and they taught me how to look after them all.

I closed my eyes and thanked for everything around me. I made sure to ask trees if anything out of the ordinary has happened, they didn’t only tell me about the wellbeing of forest but also about whoever is entering the forest, today it was just someone nearby our forest territory.

As I said thank you my body started filling with energy from the roots.

I always looked after the forest so there were no sad trees and weak plants. That was my purpose. I was a servant to the forest goods.

I felt like I was born new again. Full moons were the reason I was willing to live. I didn’t have anyone in my life except nature.

I wondered back to my mate Hans, he never left my mind. I wanted to do something to stop the pain but I couldn’t and I wouldn’t want him gone.

Even if the only thing left from my mate is pain I still want it. Even if I felt the unbearable pain of him marking and mating some she wolf. The pain reminds of something I almost had.

I walked around the forest finally free from my cape. I breathed in the fresh air with my head held high. I swirled around and let the wind flow beside me. Forest was my favorite place, my favorite fantasy of happiness.

When it was finally time to leave I picked up my heavy cape but as I did it I heard footsteps coming towards me. Instantly I looked up to see the person walking.

It was a man, he was big in size, and I could see his muscles even behind all the clothing he was wearing.

He was a werewolf and not being muscular would just be weird because of all the training wolves usually did.

His hair was darkest of brown, curly and long enough just to almost be in his eyes, it was longer on the top and shorter on the sides, and his hair was swept to the right side. His eyes were perfect hazel, I even forgot about my cape.

I turned around and put on the cape and hood on cowering my face, I knew that he saw enough of me because we made direct eye contact.

Something was off with him, something was different about him strange but attracting, his presence seemed calming, yet so weird.

I heard him step closer and it was that smell. It was a gentle pine needle mixed with bergamot and a little hint of peppermint, I had never smelled it before but only one smell haD made me feel like that. And that is when I let my wolf talk to me.



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My wolf was talking to me. To Werewolves that wouldn’t be strange. My wolf Kye was speaking to me for the first time in two years.

My wolf was angry with me and probably still was. I wouldn’t forgive myself either, I was the reason he was giving me silent treatment. I hurt him in the worst way known to other wolves. I took away his and my mate.

Today my wolf decided to speak, he didn’t answer any of my questions nor did he even acknowledge me there.

He didn’t even make sense. He kept rambling, I couldn’t quite make out what, but I was happy that he was saying something. Even if I was in my wolf form, he wouldn’t speak with me before.

I was sitting in my study when my Beta Raphael entered with a single knock. Raphael was the only one that was allowed to enter my study without my permission. Before the tragedy two years ago he was my closest friend but now I was not worthy of having a friend, it was better that I was close to nobody.

“Alpha! I received a message from Dark Moon’s pack.”

“What is it?” We didn't get messages very often because of this pack's reputation.

“Their Alpha and his best warriors want to come and train here.”

This was something new, no one ever wanted to come here willingly anymore, there used to be dozens of messages from other packs.

Now they have heard thousands of stories about me and my pack. We were damned pack now, and not many people outside my pack knew exactly what happened to give us such a title and no one is to speak of that night.

I thought for a second getting up from my leather chair and walking up to a window that was behind my chair. “What good will it do to us?” I asked, looking from above at my pack houses in the distance.

I didn’t live with the rest of the pack. I lived alone in my huge house. Even my sister Fala didn’t live with me. I wanted her to live with me here but she thought it was too depressing here so she willingly lived at the pack house.

She said that this place lost all its glory and grace. And it was far from all the other houses, maybe that’s why I liked it so much. I loved being isolated.

I liked to be alone, as much as possible, now more than ever.

Looking from above I saw some people walking. My pack, Night Walkers Pack, once had more than two thousand pack members, now there were only one hundred and eighty one, not counting children.

We had many children because the majority of them lost their parents in a fight while they were being protected, and the rest were memories of passed away werewolves.

All this was only my fault. My pack members were blind if they didn’t see that it was my doing, I could have stopped it sooner but I was blinded by love. I could never forgive myself for what I did.

If anything I earned even more respect after that one night that caused this, and I hated it. So many people were killed, so many lost their loved ones. And they still praised me.

“Alpha Hans says he will give us fair pay.” My Beta explained. “Alpha, our warriors are most possibly the strongest there is, other packs fear us. This will let them know that we are reliable and trustworthy, helpful even.

My Beta continued. “We want to expand our pack as much as possible.Alpha, the pack members deserve this, to be seen as something more than prisoners.”

″Is that what they say? They are prisoners?″ I said more to myself.

Raphael laughed behind me. ″The stories never stop, they are so afraid of us that they make every excuse to hate us.″

My Beta was smart, but he also thought we were friends, what a fool. He had been with me since I first got my Alpha title. To this day I wonder why he didn’t fear me.

“They fear us?” I questioned but Beta seemed to let out a confused sigh. “They have never been afraid of our pack, it has been me for the past two years.”

“Alpha, they don’t know what happened. Everyone has a different tale of that night. You are a myth to everyone.”

I didn’t want to think about history. All I needed to do was what was best for my pack “Let Alpha Hans know that I agree and I will message him the dates when they can come and train.”

My Beta nodded pleased and left the study.

It was close to midnight but my wolf was still pacing around. Something was up with him. Maybe he had lost his mind from not speaking for so long.

What is it? I asked him.

Run! Let’s go for a run. Deep in the woods. There is this place. Huge tree. Full moon. There is it. Now! Let’s go now…

He was acting strange but at least he was sort of answering me. The least I could do was do what he said now. Maybe he would come around to fully talk to me.

I put all my work aside and did what my wolf told me. I got out a bag to carry my clothes with me. I didn’t know how far my wolf would take me, but it didn’t matter, the least I could do for him was this.

Entering the forest I stripped and put all clothes in my bag and shifted to my jet black wolf and took my bag in my teeth.

I let Kye take full control. He was running like crazy. We were far away from the pack now.

Kye was nearing neighbor packs territory. Slow down. We are outside our pack, I said to him taking back control.

We need to go there, he said.

Why? I replied.

Can’t you feel it? He said.

There was this peculiar pull towards our neighbor pack, but only in one direction.

I didn’t know what it was, I could very possibly just be walking towards my death, even if I knew this pack was friendly and harmless.

I put on my clothes and my feet walked with a mind of their own.

This forest was very beautiful and clean. Like there was no branch or leaf on the ground. It was nothing like my pack's forest. You could tell that this one was taken care of. Making this forest clean must be hard work, how did they even do it? How did they have time?

As I walked deeper in the neighbors pack I noticed a sweet smell getting stronger. It was the fresh smell of lilies mixed with sandalwood, it was strong but gentle and calm at the same time.

It was intoxicating. I was lightheaded. This was strange. Familiar and long forgotten feeling washed over me. What was it? I knew this feeling, but from where?

My wolf was quiet now, as if waiting for my next move. I didn’t stop, it wasn’t my wolf pulling me anymore it was me.

And then a girl appeared in my sight. No not a girl. A young woman. She was walking around trees and swirling around as if this was her first breath of fresh air.

She was wearing a long white, flowy dress, it complemented every curve of her fragile body. She seemed light as a feather she almost floated.

Her beauty was like no other, she was handmade treasure. Her dark hair shined under the moonlight as it brushed against her back.

My feet kept on walking and then she picked up a fabric from the ground and she noticed me and looked in my eyes.

Her eyes were perfect silver mixed with forest green, her lips were plumped and full, and her skin looked soft and porcelain like, without any flaw or dent.

She was the most accurate representation of goddess-like. She was perfect, angelic.

She broke the eye contact and put on the fabric she picked up, it was a cape. She covered her head with a hood but still I kept walking towards.

Something made me stop. Mate! My wolf said breathless.

Mate? No. this couldn’t be!

She turned towards me but she was looking down at her feet, I couldn’t see her face.

She was my second chance. I looked back at the moon.

Why Moon Goddess? Why did you punish this woman with such a mate as me? I can’t treat her like a mate deserves. I couldn’t let myself feel again, for my pack's sake.

But now that I met her I couldn’t be without her and she without me. I would never be a worthy mate to her nor will I try. I was sorry moon goddess for not being a worthy mate.

She will be close enough for us to not lose mind but I won’t let her close to my heart. I couldn’t let history repeat itself.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“My name is Adelie Murrell.”

Her voice was angelic and sweet, she spoke with grace and elegance, and even though she was looking down, her posture was perfect.

“I am Alpha of Night Walkers Pack Kairos Garcia.”

My statement almost made her look at me but still under that hood I couldn’t see her. She must have known who I was. I wonder which version of me she had heard.

“Will you come to my pack?” I asked her.

She hesitated for a second “I suppose. If that’s what I must do, Alpha.”

“Tell your Alpha that I will pick you up tomorrow, pack your things and be ready at 5 p.m. I will personally come and escort you to my pack,” I said in a demanding tone. And without any more glance I walked back to my pack.

My wolf didn’t say anything. He was mad for not embracing her. I couldn’t. I couldn’t reject her either, it would kill her and me. Few werewolves lived through rejection, and if they did, the majority went mad.

Rejection is the most savage crime there was.

I went back to my house and immediately mind linked my Beta. I need you now in my study!

He didn’t answer but I knew he got it. I disturbed his sleep, but I couldn’t wait till tomorrow.

Beta entered my study “Alpha. What’s the matter in this time of the night?” He asked me to fix his jacket. I assume he just put it on because he was rushing.

I leaned back in my chair “I went for a run…” I said stopping mid-sentence.

Beta furrowed his eyebrows “What? Were there vampires? Rogues?” I quickly shook my head.

“No… I met… I met a young woman there” I said and waited for his reaction. ″a woman that turned out to be my second chance mate.″

He smiled and laughed, “That is wonderful news” he exclaimed but soon changed his reaction when he saw me staring cold at the floor.

“But…you are not happy Alpha? Why is that Alpha?”

“If I had known that moon goddess was thinking of giving me a second chance. I would plead her to not do it,” I said slamming my fist at the table. This made my Beta turn somewhere between angry and sad.

“But the pack… they deserve to have Luna,” he said. And that is one of the reasons I couldn’t just let her go.

“Yes. And that’s why she is coming here tomorrow.” I kept myself as expressionless as possible.

″She is coming because she is Luna and not because she is your mate? ″ He asked, confused.

″She won’t be my mate! ″ I exclaimed

“You don’t want her but she is coming here?” He mockingly laughed. “You can’t fight the mate bond.”

“I can! And I will,” I said raising my voice “And I will do it with all my strength. She will not blind me again.”

“Alpha, give her a chance, give yourself a chance,” he said. How could he say that after what happened with previous Luna? “She won’t be like… her. You need… ”

I interrupted him. “That’s enough Beta. In the morning let the pack know about her arrival!”

″Alpha you are being unfair, I would give away everything to have a mate, and so would all the other mateless wolves,″ he half screamed at me, slamming the door shut behind him.

She will be like any other pack member just living under the same roof as me. Mate bond will have no power over me…


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