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xxx, Not Love

From New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Bestselling author Vi Keeland comes the sexy stand-alone novel, _Sex, Not Love._

We met at a wedding—him sitting on the groom’s side, me sitting on the bride’s. Stealing glances at each other throughout the night, there was no denying an intense, mutual attraction. We ended up back in my hotel room. The next morning, I headed home to New York leaving him behind in California with the wrong number.

A year later, Hunter and I met again. Our attraction hadn’t dulled one bit. He demanded a real phone number this time. So I left him with my mother’s—she could scare away any man with her talks of babies and marriage—and flew back home. I’d thought it was funny, until the following week when he rang the bell at Mom’s house for Sunday night dinner. The crazy, gorgeous man had won over my mother and taken an eight-week assignment in my city. What did I have to lose? It’s just sex, not love. But you know what they say about the best laid plans…

Age Rating: 18+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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From New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Bestselling author Vi Keeland comes the sexy stand-alone novel, Sex, Not Love.

We met at a wedding—him sitting on the groom’s side, me sitting on the bride’s. Stealing glances at each other throughout the night, there was no denying an intense, mutual attraction. We ended up back in my hotel room. The next morning, I headed home to New York leaving him behind in California with the wrong number.

A year later, Hunter and I met again. Our attraction hadn't dulled one bit. He demanded a real phone number this time. So I left him with my mother’s—she could scare away any man with her talks of babies and marriage—and flew back home. I’d thought it was funny, until the following week when he rang the bell at Mom’s house for Sunday night dinner. The crazy, gorgeous man had won over my mother and taken an eight-week assignment in my city. What did I have to lose? It’s just sex, not love. But you know what they say about the best laid plans…

Age Rating: 18+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

Life isn’t about the big win. It’s about the person you call first to tell that you’ve won.


“Do you think there’s any correlation between intelligence and being good in bed?” I inhaled from the tiny remnant of rolled-up paper and held it in my lungs as I passed the joint to my best friend.

At least this round I didn’t choke and cough for five minutes. Neither of us had smoked pot in ten years, not since high school.

It seemed fitting to mark the official end of our childhood by lighting up what Anna had confiscated from her sixteen-year-old brother yesterday.

“I’m about to marry a man who creates robots that can learn how to think. Of course I’m going to say smart guys are better in bed. I mean, Derek can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than thirty seconds.

“A vagina is a lot less complicated.”

“His friend Adam’s sweet. But he spent the last hour talking to me about some algorithm he’s building for an artificial intelligence robot named Lindsey.

“My only contribution to the conversation was alternating between wow and that’s fascinating. Can you tell Derek he needs to find stupider friends?”

Anna inhaled and spoke while trying not to exhale, causing her voice to rise two octaves.

“He went to MIT and works at a tech firm—not much of a pool of stupid people to pick from.” She bumped her shoulder with mine. “That’s why I need you to move out here.

“I can’t handle being surrounded by smart people all the time.”

“Very nice.” I sighed. “At least Adam is sort of cute.”

“So, I take it you’ll be breaking your dry spell tonight?”

“Maybe tomorrow night after the wedding.” I smirked. “If he’s lucky. I’m still on New York time. Tonight I’ll be ready to go to bed alone by the time they serve dessert.”

The bride-to-be and I were hiding from the rest of the rehearsal dinner guests behind an ivy-covered lattice arch in the courtyard of the restaurant.

A deep, throaty voice scared the heck out of me, and I almost knocked the damn thing over.

“He’d be the lucky one, huh? Do you look as good from the front as you do the back, or are you just full of yourself?”

“Who the hell…?” I turned to find a man walking toward us in the dark. “Why don’t you mind your own damn business?”

The guy took a few more strides and stepped into the overhead spotlight Anna and I had attempted to avoid. My eyes nearly bulged from my head. He was gorgeous.

Tall, damn tall—I was five foot four and had on five-inch heels and still had to crane my neck to look up at him.

He had dark, sexy hair that looked like it could use a haircut but totally worked for him.

Tanned skin, carved square jaw, a five o’clock shadow that probably grew back in two hours from all the testosterone this guy exuded.

His eyes were a light blue that popped out from his dark complexion, and tiny crow’s feet flawed the skin around his eyes in a way that made me think he smiled often. And that smile.

It wasn’t really a full smile—more of a crooked, cat-that-swallowed-the-canary smirk.

The entire package of man was a lot to take in at once. But while I stood there speechless, Anna threw her arms around his neck.

I hoped she knew him and wasn’t just more wasted than I thought.

“Hunter! You made it.”


“Of course I did. I wouldn’t miss my best buddy tying the knot with his girl. Sorry I’m so late.

“I was up in Sacramento on business and had to rent a car and drive back when they canceled my flight this afternoon.”

The gorgeous eavesdropper turned his attention to me. Starting at my feet, he did a slow, incredibly rude, yet seductive sweep over my body.

My nipples hardened while I watched his afternoon-blue-sky eyes darken to hazy sunset as they traveled all over me.

When he was done, our gazes met. “Yep, you do.”


Reading the confused look on my face, Hunter clued me in. “You look as good from the front as you do from the back. You’re right. Whoever you’re planning on sleeping with is damn lucky.”

My mouth hung open. I couldn’t believe the nerve of this guy…yet my skin was beginning to tingle.

“ Adam,” Anna offered. “He’s her partner in the wedding. She’s going to sleep with Adam tomorrow night.”

Hunter extended his hand to me with a nod. “Hunter Delucia. Got a name, beautiful? Or should I just call you the Adam-fucker?”

For some inexplicable reason, I knew in the pit of my stomach that putting my hand in his was a bad idea. My body and his should never touch, not even once. Yet I did it anyway.

“Nat Rossi,” I said, giving him my hand.

“Nat? Is that short for something?”

“Natalia. But no one calls me that.”

He smiled again. “Very nice to meet you,Natalia.”

Hunter kept my hand cupped in his as he turned his attention back to Anna. “And why is Adam paired up with the beautiful Natalia and not me?”

My friend snorted. She was definitely stoned. “Because you two would kill each other.”

He seemed to like that answer. His eyes crinkled, and he returned his gaze to me. “Is that so?”

I felt electricity zapping between us, although something told me this was electricity harnessed from lightning in a storm.

The last time I’d felt a physical reaction so strong to anyone was when I met Garrett. My delicate heart still had a hole in it from that lightning bolt.

“Do you remember when Derek’s brother Andrew lost his job and was having a hard time in social situations?” Anna asked him.

“He started to stay in too often, and I was nervous he was turning into an agoraphobe?”

“Yeah,” Hunter said. “I remember. It was a few years back.”

“I suggested he find a therapist to work with, help him get over a difficult time and his fears. And what did you say?”

“I said you were nuts, and he needed a swift kick in his lazy ass and a job.”

Anna smiled. “Nat here is a behavioral therapist. She visits people with anxiety disorders and works on breaking the habits that cause them stress.”

His brows rose. “That’s an actual thing?”

I slipped my hand from his. “It is. I work mostly with people who have obsessive-compulsive disorders.”

“Well, whatta you know? I thought you were making that shit up.”

“Hunter is a builder,” Anna continued. “He builds large projects like shopping malls.

“You know, the kind where they need to clear the land of all the trees to build a mile of Gap, Baby Gap, and Abercrombies.

“He built the one that took over part of the park we used to go to uptown as kids—Medley Park. He and Derek grew up together.

“They don’t get to see each other often because Hunter travels around the country for months at a time on projects.”

Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome seemed proud of that résumé.

I offered him a sugary smile. “I loved that park. Good job blowing up the carbon footprint of the Upper East Side and desecrating our environment.”

“Tree hugger, huh? Sounds like Anna’s right. We might kill each other if we were partners.”

“Mmm…I want cheesecake. Are you thirsty? I’m so thirsty.”

Yep. Anna was definitely stoned. “We haven’t even had dinner yet,” I pointed out.

“Who cares? Let’s go get some dessert. Come on!” Licking her lips, she started back into the restaurant without us.

Hunter chuckled. “It was nice to meet you, Natalia. And if things don’t work out with that boring shit, Adam, I’m in room 315 at the hotel.” He winked and leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“We might kill each other, but fucking to death is the way I want to go.”


“Are these seats taken?”

Adam and I were just finishing dessert when Hunter walked over and pointed to two empty chairs across from us. The couple inhabiting them had skipped out a few minutes ago.

“Yes,” I lied.

Adam was kind enough to correct me. “Actually, Eric and Kim were sitting there. They just said goodbye two minutes ago, remember, Nat?”

A wide, gloating smile spread across Hunter’s face. He pulled out a chair for his wedding partner and seated himself directly across from me. “This is Cassie.

“She’s a tech goddess—graduated from Caltech. Have you met Adam, Cassie?”

Adam’s interest piqued. “We met briefly this afternoon. But I hadn’t realized you were in tech. I’m MIT. I work with Derek over at Clique in robotics programming.”

Conversation between Adam and Cassie took off like a runaway train. Neither of them even noticed the scowl I shot at the architect of this match made in geek heaven.

I leaned forward and smiled, speaking through my teeth. “I know what you’re doing.”

Hunter sat back in his seat with an ear-to-ear pompous grin. “I have no idea what you’re referring to.”

“It’s not going to work.”

“Whatever you say. But I’m here if you need an alternate later.”

I finished off the coffee in my cup and adjusted the front of my dress to reveal a healthy amount of cleavage. Then I took my napkin from the table and discreetly dropped it on the floor.

Picking up my fork, I scooped up a small piece of cheesecake and accidentally dropped it onto my cleavage.

Hunter watched the entire show with interest.

Leaning in, I wrapped my hand around Adam’s bicep. “Do you have a napkin? They must’ve taken mine when they cleared dinner, and I seem to have made a mess.”

Being a gentleman, Adam excused himself from his conversation and turned to give me his attention. His eyes dropped to the cheesecake, and I knew instantly that I’d won.

Triumph roared from my smile as I allowed the techie to help me clean off. Hunter’s scowl felt like a victory.

To be honest, during dinner I’d decided I wasn’t sleeping with Adam anyway—I needed some sort of physical chemistry with a man, even for a one-night stand. But I enjoyed screwing with Hunter anyway.

“I’m a butterfingers when I’m tired,” I said to Adam. “I’m still on New York time. I think I’m going to head back to the hotel.”

“I’ll join you,” he promptly replied. Cassie who?

Hunter didn’t give up easily—I’d give him that much.

He stood. “I have a car here. I can give you two a ride. Are you ready to go, Cass? The four of us are all at the Carlisle, I’m assuming?”

I flashed Mr. Persistent my pearly whites and hooked my arm through Adam’s. “I have my rental car here, so Adam and I are good. Thank you so much for the offer, though,Tanner.”


“Right.” I smiled.


The hotel was only a mile up the road. As we entered, I spotted a few familiar faces—friends of the groom—in the lobby bar. The party seemed to have moved from the rehearsal dinner to the hotel.

As we passed, one of the guys I recognized yelled for Adam to join them for a drink.

He looked to me before answering. “What do you say? You up for a nightcap?”

“I’m actually wiped out—time difference and all. But you go. Have fun.”

“You sure?”

“Positive. I’ll be sleeping before my head hits the pillow.”

Adam gave me a quick hug goodnight, and I headed to the elevator alone.

I really was exhausted.

Anna and Derek had reserved the top floor of suites for guests traveling in from out of town, and I’d forgotten that I needed to insert my room key into the little slot on the elevator panel to gain access to the floor.

After pushing the button a few times, I finally realized and dug into my purse to find the swipe card. I was preoccupied with the search until I heard that voice.


My head flew up to find Hunter standing in front of me with a shit-eating grin.


“Me,” he said.

I looked around his wide, imposing frame. “Where’s your partner?”

He winked. “Left her at the bar with yours, so the two of them can get to know each other.”

“Won’t you be lonely, then?” I said with sarcasm.

“I might. But I can think of a way to fix that.”

“Going to take matters into your own hands, huh?”

I finally located my room key in my messy purse. Hunter chuckled and took it from my hand to slip into the slot. Of course we were on the same floor since we were part of the same wedding.

When the doors slid closed, the elevator suddenly seemed very small. It didn’t help that Hunter hadn’t bothered to turn around when we started to move. He faced me, standing very close.

My body definitely took note of the proximity.

“Don’t you have any elevator etiquette?” I asked. “Turn around and stare at the numbers like a normal person.”

“Why would I waste my time looking at that when the view is so much nicer facing this direction?”

“I’m not sleeping with you, you know.”

“Why not? You were gonna sleep with Adam.”

“That’s different.”

“How so?”

“I’ve met Adam before. He’s a nice guy.”

“I’m a nice guy.”

“I don’t know you.”

Hunter slipped his hands into his pockets. “Hunter Delucia, age twenty-nine, single, never been married, no kids. Went to Berkeley for undergraduate and grad school.

“Degree in architectural engineering. Grew up next door to Derek, been friends since we were in the carriage. He’ll vouch for me as a decent guy.

“Own a home in Idyllwild, about an hour from the happy couple, with no mortgage. I also built it myself and have lots of trees on my property—that should get me extra points, by the way.

“Last doctor’s appointment was a month ago—clean as a whistle. And, most importantly…” He took a step closer to me; our bodies were practically touching. “I think you’re extremely sexy.

“There’s some insane chemistry here, and I think we should explore it.”

I swallowed. Luckily, the elevator dinged, and the doors slid open on the top floor. Needing some air that didn’t smell like Hunter Delucia, I sidestepped around the tree of a man and exited.

He followed right behind me. When I abruptly stopped, realizing I was going the wrong way, he walked right into me. His hands caught me, fingers pressing into my hips to stop me from falling forward.

“Wooo. You okay?”

“What the hell? You almost knocked me over.”

“You stopped short.”

“If you weren’t up my ass, you wouldn’t have walked into me.”

We were still standing in the middle of the hall, and he still had a firm grip on my hips…and it felt really good. God, it had been a long time for me. More than two years.

Those fingers squeezed a little harder, and his head dipped to whisper next to my ear. “You smell incredible.”

A fire burned under his touch. I shut my eyes. Hmmm…. He and Derek have been friends since they were little. He can’t be that bad of a guy. Maybe—

Thankfully, the other elevator saved me from doing something stupid. A few of Derek’s friends stepped off and didn’t seem to notice what was going on between Hunter and me.

“Hey, Delucia!” An arm wrapped around his shoulder. “Shots in our room.”

I shook some sense back into my head and used the opportunity to escape, practically running down the hall toward my room. Of course, my room had to be the last one at the end.

Hunter yelled my name as I fumbled to get the key in the door. I ignored him and rushed inside. Leaning against the closed door, I let out a breath of relief.

What the hell am I doing? Get a grip, Nat. Literally running away from a man instead of just declining his offer or telling him to screw off?

But something about this man made me feel restless and nervous—like I needed to run the other direction.

A soft knock at the door I was still leaning against made me jump.


Why the hell did he have to call me that? “I’m sleeping.”

I heard him chuckle. “Just wanted to tell you, my room is right next door. Even the hotel thinks we should sleep together.”

I shook my head, but smiled. “Goodnight, Hunter.”

“’Night, Natalia. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”


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A team of people worked on the bride-to-be. Jack Johnson crooned about making waves, and the enormous bridal suite smelled of lilac—Anna’s favorite scent in the world.

Every time I walked through the flower district in New York in the spring, I expected to see her around the corner.

Seeing me come in, she held a champagne flute up in her reflection in the mirror. “I’m getting fucking married.”

Normally, anything to do with marriage brought out my bitter and pessimistic side, but I tamped down my feelings on the subject for Anna’s sake. I took the flute from her hand and smiled back.

“You’re getting fucking married.”

The stylist busy with her hair grinned and shook his head.

“We’re classy, what can I say?” I offered.

In two hours, my best friend would be walking down the aisle to marry a rich, nice looking, young techie, who worshipped the ground she walked on.

It was a far cry from what my sham of a marriage had been.

“I saw Hunter follow you out the door last night,” Anna said. “Poor Cassie could barely keep up with how close he was to your tail.”

I needed my own mimosa for a discussion about that man. I finished Anna’s drink and went to the pitcher on the bar to refill hers and grab my own glass.

“Do you remember when we were seventeen and I had that crush on Mr. Westbrook, the English substitute?”

“How could I forget? He was twenty-three and gorgeous.”

“Hunter’s…well, I’m not sure what to make of him, to be honest. He’s lewd, forward, persistent…sexy as hell.”

“Gorgeous, financially sound, confident, sexy as hell,” Anna added.

I sighed. “Yeah. All those. But there’s something about him…something I can’t put my finger on, that makes him feel as forbidden as Mr. Westbrook did in high school.”

Anna’s eyes flared at my reflection in the mirror. “Really?”

“What the hell are you smiling at, weirdo?”

“He feels forbidden because he gave you butterflies.”

“He did not,” I lied.

I wasn’t even sure why I was lying about it. Besides, the butterflies he gave me weren’t the usual kind that fluttered in your stomach—these flew a little farther south.

“Did too.”

“No, he didn’t.”

“Then why not give in to it? You just said yourself that you thought he was sexy. You were thinking about sleeping with Adam, and he’s not half as sexy as Hunter.”

I thought back to the way Hunter’s hand had felt on my hip last night, and my belly fluttered once again. The damn things were teaming up with Anna to prove a point I wasn’t willing to accept.

“He’s too cocky for me.”

“You like cocky. In fact, every guy you’ve ever gone out with has been cocky.”

“Exactly.” I nodded. “I’m over cocky.”

Anna smirked and turned to her hairdresser. “She’s totally going to sleep with him.”

He looked up at me, then back to Anna. “I know.”


Derek and Anna married on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Even with my disdain for the institute of marriage, I cried tears of happiness. I’d noticed more than one of the groomsmen’s eyes filled, too.

One, in particular, seemed to hold my attention.

After the second time Hunter caught me checking out how handsome he looked with his tux and slicked-back hair, I’d managed to avoid making eye contact for the rest of the ceremony and the first hour of the reception.

It wasn’t easy, considering we were in such close proximity for wedding-party duties, but somehow I succeeded.

Until I was dancing a slow song with Anna’s dad.

“Can I cut in?” Hunter tapped Mark on the shoulder. “You’re hogging the most beautiful guest all to yourself.”

Anna’s dad smiled and wagged a finger at Hunter. “You’re lucky you said guest, considering my bride looks so beautiful tonight.”

The two men did a bit of backslapping, and then I was in Hunter’s arms.

Unlike Mark, who’d kept his body a polite distance from mine as we danced, Hunter took one of my hands in his, slid the other down my back and used it to pull my body flush. Damn, that feels good.

“You’re holding me a little tight.”

“Just making sure you can’t run away again.”

I pulled my head back. “Again? I’ve never run away from you.”

“Call it whatever you want, but you’ve been avoiding me like I have something contagious.”

I mumbled. “You probably do have something contagious.”

He ignored me. “You look beautiful tonight. I like your hair up.”

“Thank you.”

He pulled me still closer, forcing my head to turn into his shoulder, then dipped down to whisper in my ear. “I can’t wait to yank it down later.”

What balls on this guy.

And, God, why the hell did I want him to yank my hair down?

“You’re out of your mind. In fact, just about everything you’ve said to me since we met has been inappropriate.”

“So only you can talk about your plans to fuck someone? I can’t?”

“I haven’t talked about my plans to sleep with anyone.”

“You were talking to Anna about sleeping with Adam when we met.”

“That was a private conversation.”

He shrugged. “So’s this.”

“But…” I was at a loss—partly because he was sort of right.

In my mind, it was okay to talk about sleeping with someone to a third person, yet it was wrong for him to be so blunt when speaking directly to the party potentially involved.

It didn’t really make sense, but I grasped at a reason that sounded logical. “You’re crass about it. I wasn’t explicit. It’s how you say it that’s offensive, not what you say.”

“So you don’t like dirty talk? Maybe you haven’t had it done the right way before.”

“I’ve had it done just fine.”

“You do like dirty talk, then?”

This man was impossible. Luckily for my sanity—and possibly my willpower—the song we were dancing to ended, and the DJ announced that it was time for dinner.

Although Hunter still didn’t loosen his grip.

“The dance is over. You can let go now.”

“Save me another one later?”

I smiled broadly. “Not a chance.”

Of course, Hunter liked that answer. He chuckled and kissed my forehead. “Bet you’re a firecracker in bed. I can’t wait.”

“Enjoy your evening, Mr. Delucia.”

I felt his eyes on my ass every step I took to exit the dance floor.


I’d only been legally single for not quite eighteen months. I had no intention of remarrying, so when it was time for the obligatory tossing of the bridal bouquet, I stayed in my seat.

Of course, Anna wasn’t going to allow that.

She grabbed the microphone out of the DJ’s hand and insisted that I, along with a few others who were shying away from this particular festivity, get our asses out on the dance floor.

Rather than make a scene, I complied, though I intentionally stayed all the way off to the side by myself. I wanted nothing to do with that bouquet.

The DJ prompted the audience to count down the toss as Anna stood in the middle of the floor with her back to all the anxious, single ladies.

“3, 2, 1!”

The big toss over the bride’s head never came. Instead, she turned and threw the damn thing directly to where I was standing off to the side. On instinct, I caught the hurtling bundle of flowers.

Grrr. I wanted to kill her.

Especially when I looked across the room and saw Hunter exaggerating the cracking of his knuckles with a big ol’ smile on his face as he stared back at me.

Ten minutes later, I stood by Anna’s side watching the dance floor fill up with single men eager to catch the garter her husband had just removed.

My hand clutched a strong vodka cranberry, should I need some liquid courage.

“If Hunter catches that thing, I’m going to kill you.”

“Those who protest the loudest generally have the most to hide.”

“Those who cause trouble get their skinny little asses kicked,” I tossed back.

“He’s a really great guy. I could think of worse people to stick their hands up your dress.”

“If he’s so great, tell me again why he wasn’t my partner?”

Anna sighed. “He’s smart, confident, and a total charmer.”


“And I’ve also known him for four years now, and every time I see him, he’s with a different beautiful woman. I thought after Garrett, you might want a different type.”

I downed half my drink at the mention of my ex-husband. “Why am I attracted to assholes?”

“Because they’re attractive. That’s part of what makes them turn into assholes. And Hunter’s not a bad guy. He’s really not. I bet he’s great in bed, too.

“If I were in your shoes, I’d pick Hunter over Adam for a one-night stand.” She turned to face me. “Hunter’s sex, not love. As long as you go in with that frame of mind, I bet he blows your mind.”

A sudden loud roar called our attention back to the action.

We’d missed Derek’s toss of the garter, but there was no missing the cocky smile on the man twirling the garter on his finger and looking in my direction.

“Any chance you aren’t sticking with the East Coast tradition where the guy who catches the garter puts it on the leg of the woman who catches the bouquet?”

Anna smirked. “Not a chance in hell.”


The drinks went straight to my head. After I downed the vodka cranberry I had while standing with Anna, I proceeded to order another and finish it off in record time.

Which meant I had a nice buzz flowing by the time the DJ set up a lone chair in the middle of the dance floor and called my name.

Derek and Anna also joined us as the entire wedding guest population looked on.

“Why don’t you have a seat, Nat?” the DJ said, tapping the chair. “Our beautiful bride left it up to the gentleman who caught the garter to select the song.

“I figured we’d give you a sample and see if it works for you since it’s your dress he’s gonna be under.”

The DJ pressed a button on his iPad, and music began to blare—AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long,” to be specific. After ten seconds, he hit another button, and the music silenced.

He spoke into the microphone again. “So what do you think? Has Hunter here picked the right song for the evening?”

I shook my head as the crowd laughed, and Hunter’s eyes gleamed.

“Alright then. Maybe we’re better off letting you pick the song. You have something in mind that seems more fitting, perhaps?”

I thought for a moment and then waved the DJ down so I could whisper in his ear.

He smiled and pushed more buttons on his iPad before speaking to Hunter. “I’m starting to pick up on a little disparity here—maybe some messages you two are hiding in your song choices.”

Hunter looked at me, and I shrugged just as the DJ started my song choice. Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” blared overhead, and Hunter bent his head back in laughter.

After everyone got a good laugh, the DJ told the crowd he thought things would run smoother if he picked the song.

So Hunter kneeled down on one knee to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” Of course, he was quite the showman.

He twirled the garter around on his pointer finger while gracing the onlookers with a megawatt smile.

Then, he slowly lifted my foot, dropped a soft kiss on the top of it, and slipped the garter up my calf.

“Do we have a gentleman today?” the DJ asked over the microphone. “Will he go any higher?”

The wicked gleam in Hunter’s eyes told me he was not planning on being a gentleman.

For the next few minutes, through chants of higher from the male portion of the wedding party, Hunter inched the garter up my leg. And he wasn’t just moving it along.

His thumb lazily stroked the inside of my leg as he went. When he reached mid-thigh, he squeezed my leg to get my attention, and our eyes locked.

Then his hand kept going.

I hated that I didn’t stop him. I hated that my hands just sat dutifully by my sides, and my normally boisterous voice seemed to have been muzzled.

But the reaction of my body made it impossible to object. The effect of his one hand was profound. My nipples pebbled, my breaths grew shallow, and goose bumps covered my skin.

I was way more turned on than I should’ve been. And it wasn’t just his hand—it was the way he watched me.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was just as aroused as I was—and that really worked for me.

Hunter’s fingers grazed along at a slow and sensual pace, reaching the tippy top of the inside of my thigh. I could feel the heat of his hand radiating between my legs.

Even though we had a crowd watching, thanks to my bridesmaid’s dress, no one could see how far he’d gone.

And while the entire crazy scene played out in erotic slow motion for me, Beyoncé wasn’t even done singing to the single ladies yet.

Hunter let his hand slip down to my knee and squeezed as he leaned in. “Don’t try to tell me I was the only one to feel that.”

The DJ asked everyone to give a round of applause, and Hunter kissed my cheek, stood, and held out his hand to help me up. I was still in a complete daze.

Anna’s brows drew down. “You okay?”

I cleared my throat. “I need a drink.”

“How about the four of us head to the bar for a drink?” Anna’s new husband said.

One drink led to two, two led to three, and three led to…


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