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The Alpha’s Runt

In the world of werewolves, strength is everything. When runts are born, they’re still loved by their families, but they aren’t allowed to mate. As a result, their lives are short, with the oldest runt only living to twenty-two. A runt has been born within Alpha James and Luna Jenna’s litter of triplets. While Aqua and Misty are both 6’2, Mira is only 5’6—tiny for a werewolf. But she still manages to attract the attention of the visiting Alpha Phoenix Black… Can their love conquer tradition?

Age Rating: 18+


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In the world of werewolves, all are born with massive strength to fight to build to farm. High intelligence to solve problems, help those in need and mastermind wars.

The average male werewolf is no less than 7ft and the average female is no less than 6ft 5 inches.

Alpha’s children are born the strongest, but every once in a while a runt is born into the litter of the family. They aren’t shamed, killed or locked up.

They are still loved by their families, but they are never mated for fear of producing more runts which in their view, can weaken the pack.. Because they aren’t allowed to mate, the runts tend to die young.

The oldest runt to ever live was 22 years old. The youngest to die was 13 years old.

For Alpha James and Luna Jenna, a runt has been born within their litter. They had triplet daughters with the third one being a runt. Their names are Aqua, Misty and the runt Mira.

When the girls turned five, a son, Destan was born.

As the girls grew up, they became very close and did everything together. By the time Aqua and Misty turned 14, they were an impressive 5’10 while Mira was only 5’2.

By the age of 19 both Aqua and Misty stopped growing at 6’5 while Mira stopped growing at 5’6. Destan was an impressive 6’0 only at the age of 13 and built like a warrior.

One day the Alpha and Luna receive a letter informing them that Alpha Phoenix Black, an impressive 7 feet with anger issues from the Crystal Moon Pack will be paying a visit to look for a wife to make his Luna within Alpha James and Luna Jenna’s daughters.

Once he picks his Luna, she will be marked in front of the entire pack and taken away.

What will happen when his eyes falls on the beautiful Mira, the runt, the forbidden she wolf he desired from the day his eyes fell on her?



19 years ago

“Push baby, push.” Alpha James held his wife Luna Jenna’s hand as she leaned over to push one of their babies out. “You’re doing great baby.” He encouraged her on.

Luna Jenna sat back to catch her breath. The pack doctor and three midwives spoke words of encouragement. One of the midwives wiped the sweat off of Luna Jenna’s forehead.

Her hair was up in a messy, sweaty bun. She leaned forward again when the labor pains hit her hard. She squeezed Alpha James hand as she pushed.

“I see the head Luna. You’re doing amazing.” The doctor informed her. She pushed again and out came out the first baby. The doctor quickly cut the umbilical cord.

“It’s a girl.” He quickly handed the newborn to Midwife Jackie who took the baby girl to clean up.

“Ok baby. That’s the first one. One more to go.” Alpha James kissed Luna Jenna’s forehead. She only nodded as she readied herself to push again. Jenna leaned forward once more and began pushing.

“I see a head Luna. Keep pushing!” The pack doctor urged her on. Luna Jenna screamed as she pushed with all she had and out came out her second baby.

“It’s another girl.” The pack doctor cut the umbilical cord and handed the baby over to the second midwife Susan.

“Congratulations Alpha and Luna on your twin dau….” He stopped talking when Luna Jenna started breathing heavily again.

“What is it?! Doctor!” Alpha James held his wife’s hand as she leaned forward again and began to push.

“I believe she’s pushing a third child.” Alpha James eyebrows went up in surprise. During all the sonogram visits, they only saw two girls. Not a third.

“I see a head.” The pack doctor called for the third midwife Carrie to stay by his side. Luna Jenna gave one final push and out came another girl.

Both the pack doctor and the midwife Carrie looked at each other after he cut the umbilical cord. She quickly wrapped up the baby and took her to clean up.

Luna Jenna finally fell back against her bed relieved of giving birth.

“My babies….” She whispered with exhaustion. Midwife Jackie and Susan came back with the first two girls born all cleaned up and wrapped in pink striped blankets and a white hat with pink owls.

Alpha James held both of his daughters as tears flowed down his cheeks. He was so happy to be a father.

“Where’s my third daughter doctor Pryce?” Alpha James looked at the doctor.

“Alpha, Luna…You’re third daughter….she’s a runt.” James and Jenna looked at each other, then back at the doctor.

Luna Jenna spoke. “Bring me my baby. I want to hold her.” Doctor Pryce nodded.

“I’ll have the midwife Carrie bring her to you, but only for a short while.

“She needs to be in an incubator for at least a month.” Jenna’s tears ran down her face as the thought of not having her baby with her for an entire month.

“I’ll be back ok.” Doctor Pryce turned to the new parents. “Congratulations on your new family.” He smiled and walked out.

“James.” Jenna whispered.

“Everything is going to be alright my love.” He then smiled at his wife. “We still need to name these two right here.”

Jenna smiled and pointed to her baby whom was nestled in James right arm. “Aqua.” James nodded then looked at the baby he lovingly held in his left arm.

“And your name will be Misty.” James eyes was full of love and admiration as he stared at his wife. “I’m so proud of you babe.” She smiled tiredly at him.

The door opened and Nurse Carrie walked in with their youngest daughter. Jenna held her arms out as Nurse Carrie carefully placed the tiny girl in her mother’s arms.

Jenna smiled at the black hair on top of her baby’s head. Jenna held her close to her heart, inhaling in her new baby scent that has now been engraved in her heart forever.

She bent her head down slightly to kiss her forehead. As she did, the baby opened her eyes making Jenna gasp. “What is it? Is she ok?” James quickly voiced his concern.

Jenna only smiled shaking her head. “Her eyes are the color of lavender.” James eyebrows went up in surprise. “My beautiful baby girl.” Jenna softly kissed her baby’s forehead. “My beautiful Mira.”


Present Day

Alpha James sat in his office holding the letter he received from Alpha Phoenix Black indicating that he is looking for a mate to make his Luna and raise him a family with one of his daughters.

He placed the letter open on the desk as he rubbed his temples. Luna Jenna walked in sensing her mate’s distress. She walked up behind him and rubbed his shoulders.

James leaned his head back against her breast. “What’s troubling you my love?” He sighed then gave her the letter to read. Jenna took it and sat down as she read it.

Her light green eyes looked at him not liking what she just finished reading. “Shit!” Jenna walked towards a sofa and sat shaking her head.

“We can’t let that giant brute marry Aqua or Misty.” She shook her head again. “The man is….massive….scary….massive.” James laughed through his nose.

“You said massive twice.”

“I did, didn’t I?” Jenna softly laughed with him. “I have to contact the Council to officiate once he makes his choice….if he makes a choice. ” James ran his fingers through his thick black hair.

Jenna got up and sat on James lap. Both his arms wrapped around her waist. He felt her sudden sadness. “What’s wrong honey?”

Jenna slowly shook her head taking a deep breath. “It’s Mira…she’s been weak for the past two weeks.”

“I have noticed.” James eyebrows furrowed. “Just this morning I caught her because she lost balance going down the stairs.” Jenna turned in his arms to look at him.

“Why didn’t you tell me James?” She scolded him.

“I didn’t want to worry you honey.” He sighed knowing it was a bad decision by the glare in her eyes. “I’m sorry.” He quickly apologized. “Where is Mira now?”

“With Destan.” Jenna smiled. “He loves Mira so much. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his sister.”

“Well, he can keep Mira company while Alpha Black is here looking for a Luna.” James stated.

“Please. Destan won’t allow anyone within a foot near Mira and Alpha Black is no different.” She stood up as she flipped her light honey colored hair.

“Well, I’ve got some preparations to do and you have a call to make.” Jenna walked out of his office to have a chat with her girls.

James reached for his cell phone in his pocket and dialed the number to the wolf council. On the fourth ring, someone finally picked up. ”Hello. This Alpha James.” He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Hello Alpha James. How can I help you.” The soft female voice on the other line asked.

“Uh yeah, I need to speak to one of the councilman.”

“To what is the reason of your call?” James rubbed his forehead feeling a frustration starting to surface.

“To officiate a possible mating.” The lady cleared her throat.

“One moment please.” Alpha James sat back as he waited for one of the councilman to speak to him. After a couple of minutes, he heard someone greet him.

“Hello Alpha James. This is Councilman Gregory. I understand that one of your daughters may be picked for a mate.” He was so cheery. “Who is the lucky Alpha?”

Alpha James took a deep breath. “Alpha Phoenix Black.” The other line remained silent.

Mira was at the garden picking fresh flowers for her room. She picked violets putting it up to her nose to smell it.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Mira didn’t need to turn to know it was her little brother Destan. He sat next to her leaning against his palms with his long legs stretched out.

“I’m picking new flowers for my room,” she smiled up at him.

“Would you like some help?” Mira looked at her loving brother. His green eyes were always warm and loving when he looked at her.

He had messy dark brown hair like his sisters, unlike Mira who has dark black hair. He was the exact image of their father while the girls looked like their mother.

Aqua and Misty had gray eyes like their father while she had lavender eyes. How was that color even possible or happened is beyond her comprehension. Mira didn’t mind though.

Her big lavender eyes made her stand out especially with her dark black hair. She remembered when Destan was born and how she helped their mother when it came to care for him.

By the time he was 7 years old, he had already passed her, but she still treated him like her baby. They were very attached even until this day.

It broke her heart on how much he will suffer when she passes away. Which is very soon. Mira knew what happened to runts like her.

The fact that she lasted this long to be with her family is a blessing in itself. Mira has been feeling the symptoms of her life draining for the past two weeks.

She’s losing her appetite and lost some weight. She knew Destan has taken notice and he’s been hanging around her much more than usual. “Mira?

“Are you ok?” She looked into his concerned eyes and smiled.

“I’m fine Destan.” She stood up as she held her flowers. “I’m ready to go inside now.” Destan got up grabbing her hand as they walked together back home. “Mom has an announcement to make.”

“Oh ok. Let’s not keep her waiting.” They both walked into the family room where Luna Jenna sat along with Aqua and Misty waiting for their arrival.

“Ah, there you both are. Have a seat.” She waved towards the two empty seats. Once she had everyone’s attention, she cleared her throat.

“Your father and I received a letter from Alpha Black from the Crystal Moon Pack informing that he will be coming here to find a Luna amongst you ladies.” She pointed towards Aqua and Misty only.

Both ladies looked at her unamused and not happy with this information at all.

Misty was the first to voice her irritation. “Mom.” She sighed in frustration. “I don’t want to be his or any other Alpha’s Luna.” She clenched her teeth.

“I do, but not with him.” Aqua voiced her irritation as well.

“Ladies listen….” Luna Jenna began, but was cut off.

“No mom. That’s my answer.” Misty angrily rose to her feet. She was an immaculate she wolf. Misty was built with sexy muscles and was an excellent fighter.

Aqua on the other hand was more curvy like Mira. “Aqua and I should have a say in this.

“Just because some big bad wolf wants to visit us looking for a Luna doesn’t mean that we have to accept him.” She was about to storm off when Luna Jenna agreed.

“I know and you are right Misty.”

“So call Alpha Black and tell him not to waste his time visiting us.” Aqua suggested.

“I wish I can, but he’s already on his way and will arrive here by tomorrow night.” Luna Jenna got up from her seat and dust off her jeans.

“I have to speak to your dad.” She walked off to speak to Alpha James.

“Looks like you dodged a big bullet there Mira.” Aqua smiled at her.

“Ohhh he can’t be that bad.” Mira chuckled. “You didn’t even give him a chance.”

“He doesn’t need a chance when he’s not wanted.” Destan chimed in.

“I agree with Destan.” Misty deadpanned. “Besides, I’m training to be a warrior. Playing a devoted Luna and raising kids is not my ideal fascinating future.”

Mira’s eyes looked down at her fingers feeling sad. She will never get to experience something that she longed to have. Misty seeing Mira’s expression felt bad for expressing what she felt out loud.

Misty was willingly throwing away what Mira wanted more than anything. “I’m so sorry Mira….I wasn’t thinking….”

“It’s ok Misty. You shouldn’t have to keep how you feel locked inside you just for me.”

Destan gave Misty a warning look as did Aqua. Mira noticing the exchanged quickly interrupted by asking Aqua for her reason.

“I understand why Misty doesn’t want to meet him, but what is your reason Aqua?”

“My heart already belongs to someone else.” She said in a dreamy voice and look on her face.

“Does dad know?” Destan questioned with an eyebrow up.

“And who is it?” Misty wiggled her eyebrows.

Aqua turned her attention to Destan giving him that you’re an annoying little brother look . “No.” She rolled her eyes. “But don’t you go saying anything either.” She pointed her finger at him.

“He and I want to be the ones to sit mom and dad and discuss our wanting to mate.”

“Eww when you say it like that, well it just sounds….gross.” Destan scrunched up his nose.

“Oh shut up Destan.” Aqua threw a pillow at him laughing, but he caught it before it hit his face.

“Whaaaaat?” He laughed. “Oh shit!” He ran as Aqua chased him leaving Mira and Misty to laugh shaking their head at their siblings.

Mira sniffed her violets she placed into the vase that Destan filled with fresh water. It was already late in the night when Mira got into bed to sleep.

She opened the draw to her night stand and pulled out five envelopes. Each one had a letter for each member of her family. She will make sure that they get her letters before she passes away.

Mira held the letters close to her chest as a single tear slid down her rosy cheek. She prayed out loud to the Moon Goddess. “Hello Moon Goddess. It’s me, the runt Mira.

“I just want to say thank you for allowing me to live as long as I have. Thank you for the wonderful loving and caring family I was born into.

“All I ask is for my family to not hurt for too long when I die. I want them to be happy. And please look out for my little brother Destan.

“He’s still young and….well you know already.” Mira shut off her lamp and slid under her covers. Her big lavender eyes watched the moon as its light flooded into her dark room.

Her eyes began to flutter shut until she was fast asleep.


Read the full uncensored books on the Galatea iOS app!


Alpha Phoenix paced his bedroom as he contemplated on the letter he sent. Is he ready for a lifelong mate? Should he send another one to postpone it? Does he need more time?

He’s 28 years old and needs an heir. Fuck! This fuckin sucks ass. He sat on the corner of his bed as he ran his fingers through his thick black hair.

Phoenix was heavy in thought when feminine arms circled around his waist from behind. “Are you ready for round 10?” She sucked his earlobe then nipped it with her teeth.

Phoenix smirked then turned around pushing the woman on her back on the bed. “I’m always ready for any amount of rounds.” He growled as he hovered over her.

She spread her legs to give him quicker access inside of her. Phoenix entered her with a hard thrust making her yelp in delight. His pace quickened making the headboard slam hard against the wall.

They both moaned in pleasure until they were interrupted by a few knocks on the door. “GO AWAY!” Phoenix growled as he continued to thrust harder into his lady companion.

“Don’t…stop….K…keep fucking me…hard.” Phoenix continued, but the person behind the door continued knocking and this time harder. Then he heard her voice.

“Phoenix, you better open this door right now.

“I will not ask again.” Phoenix groaned in annoyance as he pulled out from pussy that gripped him nicely grabbing the blanket and wrapping his bottom half with it.

The female companion was left bare with nothing to cover herself.

She glared at his retreating back that was covered in tattoos as she grabbed a pillow to cover herself as she searched for her clothes that were scattered throughout the room.

A reminder of their drunken night cap. Phoenix opened the door, stepping aside for the intruder to enter his room. “You,” she pointed. “Get out now.” The female companion bowed her head.

“Yes Luna Halley.” She hurriedly left the room half dressed. Phoenix opened his dresser grabbing a pair of boxers putting it on allowing the blanket to fall on the ground.

“How are you mother?” He placed a kiss on the top of her head. Halley sighed as she rubbed her temples.

“Phoenix my son, I’m losing count of all the women that walk out of your room on a daily basis.” She watched her son smirk as he sat on his bed.

“And your point being?” Halley angrily pointed her finger at him.

“Don’t get sarcastic with me boy.” Phoenix was known as a tough and scary wolf, but when it came to his mother, he knew better than to disrespect her.

“My apologies mother.” She rolled her eyes at him as she walked towards his window that faced the woods. “You have to be careful Phoenix.” She looked at him briefly then back out the window.

“You’re an Alpha and can only breed with a Luna to have children.” She sighed. “You already have a child with one of your former flings. Please don’t add more.” Phoenix rubbed his hands together.

“Calypso is a good kid. She is my little princess. See? Her name is tatted right over my heart.” He smiled at the thought of her. He remembered when she was born almost four years ago.

Her mother had abandoned her as soon as she was well enough, leaving Phoenix to parent alone. “Where is Calypso now?” His mother turned to him with a smile.

“She’s with your cousin in the garden painting Goddess knows what.” Halley laughed softly. Phoenix got up from his bed picking up his phone from his nightstand.

“Yeah, send someone up to change my sheets and sanitize my room.” He hanged up heading to his private bathroom turning on the water. He stepped in leaving the door open to converse with his mother.

“So you sent the letter right?” Phoenix grabbed the shampoo and lathered up his thick black hair. “Yes I did mother, but….I’m having second thoughts.” He grabbed the conditioner next.

“I’m not sure If I want a Luna right now.” Halley shook her head as she opened the door for the ladies to come in and change Phoenix’s bedsheets.

Another had a big bottle of spray that had sanitizer and a white cloth. Halley opened the windows to air out her sons recently sex scented room.

The ladies finished cleaning the room and left right before Phoenix emerged from the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his bottom half. “Nix, just go to Alpha James and Luna Jenna’s and see.

“You already sent the letter, so you can’t back out now. You don’t have to chose any of the girls.” Phoenix smiled warmly at his mother.

She always calls him Nix when she tries to get him to see a different side of the situation. He walked into his huge walk in closet, coming out in gray sweats and a black tank top.

“Ok mother, but I don’t want to have this discussion again until I’m ready.” He tipped her chin up gently with his fingers earning him a motherly smile. “Deal.”

Phoenix jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen where his Beta Dalton sat eating a sandwich.

Phoenix grabbed a mug filling it with black coffee then grabbed the creamer from the fridge pouring some into his coffee.

He turned leaning against the counter as he stirred his coffee then taking a sip. Dalton looked at him with a smirk. “What?” Phoenix asked as he took another sip.

“I saw Georgia coming down the stairs half naked. Your mom scared her off?” Phoenix laughed nodding.

“I hope you used protection….this time.” Dalton’s left eyebrow lifted making Phoenix flip him the finger.

“Fuck you asshole.” Phoenix grabbed the second half of Dalton’s sandwich eating it without a care. Dalton gasped dramatically making Phoenix chuckle.

“When are we leaving to Alpha James territory?” Dalton asked as he made himself another sandwich. “In two days.” Phoenix sighed. “I don’t know about this Dalt.

“I just don’t think that I’m ready.” Dalton stopped with the cheese in midair. “Nix. If you’re not ready, then cancel.” Phoenix shook his head.

“I can’t for one good reason.” He looked at Dalton who was waiting for his good reason. “Mother.” Dalton made an O with his mouth then continued making his sandwich.

“Look, you don’t have to pick either one. Just go and then politely decline and come back home.” Phoenix grabbed a bottle of beer tossing one to Dalton as he took one for himself.

They both removed the cap and tapped their bottles. “That is exactly what I am going to do.”



Luna Jenna scurried around the pack house giving orders on the preparations. She then hurried to the kitchen where five woman pack members were cooking a huge feast.

Luna Jenna checked on her baked pies and smiled. She then started helping with the cooking.

Mira sat at the end of the counter mixing her infamous Nutella cheesecake happily licking the batter as she poured it into the pan. Luna Jenna smiled at her daughter’s happiness. “Mira sweety.

“Your face is full of nutella,” she looked at her from head to toe. “So is your shirt and everything else.” Mira only giggled as Luna Jenna used her finger to point up and down her attire.

“I’ll go shower soon mom.” Mira walked up to her mom giving her a hug then placing the Nutella pie in the fridge to get firm.

“Ever since you received that letter, you have been running around like a crazy woman.” Jenna chuckled.

“Alpha Phoenix will be here today so I need to make sure everything is perfect.” Jenna shook her head.

“Are you going to grandma’s today?” Mira nodded as she broke off a piece of the cherry pie crust eating it.

“HEY!” Jenna went to smack Mira’s hand, but Mira only laughed as she ran out of her mothers range. Jenna shook her head as did the other women in the kitchen with laughter. “Yup.

“Destan and Delta Roman are going to accompany me there.” Jenna opened the double oven doors to baste the pot roast and turkey.

“How long will you be staying with her?” Mira sniffed the delicious steam closing her eyes in delight. “I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Can I please have some food.

“I’m starving.” Jenna smiled at Mira with a playful roll of her eyes. “Pass me that plate on the counter.

“I’ll carve you some meat while you use that spoon to scoop the potato salad and green beans.” Mira did as told excitedly piling food on her plate.

“Ready Mira?” Destan asked as he helped her place her travel bag on her back. She gave him the thumbs up.

“We’ll get there faster if you ride my back after we shift.” Delta Roman placed clean clothes for him and Destan on the porch chair for when they return.

Mira covered her eyes with her hands as both males removed their clothes to shift. She heard the snapping of bones along with growls.

Mira felt Destan’s nose nudge her on the top of her head giving her the ok that it was safe to look. Mira smiled as she looked at both wolves that stood even taller on their hind legs.

The wolves in her world didn’t stand on all fours like a dog. They remained on their two feet as beastly men.

Mira climbed the chair as Destan crouched for her to climb his back until her arms wrapped around his thick hairy neck. Soon the trio were off in fast speed making Mira giggle with excitement.

They soon came to a small cabin with a woman sitting in her rocking swing chair smiling at them as they approached. “Hi grandma!” Mira waved as the two beast came to a halt.

Mira climbed down Destan by using his hair. If it hurted, he never said anything to her. He just let her do it.

“Mira my sweet girl.” The older lady opened her arms as Mira ran into them hugging her tightly. “Hello Destan and Roman.” Both wolves nodded their heads. “Thank you guys for bringing me here.

“I’ll see you both tomorrow morning.” They nodded once again and took off back into the woods on their way home. “Come Mira. I have that special tea waiting for you to drink.

“It will give you strength and bring some color into that beautiful face of yours.” Mira’s right eyebrow went up.

“You mean that dirt water….” Mira bit her lower lip as as she looked up due to the scowl on her grandmothers face. “You little ungrateful shit.” They both burst out laughing.

Mira walked into the cabin dropping her bag by her swing chair before heading into the kitchen. She saw the tea and began drinking it.

Her grandmother sat on the stool next to Mira and lovingly placed a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “What’s wrong sweetie?” Mira barely smiled as she kept her eyes on her tea.

“It’s almost time grandma.” Her grandmother shook her head in denial.

“No, you aren’t leaving this world, your family or me.” Mira’s lavender eyes looked at her grandmother wanting to believe everything she just said with all of her heart, but she knew better.

Fuck, she felt it. Her life span was coming to an end and there was nothing anyone could do about it. She loved her grandmother with all of her heart. She loved her hope and faith of a possibility.

Mira only nodded to make her grandmother smile. “I’m going to go and shower.” Mira jumped off the stool.

“I’m ready to watch whatever movie you want to watch.” Once Mira closed the door to the bathroom her grandmother prayed out loud. “Goddess, please hear my prayer. Don’t let my beautiful Mira die.

“Please spare her and bless her with one of your miracles. I will gladly trade my life for her to live. When my time comes, I will accept it with open arms.

“No questions asked.” She wiped away the tears that slid down her face as she heard Mira shut off the shower.

By the time Mira joined her in the living room, the movie was on pause and a large bowl full of popcorn to the top.

Mira clapped her hands excitedly and plopped next to her grandmother getting herself comfortable under the blanket and placing the popcorn bowl on her lap.

They both looked at each other then grandmother hit the play button.

Alpha James and Luna Jenna waited outside as two black SUV;s pulled up to their house. The doors opened to reveal the visitors for the night.

Alpha Phoenix came around from the driver side and walked up to extending his hand to shake Alpha James hand. “Welcome Alpha Black.” He nodded at Luna Jenna, in which she nodded back.

“Thank you for receiving me and my men.” He began introducing. “This is my Beta Dalton and my two warriors Charles and Dennis.” Everyone nodded in greeting. “Please follow us inside.

“We have the dining room already set up with dinner. I hope you and your men are hungry Alpha Black.” They followed Luna Jenna to the dining room and quickly took their place at the table.

“Thank you Luna Jenna. This food looks mouthwatering and I am very hungry.” Beta Dalton sniffed the delicious aroma of the feast before them. Phoenix only rolled his eyes then laughed at his men.

Misty and Aqua walked in taking their place next to their parents at the head of the table. “Alpha Black, these are our daughters. Lady Aqua and Lady Misty.” He introduced.

All men stood up in respect bowing their heads except Alpha Black. He’s an Alpha and doesn’t bow to no one.

He looked at them and found them attractive, but they didn’t make him desire them or consider them to be his Luna. He just had to be polite. “Good evening Lady Misty and Lady Aqua.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you both.” Both ladies greeted their guest and quickly took a seat. After an hour of conversation and enjoying the feast, it was time to retire for the night.

Alpha James showed Alpha Black and his men to their guest house.

Although he was visiting to find a mate, Alpha James wasn’t going to take any chances on having this bad tempered bad wolf in his home with his family.

“Wow, Lady Misty is fuckin hot!” Dalton said as he plopped on the bed kicking off his boots. “I can’t believe I have to share a room with you.

“I can’t wait to go home tomorrow evening.” Phoenix plopped on his bed removing his boots and clothes. “I’m going to take a shower.

“Try to keep your dick in your pants and not in your hand as you think about Lady Misty.” Phoenix stopped by the bathroom door turning to Dalton.

“Besides, according to Lady Misty, she flat out stated she isn’t interested in having a mate.” Dalton rolled his eyes.

“All I need is one night with her to change her mind.” Phoenix laughed at Dalton’s ego. “Dude, I would looooove to see that.” Without another word he entered the adjoining bathroom to shower.

Another car pulled up into Alpha James and Luna Jenna’s driveway. A tall slender man came out and walked up the porch then rang the doorbell.

Luna Jenna and Misty answered the door, only for their smiles to drop when they saw Councilman Fredrickson. “I believe my mate Alpha James called Councilman Gregory.

“Why are you here?” Both Jenna and Misty remained at the doorway not inviting Councilman Fredrickson in. He cleared his throat. “I’m quite aware of the conversation.

“However, I volunteered to come in his place.” His eyes scanned Jenna then Misty. “May I come in?” Misty glared at him. She couldn’t stand him with every fiber of her being.

She hated how he would look at Mira and it wasn’t in an admiring way. He lusted after her and they all knew it.

Misty knew he only volunteered so that he could see Mira, which made her happy that she was away for the night. He was creepy looking.

Misty compared him to that classic silent black and white movie called Nosferatu, only he wasn’t bald. His hair was blond, flat and always looked dirty. “Don’t let that thing in mom.

“It’s gross.” Misty deadpanned. Jenna held back her smile then cleared her throat. “There will be no need Councilman Fredrickson.

“Both my daughters have declined Alpha Black as did he.” Fredrickson eyebrows went up in surprise. “Sorry to hear about it, although,” He looked at Misty in disgust.

“I couldn’t blame Alpha Black for…passing up an opportunity to mate with….her.” His long bony finger pointed towards Misty. She only smirked in return then responded to agitate him.

“I know right?” She nodded with sarcasm. “Now go away freaky creature of the bowels of hell.” Fredrickson squinted his eyes at her then turned his attention to Luna Jenna.

“Luna, I understand that no mating will take place, but I did travel from a long way and will like to stay for the night.

“I will have my leave first thing in the morning.” Misty rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest. He could sleep in a muddy hole infested of maggots swimming in shit for all she cared.

But, Luna Jenna being kind and polite stepped aside to let Fredrickson in. “I’ll have the guest room prepared for you.

“Excuse me.” Luna Jenna gave a quick look to Misty which was understood as to stay by and watch him.

Councilman Fredrickson ignored Misty’s presence and headed towards the family room to sit down and make himself comfortable.

The door swung open revealing Destan and Delta Roman. They were in the midst of a conversation when they spotted Misty standing with her hands on hips.

She said hello to them without removing her eyes from Fredrickson. Destan and Roman followed her gaze and cringed when they spotted Fredrickson.

“What is that thing doing here?” Destan asked as his face scrunched up in disgust. Delta Roman laughed as he shook his head.

“It’s here for the mating that isn’t taking place so he will be leaving tomorrow morning. Like very early. Very, very early.” Roman glared at Fredrickson as Destan crossed his arms over his chest.

“Good. The earlier the better.” Fredrickson squinted his eyes at the siblings. “You know that I can hear you right?” Misty and Destan shrugged their shoulders showing him that they didn’t care.

Delta Roman looked at this watch then left to find Lady Aqua. Fredrickson cleared his throat.

“How is your sister Mira?” Destan quickly growled and before Fredrickson knew what happened, Destan wrapped his huge hand around Fredrickson’s throat lifting him off the floor.

“Don’t you ever ask about my sister Mira. Don’t even think about her.” Misty didn’t make any effort to stop Destan until Alpha James and Luna Jenna walked in. “DESTAN! PUT THE CREEPY MAN DOWN!

“NOW!” Alpha James powerful Alpha voice boomed out. Destan dropped Fredrickson making him land on the floor. Hard! Fredrickson coughed as he rubbed his neck.

He stood up angrily glaring at Destan and Misty. “Alpha James, control your son!” Destan walked away and gave Misty a high five. “Destan what the hell?” Alpha James stopped Destan from leaving.

“Why would you do that?” Destan clenched his jaw. “He asked about Mira.” Luna Jenna gave Fredrickson a cold stare that made him clear his throat from nerves.

“Our daughters whereabouts is none of your concern. Now please follow me. I’ll show you to your room.”

As Fredrickson followed Luna Jenna, he swore that Misty and Destan will pay for what they did to him. To disrespect a Councilman is a behavior that will not be tolerated. It’s unacceptable.

As for Mira, she will be his. He just had to figure a way to get her out of her families clutches and get his own on her. He wanted her so bad, he can practically taste her.

As they passed her room, his eyes roamed to her door. Is she in there now? By herself? Is she naked? He thought of all the ways he will have her.

A smirk made a way to his lips which he quickly disguised when they made a stop at the end of the hall. Luna Jenna opened the door to allow him in.

“There are clean towels on the adjoining bathroom basin. Have a good night.” She closed the door not wanting to hear his thank you. Fredrickson removed his clothes placing them neatly on the chair.

He stood completely naked then went to shower. “I will have her. Even if I have to destroy and kill everyone in this fuckin pack.”


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