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Tricks of Passion

Sophia needs a new job. When she lands the position as assistant to CEO Jax Albergo, she thinks all of her problems are over. But really…they’re just getting started. Will this sexy jerk drive Sophia crazy, or fire her first? Either way, it’s getting ~hot~ in this office!

Age Rating: 18+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Sophia needs a new job. When she lands the position as assistant to CEO Jax Albergo, she thinks all of her problems are over. But really…they’re just getting started. Will this sexy jerk drive Sophia crazy, or fire her first? Either way, it’s getting hot in this office!

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Queen Vega

Note: This story is the author's original version and does not have sound.


“How’s your job hunt going honey?” I ran my fingers through my hair with a sigh. I knew this question was coming, she asks every time she calls. Ever since I got fired from the diner a couple of weeks ago I’ve been struggling to get hired. One reason is because the reason I was fired.

Apparently slapping your perverted manager for a good reason doesn’t sit well on applications. There was no way I was dealing with his inappropriate comments any longer, I just had enough that day. The other reason being my lack of work experience. I had been working at the diner for three years, it’s the only work I’ve had.

“I’m still looking mom.” The same answer I gave her every time.

“Well do you need some money until you find one?” I swear we’ve had this same conversation three times this week.

“No mom, I still have a lot saved up to last me two months rent.” Lucky for me I stayed in a small studio apartment, so the rent was pretty cheap. I could feel my mom working up to ask the next question when the buzzing to my apartment sounded. “Hey mom Aly is here I’ll call you later love you.”

“Bye honey, remember to call if you need anything.” I quickly hung up the phone as I buzzed Aly up.

“I have awesome news for you!” I smiled as my bubbly friend walked into my apartment. She was a gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyed girl with a nice small figure. Small as in she’s very short to be a 22 year old.

We met at the diner when I first started working there, she was a manager at the time. But now she works for the most paid company on the planet, Pear Inc. known for their top rated technology. From pear pods, to pear TV and laptops.

“Thank god I could use some good news.” I flopped down on the living room couch taking a sip of my water.

“I got you a job at Pear!” My eyes widened as I spit my drink all over the small coffee table. “Ok gross.” Aly frowned at my lack of manners.

“Are you serious? How? You couldn’t have told me that before my mom called?” This was a great opportunity and my mom would’ve been ecstatic.

“Well you don’t technically have the job yet, but you do have an interview at 10am tomorrow.”

“That’s still great news! This is so awesome Aly thank you.” I pulled her into a tight bear hug.

“Yeah I know I’m amazing.” I rolled my eyes at her ego. “I’d love to celebrate with you right now but I’m on lunch break, I couldn’t wait to tell you the news but now I have to go. See you tomorrow love.” Once Aly left I tried to decide on what to do for the rest of the day, when my stomach growled giving me the perfect idea.

“I’ll go to the diner.”

I sat in the far corner of the diner sipping my Hi-C as I waited for my food. Lucky for me the manager wasn’t here this late so I had no problems.

“Hey Sophia surprised to see you here.” One of my former co-workers Ashley, came up to the table.

“Yes I was hungry and this is the only good burger place I know.” I admitted sheepishly.

“Well that is true, it was nice seeing you again.”

“Like wise.” I called out as she started walking away. Minutes later my double cheeseburger arrived and I couldn’t be happier. I was mid bite into my sandwich when I felt a presence next to me.

“Do you have any extra napkins?” A deep voice asked. I looked up to see a handsome man with short black hair staring at me with amusement on his face.

“Uh yeah.” I reached for the napkins grabbing a hand full before passing them to him.

“These seem to already be used.” He chuckled lightly. I looked at him confused until he held up the top napkin. There was mustard on it from when my dirty hands gave them over. I felt my face heat up in embarrassment.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I didn’t meant to do that.”

“It’s quite alright, the middle ones are still usable.” He gave me a sweet smile that made my legs go weak.

“Still I’m sorry.” He simply laughed as he started walking away. I sunk down in my seat like the train wreck I was. A cute guy asks for napkins and I get mustard all over them. Aly would be so disappointed in me.

“Do you know who that was?” I looked up as Ashley took a seat across from me, shock written all over her face.

“Some random guy I just embarrassed myself in front of?” I asked her.

She giggled. “That my oblivious friend was the head owner of Pear.”

“Really? You’re kidding me right?” Now he’s going to remember me as the mustard girl in our interview tomorrow.

“Yes and I hear-”

“Ashley I’m paying you to work not gossip!” A voice called from up front. I looked up to see my old boss Danny glaring at us.

“I’ll talk to you later.” She quickly left the table and started taking orders. Guess that’s my Que to leave. I laid some money on the table for my meal and a tip.

I sat in my car thinking about my awkward encounter with hopefully my future boss. I hope he doesn’t think I’m not sophisticated enough for this job. Aly is going to throw a fit when I tell her.


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“You did what!”

“I swear I didn’t know who he was! I’ve never seen him before.”

“I worked my ass off for that interview and you’ve already embarrassed me!” To say she was upset was an understatement. I didn’t realize how much her career was on the line. But how was I supposed to know who he was? Plus, who asks someone for napkins while they’re eating anyways?

“Relax, I’ll woo him so much tomorrow he’ll forget all about it. Plus I don’t think he will really care.”

“Then you clearly know nothing about him, he takes that company very serious.” She scoffed.

“Or maybe you’re just being dramatic.” I rolled my eyes. She was known for exaggerating things. I once had a small pet lizard and when I showed her she went around telling everyone I had a Comodo dragon. The thing was barely bigger than my pinky.

“Be realistic Sophia, you don’t get to the top by singing nursery rhymes with your enemies.” I followed her as she walked in my kitchen. If she was hoping to find something to eat in there she was going to be severely disappointed. I've checked several times.

“God, why don’t you ever have food?” I giggled as I heard the refrigerator door slam.

“That’s why I need this job. So my refrigerator can be fully stocked for your benefit.”

“Well I have to go anyways, my cousin is visiting.” She grabbed her purse as I followed her to the door.

“Which cousin?” I asked curiously.

“Brad, you know the one you have a major crush on?” She winked at me. I felt my cheeks start to heat up. I do indeed have a crush on him. I mean have you seen the guy? Who wouldn’t, and he’s such a gentleman.

I first met him when Aly and I were working at the diner and he came to visit her. I thought it was her boyfriend at first and felt bad for practically eye raping him. He lived in the next town over so he would visit whenever he had time off from work.

“I don’t have a crush on him!” I’ll never admit that fact to her, she’d have us strapped together for a week if she knew how I truly felt.

“Keep telling yourself that. Then I guess you wouldn't mind coming over for movie night tomorrow?” She smirked at me.

“I don’t mind at all.”

“Bye, see you tomorrow then.” I closed the door behind her smacking my forehead. What was I thinking? I can never function properly around Brad. She’ll for sure find out I like him now.

I sighed making my way to my bedroom. It was almost midnight, I needed to get as much sleep as possible to prepare myself for this interview tomorrow.

I slipped on my favorite pajamas, blue and purple with puppies on them, before sliding into bed.

Waking up early the next day was harder than I anticipated it to be. Apparently going to sleep at 11:30 was not an early enough time to sleep. Feels like I just dozed off.

I looked over at my alarm clock to see I had two hours before the interview. I yawned as I got out of bed, making my way to the kitchen. I think I have time for breakfast. I grabbed a bowl out the dish washer placing it on the table, before grabbing my favorite cereal.

As I ate all I could do was think. Was I ready for a professional job? Could I really handle working with such a successful company if I were to get it? All I knew was how to be a waitress, how will those skills fit in with this? I dumped my bowl in the sink as I went to my room to get ready.

I settled on a blue skirt with a black blouse. I didn’t have many professional clothes, I should’ve called Aly over for help.

I laid it out on the bed as I went to take a shower. I didn’t bother getting my hair wet cause it would take long for it to dry, I didn’t have the time.

After getting dressed I checked the time to see I had only thirty minutes left. Where did the time go? Lucky for me the building was only twenty minutes away.

I’m heading out, wish me luck!

I sent her a quick text before sliding on some black heels heading to my front door. Just as I got in my car I heard my phone chirp.

Good luck! You got this.

I smiled at her words of encouragement, I hope she was right. She was off today so I wouldn't see her when I get there.

I put my car in drive speeding off my parking lot. Within minutes I arrived at the building. It was tall and intimidating, how everyone described the owner to be. I gulped as I got out of my car, walking towards the it. I was either walking to begin my new life, or watch it crumple.

I pushed open the building door walking up to the receptionist desk. There was a lady typing at her computer with a bun as tight as my skirt on top of her head. How can she even think straight with her hair that tight?

“Can I help you?” She finally acknowledged my presence.

“Yeah, I have an interview today my name is Sophia Romano.” Her eyes widened when I mentioned my last name. A reaction people always had, because of who my father was.

He was tied to a string of murders back in the 90′s, but the cops could never prove that it was him. He died two years ago, and people still only remember him for that. I asked my mom once if the rumors were true, but she never answered me directly.

Always stating that my father was a good man and did what he had to provide for this family. I thought moving away would help the situation but apparently news travel fast.

“You’ll take the elevator up to the third floor, and from there his receptionist will guide you.” I frowned, I thought she was his receptionist? I did as I was told making my way to the elevator pushing the number three. I checked my watch noticing I only had five minutes left. God I hope I’m not late when I’m right in the building.

The door finally opened, and I stepped out, spotting the receptionist a few feet away. “Hi, I’m here for my interview.” I told her once I made it to the counter. She looked up at me before turning back to her computer screen.

Uh ok? Rude much. I checked my watch once again seeing I had three minutes left, I did not have time for this. “Did you hear me? I said I’m here for my interview.”

“There are no interviews scheduled today now please move along before I call security.” I gaped at the woman, mouth opened in shock.

“What do you mean? Check the schedule again.” I demanded.

“Ma’am I made the schedule, so I don’t need to check it again. Now you have thirty seconds to leave this office, or security will escort you out.” I glared at her before making my way back to the elevator.

Taking out my phone I called Aly. “Hey girl, is the interview over already?” She answered.

“There was no interview. Are you sure you scheduled one?” I was embarrassed about the whole situation, but I wouldn’t take my anger out on her.

“Of course I did! Stay there I’m on my way.” I could hear shuffling in the background.

“I don’t want to stay here Aly, I’ve already embarrassed myself enough.” I just wanted to go home and curl up with some ice cream. I entered the main lobby not making eye contact with anyone.

“Just stay there I’m coming.” She ended the call and I growled. Why can’t she just take no for an answer? I didn’t want to cause a scene.

I sat in my car as I waited for her to arrive. I noticed a black limo pull up in front of the building. I watched as two guys stepped out, one with blonde hair and the other brown. They were both dressed in suits and looked very professional, they stood outside the limo as if they were waiting for someone.

Seconds later the guy from the diner stepped out, looking as handsome as ever. Now that I think about it they were all handsome. He wasn’t here the whole time? Maybe there really was no interview scheduled.

They all walked into the building at the same time, one guy on either side of him. Were they his bodyguards or something? If I was brave I would’ve jumped out my car and followed them, demanding an interview.

Though I had a feeling I would’ve gotten attacked by one of those guys before I even got close enough. Now I really didn’t want to go back up there.

I heard honking and looked behind me to see Aly parking, great. She swiftly walked up to my car, banging on the window.

“You could’ve broken that.” I glared at her as I rolled it down.

“Get out let’s go.” She demanded.

“Aly, there’s like a hundred-armed men in there. I don’t think now’s an appropriate time.” In fact, I felt like it was a very bad time.

She glared at me, then started yanking on my door like a mad woman. Was she trying to destroy my car? “Get your ass out now!”

I groaned as I opened the door, purposely trying to hit her with it. She’s lucky she has good reflexes.

“For the record, if you get fired it's your own fault.” I told her as we walked across the street, building looking as intimating as the first time. What am I so nervous about anyways? We’ll never make it pass that receptionist.

“I’m not getting fired and you’re going to get hired. It’ll all work out just fine.” We got in the elevator and I sighed. I was not ready for this, I was barely ready the first time. Now they’re going to think I’m immature and can’t do an interview by myself.

The door opened, and we stepped out. The guys from earlier were sitting in the lobby. One was chatting up the receptionist while the other was reading a magazine. I have a feeling this isn’t going to end well.


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