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Lux’s mate is all she can think about since the very first day she caught his scent. She tries to imagine what he looks like, tastes like…but she knows that even her wildest dreams don’t do him justice. From sun-up to sun-down, Lux’s mate is always there, lurking in the shadows, just out of reach. She doesn’t even know what species he is. All she knows is his name: Soren

Age Rating: 18+

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Lux’s mate is all she can think about since the very first day she caught his scent. She tries to imagine what he looks like, tastes like…but she knows that even her wildest dreams don’t do him justice. From sunup to sundown, Lux’s mate is always there, lurking in the shadows, just out of reach. She doesn’t even know what species he is. All she knows is his name: Soren.

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Mikayla S

Note: This is the author’s original version and does not have sound.



For humans they can be many things: lovers, friends, acquaintances.

For vampires, they’re a constant reminder of the life they are forced to live in death, a sacred hope that they know will be ripped away from them with one bite, the last piece of their soul that exists.

And for wolves…well, for wolves they’re everything! Every happiness, every heartbeat, every flutter in your stomach rolled into one person.

Their smell, their taste… Everything about them is intoxicating.

For most wolves finding your mate is relatively easy.

Every year, wolves who are of age come into our pack territory for my parents’ yearly ball, and every year someone leaves with their mate on their arm.

For twenty-one years I’ve dreamed about the day I’d meet mine.

Who is he? What does he look like? Does he want me like I want him?

Every day I get dressed up, going all-out to look as beautiful as possible to make sure he notices me, and every day I go to sleep disappointed.

You see, unlike my older twin brothers Drayden and Draxel, I didn’t meet my mate when I turned fifteen.


Draxel and Drayden were lucky.

Draxel mated Kimber, a daughter of one of my parents’ best friends.

We’d known her our whole lives, so when it turned out that she was not only Draxel’s mate, but the future Luna of our pack, everyone was thrilled.

And why wouldn’t they be? She’s amazing!

It was only three short weeks after Draxel and Kimber mated that Drayden found his mate, Blair.

But my mating—sigh—well, my mating is a lot more complicated.

You see, unlike everyone else, who gets the chance to meet their mates at fifteen, I met mine way before that.

I mean way, way before that. The only problem is that… I guess I should specify that I’ve never actually met him in person.

My first run-in with my future mate was unexpected.

My parents and I were visiting my uncles, Silas and Thackery, to discuss pack business.

It had been a busy day of meetings when my parents decided that, with my uncles, my younger cousin Kasyn, and my Aunt Milani, we’d all go to the lake to swim and have fun.

The three boys were running wild around the bank, our mothers were sunbathing, and our fathers were cooking near the shore. I, on the other hand, was busy chasing butterflies.

I had found this beautiful neon-blue butterfly fluttering off in the distance, so I took off after it, nearly catching it as it shuffled through the tree line.

It pulled me further and further into the woods until I was surrounded in darkness, and the butterfly was gone.

Getting scared, I started to cry. I could no longer see my family or even hear them over the sound of the wind slamming against the trees.

“Shh, little Lux, it’s going to be alright.” His voice was so deep it scared me yet calmed me all at once.

Jumping up to my feet I searched around for the owner of the voice, but I came up short.

I was alone, or at least I thought I was until he spoke again: “You really shouldn’t be here, my little Lux.”

Sniffling into the sleeve of my dress, I searched around again and found nothing, but I know I heard him.

His voice was so calming. Even as a child I craved to hear it again.

“Who are you?” Searching around again, I hoped and prayed that I’d catch even a glimpse of the owner of that soothing melody he called a voice.

But instead I heard nothing and saw nothing.

My dad came and found me right after that. He scolded me about running off, reminding me that even though we were on safe territory, I needed to be with someone at all times.

I tried to understand—I really did! But even then, he called to me on such a primal level that I couldn’t help but search him out.

After that, I didn’t see or hear anything from the mysterious man again until I was thirteen.

It was an odd day for me. I had just started my period and my brothers and I were butting heads at an unusually high rate, so I stomped off through the tree line behind our house.

I knew I was safe there, being as it was the only place I was allowed to go where neither my father nor my brothers ever seemed to bother me.

Throwing myself down on the tree stump of an old forgotten tree, I couldn’t help but cry out my frustration.

Why today of all days did Aunt Flow decide it had to be her first visit into my life?

Why couldn’t my brothers understand that I didn’t need them getting pissy over me growing up? It wasn’t like I had control over my body’s natural age progression.

I mean, I wasn’t a vampire.

After sitting on the old mossy stump for a good hour, my tears finally died out, and my body was in the last stages of calming—only a few hiccups every few minutes.

That’s when I heard him for the 2nd time.

“Oh my little Lux, you certainly have grown.”

His voice shocked me to my core, and I was up on my feet a little too fast and lost my balance…

Until, ever so lightly, his hand—slightly calloused yet gentle—touched my shoulder, halting my fall and effectively halting my breath.

I felt him chuckling in amusement at my clumsiness. “Be careful, my little Lux.”

“My name is Zayla, I don’t know who Lux is,” I squeaked out, feeling his hand push the hair over my shoulder, before a deep chuckle ran through his body so forcefully that it shook in my own.

“Oh, but Zayla, you will always be my little Lux.” His voice was far more amused this time. I whipped around to look at him, but just my luck, he was gone.

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After that day, I didn’t look for him, no matter how much my body tried to force me to find him, I fought it, and I fought it hard.

That is until my 15th birthday!

You see to a wolf your 15th birthday is the most important day in aging, even more important than turning 18 or even 21.

No, it’s 15 that’s important! You see at 15 it’s when your wolf is finally fully matured, it’s when she is old enough to start searching out her other half, her mate.

It’s when she’s ready to be marked, and to start her life with her one true love. But for me, it’s when I realized I will never get the chance to meet my own.

The day of my 15th birthday went smooth, like every other birthday I’ve had, it was a great day, full of laughter with my friends and family, it was great! That is until the pack run, because the pack run is when my wolf smelt him fully for the first time.

During usual pack runs our long black legs and small frame really gave us an advantage in regards to staying in front of the pack, in fact almost every run the pack took I was side by side with my father.

My wolf’s a smaller yet identical match to his own, beautiful full thick jet black fur, allowing us to almost blend into the shadows, if it wasn’t for our eyes that is, both my father and I have bright blue eyes, almost white in color they’re so light.

On our final lap around the territory, my wolf got a whiff of a smell we could swear up and down we had smelt before, noticing the smell got stronger the closer we got to the house, my wolf decided to break off from the crowd and go towards our spot to grab our clothes.

But the closer we got the more we smelt him, the smell sending my wolf into a frenzied state.

We followed the smell around in circles for hours trying our hardest to catch him, to just get a glimpse of him, who was he? Why didn’t he want us to see him?

Getting frustrated my wolf huffed with all the strength in her lungs before throwing herself on the ground pouting.

Finding your mate is supposed to be the best day in a wolf’s life, so why didn’t he want her? Why was he playing games with her?

It frustrated my wolf and wounded her deeply at the thought that he saw her as not good enough for him.

She was the daughter of the alpha, the daughter of Zayn and Skyla King! She was a warrier, a Queen.

So why after 5 hours had he not shown himself to her? Was he playing a game? Did he find enjoyment out of her longing for him?

Huffing out again as we start to pull up where we know his smell from, it just seemed so familiar to us, and in that moment he makes his presence known with a quick deep chuckle.

Lifting our head we scan around trying to find him, trying to see anything, a shadow, a misplaced leaf even, and nothing.

That is until he spoke “someone’s a little impatient my little Lux.” His voice even though was far away, still sent shivers running down my spine.

Sitting up, I quickly allow my human form to take focus, leaving me kneeling completely naked in the dirt my wolf moments ago was pouting on.

Lifting my head and staring straight ahead I’m unsure if he is still there, his scent is everywhere and nowhere, almost like he’s running around me constantly. “Today is my birthday”

After getting no reply, I dropped my head feeling hurt and feeling completely jaded, I sigh sadly, before standing up and walking over to the log where I had stashed my clothing.

After getting dressed I stick my hands in my pockets as I begin to walk home, feeling my fingers touch something cold that I know wasn’t there before I halt in my steps.

Slowly pulling out the thin chain, I notice it’s a beautiful small gold necklace with a tiny white gold butterfly attached to the thin material.

Pulling the necklace closer to my face I’m stunned as I take in the beauty of the butterfly, it’s so small and yet it’s beautifully detailed, down to the two very beautiful blue gems that lay between small clear diamonds on its wings.

Not getting enough of the beautiful design I almost don’t want to put it on, instead wanting to hold it in my hand forever, I don’t know how but a huge part of me knows he did this for me, he got me this, and that little piece of information has me undoing the clasp and putting it wound my neck.

I can’t help but smile as I run my hands down my neck along the beautiful chain, just as my fingers touch the butterfly I feel the wind pick up around me before the echo of the voice I crave so much comes through it. “Happy birthday Lux”

Sighing as the last of his voice leaves the trees it was bouncing off of, I walked into the backdoor of the house, my family all gathered around waiting for me with a huge smile on their faces and a giant cake in the twins hands that says “Happy birthday Zayla”

Not stopping the giant grin that lights my face on fire, I lean down blowing out the candles but not before making my wish.

After the party when everything starts settling down I make my way to my room, turning my knob but before I can even open the door, his smell hits my nose.

Throwing my door open, hoping to see him I’m left disappointed, but I enter warily as if at any moment he might come out of hiding.

But standing near the window, I can feel him there, he’s watching me.

Opening the window, I stand hoping that he will come forward.

“Thank you for my necklace, I love it” I whisper out as to not draw attention from anyone else who might also have their windows open.

Then I feel him so close I can almost reach out and touch him. I can even feel his breath when he speaks but I can’t see him. “You’re welcome, my beautiful Lux.”

His voice is so deep, his scent overpowers me. He’s here, so close I can reach out and touch him.

Is this the night I finally meet my mate?

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Alpha Zachary

Aurora Adams, a shy and innocent werewolf, is forced to run from her home when her abusive parents attempt to force her into an arranged marriage. But then she meets her true mate, none other than Zachary Williams, the most ruthless alpha in the world. Will Aurora discover a deeper reason she has been paired with this beast of a man? And will she be able to melt his heart of ice?

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Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Assault, Extreme Violence/Gore, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Stalker, and Violence Against Women)

The Wolf Wars Saga

From the author of Choose Me or Lose Me.

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Age Rating: 18+ (Rape, Sexual Abuse, Incest, Violence, Kidnapping)


Evelyn is not your traditional werewolf. In fact, as a wolf-human hybrid, she’s not your traditional anything! On her twentieth birthday though, Evelyn faces one tradition she can’t ignore: finding her destined mate. Evelyn isn’t thrilled—that is, until she feels strangely drawn to the unbelievably sexy Alpha Alex, who arrives at their pack after ten years away. But her pure-wolf (and pure-snooty) half sister Tessa also has eyes for the dreamboat, and she’s used to getting her way!

Age Rating: 18+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

The Billionaire CEO

Danielle desperately needs money for a medical treatment that will save her sister’s life. A billionaire advertises for a woman to be his wife for two years and produce his heir in exchange for ten million dollars. It sounds like the solution to her problems, but would he ever choose somebody with her poor background? And could she ever go through with a marriage, even a temporary one, to a cold man who swears he’ll never love her?

Age Rating: 18+ (Sexual Assault/Abuse)

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Mated to the Werewolf King

_This was how the world ended._

_The king of wolves, the mythic monster, the majestic man I’d grown to love and lust for with my every breath, he lay there…bleeding out beside his throne. Dying._

_Towering over him was a grinning demon…the Demon Lord. He pointed at me with a long, black, spindly finger…_