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Althea and Landon have been best friends since they were children. Now that they’ve grown up, Althea is developing feelings for Landon, but he’s about to become the alpha of the Power Pack. And neither of their families wants them to be together. Will Althea be able to express how she feels before her family has mated her off to someone else? And when Landon becomes the alpha, will he return Althea’s feelings or will he have changed too much?

Age Rating: 18+

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is not directly connected to Stolen by the Alpha, which is an immersive and reimagined adaptation of Alpha Kaden. This story is part of the author’s original version of the Alpha Series, and you can enjoy it as a standalone story!

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Althea and Landon have been best friends since they were children. Now that they’ve grown up, Althea is developing feelings for Landon, but he’s about to become the alpha of the Power Pack. And neither of their families wants them to be together. Will Althea be able to express how she feels before her family has mated her off to someone else? And when Landon becomes the alpha, will he return Althea’s feelings or will he have changed too much?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Midika Crane

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is not directly connected to Stolen by the Alpha, which is an immersive and reimagined adaptation of Alpha Kaden. This story is part of the author’s original version of the Alpha Series, and you can enjoy it as a standalone story!

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


I push through the long grass, ignoring the sting and itch it gives my legs, as I feel my thighs burn with the exertion.

I can see Landon’s figure, as he gets closer, but as he stumbles forward his ankle gets caught in a long piece of grass and he trips face first into the field.

Seeing him brings a smile to my face every time. It's not just the friendship we share, but the deeper feeling that has been growing for five years now.

As far as I know, he sees me as just a friend, and I'm pretty positive he always will. But I continue to hang to every moment we get together, while neither of us are mated.

I burst out laughing, as I flop down beside him. He sits up, rubbing his forehead. He looks up at me through thick rimmed glasses, giving me a lopsided smile.

His smile seems to light up more than the massive globe that slowly lights up the sky. The grass sways around us in the slight breeze, brushing against my covered arms.

“Graceful,” I comment, letting my chuckles die down. He straightens his thin, lanky legs in front of him. He's wearing shorts, which is odd for this time of the morning.

His fashion sense has never been the best, but the quality is impeccable.

Landon always complains about how he isn't very strong, or attractive as the other males he went to school with.

He's a little too skinny, his eyes are sometimes too lifeless, and his hair never stays in one place for very long.

Popular or not, I see Landon as an extremely generous, sweet guy whose ego isn't related to the size of his biceps.

This is where my best friend Landon and I always meet up; in the grass paddock that is situated right at the end of pack territory.

Today though, he didn't seem to burst with whatever had happened in the palace he lives in. Usually the news is exciting and brings us more than a few laughs.

The thought of living in a palace, surrounded by many opportunities like Landon has seems like a dream.

But it's his reality, and sometimes I wish his stories were something I could experience one day. Too bad I wasn't born into the power of an Alpha family like he was.

“So, excited for tonight?” I ask curiously. Tonight is his nineteenth birthday party, and the day he will turn into my new Alpha. He sighs and looks off across the paddock.

I know him well enough to know he is distracted. And Landon being distracted is never normal.

For years he's been anticipating this day. I don't blame him… Imagine being able to do what you want, rule a pack and become seemingly stronger.

I realize this will taint our friendship, especially since his need to find a mate to help him rule the pack becomes more of a priority.

“Not particularly,” he mutters, sweeping a hand through his soft brown hair so it flops over his forehead. I've always loved his hair, especially the way it shines under the warm sun.

Only I notice the way those few strands of golden hair entwine around the rest. I wouldn't call myself obsessed, just more of an observer.

“Why not? This is what you have been dreaming about since you started school,” I say truthfully. He has always told me he was bullied at his school for being twig thin and useless.

Everyone had told him he would never become Alpha because he's too weak.

That stuff hits him hard, and now I can tell he's becoming more anxious, and is over thinking. He doesn't need to, though.

“I'm not Alpha material,” he sighs, picking at the grass by his side. I tilted my head, then shook it. He can't be serious. I watch him form a pile in front of him.

He knows his way around the pack, and has been capable of ruling one since he turned 13. Even his father believes, and his father scares everyone in this pack.

“You know you will phase? Think of everyone who won't,” I state. I myself am forever stuck in my awkward body. And I know for sure that once he shifts, I'll be just a sad memory of his childhood.

I can imagine the girls all over him, wanting a piece of their Alpha, while I sit on the side, unnoticeable.

“Yeah…” he drawls.

“And when you become Alpha, I can see you more, right?” I ask, punching his shoulder. Landon's father is strict, and doesn't like that he has a girl for a friend.

Just like my father dislikes Landon's company for me. Some days I wish less people would be so negative toward us.

It's not socially acceptable for males and females to be friends. Especially at our age, where finding a mate should be our main focus.

“Of course, it's just… well father said I'll be super busy and all. And as soon as I'm phased, I'm supposed to find a mate,” he muttered, sighing deeply. I feel a sting in my heart.

It still hurts hearing him talk about mates. I know that he doesn't mean to intentionally, he's completely oblivious.

The thought of him with a mate just makes my heart sink.

“Well, then you're just going to have to find a mate who doesn't mind us being friends,” I state, flashing him a smile. He nodded. We both know how unlikely that is, even if now we refuse to voice it.

“You're going to forget about me… when you find your mate,” Landon said gently, pulling his glasses off. I can barely imagine a life without my little Landon.

I watch him rub the lens against his shirt. I can't believe that for a second he would think that I would ever ditch him, I mean he's more bound to ditch me for some beautiful girl.

“I never will, you're my best friend,” I insist. He smiles and ruffles my hair. I love it when he does that… I silently revel in it for a moment.

“Good. And you're mine,” he stated. I let out a deep breath. You're mine.

“So, you're going to be my Alpha,” I say, giggling. His deep brown eyes light up at my words. That's it, I know he's excited for becoming Alpha, and there is no way he can hide it.

He slips his glasses back on. It's a big deal, considering the Power pack is sometimes considered the leading pack. We've stopped wars, or, we've won them.

“Now you will have to obey me,” he teased. I pretended to groan in disappointment. That doesn't sound too bad, actually.

We sat in silence for a bit, watching the sun rise.

This is my favourite part of the day, and not just because I get to see Landon, but because everything is so open and free, and nobody is here to judge us.

Deeper into the pack, things are less fresh and colourful. Army camps are a common sight within the Power pack.

“And your Dad, does he have a mate planned for you yet?” Landon asks randomly. I lay back, hiding my face behind my hands. Of course he does, that's all he seems to care about at the moment.

A lovely, proper mate that is simple, normal.

“His name is Jake. Total douche, goes through girls like he has them at an endless supply,” I mutter. He's my Dad's friend’s son. Apparently, Dad trusts him, so there goes my choice.

“Oh well. I guess I'd better go get ready for tonight,” Landon says quickly, standing up. He brushes himself off. I suddenly don't want him to leave me here.

I know he needs to get ready, but I cling to every moment with him, and a few more wouldn't hurt.

I'm not sure if he's upset by my words, but he never really leaves so abruptly.

I watch him go, ambling and picking his way through the thick grass.

I sigh, running a hand through my thick hair, wishing time would stop, so Landon wouldn't change, and we wouldn't have to find mates.

I trudge slowly back to my house. It's common for street fights around here, because some people just don't know how to keep their fists to themselves, so when I didn't see any, I’m quite shocked.

“Why's it so quiet out?” I ask, dumping my coat on the chair. My father is sitting around the dining table, shovelling down the breakfast mother has cooked for him.

They were both in fluffy robes, with their feet clad in slippers. Breakfast is a family affair, that is quite a chore. Dealing with their generic conversations gets more than old.

“Everyone's preparing for the Alpha's son’s birthday,” Father stated, picking up a newspaper. I comb my hair out of my face, and sit down.

Dad knows exactly who it is that is taking the Alphas position. His hate toward Landon is something I struggle to comprehend.

“He's not just the Alpha's son, he's Landon and my best friend,” I snap. Father rolls his eyes, taking a sip of his extra black coffee. It's early in the morning, but he gets today off work.

Apparently, it's a public holiday on Landon's birthday.

I still remember how we met.

Dad was curious about why the palace was having such a big celebration. Landon was turning seven, and the festival was open to the public. Dad dragged me along, and I met Landon.

We were best friends ever since he stole my ham sandwich.

“I'm sure he won't mind you meeting your new mate at his birthday then,” he says blandly, watching as I take a piece of toast from Mother.

I only eat toast at breakfast, especially if it's coated in butter.

“I'm not mating Jake,” I respond, biting into my toast lathered with melted butter.

“No not Jake, Cyrus. He wants to go to the Wisdom pack, so he's smart,” Father proclaims, obviously proud of his findings. Great, another nerd whose attention span revolves around the laws of physics.

Just great…

“No, thanks.”

“Give him a try, you'll love him,” Dad states, giving me a lopsided smile. Maybe if I meet this loser, Dad might cut me some slack. And I mean it's Landon's birthday, his, not mine.

Dad is adamant about me finding a mate this year, and sometimes it's easier to let him have his say, and go with it.

“Yeah okay. Look, Missy wants me over at hers to get ready,” I inform them, immediately dismissing myself from this boring conversation. I grab my coat, and head out.

Ever since I graduated, the parents have been less strict about where I'm going at what times. Thank Goddess…

It's still early, but I'm sick of Father's attitude toward this whole mating thing. I get that he wants me to mate someone successful, but I should have a choice.

I am the one who has to spend the rest of my life in his presence after all.

It's not a long walk before I make it to Missy's. I had dumped my dress there earlier, so no matter what, Father had to let me go. Missy is a good friend.

She helped me out back in High School, and even though she doesn't know me like Landon does, she's still super cool and easy to talk with.

Her house is a little quaint cottage, with a well-trimmed garden. My family's garden is overrun with weeds and vines, because my mother prefers to cook over garden.

I walk up the path and to their door, before knocking.

Missy answers, a large smile on her face that has me slightly apprehensive. She hauls me in, slamming the door behind me.

I'm dragged to her room in record speed, barely even uttering a small ‘hello’ to her mother, who is baking in the kitchen.

She's an incredibly excitable person, and hopes to one day move to the Freedom pack and find a mate. She doesn't think she belongs here, and I don't blame her.

“I am so excited,” Missy squeals, closing her bedroom door behind me. I've always been envious of her room, so spacious and modern.

She flops down on her bed, grabbing a glossy magazine from under her pillow, before flipping it open hastily.

I warily perch next to her. Biting a glossy lip, Missy holds the magazine to my face, pointing to a picture with some girl.

“I am going to do your hair like this,” she decides. I clutch my thin black hair, wondering if it will even make it into that fancy updo.

“Uh, I'm not sure that's going to work…”

“Oh, come on, Althea, let me try,” she pleads.

I groaned, as she rips a comb through my hair, obliterating every knot with each tug.

By the time she’s done, my scalp is raw, my eyes are watering ever so slightly. I watch her try to do a couple of small braids, before trying a new approach.

“I'm meeting my soon to be mate tonight,” I say casually, watching Missy's eyes widen. Her eyes always glisten with excitement as soon as I even mentioned mates.

She knows my father's motives, and my endearing crush on Landon. She's still adamant that we will end up together, but I assure her it's unlikely.

“I knew you two would be together. Your children will be so perfect!” she gushes, her fingers still entangled in my hair. My eyes widen. Sex with Landon? Never really thought much about that.

It makes me squirm nervously.

“Not Landon. His name is Cyrus,” I correct her dryly. Her face falls.

“Oh…but you and Landon though. He's going to get so much hotter tonight,” she stated. I roll my eyes. She knows what I'm like, how I prefer personality over looks.

The party was supposed to start after midnight, so Landon could shift in the privacy of his home with the support of his family.

He tried to convince me to come along, but his father thinks very little of me. And after all, midnight parties are practically normal for us Werewolves.

“Which means he's going to have every unmated She Wolf hanging off him tonight. He will forget my existence eventually, and in that time, I will have to find a mate,” I sigh, picking at the end of my fingernail.

Getting over a crush I've had on Landon for years won't be easy on my heart, so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself.

“Lucky for you, your best friend is a matchmaking genius who will not let you leave that party till you admit your love to the oblivious boy,” Missy decides, jamming a hair pin into my hair viciously.

I wince in response, holding in the profuse amount of swear words I would love to let loose.

Time will tell, fate is fate. I'm not a Purity pack member, but I've managed to convince myself that he will choose who he thinks suits him best.

I just hope it's me…


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I pull my hand from Missy's sweaty grasp, rubbing it down the side of my dress. Her moral support is nice, but she is adamant about finding Landon.

Sometimes I think she sees more faith in Landon and I's relationship than I do, personally.

“I'm supposed to be looking for Cyrus,” I argue, as Missy drags me through a tight crowd of dancing people. We have just arrived, and it's just past midnight.

Landon is nowhere to be seen, and neither is my supposed date. I'm hardly nervous about meeting Cyrus.

I'm slightly tempted to shoo him in the direction of another girl, and I know Missy would feel obliged to help out.

“Stuff Cyrus, we have an Alpha to look for,” she dismisses. I stop, yanking her back. I wanted to check on Landon, I mean he's my best friend.

But, he's probably dealing with other important things at the moment. And anyway, this will be a tense time for his family, and I don't want to get in the way, or upset them.

“I need to meet this Cyrus okay? I'll find Landon later. Now go and have fun,” I insist, trying to gently push her away by the shoulders. She sighed, and I could tell she was torn.

She's cool to be around, and being alone in crowds is daunting, but I'm afraid she's going to get in the way.

“Fine, but we leave together,” she states firmly. I nod in agreement, yet not quite feeling it.

She's sure to find some male to take her home since she's currently unmated, and there is an abundance of handsome Wolves at her disposal. And with those legs, and that dress, she's quite the catch.

She skips off, and I decide to make a beeline for the refreshments. Apparently, Cyrus is trying to find me according to father, and maybe this will be a focal point for him.

I wander around the table for a moment, refraining from getting a glass of punch from the massive crystal bowl.

The party is in full swing, with dancers and music filling the room to capacity. Many are intoxicated, and flopping around the floor with little to no coordination.

I gaze around, tugging at the ends of my thick, tight dress. The ballroom I'm situated in is decorated and bedazzled, the past Alpha showing off their substantial amount of wealth.

Only he, a former party man would go to the lengths of this current affair.

“By the Goddess Al, I've been searching for you for ages…”

I look up in time, just before smacking into someone's broad chest. I blink, looking up blankly. A handsome man stands over me, dark, smoldering eyes burning into mine. I swallow nervously.

I've never seen him before, although he looks oddly familiar. That floppy brown hair… but that perfectly sculpted body is unfamiliar.

“You have?”

He called me Al, and only very few people know that. Wait… it can't be.

“Of course I have,” he says, looking confused. I watch his dark eyebrows knit together, and I tilt my head. What is this guy even playing at?

“Yeah… Cyrus, right?”


“Yeah, this is our date remember…” I inform him, wanting to snap my fingers in front of his face. He blinks in confusion, then a brooding, angry look forms on his eyes.

I didn't mean to be so straight forward; did I offend him?

“Althea, it's me. Landon,” he says slowly. It takes a moment, before hitting my chest like a jab. I stumble back a bit, my eyes raking up and down his body. Woah, woah… this can't be…

“Seriously?” He looks a little hurt, like I should know who my best friend is. But the thing is, I knew he would change, but not as substantially as this.

Wow, he's not even wearing his glasses anymore.

“I… I mean, where are your glasses?”

“They broke when I shifted, but it's not like I really need them anymore,” he responds. He's obviously proud about his change, but I'm finding it harder to accept.

What happened to the boy I played games with all my life, who I grew up teasing, yet loving. Even his voice is deeper!

“I can't believe it's really you,” I marvel softly. He smiles briefly, before grabbing my arm between his large, soft hands.

I go to protest, as he begins to lead me away from the swarm of people, but I'm curious to see what he wants.

“We need to talk in private,” he explains. I notice that his father is nowhere to be seen at this point. He leads me up a flight of stairs, and I take note of his lavish attire.

His suit must have been recently custom made, considering he never used to be of such strong build.

The upstairs is dressed in a fine array of fabrics and furnishings, that my family could never afford.

I'm led into an office of sorts, with a room temperature that is seemingly colder than downstairs, with all the sweaty, dancing bodies.

Landon seems discomforted, as he turns around, his eyes meeting mine.

“Althea…” he breathes, and my heart stops momentarily.

“How did this happen?” I gesture to his person. He frowns slightly, so creases forming on his forehead.

He's the definition of an Alpha now, like he would fit in with the rest of them, even if he is the youngest.

“I phased. You were right, I'm better now,” he concedes, a smile lighting up his face. I'm struck by his indifference. There is a bitter, sour taste in my mouth.

Is he the same Landon, because if not, he's surely not better than before.

“Better? Landon-”

I was cut off, as the door to the office opened with a loud creak, making Landon and I jump visibly.

Fierce, intimidating and plain angry; Landon's father stood at the door. I'd met him once before, and at that time, he had yelled at me for intruding into his son’s life.

Ever since his presence has scared me, so making a break for the door seemed like a pleasant alternative to the situation.

His face is edged with scars, or as Landon explained; are what he calls lines of knowledge. He's been this pack’s Alpha for years, and apparently saw the War.

Years ago, Werewolves lived together, as one massive unity. That was until one Wolf decided he wanted to split from the pack, and be his own Alpha.

Many fought to the death, till eventually thirteen packs were formed, believing in different things.

They followed their own rules, but every month, the Alpha's meet in the middle, and discuss the happenings of the packs.

“Landon! What are you doing alone with an unmated She-Wolf?” Landon's father, Clarke's, voice abruptly entered my thoughts.

My vision shot up, to where Clarke's brooding glare shocked me into submission.

“Father, she's my friend,” Landon argued. Landon's size was considerable compared to his father's.

The Alpha blood that runs through him allows him to no longer cower to his father's stern words, but to come back with a response equally stubborn.

“How many times have I told you! Stay away from my son,” Clarke yelled, turning the frightening conversation back at me. I blinked, surprised by his outburst.

Sure, I should have listened, but I do love Landon, even if our fathers hate the ‘barely-there' relationship we share.

“I'm sorry sir,” I respond meekly. No use standing up for myself. It's smarter to be reasonable, especially around two hot headed males. One ex Alpha, and one Alpha.

I could feel the heat in the room, see Landon's clenched jaws and fists, see Clarke's rapid breathing.

“Where's Georgia?”

The conversation was directed back onto Landon. Georgia must be another girl Landon's been paired with. Was she beautiful? Blonde, perhaps brunette? Tall, or maybe even short?

“Downstairs, with her girlfriends,” Landon muttered.

It couldn't be more obvious that Landon was frustrated that we had been interrupted from a crucial conversation that could further make or break our friendship. It was true, though.

Because I wanted to sneak out the door before Clarke sent his son to his room, or something slightly more drastic.

“I should go…” I excuse myself. Landon frowns and shakes his head at me, while Clarke curtly nods. I reach for the door handle, but Landon's hand on my shoulder stops me.

I shiver; it feels so good when he touches me.

“Al, don't go,” he says softly, but his voice is stern. I shake him off. No way am I sticking around to hear the inevitable argument that's about to go down.

I slip out the door, ignoring the protests I can hear Landon throwing me through the door. I sigh, running my hand down my face.

The party will run through till late morning, but who knows how long Cyrus will be here for.

Reluctantly, I gather my wits and trek downstairs.

I can see Missy across the room downstairs, dancing with some blonde-haired man. She looks like she's having great fun, while I'm stuck in a glum mood.

I wander around for a while, praying time would go faster so I could kick off these heels, when I feel a soft hand on my shoulder.

“Look Landon, I don-”

I trail off, turning around to see it isn't really Landon behind me. Dark blue eyes gaze at me from behind clear glasses. He smiles at me warmly.

“Althea, right?”

I swallow, my mouth suddenly going dry. I nod slowly, not able to take my eyes off his. His forehead is covered with soft looking black hair. He tilts his head slightly.

“Nice to meet you, I'm Cyrus,” he introduces himself. I'm a little surprised. I expected Cyrus to be a total geek, coming from a guy that wanted to be in the Wisdom Pack.

I continue to blink, unable to form proper sentences or even words. I'm never this shy around many people, but for some reason, Cyrus is intimidating.

“So, you’re the girl Father won't stop going on about,” he muses, chuckling softly. Of course. I bet my father and his father have been setting us up for a while now.

“I guess so,” I mutter. He smiles in response showing off his dazzling white teeth. He suddenly takes my hand, making me jump. I can't help but compare his touch to Landon's.

“Shall we dance?”

I nod slowly, pushing Landon out of my head as I allow him to lead me onto the dance floor.


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