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Everyone disregards Daisy as weak because of her kind nature and position as the head healer of the West Coast Pack. But when she finds her mate is the last person she would’ve expected, she has to gather all her strength, or else her shot at mating will be lost.

Age Rating: 18+ (Extreme sexual content, Sexual abuse)

Warning: This book contains material that may be considered upsetting or disturbing.

Original Author: Sapir Englard

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Everyone disregards Daisy as weak because of her kind nature and position as the head healer of the West Coast Pack. But when she finds her mate is the last person she would’ve expected, she has to gather all her strength, or else her shot at mating will be lost.

Age Rating: 18+ (Extreme sexual content, Sexual abuse)

Warning: This book contains material that may be considered upsetting or disturbing.

Original Author: Sapir Englard

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


My eyes darted around anxiously as I made my way through the vendors, my hand resting on the gun I had tucked in the belt of my jeans.

I was itching to pull it out, for pure self-defense.

I might be a healer, and hurting people would break a certain part of me, but even I would have no trouble putting a bullet through a threat’s head.

Breathing heavily, I hoped I didn’t stink of fear. The last thing I needed was a group of rabid males sniffing me out and making trouble.

Nobody knew I was here today, and nobody knew that I’d been coming here once a week for the past few months.

Because if anyone ever got even a hint that I was doing this, I would be in some deep shit.

The head healer of West Coast Pack shouldn’t be going to an underground information market.

The market was called the Red Market, and it existed particularly for vampires and vampyres, both Born and Made, who wanted to purchase the blood-replacement pills called R21.

I’d known about this market even before Eve, the Alpha of the Millennium’s mate—and a vampire herself—had told the inner circle about it.

And by inner circle, I meant the Millennium Wolves.

Thankfully, Daphne, my little sister, had shared it secretly with me. But little did Daphne know what I did with the information.

You see, the Red Market was believed by all blood-suckers to sell only pills and many types of illegal blood, from werewolf blood to some superhero-human kind of blood.

Everyone had their own taste, it seemed.

But the market also sold information at a high prize, and the brokers weren’t particular about who or what came to them to find information—as long as they brought something of value with them.

Either money or a certain antiquity worth millions.

I settled sometimes on money, since I got paid a lot in my occupation as the head healer. I was responsible for all healers across the West Coast Pack territory.

But mostly I’d dealt with an entirely different thing, much more valuable than plain old dollars.

Daphne had said that Eve thought the Red Market moved randomly from place to place, but I knew for a fact it didn’t.

After Daphne had disclosed the information to me, I did some research—something Eve had probably hadn’t bothered with.

I’d used my limited hacking abilities to find a pirate forum on the net, where I’d found a newsfeed as to where the next market was going to be held.

Since I couldn’t move from my post in Lumen, Oregon, I’d hoped it would be somewhere close.

After two weeks of simply following the newsfeed, I managed to figure it out.

It wasn’t hard, really—the Market began its tour in Europe, moving through Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome and Istanbul.

Then it fled to Asia, then South America, then North America.

In North America, the Market was usually in places like Wyoming or Montana, which weren’t heavily populated.

But for the past few months, they’d begun putting it up in Eugene, Oregon, instead.

And Eugene was only a couple of hours drive away from Lumen.

It had been there once a week since November, and I’d been going there every time it was in town, driving the bike I’d bought just for this little mission of mine.

Tonight, the Market was in an abandoned underground parking lot.

I hadn’t even known such a thing as an abandoned parking lot existed, but apparently you learned new things every day.

And now here I was, walking among the booths and stalls, trying to avoid eye-contact with any of the blood-suckers as I searched for Fred, the information broker I usually worked with.

When I’d researched the newsfeed before the first time I’d come here, his name had popped up as one of the best and fairest brokers out there.

The newsfeed hadn’t lied.

I found Fred sitting on a chair at his usual spot, sipping blood from a glass of wine.

He was a vampyre, one of the Made, and unlike most vampyres, Fred didn’t belong to a House—a sort of community for vampyres, led by the one who had Imprinted them.

By Imprinted, I mean of course, turning them into immortal leeches.

Instead, Fred was a rogue, a vampyre left to fend for himself. He would be left alone, as long as he didn’t break the general vampyric rules.

Fred eyed me with eyes gone neon-blue from his latest high of drinking blood. I gulped and walked forward, looking around to make sure no one was paying attention to me.

While their senses were as sharp as a wolf’s, most vampyres weren’t skilled enough to distinguish a werewolf’s scent from all the other vampyric scents, especially in a crowded area.

Still, I’d rather be paranoid than be caught off guard.

“Daisy Luxford,” Fred murmured, blatantly checking me out as I grabbed a reluctant seat in front of him. “You’re as delectable as always, pretty lass.”

I tried not to scrunch my face in disgust and failed. “Stop leering at my legs, Fred,” I said, shifting jumpily in my seat.

“They’re pretty good legs,” he mumbled, letting his eyes travel north until they landed on mine.

His neon-blue put my own blue eyes to shame.

“My offer still stands, beautiful,” he smirked.

His “offer” was to be my lover for the upcoming mating season, which would hit the world in about a month.

The season’s exact timing wasn’t exactly accurate, but both Eve and Raphael felt it when the season was near, and I tended to believe them.

Immortals were rarely wrong about things like that.

“My answer is still a resounding no,” I said, then decided to get down to business.

Fred could go on and on about having sex with me, but I’d dealt with his kind of offers ever since I turned sixteen, and I’d had enough.

I was twenty-three now, for God’s sake.

“Fred,” I said, giving him a persistent look. “Have you found what I asked of you?”

Fred sighed and leaned back in his chair. “About that Webb Montgomery fella? Not a lot.”

He cocked his head, giving me a different look, one I regarded as his “broker look.”

“I’ve checked with all of my contacts, but despite the fact that they all told me he was dead, there wasn’t much to find out about him.”

I grimaced. “I only need to know if he was a werewolf or not. It’s not that hard to find out.”

“Unfortunately, something very weird is going on with that Webb bloke,” Fred said, shrugging. “Someone made sure no one could reach the truly juicy information about that man. I have a suspicion, but it’s more of an intuition, really.”

I’d been trying to find everything I could about Webb Montgomery.

Even before I even found the name, I’d asked Fred to search for any man—werewolf or human or whatnot—who’d ventured into the West Coast Pack territory without permission.

It had taken him three months to narrow the list down to twenty men, all of whom fit the description I wanted—the times and dates and so on.

I’d then asked Fred to find everything he could on all twenty men.

After three more months, he found out everything—but about only nineteen of them.

The one left was Webb, and the only thing he’d found out about him was that he was dead and buried somewhere in the Mexico Pack territory.

Now it had been six months, almost seven, since I’d started the research about the man who’d appeared in the West Coast Pack territory twenty-three years ago.

And I was getting desperate. So I told Fred, “Your intuition is better than this stupid dead end. Tell me.”

Fred studied me for a few moments before nodding. “I have a feeling our little dead friend is not a werewolf,” he said, pausing to sip his blood before continuing.

“I also believe that he wasn’t human, either. And, if you really want my honest, humble opinion…”

His eyes flashed, “I think he might be one of that secret group—the one we vampyres aren’t really supposed to know about.”

My lips pursed. “Are you talking about the Hunters?”

He grinned. “Bingo.”

I was stunned. I hadn’t considered the Divine Hunters.

They were a mysterious group that believed werewolves to be unnatural and fought them guerrilla-style in order to kill as many as they could.

Could they be involved in this? My gut instinct told me that it wasn’t true.

The Hunters hadn’t been involved in what happened twenty-three years ago. At least not as a group.

But one of the Hunters, perhaps…

“Can you search into it?” I asked him, almost pleading. “I know the Hunters keep a low profile, but if Webb belonged to them and they buried him, there must be something there.”

I bit my lip, thinking. “Try to find out if Webb was religious, maybe even Jewish. The Jewish people are known for having their own rules regarding burials and memorials. So do other religions.”

Fred frowned. “I’ll try, but as I said, I can’t promise anything. Now, that’s all I found out.”

He grinned. “Payment, please.”

I grimaced again. This was the part of getting information in the Red Market that I didn’t understand, and disliked immensely.

They usually didn’t want plain money. Inn Fred’s case, money was just paper he didn’t need.

Instead, he wanted blood. Powerful blood. Most specifically magical blood.

And I lived in the Pack House, with abnormalities like Eve, Raphael, and their daughter Snow.

Even Reyna Morgan, a would-be-queen of a Born vampiric bloodline who had started emitting a sense of unusual power.

Magical blood was easy to come by.

Of course, if Eve or Raphael figured out what I was doing, they would kill me.

But I was getting really desperate, enough that the wrath of two immortal, powerful beings was not my biggest issue anymore.

I slid my backpack off and unzipped it. From inside, I pulled out a nylon bag with crimson blood inside.

“This belonged to the same source,” I said flatly. He snatched the bag from me and pulled it open, sniffing the blood.

He shivered in blunt ecstasy. “Mana,” he murmured, sounding drunk. “All week I’ve been waiting for you to come to me and bring me this.”

This blood belonged to Snow Knox, an immortal sixteen-year-old who was the only living being in the world that was fueled by mana.

Mana, according to Claire—the only necromancer werewolf in the world, and the mate of Zachary Greyson, the Beta of the Millennium—was a form of magic usually found only in magical objects.

It was not a good kind of magic, and whenever Claire talked about it she seemed to cringe.

Mana ruffled her fur the wrong way. But for vampyres, mana-soaked blood was apparently like nectar.

Snow didn’t know that when she visited the healers every week for a checkup, I only needed a pint of her blood, and not a full bag, in order to check that everything was okay with her.

The rest of it I saved for Fred, who always emptied the bag when I gave it to him, so that not a drop was left.

It was a condition of mine; the last thing I wanted was for Snow’s secret to come out because Fred was foolish enough to leave behind even a hint of her blood.

Now, Fred swallowed the blood until nothing remained in the bag, then threw it away.

“Thanks for the meal,” he said, winking at me.

I gulped hard, trying not to think about what Eve would do to me if she discovered what I’d been doing for the past few months, and rose to my feet.

“Keep looking into what I asked of you,” I said, trying to sound firm.

But my nervousness returned and my eyes began to swivel to look around me, to make sure no one was spying on us.

“Hey, Luxford?” Fred suddenly stood and stepped forward so that he was close to me. “Why are you trying so hard to figure out a dead man’s past?”

That was a first for Fred. He’d never broached the subject about my intentions to find out who Webb Montgomery truly was.

I looked into his luminous eyes and simply said, “I suspect that he’s done something irrevocable, something that even death couldn’t pay for.”

Fred didn’t expect my dryness, and gave a short nod before stepping back and leaving me be.

Gathering my backpack, I pulled it on and made my escape from the Red Market.

As I drove my bike from Eugene to Lumen, in the Deschutes National Forest, my mind wandered back to Webb.

My obsession with finding out about him—not Webb in general but the man he was supposed to be—had started a few years ago, when I was sixteen.

Gabriel Fernandez had challenged the previous alpha—who’d been one cruel son of a bitch—and won, becoming the alpha of the West Coast Pack.

After Gabe became the alpha, he had taken Zavier Greyson to be his beta.

And since both Daphne and I had shown strong healing abilities, he decided to have one of us as his head healer.

Then the Alpha of the Millennium had come. Gabe had claimed they were brothers, but while there were some similarities, it was obviously not the case.

But Gabe was the descendant of one of Raphael’s brothers, so they were sort of related.

Anyway, Rafe already had Zachary—Zavier’s younger, stronger brother—as a Beta, and he had Shade as his Gamma.

He had been searching for a healer for his crew.

So Gabe had told him about Daphne and I, and both of us had been required to take a healing test, to determine which of us was stronger.

Daphne had been only fourteen back then, and while she said she didn’t care who was stronger among us, and went with the One True Alpha on his adventures, I could see she truly wanted it.

I was the older one, the responsible one, and I knew what had to be done.

Healing abilities usually reached their full potential in a werewolf when they turned ten, but mine had already been fully fledged when I was only five.

I knew I was stronger than Daphne, knew I was one of the strongest werewolf healers to ever exist, but I didn’t want to be part of the Millennium Wolves if it caused her jealousy.

Daphne was important to me, and losing her over this kind of thing was not acceptable.

So I’d blown the test. Daphne won the position as the Healer of the Millennium, and I became the head healer of the West Coast Pack. It was enough for me.

After Daphne got accepted into the Millennium Wolves and began traveling with them, I’d gone back to our parents’ house to visit.

When I’d arrived, my mother was in tears, and my father was kicking everything in his way.

I’d been dumbstruck to find them like that; it was so out of character. Lyra and Cyrus Luxford were usually a level-headed, laid back, mated couple.

My mother, coming from a family of healers, was exceptionally chilled out.

But that day they were a mess. They’d been drinking, and they broke down.

When they saw me standing there, they took their anger on me.

They’d told me it was my fault that Daphne left home when she was barely fourteen, that it was my fault I didn’t protect her.

It didn’t matter how much I tried to tell them she was safest with Raphael Fernandez, that she had wanted it, but they didn’t listen.

Then my mother had let it slip that I wasn’t who I thought I was. I’d been crying by then, and her words had barely been audible, but I’d heard them clearly.

I still did.

“You need to be grateful we even agreed to give birth to you, Daisy. You’re not who you think you are. You are inhuman, the embodiment of the monster who gave you to us.” she screamed.

“We thought you'd be better than that, but we were wrong. Look what you’ve done— you sent your little sister with a group of deadly killers!”

She pointed a finger at me. “You’re a menace! Get out of this house, and out of our life!”

When they were sober the next morning, my parents had called to apologize.

But while I’d numbly accepted their apology, my mother’s words wouldn’t stop echoing in my head.

They’d never treated me any different from Daphne. We’d been raised equally. We’d been loved equally.

But something had happened the day I let Daphne win. So I began digging the dirt out.

Later, when Daphne had visited and we all had dinner at my parent’s house, I’d lied and said that I was going to the toilet. But instead, I went to my parents’ library.

Since they were both scholars, professors in the Lumen College, they had their own library.

They kept all the important files there, and I’d searched for my birth certificate. I wanted to be sure before I jumped to conclusions or dug farther.

That night, I’d found that while my mother was my mother, my father’s name was unknown.

Over the next few years, I’d tried to find who my true father was.

I’d tried to understand how my mother had gotten pregnant with another man’s child when she’d had a mate.

It had taken me some time to reach the obvious conclusion.

My mother had been raped.

And despite what had been done to her, she’d saved the child. She’d saved me.

And her mate had supported her, even though he must’ve been half-feral after finding out that his mate had been abused in such a brutal way.

The next thing I realized about the rapist, who was also my father, was that he must not have been a werewolf.

Werewolves could scent if another wolf had a mate from miles away.

And even if the mated one was attractive, they would never even look at them again. Werewolves respected mates, even the worst of our lot.

The probability of the rapist being a werewolf was low, and my gut told me he wasn’t one, either.

A human was the next obvious option.

But humans lived among werewolves, and also knew how to recognize if someone was mated.

So I wasn’t convinced that the rapist had been human, either.

Webb Montgomery, I believed, had been something else.

Which made me something else, too.

I just wished I knew what that something was.


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April 2015

Lumen, Oregon

Working as the head healer was often hectic. But days like today were downright chaotic.

“Grace!” I yelled as I shoved the door open to the Pack House’s emergency room. “Where the fuck is Mae, and why the hell did she let Kaylon escape?!”

Grace, one of my healers, squirmed under my anger as she infused the unconscious female soldier with extra blood, and tried to heal all the surface scratches.

“I – I don’t know, ma’am,” she whimpered, not taking her eyes off the injured wolf. “M-Mae said that Kaylon w-was fine.”

“How could he be fine with two broken legs and twisted arm?!”

I couldn’t believe this. Werewolves might have superhuman self-healing abilities, but even a strong werewolf couldn’t simply walk away, not with those injuries.

Grace was under enough pressure, so instead of pushing her farther, I left her with a furious growl and went from bed to bed in the ER, checking on all the wounded.

Then I went to hunt down Kaylon, who couldn’t have gotten too far.

I found the stupid wolf in the backyard of the Pack House, almost passed out.

“Someone help me carry this dumbass back to his room!” I barked.

Into the backyard skipped Claire Hill. She was a cute girl with soft chestnut hair and startling hazel eyes.

She was plump and voluptuous, and had Zachary Greyson wrapped around her pinkie.

She had also become some sort of a friend to me in the past few weeks, ever since Chloe Danes’ death.

But that was a story for another time.

Claire smiled faintly at me. Without words, she helped me carry the twenty-year-old soldier back inside the house.

“Damn, he’s heavy,” she said, her face strained.

I grunted. “Thanks for the help. I can’t believe he’s too stupid for his own good.”

She chuckled, dragging the man along.

She was stronger now that she was a werewolf, but Claire was still getting to her new strength, to her werewolf senses—to everything the world now had to offer her.

“It’s good exercise, Zack would say,” she said, voice affectionate. “He’s been trying to get me to lift weights for a while now. I told him that if I did, he would end up being mated to a wrestler.”

Despite the current circumstances, I couldn’t help but laugh. “Fuck men,” I said, and Claire laughed along with me.

Our laughter died when we got to Kaylon’s room and dropped him on the bed. He moaned in pain.

I sighed. “Thanks again, Claire. I got it from here.”

She gave me a concerned look. “You sure? You seem really pale. Do you want me to talk to Daphne?”

People always assumed that Daphne was the big sister between the two of us.

She was tall, with a mature, beautiful face. And she was part of the Millennium Wolves crew.

She had a confident air about her that I lacked, and I think it was because she was much prettier than me.

She had soft, wavy brown hair, smoky blue eyes, and a slender yet curvy figure which was covered by a gorgeous, natural tan.

I, on the other hand, had such a light skin that it looked pale most of the time, because of my dark brown hair.

My eyes were blue, but they were a boring blue. And while I was pretty enough, I was short and slim, and practically flat-chested.

I was so tiny, people always thought I was about five years younger than I actually was.

But that was beside the point.

“Daphne’s spent,” I told her. I began checking for additional injuries in Kaylon’s broken body.

“She’s been healing the injured, one after another, since they arrived. She needs to rest a few hours, recharge, and then she can continue again,” I said.

Claire didn’t seem to like this. “What about you, Daisy?” she inquired. “Aren’t you getting spent as well?”

That was my secret, one I hadn’t told anyone. When it came to healing abilities, it took a lot more than that to exhaust me.

“Don’t worry about me.” I waved her off. “But, since you’re free, please help me and get updates on everyone who’s wounded, or no longer injured.”

“You got it,” she said, and went out the door.

As she left, I began sending some magical healing from my skin to Kaylon’s. Then the idiot opened his eyes and looked at me with a lazy grin.

I gave him a stern gaze. “Don’t give me that look, Kaylon.”

“Hmm…” He hoisted himself up on his elbows and I almost slapped him for using his twisted arm.

“Having you fawn all over me like a worrywart…I can’t say it’s not a fantasy come to life,” he said.

Ignoring him, I began bandaging an open bullet wound in his waist.

But Kaylon seemed to have a death wish, because he continued to push.

“Rumor has it the season's just ’round the corner, Daze,” he murmured in what I think was supposed to be a seductive voice, “I wanna have fun with you again.”

I wrapped the bandage so tightly around his waist that he grunted. Then I looked at him. “I’m not having sex with you again, Kaylon.”

It had been a mistake a year ago, when I’d let him sweet-talk me into being his lover for that season.

He’d been good, but not enough to make me feel sated, like a werewolf should feel during the Haze—the sex-craze all werewolves felt.

Now Kaylon had gotten it into his head that he had a shot with me again.

Nope. Not happening.

He sighed. “You’re breaking my heart.”

I hummed my healing magic to quicken the fixing of his broken bones. “You’ll get over it.”

“But you’re so pretty,” he pouted.

“You’ll deal,” I said again.


“Kaylon!” I snapped, giving him another stern look. He looked startled.

Whenever I was having a day like this, I tended to get snippy. Most people knew that, and Kaylon quickly realized that he’d pushed too far.

“Our pack has just been attacked by the Divine Hunters. So while you’re spouting nonsense, our soldiers are dying out there. So shut the fuck up and let me work!” I glared at him.

Kaylon finally listened to reason and clicked his mouth shut.

Once I was finished with the young soldier, Claire gave me updates about the others and I went to talk with my healers.

“Eliza,” I told the newest one in my group, who was only seventeen, “do you think you can hold the fort for now?”

Eliza needed to know those kinds of things. She was an intern, and interns learned from situations like these.

I might be the youngest head healer in West Coast Pack history, but I’d been practicing this kind of scenario long before Eliza had even manifested her healing powers.

She nodded jerkily. “Most of the injured here are not critical anymore. The others and I can handle them, if you need to rest.”

I trusted her word, but decided to ask Iris, too. The old healer said the same, even though new wrinkles lined her face.

All the healers were about to reach their limit, but Daphne needed to recharge, and they had said nobody was critical anymore.

I knew they could handle this for now. There were more important things to take care of right now.

Not wasting time, I went to Gabe’s office and knocked.

“Come in, Daisy,” he said, and I entered.

Gabe was on the phone, a grave expression on his face. Zavier was pacing, watching the video on his phone.

I’d already watched it a few hours ago. It had already gone viral worldwide—the open attack the Hunters had launched.

This day was abnormal on all accounts.

I tapped my foot impatiently on the floor, my arms crossed as I waited for Gabe to finish his phone call.

Zavier glanced at me, and I gave him my moody, annoyed look. He scowled. I scowled back.

He sighed and continued pacing, knowing that irritating me further in this mood was stupid.

Gabe finally hung up and looked at me. He had short, dark brown hair, and golden eyes a shade darker than those of his “brother”, Rafe.

He was tall and lean, built more like an athletic dancer than a muscular fighter, like most of the other alphas.

Beside him, Zavier looked like a Hollywood actor, with long dirty-blonde hair, the greenish-blue eyes that were a Greyson family trademark, and a tall, ripped body with sun-kissed skin.

He was attractive, I guessed, just like Gabe was hot, but since I was so close to them that I couldn’t view them as anything more than comrades.

That’s if I didn’t consider what happened at the last mating season. So I didn’t.

Even though Gabe sometimes tried to remind me.

Thankfully, Gabe picked up on my mood and decided against pushing my buttons today.

“What’s going on with the injured, Daisy?” he asked, his eyes dead-serious.

I could deal with him when he was serious. It was when he tried to sweep me off my feet that I wanted to throttle him.

“No one is critical anymore,” I said. Both Zavier and Gabe relaxed. “But the fight’s still going on. I need to go there.”

Gabe’s eyes turned flat. “No.”

“It’s not up for negotiation, Gabriel,” I said. “The Hunters, for whatever fucking reason, are attacking all of our sentries just outside the forest.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Eve and Raphael are halfway across the ocean, Jed’s in Texas, and our numbers have been lowered significantly, in preparations for the Solstice Assembly.”

The Solstice Assembly, unlike the Yule Ball, was more of a familial kind of gathering.

Families visited their family members in different packs, single werewolves went to roam in groups, and so on.

Since the Solstice was only a couple of months away, Gabe had allowed many families, and even soldiers, to leave the territory to visit their families.

And then today,, without notice, a group of cloaked figures who’d claimed to be the infamous Hunters had attacked the sentries of Lumen.

A battle had broken out.

Some wolves had been killed. The injured were brought here to the Pack House.

But some were still fighting. It was almost evening now, and the unexpected attack was still underway.

With Raphael and Eve visiting the Shanghai Pack, Jed at his post in Texas, Daphne out of commission, and our numbers dropping drastically, I needed to take action.

I hated when my people died, just like Gabe hated it, and I wanted to save whoever I could. We could think about the details afterward.

“No.” Gabe’s voice was final, his eyes flashing wolf-gold. “You’re not going into that war zone. You’re the head healer, and you’re staying here. Everyone else will be fine.”

“You’re being a fool, Gabriel,” I snarled at him, letting my own wolf out, my eyes shining a brilliant sky-blue.

“People, your people are dying because of the Hunters. I need to be out there, to take care of them. What do you think Raphael would say if Shade, or Zack, or Omar died?”

“He’d say they died fighting for what’s right,” Gabriel snarled back.

“Don’t recite cliched phrases to me!” I sniped, feeling my wolf bristling against my skin. “I need to be out there, helping. That’s my job. My true job. You know it, and so do I.”

He stood up and gave me his alpha stare. I winced, my wolf immediately wanting to shrink away, despite my resolve.

Sometimes, when Gabriel was being infuriating, I forgot that he was truly an alpha.

But when he gave me that look, I remembered.

“No,” he growled. “My decision is final. You’re too important. If something happened to you, all those people would think they got wounded for naught. You’re staying here, Daisy, even if I have to lock you up in a cellar.”

A growl rose in my throat at the threat, but Gabriel was unmovable. He simply folded his arms and dared me to argue with him.

That just pissed me off even more, and I found myself breaching a subject I’d done my best never to bring up again.

“Is it because it’s me?” I asked, indignant at the thought that what Gabe felt for me might be one of the factors he took under consideration.

“If Flora or Celia was the head healer, and asked you the same thing, would you still say no?”

It appeared that I’d crossed a line. He growled deeply, and I involuntarily took a step back.

“You’re staying here,” he said. I finally heard it in his voice—his worry, his almost fear for me. “Now go back to where you belong, Daisy.”

I gave him a spiteful look, then stormed out of his office and slammed the door shut.

Goddamn him. Goddamn him.

This was not over. It didn’t often happen that our pack came under a direct threat. It’d been years since the last time someone tried to poach on our territory.

We were the strongest pack in North America, the biggest, too. Nobody dared touch us.

But now this had happened. The Hunters, who used to keep a low profile and only targeted small groups of werewolves, were attacking us in full force,

I felt responsible, more than ever, to my people. I felt the weight of my job on my slim shoulders.

My wolf needed me to help. We shared our healer nature.

We needed to help. I was going to help.

For the first time in my life, I was going to disobey a direct order given to me by the alpha.

I wouldn’t let Gabriel make decisions just because he was attached to me.

Not if I could help it.


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The Lycan’s Queen

Nineteen-year-old werewolf Aarya never considered herself to be a hopeless romantic until the boy she loved left her for his mate. Freshly heartbroken, she reluctantly attends the Lycan Ball, where she meets Lycan King Dimitri Adonis—and their connection is instant. Now the fiery couple must navigate the dangerous world of imperial intrigue while facing spurned ex-lovers, jealous underlings, and more.

Age Rating: 18+

My Sexy Stepbrother is a Werebear

On the night of the biggest party of senior year, Helen isn’t psyched to be at her mom’s shotgun wedding to some grizzled mountain man from Bear Creek. That is, until she meets Sam–the hottest hillbilly alive–who is unfortunately also her stepbrother. Despite being polar opposites and newly related, the two are drawn to one another. But as they get closer, Helen discovers something: Sam has a secret he can bear-ly hide…

Age Rating: 18+

The Firefighter

When a fire rips through Leila’s home one night, she loses her one remaining asset as a single mom: her home. When she is hospitalized with severe lung damage due to smoke inhalation she has no one to look after her daughter, Kensie. She has no choice but to temporarily trust Ben, a handsome fireman, but as her health worsens, Leila fears for her daughter’s future. Is a home with Ben feasible? For her and Kensie both?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Assault, Child Abuse, Kidnapping, Rape, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Stalker, Violence Against Women)

As Crônicas do Lobisomem

Quando Bambi se encontra acasalada com um alfa cego e temível com um passado marcado pela guerra, ela deve encontrar uma maneira de fazê-lo ver a beleza do mundo novamente, antes que a raiva e a dor o consumam por inteiro.

Classificação etária: 18 +

Autor Original: Veronica


Haven Mathie thought she was a normal girl…until her seventeenth birthday, when she discovers she can become a wolf. Frightened and confused, Haven goes to live with her aunt in Astoria. Once there, Haven meets someone who can help her understand her new ability—and unlock feelings in her she never expected.

Age Rating: 16+

Alpha King’s Hybrid Mate

AsaLyn is the 199-year-old daughter of the Alpha of the TipToe Tree Pack. It’s almost unheard of for a descendant of an Alpha line to not be mated before they turn 200, but AsaLyn is 6 weeks away from her birthday and hasn’t found her mate yet. So her father sends her to Australia to attend King Alpha Leviathan’s big mating ceremony. He was one of the first immortals, and the first to be made into a werewolf by the Moon Goddess, but much like AsaLyn, he never found a mate either…

Age Rating: 18+

Fairy Godmother Inc.

Everyone wishes they had a fairy godmother at some point, right? Well, Viola finds out that she does—she only needs to sign on the dotted line, and all her romantic dreams will come true! What could possibly go wrong? How about the fact that she now has to compete in a dangerous game against other women to win the heart of a gorgeous prince? The fight is on!

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Rape)

What’s a Luna

Ashley Price is your typical teenage girl…except for a few minor details…like that she happens to be a witch. Oh, and the mate of a terrifying Alpha. Ashley has a lot to learn, but first she has one big question: What the hell is a Luna?

Age Rating: 16+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.