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Bella’s Beginning

Bella has spent years running from her past but time is running out and it’s about to catch up. Bull is the president of his motorcycle club. He has everything he could ever need except one thing he wants – the girl who refuses to give in to her feelings. As they collide, Bull will make a decision that will change the course of their lives forever.

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Rape, Sexual Abuse & Violence)


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As much as I tried to keep my breathing as normal as possible and stay calm I could still feel my heart pounding against my chest.

Squeezing my eyes shut and hiding under my covers in bed hoping that he might not come tonight.

I knew it was pointless, I knew my bedroom door would soon open and the man who I seen as an uncle for the first 13 years of my life would soon enter, he would do unspeakable things to me.

Things I didn’t fully understand at 13, and things that changed the course of my life forever.

Five years later and the visits are still as often if not more and I have great plans to leave here as soon as I finish school in 2 weeks time and head off to college with my best friend Abby.

We already have a flat ready and it’s the perfect distance from this house I now call a prison in Richmond, Virginia.

I’ve tried to tell my dad countless times of the horrors that happen in his home but he either doesn’t want to accept them or doesn’t care. I suspect it’s the latter.

I know he blames me for my mother dying while giving birth to me. Fourteen days and then I will be free from here.

I suddenly get brought back to the here and now when I hear the door open and the creek of the floor board as a foot passes over it.

“Now my precious Izzy, why do you hide under the covers, show me that beautiful face and my body” the sickly whisper comes from him. I feel vomit rise in my throat at the mention of my body belonging to him.

Slowly removing the covers and lifting my head slightly to meet his dark empty eyes. The sinister smile that creeps across his face as I pull the covers back from my body, the way he slowly licks his lips and pushes a hand back through his thick greasy hair pushing it off his forehead.

Before I even get a chance to mutter a plea of mercy the same hand flicks out and grabs my throat, the hold he has is not hard enough to leave marks but hard enough to let me know he could cause damage if he wanted to.

I let out a whimper and let my body go limp. I know there is no point in fighting him, I know there is no point in trying to alert anyone to what is going to happen, I just let him do as he pleases and hope it passes quickly.

Fourteen more days, that’s all I repeat in my head over and over again as he brutally tortures my body with his own.


The next morning I wake to the familiar aches and pains that come after a visit from “Uncle Brian” I slowly sit up and take stock of the sorest areas, my wrists where he held my arms above my head so strongly I know I will have marks.

My side where his other hand held me so strongly I will have matching bruises to go with my wrists and of course in between my legs.

I stand and make my way to the bathroom, joined onto my room and turn on the shower making sure the temperature is as high as it can go to burn away his touch from my memory.

I gingerly step into the shower and just allow the water to fall over my long auburn hair and shoulders letting the flow of water work into my tight, sore muscles. I spend 20 minutes scrubbing my skin so hard it’s red by the time I step out of the shower and wrap a large fluffy towel around myself.

I get ready for school thanking god that it’s been a little colder the last few weeks which means I can get away with the dark purple long sleeved top I chose to hide my wrists.

It has a deep v-neck and I pair the top with my black pleather mini skirt and my favourite black knee high flat boots.

My signature white gold hoops and the necklace I never took off which belonged to my mother, a white gold chain with a beautiful amber stone pendant and I’m ready to go.

My phone beeps with a text from Abby letting me know she is outside waiting.

I fly down the stairs as fast as I can even with the pain my body is in, shout a bye to my father before anyone in the house can even see me and jump into the passenger side of Abby’s bright red Volkswagen Beetle.

She takes off and starts chattering away about our final few weeks we have left here in our tiny town where nothing exciting happens and how much fun we’re going to have when we finally get to California.

I agree at all the right times and try to show the same excitement she has but I am slightly distracted by a text that just came through on my phone.

It’s from my father which is strange since he tries to have as little interaction with me as possible.

Do not make plans for after school I want you to come straight home, we have some things we need to discuss.
What things?
Your future, with you finishing school we need to start thinking about your marriage. Brian will also be here to discuss such things.

Dread fills my every bone.

Does this mean what I think it means, surely my father would not think of marrying me off in some prehistoric arranged marriage to the man who has raped me for the last 5 years.

This has to be some sick joke. Apart from the fact Brian has tormented my every thought and action since I was 13 Brian is also only 3 years younger than my own father.

I feel the vomit making its way back up my throat.

Dad, we spoke about this you know I’m going to college in California when I graduate from high school. Everything is organised.
We did not discuss this Isabella, you tried to tell me that would be happening and you should know by now I listen to no one but myself. We will discuss this further tonight.

I know there is no point in replying. I know that if I ever want to get out from my fathers grasp and Brian’s torment I will need to run.

I will need to flee like a scared mouse in the middle of the night and change every plan I have made up to this point.

I now know I will not be going to California with my best friend Abby nor will I be going to college whatsoever. My life as I know it has just become one big survival game.

I need to leave as soon as I graduate and run as far away from Brian or I will spend my life under his rule. I can not imagine ever living a life where I am married to the man who ruined me.

Chapter 1

7 years later


“Hey, Spike I need you to head over to Incredible Ink and pick something up for me” I look at the newest patched in member of Devil's Dare MC and try to hold back a smile at the look of total delight on his young face at the thought of being giving such a simple task as delivering a package to myself.

That’s what I like about Spike he’s always eager to please, I wasn’t sure he had what it took to be a member of my motorcycle club but he proved me wrong.

This week his ever present mohawk that stands impressively at 3 inches high hence his name, is a deep purple. His light brown eyes hide secrets I’m still not sure of.

I watch as his skinny ass runs over to his Harley and he takes off out the compound.

I sigh, turn around and head back into the clubhouse which at this time of day, it being early afternoon is quiet.

There are a few of the brothers lounging around on couches or playing pool while some of the Devils Bunny’s chat away to them, trying to get their attention for other activities.

The clubhouse is an old warehouse converted about 20 years ago when my old man was still president. We have updated it recently and it looks pretty good.

Over 2 levels, the ground floor as you walk in through the front door opens up to a dark oak handcrafted bar down the right hand side, stocked with all our favourite hard liquor and beer.

The front of the bar is a beautifully carved out design of our emblem.

A devils head the horns rising up through flames and a knife and pistol crossed over each other underneath the head. Stools made out of old motorbike parts sit spaced out in front of the bar.

Over on the left hand side across from the bar are square metal tables placed around a dance floor that sits in front of a stage that has two stripper poles on the left and right sides of the stage.

Up the back of the room is where the couches sit along the far away wall facing 2 full size pool tables and a large screen tv.

There’s a jukebox with all the usual rock songs in the corner next to the couches and it’s connected to speakers that are placed throughout the downstairs.

The wall to the left of the couches has a large hatch in it which leads into the industrial sized kitchen we put in so the old ladies of the club had plenty of space for cooking for family days or charity runs.

It’s full of all the latest gadgets and stainless steel everything.

A corridor that runs down the back of the building heading away from the kitchen and main living area has 6 rooms for the Devils Bunny’s who are the club girls that stay in the clubhouse all the time, they take care of the brothers in any way they deem fit.

Whether that be from cleaning their rooms and doing their laundry to cooking for them and keeping the clubhouse clean.

Of course all Devils Bunny’s are expected to sleep with any of the brothers whenever they request but none of the girls who stay here are here against their will.

They stay because they choose this life and in return we pay them a monthly wage and put them through college if they want along with a safe roof over their head. There’s 4 Bunny’s at the minute.

Brie, Kat, Candie and Rhea. The other two rooms in this corridor are kept for guests or unexpected visitors. At the end of the corridor is the stairs that lead up to the club members rooms.

There are 5 rooms with en-suites. These rooms are for the officers of the club, there is the President that’s myself the Vice President Tank the Enforcer Axel the Sergeant at Arms Base and the Road Captain Deek.

There’s another nine rooms that share two communal bathrooms/shower rooms.

I whistle at Kat, a Bunny who is working the bar today as I walk over. She looks up from the list she’s making of the booze we need ordered and smiles.

“Bull” she gives me her sexiest smile and come fuck me blue eyes which also trip me out as she’s Asian and the blue eyes just seems unnatural “what can I get for you?” she seductively leans over the bar showing me her cleavage that is in full view thanks to the tiny black spaghetti strap vest top she has on that has the MCs emblem on the front.

“Just a beer for now babe but I might be back for a little something else later after church” I give her a wink as she hands me the bottle of Budweiser and licks her lips, showing me the tongue piercing that drives me wild when she’s giving head.

“I’ll be waiting baby”

I turn and walk over to the few brothers who are sitting about the pool tables and sit down on one of the well worn couches.

“Have you heard from DK yet about that shipment he was sending our way?” I ask Tank who got his name for obvious reasons, the man is 6ft 9 and has muscles so big I’m surprised he doesn’t have to turn sideways to get through a door.

He’s on the couch next to me with Brie sitting on his lap only wearing the smallest pleated skirt imaginable and a bright pink lace bra. Her long blonde tacky extensions fall down her back in loose curls.

He turns his head from being pushed in between her massive Double Ds with a sly grin on his face and in his Texas drawl accent replies “Naw I haven’t heard from him since he said he would set it up two days ago.

I’ll give him a phone and see how it’s going” Brie grabs his bald head and shoves it back into her cleavage. She lets out a fake moan, I nod my head and swig back the beer finishing it.

I stand and head to my office which is in the same corridor as the girls rooms. I have paperwork I need to take care of before church this evening.

My office is basic, a metal desk sat along the back wall with a chair behind it and two lounge chairs sitting in front, a filing cabinet with all the club business paperwork inside.

Old bike parts sit on two shelves that are on the right wall. They are from different bikes I’ve had over the years. My first bike, the first bike I wrecked, my dad's bike. As I said it’s basic.

The light grey walls that match the rest of the rooms in the clubhouse keep it modern.

The downside of being president of the Devil's Dare MC I get stuck with all the paperwork from our legit businesses. We have 3 legit businesses that keep the law off our backs.

Incredible Ink the tattoo shop that sketch runs mostly on his own, the strip club Sallys not a great strip club name but it was named long before any of us young ones came up through the ranks.

We all take turns over seeing the smooth running of Sally’s and lastly there’s our clothes shop that sells all motorbike clothing needs we also sell our own merchandise with the clubs emblem and there’s a woman’s range.

People passing through town like to pick up a t-shirt or jumper as a way to make them look badass. I’m not caring if it’s making me money.

The old ladies take care of the shop. It's called Dress the Devil.


At 5pm on the dot I leave my office head into the main area of the clubhouse and roar “CHURCH!” then turn around and head into our meeting room that we call chapel, which is across from my office.

Chapel has one large wooden table with twelve chairs placed around it, five down each side my chair at the head of the table and a chair at the end of the table.

The centre of the table has the same carving as the front of our bar both done by Sketch. On the wall that faces you as you come into the room has different motorcycle memorabilia from the club. Old members cut, newspaper articles, pictures from different gatherings.

I take the seat at the head of the table and wait for my men to follow suit. Once they are all in and seated I bang the gavel once to let them know church is in session.

We spend a few hours to go through all the usual business which involves how our businesses are doing, legit and the more illegal kind.

Any trouble we need to keep an eye out for which has been on the low for now which is always good news and then any important events which are coming up.

Tank informs me he spoke to DK the president of the California Chapter which is also the mother chapter of our club. He fills me in on a shipment of guns he was supposed to be securing for us.

They should be here by the end of next week, which means big payment for us when we get that sorted.

As I said the other night we voted Spike into the club which meant his year and a half of hard work as a prospect has paid off.

I stand from my seat and look straight at Spike with my most angry glare, he visibly swallows and looks around the room.

“Spike, I asked you earlier to pick something up from Sketch at Incredible Ink for me. I see you have it in front of you.” He looks down at the package and then back to myself nodding. “Open up the package for me Spike” I say with my stern face still in place.

His hands visibly shake as he lifts the lid on the large cardboard box and pulls out the leather cut that sits inside.

His face goes from terrified to ecstatic in seconds as he realises it’s his new club cut with the club emblem on the back Devil's Dare MC rocker on the top and the bottom rocker states Montana, his road name stitched on the front left hand side. He quickly stands and puts the new cut on.

“I’m fucking stoked to finally have this on. I can’t believe it. Thank you so much brothers for letting me join your family.” His smile is so big I’m surprised his face hasn’t split in two.

All the men around the table congratulate him on his new position in the club and I then ask if there’s any more business.

With no further discussion I remind the boys we will celebrate Spike being patched in tomorrow night at Sally’s and let them get on their way to partying the night away.

A usual night at the Devil's Dare clubhouse. Tonight is Thursday so it shouldn’t get too wild just enough to allow the boys to unwind.

I head out to the bar where the music has been turned up and AC/DC Highway to Hell is playing. I grab another beer and have a shot of Jack Daniels.

I’m just sitting down on the couches again when Kat slides onto my lap straddling me. I look up at her and grab the back of her head pulling her mouth down towards me.

We get into a heated kiss with so much tongue I’m not sure where mine ends and hers begins.

I’m groping her boobs which are now out of the tiny vest and I can feel her rocking back and forth along my hard dick.

She has short shorts on and the seam must be pressing on her clit perfectly with the noises she’s making. Her hands fly to my belt and she quickly has that undone along with my jeans.

I push her down off me onto the floor and grab a handful of her hair guiding her mouth onto me. She has a hold of my thighs and is bobbing up and down on my cock like an expert.

Her long jet black hair is wrapped around my fist as I guide her down and thrust up to meet her.

I growl and fling my head back as my release becomes closer, I’m thrusting further into the back of her throat and she’s gagging but takes it all in her stride.

I feel the tingle in my balls as they tighten and growl as I come down her throat. I relax and pull away from Kat tucking myself back into my jeans and helping her up off her knees.

She’s smiling from ear to ear. We still haven’t said a word to each other.

“You always do know how to suck a dick like a lollipop Kat” I say as she stands and fixes herself back into her top.

She shrugs “I aim to please Bull, you going to return the favour tonight?” She gives me her best puppy dog eyes and trails a hand down her body to the apex of her thighs.

Smiling, I nod and grab her to sit back down on my lap. She nuzzles into my neck and trails her long nails up and down my chest. I turn to my right and see Axel sitting next to me with a filthy grin on his face.

His piercing blue eyes shining brightly and his blonde hair that is just long enough that gives him that surfer dude look.

He doesn’t look like he belongs in an MC with no tattoos on show and his clean cut image but when you see him at work you understand.

“What are you grinning at pervert? Did you enjoy the show?” I ask gruffly but with a smile of my own face.

“Listen if you're doing shit like that out here in the open people are going to watch! That shit was hot.” He says laughing and adjusting himself in his jeans.

“I’m going to have to go and find Rhea now to take care of my needs.” Laughing I slap him on the back as he stands and walks away.

Turning back to Kat I tell her to go get me another beer and a bottle of Jack. I’m not ready to head to my room with her just yet. I like to sit and soak in the atmosphere of my club. Looking around the room the party has definitely started.

It’s only a little after half 8 but this party will go on to the early hours of tomorrow morning. There are brothers spaced out all over the main room, laughing, joking, having a good time.

Smoke fills the space from cigarettes and weed. The noise rises as time passes.

Grunts can be heard around the room from the boys who don’t mind their sexual activity out in the open. I sit for a while longer talking to any brothers who are near and unwinding from the previous week.

At 1am I decide it’s time for bed.

Lifting Kat up as I stand wrapping her legs around my waist I head to my room. By the time we get there she’s all over me. Kissing, biting, licking. I burst into my room, drop her on the bed and close my door.

“Strip!” I say sternly and she complies straight away. I stalk towards her and spend the rest of my night enjoying a beautiful woman’s body underneath me.


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I stare at myself in the vanity mirror as I apply the final coat of dark red lipstick to my lips. My long auburn hair is teased out for maximum volume and falls down my back to my waist.

My green eyes are bright and brought out more by the heavy dark eyeshadow. Stepping away from the mirror I look at myself in the full length one on the back of the dressing room door.

The silver metallic string bikini I have on just covers all my private areas. I cover it with a white string mini dress and finish off my stripper look with the perfect stripper silver heels.

The music is pounding off the walls and the other girls around me are frantically getting ready. It’s Friday night, our busiest night of the week at Sally’s.

It’s coming up to 10pm which is my time slot. I smile at the girls as they shout out their well wishes for my routine, after 5 years I have my routine perfected.

I step up to behind the stage's black curtains where Saint is standing overlooking the crowd.

“Hey Bell, looking as hot as ever I see” he says to me as I give him a hug.

“Thanks Saint I’m starting to feel old back there with all that new talent you guys keep bringing in. I’m waiting for the day you lot take prime time off me.”

I smile over at him while keeping an ear out for the DJ to announce my performance and the start of my first song.

“Aw no sweet your ass and tits are still as fine as the day you walked in here looking for work. Besides Bull ain’t ever going to replace his favourite girl. You two bang more than rabbits” I blush at his comment and slap him on the chest.

“Yeah we do but that don’t mean he won’t replace me when the next 20 year old walks through those doors all angelic like and just asking to be corrupted”

“Girl you know you're his number one he might have others in his bed when you ain’t around but you’re the only one he goes back to time and time again. He’s out there tonight you know… it’s Spikes patch in party. You know how wild those can get”

I suck in a breath at the news Bull is out there tonight watching likely with his brothers. I give Saint a knowing smile and strut out to the stage, the first few bars of my first song start to play. Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry.

I start my routine swinging my hair around and dropping to my knees, crawling across the stage while making eye contact with some of the guys who are sitting up close.

I grab hold of the pole and pull myself up and let myself get lost in the music, before I know it my second song starts playing.

AC/DC’s ‘Shook Me All Night Long’, it’s one of my favourites and I enjoy swinging around the pole and grinding on the floor, I lift the string dress up over my head.

As I snap my head back and thrust my hips up I catch sight of Bull and his impressive muscles that are covered in tattoos and burst out from under his short sleeved black tight T-shirt with his cut on over the top.

He’s so tall at 6ft 6 and an imposing figure standing at the end of the stage with that knowing look that says your mine for the night. I try to not let his presence affect me and carry on to my last song. My show stopper.

“Step inside, walk this way you and me babe hey hey!” The first few lyrics start to Def Leppards Pour Some Sugar On Me. I sway my hips and bob my head spinning around the pole.

I start grinding up and down the pole and then as the song really starts to pick up I untie my bikini top letting it drop to the floor.

Two of the girls who are standing at the side of the stage spray what looks like champagne over me. It is in fact lemonade poured into champagne bottles and shook up.

A little trade secret but what strip club could afford to spray two bottles of champagne every week.

Flipping my hair around now drenched from head to toe I slide my hand down my body and lick my lips still making eye contact with any man I see making him think it’s all for them. Then I focus on the end of the stage, he’s still standing there.

Still has that same smirk on his face. I smile at him and grind down harder onto the stage. The song ends and I pick up my dress and top, walking back through the curtains.

“Damn Bella doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen that routine I still get hard as a rock every time” Saint says as he hands me a towel to dry off a little and readjusts his noticeably large bulge in the front of his jeans.

He’s a handsome man, with long dark hair pulled back in a man bun and a scruffy beard that covers his perfect strong jaw. His tan skin covered in tattoos and dark brown eyes make him look like the perfect bad boy. I secure my top around me again.

“Well you know where I’ll be if you want a little private show Saint” I say rubbing up against him, I have a half smile on my face trying to hide the laugh that’s ready to burst out as the look on his face turns to terror.

“Shit girl you know I ain’t that stupid, Bull would cut my balls off if I even thought about going there with you! Everyone knows they ain’t allowed to touch you” He shakes his head and moves away from me.

I laugh all the way back down the corridor towards the dressing room to get a shower and clean up the sticky feeling that’s all over my body thanks to the lemonade.

I’m just passing the club's office when I’m dragged into the office the door is slammed shut and I’m pressed up against the door.

“Well hello to you too big guy” I say sliding my arms around Bulls big muscular neck and playing with his long messy brown hair that falls around his jaw. I rub myself up and down his body.

“Bell” he says in a low husky voice that makes me clench my thighs together, “you know how much your little shows drive me crazy… tell me who is it you’re dancing for out there?” He asks as he grabs a hold of my waist and strokes his hands up and down my sides with his rough hands.

I swallow the lump in my throat “I dance for myself Bull, you know this. No man will ever own me enough to have me dance for them” He smiles a big toothy grin and then bends his head down to the crook of my neck.

I feel his lips move over my skin as he talks “What not even me baby girl? You telling me you don’t dance for me when your up their and I’m watching?”

I hold onto his strong broad shoulders and smile as he kisses his way along my collarbone up my neck along my jaw and to my mouth, teasing feather like kisses on my lips.

I’m rubbing my thighs closer together and trying to get some relief from the pressure building up between my legs.

“You know I do Bull but there’s also a lot of other men in that room watching. There’s also a lot of other women who happily dance just for you, either on stage or in your bed” I manage to whisper out against his lips as his hands move up and over my breasts, squeezing them with the perfect pressure and twisting my nipples.

I let out a low groan. “Bull how long are we going to play this game before you get fed up and move on, before you forget about me and want someone else?” I ask letting my vulnerability show for once.

He growls into my neck and licks downwards towards my breasts, pulling the string around my neck loose to allow my breasts to fall free. He licks over my right nipple biting lightly while teasing the other nipple between his thumb and finger.

I’m starting to grind my body against his leg that is slotted in between my own and feeling the pressure build in my stomach the tell tale signs of an orgasm.

“You know I would have you as my old lady in a heartbeat baby, it’s you who puts up the fight. You who insist we can never be anything more than this” he says as his big hands pull the strings on either side of my bikini bottoms and they drop to the floor leaving me naked.

He grabs my bum and lifts me so my legs wrap around him. I reach down and expertly undo his belt buckle and button on his jeans. Sliding the zipper down to allow his impressively large cock to spring free since he never wears underwear.

“Yeah Bull you say that now but what happens if I agree and then in 6 months your bored of having the same pussy every night, you go looking for new pussy either from the Bunny’s or from one of the girls here.

I refuse to walk straight into a situation where I’m going to end up hurt” he growls as he rips open a condom foil with his teeth, that he took out of his back pocket.

I take the condom and glide it down over his monster as I like to call it. He lets out a low humming noise as I slide down onto him and he just keeps me there for a second.

“Baby girl I ain’t ever going to get sick of this pussy, it’s like heaven” he lays his forehead against mine and looks deep into my eyes with his own ice blue eyes.

When we’re like this with no one around and his walls are down I like to imagine what it could be like if I was to be his old lady.

I know he would treat me like a queen. I know I would be respected by all the men in the club, I know my days of looking over my shoulder would be over. That’s also the reason why I can’t allow myself to get wrapped up in the fairy tale.

Girls like me don’t get the prince and Bull might not look like your typical prince but he has a heart of gold for the people he cares about.

I start to move up and down on him and kiss him with everything I have. He starts to push his hips into me with such force I bang into the door.

“Fuck bell it drives me insane that you go out there night after night showing all those men your perfect body.” He moves one hand from my ass to my jaw and holds it tightly. I let out a long moan as he continues to thrust into me brutally.

“Your mine Bella and the quicker you come to terms with this the easier it will be for all of us” I can feel my orgasm building up inside me.

“Bull! Fuck don’t stop” I shout and he moves his hand from my jaw to between us both, playing with my clit with his expert fingers. He knows exactly what to do to get me over that edge.

“That’s it baby girl, give me what’s mine. Come all over my cock” his thrusts start to become erratic as his own release nears. I can’t hold on any longer and scream out his name as I cling onto his shoulders marking them with my nails.

He follows me over a few thrusts later growling out my name and biting down on the patch of skin between my shoulder and neck. We stay in the same position against the door clinging to each other while we get our breaths back.

I slowly slide my legs back down to the floor and look down scared to look up into his eyes. I’m not short by any means being 5ft 8 and with my stripper heels on I’m 6ft. He still towers over me though and I can tell he’s not happy with the way our conversation during sex went.

I bend down to pick up the towel that I dropped when I first came into the office and wrap it around myself. I then pick up the bikini and dress before looking up into his brooding eyes.

“Tell me you will be mine baby, I can’t take not having you every night anymore. I can’t take knowing you’re here showing off your body” he gently strokes my cheek cupping it in his massive hand to look at Bull you would never guess he has this side to him.

“I can’t Bull you know I can’t. Your drunk and your high off an orgasm you will feel different in the morning when Kat or Brie or one of the other girls is lying next to you in bed” I reply sadly.

Before he can say anything else I turn and walk out the office and into the dressing room.

All the girls give me a knowing look that I ignore and I move off to the showers in the back. That’s where I let my tears flow freely where no one else can see.

I love Bull I know I do, it’s been 5 years of this push and pull between us, the feelings only ever getting stronger.

I won’t allow myself to fall into the trap of being happy though because I won’t allow Bull and his club to get pulled into what will inevitably find me. My own dark past.


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Mafiawere Brothers

Rose had been married for a while, and couldn’t understand why her husband didn’t seem to care about her anymore … then she found out he’d been cheating on her the entire time! Angry and heartbroken, she thought she was through with love. Until, she met her best friend’s brothers. Now she’s right in the middle of the sexiest situation of her life. After all, it’s not often that the three hottest guys in the world are all vying for her attention… and body. Just wait until she finds out they’re all werewolves!

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Sexual Abuse, Attempted Rape)

Ruling the CEO

From the author of Marrying the CEO comes Ruling the CEO, a new story about the Maslow brothers!

Jenny Layman likes having her life in perfect order. However, Jenny’s organized life turns chaotic when she meets a man who makes her heart sing and her soul shiver. Kieran Maslow is a man who knows what he wants, and when his interest in Jenny is piqued, nothing can stop him from pursuing her…

Age Rating: 18+

The Alpha’s Prey

Gemma is just your average model from New York who has found herself in a remote Canadian forest. Caleb is the Alpha of his pack, and he’s been looking for his mate for a long time. When he finds Gemma in his territory, he knows she’s destined to be with him. He’s determined to claim her for himself, but will Gemma be able to accept her fate?

Age Rating: 18+

Fairy Godmother Inc.

Everyone wishes they had a fairy godmother at some point, right? Well, Viola finds out that she does—she only needs to sign on the dotted line, and all her romantic dreams will come true! What could possibly go wrong? How about the fact that she now has to compete in a dangerous game against other women to win the heart of a gorgeous prince? The fight is on!

The Superstar and the Super Nerd

Nicky Dei is a superstar actress looking for a one-night stand after getting her heart broken. Richard Alden is a nerdy law student who lives next door. After a chance encounter, Richard and Nicky embark on a wild ride. Will Nicky find love with Richard or will she keep him at arm’s length?

Age Rating: 18+

Their Little Human

Raven is a pilot of the last ship fleeing Earth. While she must protect all human life, she also needs to find her sister, who’s lost in space. Her ship crashes on Arenk and Laro’s planet, which is in short supply of women. Is it possible to find love in the emptiness of space? And how will she find her sister?

Age Rating: 18+ (BDSM)