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Aurora Adams, a shy and innocent werewolf, is forced to run from her home when her abusive parents attempt to force her into an arranged marriage. But then she meets her true mate, none other than Zachary Williams, the most ruthless alpha in the world. Will Aurora discover a deeper reason she has been paired with this beast of a man? And will she be able to melt his heart of ice?

Age Rating: 13+


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“Auroraaa! Get up, you lazy ass,” my best friend, Jade, screams at me, pulling the covers from my body.

“Go away, Jay. Shoo,” I say.

I hate when people wake me up! If I don’t get enough sleep, I’m a zombie. No one dares to talk to me because I may end up eating them, just like the Walking Dead!!

Lol, I’m kidding!

Suddenly, ice-cold water is poured on me.

How could she?!

I jerk up, freezing, and I see the devil, aka, my best friend, laughing like a hyena.

“I swear to God, Jay, I’m gonna kill you!” I run after her and tackle her, making her fall flat on her face. Thanks to my wolf, Isabelle, I’m a lot stronger than most female wolves.

“Oh God, my nose! You broke my perfect nose, Aurora!!” she says dramatically.

I roll my eyes because she is the number-one drama queen I have ever met. She deserves an award for it.

“That’s what you get for waking a zombie up, so don’t you ever wake me up like that! Like ever,” I say, smirking and flipping my wet hair.

She stands up and poses, sassily rolling her eyes, which makes her even more beautiful than she already is.

Jade is really beautiful with all those perfect curves and brown hair and her brown eyes, and here I am with blonde hair and green eyes and a normal body with some decent features.

I can’t say I’m too bad.

I feel I am just an ordinary girl with ordinary looks. I can never believe it if someone compliments me about my looks; I don’t know why.

“Aurora, I’ve been trying to wake you up for a good fifteen minutes. What could I do? I had to wake you up!” Jade says, keeping her hands on her hips.

“Why was it so important to wake me up from my beautiful sleep at seven o’clock, Jay?” I ask, pouting. “I lost a good amount of sleep because of you.”

“Stop acting, Aurora; you suck at it,” Jade says, sticking her tongue out and laughing like a hyena again.

I pretend to study her. “Jay, were you born a werewolf or mistaken for one? Because I am damn sure you are a hyena. You laugh just like one,” I say, acting serious.

“What?? Do I laugh like a hyena?” she asks with wide eyes. “But that’s okay.

“It’ll be a great help for me, because whenever your parents give you mental torture, I will laugh like a hyena and call all the hyenas in this whole world to our rescue,” she says, winking.

She needs some serious medical attention, but I love her.

I burst out laughing. She might have been missing a part of her brain when she was born!

She’s the only one who’s always been with me in bad times. Whenever my parents hurt me, she comes to my aid and consoles me. I’m so grateful to her.

“Aurora, get ready fast, or else you may have to face your mom’s wrath.”

Yeah… My parents abuse me emotionally.

I nod at her and run to the bathroom, do my business, and remove my wet clothes. I take a quick shower, wrap myself in a towel, and leave the bathroom.

I see Jade has already selected clothes for me to wear. I don’t know how to dress up or even how to pick an outfit. I would have been a mess if it weren’t for her.

“Thank you, Jay. You’re a lifesaver,” I say, blowing her a kiss.

“No problemo, Auri,” Jade says sweetly.

I put on a navy-blue top and skinny jeans. I don’t put anything on my face because I have good skin, and I tie my hair up in a high ponytail.

I head to the living room with Jade. I see my dad sitting at the dining table, doing some paperwork, as he is the beta of Silver Moon Pack.

Our alpha is Alpha Damon. He is a very good man, unlike his son Jacob. That guy is a man whore who sleeps with all the pack females. Gross!

He always eyes me as if he’s gonna rape me someday. I hate that man. Even Jade hates the sight of him, but there’s nothing we can do, as he is the future Alpha, which sucks!

I just hope he finds his mate soon.

I sigh.

“Aurora!” my mother calls loudly, breaking my thoughts.

“Why did you get up so late? Do you know what time is it? I had to make breakfast for your dad!”

I flinch at her tone. “I am sorry, Mother,” I say, looking down.

“Listen now, Missy. You have to make lunch and dinner for us as your punishment! If you don’t, you are not getting any food today! Do you hear that?”

I nod my head, still looking down.

“Good. Now get to work.” She smirks.

My so-called dad doesn’t even spare a glance at me! What kind of dad is he? Tears start threatening to fall, but I hold them back. No! I’m not gonna cry for such parents.

But deep down, it hurts so much.

God!! What kind of life am I living when everyone gets to enjoy their life, and here I am, doing household chores!

I sigh deeply. I always try to be their perfect daughter, but they aren’t satisfied with me. How can they be satisfied? I am not their son.

Because my dad always wanted a son to take his beta position in the future, when I was born, he didn’t even want me.

I am too weak and pathetic. I’ve always wanted to win their love, but no matter what I do, I don’t succeed. My parents always act so normal in front of everyone, and I hate that.

“Aurora, everything’s gonna be all right. I’m always with you, okay?” Jade says, walking up behind me.

“Yeah, Jay. I have you,” I tell her honestly.

“I gotta go, Auri. My dad’s calling. I’ll be back. I love you,” Jade tells me, and before I can even reply to her, she walks out of the house in a hurry.

“Love you too, Jay,” I say to myself and head to the kitchen


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After I enter the kitchen, I do all the work and prepare some bacon and sausages for lunch as ordered by my mother. I make an omelette for myself and eat it.

If you’re thinking that if my mom made breakfast, why am I making it again, the answer is that she made breakfast only for herself and Dad.

Yeah, that’s my life. But that’s okay. I don’t like her cooking.

After doing all the work, I am tired as hell.

My mom is currently sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.

Seriously? Magazine??? I roll my eyes. I don’t know why I hate magazines. “Mother,” I call in a low voice.

She looks at me as if I have disturbed her precious time. I choose to ignore her look.

“Mother, I prepared everything as you said. Um, can I go to my room now?” Please let me go to my room, I say to myself.

“Yes, you can go,” she says without even looking at me.

I don’t need to hear it again. I run to my room and sigh in relief. No matter how small my room is, I love it!

Two walls are painted lavender, and the other two are white. My bed is a single bed, but it’s cozy enough to make me sleep. Me and my sleep—nothing can keep us apart! I chuckle at my thoughts.


My phone rings.

Aurora you need to hear this please come to my house! ASAP!


What could she have to tell?

“Don’t stand here and think, you idiot. Go and meet Jade,” my wolf, Isabelle, scolds me.

I roll my eyes. “Gee, thank you so much for telling me that,” I say, but she doesn’t reply.

I go the to the living room. And no one is there. Huh? My mom usually doesn’t go out at this time. I better go meet Jade.

On my way to Jade’s, I hear everyone gossiping about something, but I’m not able to make it out.

What could they be talking about? I ignore my thoughts and knock on Jade’s door.

“Hey, lazy ass,” Jade says.

“Jay, I am not a lazy ass! We both are!!” I tell her dramatically.

She bursts out laughing. “Yeah, that’s true.” She just hugs me. I am so happy I have her. I know that her mate will go crazy over her when he finds her.

“Hey, Jay. Do you know anything about what’s going on outside? All the pack members are talking about something, and why did you call me here?” I ask her, raising my eyebrows

“That’s why I messaged you to meet me, Aurora. Our alpha’s son, Jacob, is turning twenty-four, and he wants to take the alpha’s title now,” Jade says.

“But Jade, how can he take the title? Without his mate by his side, how can he rule? It’s the tradition of our pack!”

“Yes, Auri, I know. That’s why today, he’s choosing a girl from our pack to be his mate. He’s fed up with searching for his mate for the past eight years,” Jade says in a sad tone.

I gape at her with my mouth wide open. “Seriously, Jade?? Is Jacob mad? How can he live without his mate by choosing another female instead??” I say, getting frustrated at the thought.

“Has he chosen his mate yet?” I ask her curiously.

“Auri, he has chosen his mate. That’s why my parents and your parents and everyone are in the pack house talking to the alpha.”


That explains my mom’s sudden disappearance.

“Aurora, come to the pack house now,” my mom’s voice rings in my head.

I look at Jade; she’s also gotten the message from her dad.

“Let’s go, Auri,” Jade says, taking my hand.

“Alpha,” we both say in unison, showing respect to him. Seeing us, he nods his head.

My parents are looking at me with smiles on their faces.

Okay. whattt?? Smiling at me?? Am I dreaming?? They have never smiled at me like that, even in front of others. I don’t know what’s going on right now.

“It’s a good thing you came, Aurora,” Jacob says in a husky voice.

Eww, even his husky voice is as gross as him. I want to chuckle at that thought. “Hey, Jacob,” I say, feeling uncomfortable around him.

He just smiles at me.

What’s wrong with everyone today???

“I have called a meeting because, as you all know, my son has selected a suitable person for the position of luna,” Alpha’s voice booms in the pack house.

We can hear loud gasps from the females and other pack members.

“I’m very happy to announce that he has chosen Ms. Aurora Adams as a suitable female and his mate, as she is a very beautiful, intelligent, and strong wolf. My son is very happy to have her as a mate.

“Two days from now is the wedding date fixed by my son. After getting married to Aurora, Jacob will take the place as the alpha of Silver Moon Pack.”

As he finishes his talk, I stand frozen in my place, unable to move. I can hear Jade gasp, and all the pack members are looking at me in shock.

My brain doesn’t register anything that’s happened in the last few seconds.

Whattt!!!! Mee?? No, no, no, no, no. This can’t be happening. Please, God, let it be a dream, please!

“I won’t get married to anyone except my mate!” Isabelle screams in my head.

What should I do??

Tears are threatening to spill out, but I hold them back. Suddenly, my mom comes and hugs me. For the first time. I’m just numb.

Is she happy with what’s happening with her daughter? And I see from the corner of my eye that my dad is smiling at me? That man who refused to see my face since my childhood?

This is definitely a dream.

“I am so proud of you, Aurora,” my mom says, smiling, and I still can’t even form a word of protest against all this!! I am so shocked!

What kind of parents do I have!

I pull myself back from the hug, and I glare at the person I call my mother.

“I hope you are happy with my decision, Aurora,” Jacob says, smirking.

That asshole!

I want to chop his head off and feed him to the dogs! That’s how I feel.

I can’t bear it anymore.

“I’ll be back,” I tell him in a broken voice, and I run back to my house. I cry all the way home and go to my room. I don’t know what to do! I cannot marry that pervert!

Deep down, my mind says to accept things so that I win my parents’ love, which I’ve always craved.

But my heart says otherwise.

“I will not let that happen, Aurora, or you will lose me forever,” Isabelle warns me.

“What else can I do, Belle? Where can I go? There’s nowhere for me to go!” I cry my eyes out.

“We will run away tonight, Aurora. It’s better to get killed than to get married to that jerk. I won’t let that happen to us. Never,” Isabelle tells me in my head.

Jade barges into my room with a shocked expression. “Auri, I didn’t expect this to happen! I am so sorry,” she cries, hugging me.

I just stand there, hugging her like nothing ever happened. I’m numb.

“Auri? Say something, please!”

“It’s okay, Jade,” I tell her tonelessly. “Jade, I just want to sleep. I’ll meet you later, yeah?” I say so she won’t suspect my plan.

“Yeah, Auri. I understand. After all that happened, you need some rest. But please call me when you want to talk to me, okay?

“We’ll figure out something together like we always have. Trust me, yeah?” she assures me.

I nod at her, taking one last look at her because I am probably never gonna see her again.

I am so sorry, Jade. I just can’t tell you what I am gonna do, because you will land in trouble. I just want you to be safe.

Someday, we will meet again, or maybe not. I can’t stay here and endure this, even if I die trying to escape. It’s gonna be worth it; I will try. I will run away at midnight tonight.


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