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After her family is brutally killed by rogue wolves, Sage, a human, moves to the united Fire Wolf and Wolf Moon Packs. She soon finds the two alphas are not what they seem. Sage can sense change coming…but there’s no way to prepare for it!

Age Rating: 18+ (Rape, Violence, and Gore)


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Book One

“No, Elijah! I’m warning you, don’t do it!” Sage held up her hands in front of her and slowly walked backward.

Elijah smirked and slowly walked forward.

“Elijah…,” she warned again.

He suddenly sprinted forward. Sage screamed and ran away from him.

“No-no-no-no-no-noo-no-no, NO!” she screamed as Elijah wrapped his arms around her waist. He lifted her off the ground while she struggled to get free.

He walked toward the lake and stopped on the edge. Sage wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. “If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me!”

Elijah smirked and shrugged. “Okay,” he said and immediately jumped into the water.

Sage screamed as they fell in. Elijah released her as they surfaced. “You fucking asshole.”

Elijah laughed as she splashed water toward him. “You asked for it, cousin.”

“Like hell I did, cousin.”

He stuck out his tongue toward her.

Sage snorted. “You are such a child.”

He climbed out of the water before he pulled his swimming shorts up, way too high until his waistband reached his ribs, and crossed his arms. He looked over his shoulder.

Sage followed his gaze and looked toward her sisters. They were still sunbathing, caring more about getting their tan just right. She locked eyes with Elijah.

He had a mischievous look in his eyes.

“They are going to kill you.”

He wiggled his eyebrows at her and turned toward them. After taking a deep breath, he launched himself at them. Sage heard her sisters scream as he landed on top of them.

“You mother-fucking son of a bitch!” Iliza screamed at him.

“What the hell is wrong with you, you asshole!” Jessica added.

They pushed him off of them.

“Now our tan won’t be the right color!” Iliza stated as she was looking at her body.

“You just ruined our summer season, Elijah,” Jessica added.

Elijah groaned and stood up. “You guys are way too vain.”

“Says the gay who has more clothes than we do.” Jessica placed her hands on her hips and glared at him.

“Yeah right, you guys have an entire store for yourself.”

Sage rolled her eyes and also got out of the water.

Jessica and Iliza were always complaining that, to quote them, the “ugly and poor” she-wolves were always buying clothes at the same store where they liked.

So, one day they went to their dad and asked—no, that’s wrong—ordered him to give them the store.

He had refused, but her sisters did everything to annoy him with it so that he would have to give it to them.

Which was exactly what happened.

Sage dried her long midnight black hair, which came down the length of her back. She had put on Elijah’s shirt, which ended just below her butt, and walked over to the others.

“Still, you are a guy and you even have more clothes than Sage.”

Sage glared at Iliza.

“Dude, I’m not vain like you three. I have a normal amount of clothes which I’m comfortable with. I don’t need an entire store.”

Iliza rolled her eyes at her. “A wolf needs to look their best in case their mate comes along.”

Sage snorted. “Good thing I’m human then,” she stated.

Just like her sisters, she was an alpha’s daughter, but instead of being born a wolf, she was born a human. Her parents had tried to find out why but always came up empty-handed.

Eventually, they just accepted it.

Her pack didn’t care. They accepted her for who she was and were happy that she wasn’t a brat like her two older sisters.

Sage knew she would never be able to take the alpha title from her dad, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was to finish her studies and become the first astronomer of the pack.

Of any pack, for that matter.

She had always loved astronomy and astrology. Growing up, she had always wondered about the universe around her. Her mom had told her to pursue her passion and learn about it.

Sage didn’t have to hear that twice.

Soon she knew all about the constellations, the moon, the planets, and the stars in general.

Now, she was learning the Greek mythologies about the constellations. It was something she loved to learn and her imagination often ran free. She wondered if there was any truth in them.

Absentmindedly, she followed the lines of her black and white tattoo on her right forearm. She looked at it.

It was a tattoo of only outlines. The white lines and little circles formed her favorite constellation, Sagittarius, and the black lines formed a crescent moon behind the white lines.

Sage remembered the day she got it. She was with Elijah and his mate, Romeo, at the pack’s tattoo artist. Romeo was getting a tattoo of the paw print of Elijah’s wolf.

On an impulse, she decided she wanted a tattoo as well and she just knew it had to be this one, even though she had never seen the image before.

Her parents were shocked when they saw it, but they loved it nonetheless.

A gust of wind blew past them. Elijah, Iliza, and Jessica stiffened immediately. Sage looked at them. “What’s wrong?”

Elijah sniffed the air. “Blood.”

It was the only word he said, but they all knew it meant bad news. Everyone immediately grabbed their stuff and started walking back to the pack village.

Smelling blood could mean a lot of things, but mostly, it meant danger. Rogues were always lurking near the border and no one wanted to encounter them. Especially the Moon Gang.

The Moon Gang was a group of rogues who had fun killing entire packs. They were hated and feared.

Somehow, they always won. No matter how strong the pack was, they always succeeded in wiping out an entire pack.

Well, almost always. There was one pack they had attacked but failed.

The Fire Wolf pack.

As a pack, it was extremely rare: it wasn’t just one pack, but two.

The Fire Moon pack and the Wolf Moon pack were close allies. The two alphas were friends, and when the Fire Moon pack was attacked by the Moon Gang, they were aided by the Wolf Moon pack.

Without much effort, they prevailed and the Gang was almost wiped out.

The two alphas would lead their own packs and territory without interference from the other, but, when necessary, they would stand together.

United as one to defeat any who challenged them.

Soon, everyone started to call them the Fire Wolf pack. Every pack feared them, but also wanted an alliance with them.

Everyone had heard the rumor that the pack houses were next to each other, close to the border which separated the territories that the wolves could cross whenever they wanted.

For humans, it was not that big of a deal, but for wolves it was. To have that much trust between two packs was rare.

Nobody knew if the rumors were true, since no one was allowed to get that close, except for the allied alphas, and even they kept their mouths shut.

Sage’s pack was also allied with them because her uncle, cousin, and grandmother all lived in pack.

When her dad got the alpha title, her uncle, Rick, moved away. He and his father, Sage’s grandfather, never saw eye to eye, and when Rick came out of the closet, things only got worse.

Sage heard the stories about how they were always fighting, and when her grandfather threatened him to take away the chance of the alpha title if he didn’t take a female mate, he had enough.

Rick had said that he didn’t want to be an alpha who had to pretend. He said he didn’t care about the title and that his brother, her dad, could have it.

After Sage’s dad was named alpha, he left with his mother. Her grandfather and grandmother also had issues, and only came back for birthdays and Christmas.

Sage always had a great relationship with her uncle. She was always happy when she saw him and she could talk to him about anything.

Her parents were different. They were always tense, especially if her uncle touched her. It was always like they were afraid that she would explode. To this day, she still didn’t know why.

The other thing she still didn’t understand was how Rick fathered Elijah. He was gay but still had a son.

Sage and Elijah always joked about how it was a drunken mistake, but they didn’t know if that was true. Rick would never tell them.

Sage was pulled out of her thoughts when she smelled a strong metallic scent. It took her a moment to realize what it was. She stopped in her tracks and looked at Elijah.

“Please don’t tell me you can smell it.” He knew that if even a human could smell it, it was bad.

“I-I can.”

“Fuck!” Elijah screamed.

“What’s happening?” Iliza asked. No one answered.

Elijah, Iliza, and Jessica shifted into their wolf forms. Sage climbed on Elijah’s back. They had to get back and fast. Something was most definitely wrong!

They started running toward the village and the scent only became stronger. As soon as they entered the village, they saw a massacre.

Males, females, pups, teenagers, elders. No one was left alive or in one piece. The streets were covered with bodies. Everywhere you looked, you could see guts or torn off limbs.

The buildings were covered in blood and it was dead silent.

Tears filled Sage’s eyes and she slapped a hand in front of her mouth. This couldn’t be happening. Who would do something like this?

They were always a peace-loving pack and only fought when they needed to. They didn’t deserve this!

None of them said anything as they walked through the streets, trying not to step on anything. Sage cried as she saw the bodies of the people she knew. Doc, her teacher, her friends.

There was no one left.

They walked toward the pack house. Sage looked at the two things hanging on either side of the door: bodies.

She slowly walked forward, and when she saw who they were, she stopped and fell to her knees.

“NO!” she screamed. Her screams turned into uncontrollable sobs. She heard her sisters scream as well.

Her parents were hung up by their necks and stripped naked.

Her mother was missing an arm and her neck and chest were cut open. The bruises on her lower abdomen and the insides of her thighs suggest she’d been brutally raped before she was killed.

Her dad was missing every limb and was skinned.

Their blood was still dripping from their bodies. This was something that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Elijah placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked at the door and rage filled her. There was a message, written in blood.

“The Moon Gang was here.”

Never in her entire life had she felt this much rage.

How can someone have so little respect for the dead? How could anyone ever do this?

No one said a thing and the sound of crying filled the air.

“What are we going to do now?” Iliza asked. Her voice was hoarse.

“I informed my dad through the mind-link. You are allowed to stay with us for the time being,” Elijah answered as he dried his tears.

“We need to bury them,” Sage said. Her voice was also hoarse.

Elijah hugged her. “And that’s what we’re going to do.”


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The scenery outside the car window passed her by. They had been driving for two hours now.

In a half hour, they would arrive at the territory of the Fire Wolf pack. Sage didn’t know if she should be excited or afraid.

Elijah had said both alphas had agreed with them staying with their uncle for the time being. This was only because their dad had been an ally and they had nowhere else to go.

Her sisters were excited. They had been fast with recovering from the events that had happened to their pack and parents. Now they were back to being their pain-in-the-ass and spoiled selves.

Sage always had found it weird that they were so fast with getting over things, but she always believed it was their own way of dealing with it and that it was just an act to hide their pain.

Of course, they would never admit it.

Elijah was steering the car on a mountain road and went through a long and dark tunnel. Her sisters were in the back, getting their beauty sleep.

“I’m sorry about everything that happened, Sage.”

She turned her head toward Elijah. “It’s not your fault, Elijah. Even if we’d been there, we couldn’t have done anything. We would probably be dead as well. The Moon Gang is too powerful.”

Elijah said with a sigh, “They didn’t deserve this. Hell, no one deserves that! Only the Gang deserves that.”

“They deserve worse,” Sage added.

They exited the tunnel and came up to a roadblock. They were about to enter the territory. Elijah slowed down. She saw the guard give him a small nod and open the gate.

“Only the side roads have a block. Sometimes human tourists would try to get to the mountains this way, just to avoid the main road and traffic,” Elijah explained.

Sage hummed in response and stared out of the window again. It wouldn’t be long before they would reach their new home.

She kept listening to the music and looked at the sky as the stars slowly started to appear.

As it became darker, she quickly found the constellation of Leo and Virgo. Her fingers ran over her tattoo again. The moon was starting to rise and she knew it was a crescent one.

Elijah chuckled a little.

Sage looked at him again.

“You’re still following the lines of your tattoo whenever you look at the stars.”

Sage gave him a small smile.

“Habits die hard.”

Elijah smiled a little too. “We’re here,” he said after a while.

Sage looked forward. They drove through a big village with natural roads. All the buildings were made of the same wood, but the doors and windows were modern.

Wolves looked curiously toward the car, and Sage slid down a little. The attention was something she didn’t need right now. As an alpha’s daughter, she always got lots, and she hated it.

Her sisters had awoken and sat up straighter so the wolves would see them. Of course, they always loved it.

Elijah pulled up in front of three large pack houses. The ones on the right and left were in the same style as the village and the one in the middle was a little darker and more old-fashioned.

Pups were playing on the grass in front of the houses.

Elijah stopped the car. “Is your jaw stuck?”

Sage immediately closed her mouth and glared at him. He chuckled and got out of the car.

Romeo came running out of the left pack house. He grabbed Elijah and kissed him like he hadn’t seen him in a year. Sage smiled at the sight while her sisters made gagging noises.

“Could you be more immature?” Sage asked. They stuck out their tongues. Sage rolled her eyes and also got out of the car.

She was the youngest, but sometimes, she felt like the oldest of them.

She walked up to the kissing males. “Be careful not to choke on each other.”

Romeo pulled away. He glared at her as he walked to her.

Sage chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.

“Hi there, Stargazer.” She smiled at the nickname. He had given it to her when they first met and she had told him she was learning to become an astronomer.

Romeo had always loved listening to the stories about the stars and they had bonded quickly.

He was part of the Wolf Moon pack. Romeo and Elijah had met during a training event the packs had held together. Their workout became something else that day…

Soon after, they both came to the Lost Moon pack, so she could meet his mate.

Elijah may be her cousin, but they always treated each other as brother and sister, so when Romeo came into their life, he instantly became her brother as well.

Romeo tightened his hug and breathing started to become harder for her.

“Ro-meo, A-ir.”

He immediately let her go. “Sorry, forgot you were human.” Sage glared at him. He gave her a wink.

Iliza and Jessica left the car as well.

“Iliza. Jessica. Nice to see you both again.”

Sage had to hold in her laughter at the way he went from his goofy self to his business self. Romeo was the Beta’s son, so he had no trouble with being straight to the point.

“Romeo. Nice to see you too,” Iliza said, rolling her eyes.

“Wow Iliza, could you be more sarcastic?”

Sage turned around and saw the owner of the voice. “Uncle!” She ran toward him.

He caught her and hugged her. “Hello, Sage.” He kissed the top of her head.

She pulled away. “Hi, uncle.”

Rick looked toward Jessica and Iliza. He sighed. “Your rooms have your names on the door and a private bathroom with a bathtub.”

Before he was done talking, the two already were already running toward the middle pack house Rick was pointing at.

“Thanks!” they both screamed. Sage rolled her eyes.

“They really haven’t changed, have they?”

Sage snorted. “What do you think?”

He sighed again and shook his head. “Seriously, what went wrong with them that caused them to become spoiled brats?”

“Being an alpha’s daughter?” Romeo answered.

“I’m also an alpha’s daughter,” Sage said, intervening.

“Yeah, exactly.”

Sage punched his shoulder as he laughed.

“Your mate is an asshole,” Sage said to Elijah.

“He is! A dumb one too!”

Sage’s head turned toward a little girl with short brown hair and yellow eyes.

She was an exact copy of Romeo, with yellow eyes, brown hair, muscular, and not bad to look at.

Elijah was also muscular and had blond hair, but with green eyes, while Rick had bright blue ones like her dad and herself. The guys were wearing a T-shirt with jeans and combat boots.

Sage was wearing a T-shirt with sweatpants and was still barefoot due to the fact she had taken off her shoes in the car. Her hair sat in a messy bun.

“Juliet!” Romeo scolded her.

Elijah chuckled. “Sage, meet Juliet, Romeo’s little sister.”

“Sooo, Romeo”—she pointed to him—“and Juliet?” She pointed to the girl.

“Yeah, our parents played a cruel joke,” Romeo stated.

Sage chuckled. “I think that’s the most human thing I’ve ever heard coming from wolves.”

Romeo punched her shoulder, which made her laugh again. He turned his attention toward the fuming Juliet. “Why am I a dumb asshole?”

She tapped the ground with her foot. “We were playing a game! You can’t just walk away from the game!”

Romeo sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Shit, sorry, Jul. Mate bond and all that.”

“Nu-uh, don’t let him get away that easy, Juliet! If I were you, I would punish him,” Sage said.

Romeo gave her a shocked look. “What did I ever do to you?”

She shrugged. “How about you teasing and annoying me for years?”

“Oh, come on!” Romeo threw his hands in the air.

“So, Juliet, what will be his punishment?” Rick asked.

Romeo slapped his own head. “I hate you all.”

“I want you to clean my room!” Juliet said happily. Sage and Rick chuckled at the defeated look on Romeo’s face. “And Elijah has to help you.”

Elijah’s head snapped toward Juliet and his smile fell. “Why?” His voice was squeaky.

“He ran out because of you.” She shrugged.

“I like you,” Sage said.

Juliet smiled brightly at her. “Juliet Alpine, Beta’s daughter of the Wolf Moon pack, and the next Beta.”

Sage chuckled as she formally introduced herself and Romeo snorted.

“You wish, little sis.”

Sage crouched down. “Sage Moon, alpha’s daughter of the Lost Moon pack, astronomer-in-training, and human,” Sage said with a small smile.

“You are an alpha’s daughter?” Juliet asked. Sage nodded. “So cool!”

She chuckled at the excitement in Juliet’s voice.

“What is an as-ast-astr—”

Everybody chuckled as she tried to say the word.

“Astronomer?” Sage said.

Juliet nodded.

“It’s someone who knows everything about the stars, moon, planets, and constellations.”

Juliet looked up at the night sky. “You know everything about that?” She pointed to the sky.

Sage chuckled again. “Not everything yet. I’m still learning, but definitely a lot.”

Juliet looked at her again. “So cool!”

Sage smiled.

“Are your mom and dad here too?” Juliet asked innocently.

Sage’s smile fell as she thought about their bodies hanging on the pack house. Rick placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Sweety, her parents passed away recently. That’s why she’s here,” Romeo told his sister. A tear ran down Sage’s cheek.

“I’m so sorry, Sage.” Juliet hugged her.

Sage smiled a little. “That’s okay, sweety. You couldn’t know.”

Juliet tightened her hug.


Juliet pulled away and looked in the direction of the left pack house. That must be the Wolf Moon pack house.

A male and female walked over toward them. The female had long brown hair and dark brown eyes and the male had black hair and yellow eyes like Romeo and Juliet. They must be their parents.

The female picked up Juliet and the male nodded toward Rick before his eyes landed on her.

“Edward Alpine, Beta’s son and Beta of the Wolf Moon pack. This is my mate, Rachel,” Edward said.

“Sage Moon, alpha’s daughter of the Lost Moon pack, astronomer-in-training, and human,” she said, introducing herself officially as she had done with Juliet.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Rachel said.

Sage saw the compassion in her eyes. Sage gulped and nodded. “Thank you.” Her voice was like a whisper.

Edward stepped toward her. “Welcome to the Fire Wolf pack.”


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