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Sold On You

Trinity is on the ball professionally, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. At the bar after a hard day at the office, she meets Stephen Gotti: a gentleman at the club, and insatiable in the bedroom. They fall for each other fast, but Stephen’s got a big secret. Will it scare Trinity away?

Age Rating: 18+


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It had been another long day at the office of Durham Real Estate where I had worked for the last ten years.

I had started there at the young age of sixteen, working reception on the weekends to make a bit of extra pocket money and then supporting myself through college.

Now I sat as the newest Business Development Manager for the company, having successfully completed my masters in Property Development and ready to take on the new adventure I had worked so hard for.

A shadow passing my door, drew my attention from my laptop, as I realised everyone was making their way out for the night. Quickly glancing at my watch, I wondered where the day had gone and being Seven, I decided to start packing up my laptop and call it an evening.

Pulling on my coat I made my way out in the fresh Chicago air to my vehicle when my phone started ringing.

Searching my bag, I pulled out my mobile quickly checking my caller ID to see it was my best friend Luke who let’s be honest, was probably also dragging himself away from a very long day at work.

As I slid my phone open I didn’t get a word in before he spoke. “Please tell me we are still going for drinks tonight? You won’t believe the appointment I just had.”

“If it involved an owner demanding a tenant be evicted because they had an unapproved pet occupying the property then I am guessing it was pretty much on par with my day. Shall I meet you at Gilhooley’s in twenty minutes? I am getting in my car now.”

“No, but it does involve an owner pulling management because they wanted Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars a week over market value. And as if that wasn’t the best part, they then tell me I am the shit agent for not getting it for them. See you in twenty minutes.”

I rolled my eyes with a soft laugh, knowing all too well the trials of the Chicago real estate agent. I slowly pulled out into traffic, making my way to Gilhooley’s to meet Luke.

After finding a car park not too far from our favourite pub, I made my way in and quickly scanned the bar, to find I had arrived before Luke.

Removing my coat, I secured our usual booth and text Luke to find out what he is drinking tonight.

Of course, being a creature of comfort, I was not surprised when he replied Jack Daniels on the rocks.

Luke and I have lived together for the last two years since Luke joined Durham Real Estate in the Property Management Department.

Our connection was instant, and our friendship blossomed into one that has been unbreakable from the onset. I helped nurse Luke through the loss of his greatest love and the isolation of not being accepted.

And in return Luke assisted me to rebuild my confidence and life after finding my fiancée in our bed with his assistant.

As I waited for Luke to arrive, I made my way up to the bar to get our orders in. “What will it be tonight Trinity? The usual?”

“Good Evening Gary, yes please. I will have the usual margarita and a Jack Daniels on the rocks for Luke please. Gary told me to take a seat and he would have them brought over to me shortly.

I thanked Gary and chucked him a tip for good measure. I turned to make my way back to our booth, not looking before I turned. I suddenly find myself face to face with the broadest chest I have ever set my eyes on.

As I put my hands out to steady myself, I couldn’t help but notice the flex of the strong muscles underneath my fingertips and the subtle hint of his intoxicating cologne.

All too quickly I became aware of the grip his strong fingers had on my hips, an attempt to stop us both from falling off balance. I carefully gazed up at the stranger whose space I had invaded.”I am so sorry . . . “

As my eyes met his, I couldn’t help but be mesmerised by the stunning green oceans that met my gaze in return. “That’s not a problem doll, are you alright? I didn’t knock you too hard, did I?”

“Not at all, I apologise for not looking first. My name is Trinity, thanks for the save . . .” I looked at him waiting for his name.

“Stephen. Stephen Gotti. It is lovely to meet you Trinity.”

Suddenly I became aware I was still invading this powerful man’s space and took a step back. I removed my hands from his masculine chest, albeit a little disappointed.

Stephen gently grazed his fingers across my hips as he removed his hands, and I felt goosebumps break out all over my arms, and a tingle ran down my spine. Stephen’s husky voice snapped me back to reality.

“Well it was a pleasure to meet you Trinity, unfortunately I have some business associates waiting for me.”

And with that Stephen moved forward, his breath a whisper against my neck, his lips barely brushing the sensitive skin under my ear as he spoke . . .

“But don’t worry doll, I will be seeing you again very soon.” His teeth grazed the shell of my earlobe as he pulled away, sending goosebumps erupting over my skin.

I stood fixated to the spot as I watched him disappear through the growing crowd. I felt the flush on my skin creeping up to my face.

Who is that man?


I still felt flustered from my encounter with Stephen when Luke slid into the booth opposite me, grabbing his JD and drinking it in one shot.

When he asked if I wanted another drink I nearly missed what he said. “Huh? Oh, yes please.” Luke lifted his eyebrow asking if I was ok. “Of course babe, long day, but all the better for seeing you.”

I flashed Luke my best smile, and gave him a cheeky wink. Luke slid out the booth and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and headed off to the bar.

I was focused on the television above the bar when I felt as if someone was watching me. I slowly gazed down to my left and found Stephen, sitting at a table in the back left of the bar, with two equally charming men, deep in conversation.

While the other men were talking, I noticed Stephen’s gaze squarely fixed on me, his eyes travelling up the length of my body until he looked me squarely in the eyes.

I felt self-conscious and played with the hem of my dress, pulling it down a bit before turning back in my seat, as I waited for Luke’s return. “What has you so flushed? Your cheeks are bright red.”

“Nothing. I was just thinking sorry babe, so much going on lately.”

“Tell me about it. I have had 6 new managements this week and we haven’t even hit hump day.”

Luke continued to talk about the week he was having and somewhere between entry condition report and exit report I switched off, finding my attention had wandered back to the scent of Stephen, as his strong hands gripped my hips.

“I don’t know how you have done this job for so long and kept your sanity. Trinity?”

“Shit! Sorry Luke, I am so distracted tonight.”

“Anything you want to talk about?”

“Nothing important, let’s finish these, get a few more bottles to take home and order some take away. I am ready to get out of these clothes and relax.”

“Girl if I didn’t know better, I would swear you were trying to hit on me.” We both laughed and finished the last of our drinks, before getting ready to leave. As I stood to put my coat on, I casually turned to the left and noticed Stephen’s attention peaked on me again. I grabbed my bag and tried my best to look undisturbed, as Luke and I made our way to the exit.

Thankfully it is only a ten minute drive from Gilhooley’s to our three bedroom townhouse. Arriving home, I opened the door and kicked off my heels, the ache in my feet feeling instant relief.”Let me have a shower and get out of these clothes then I will order dinner.”

“Sounds good babe, want me to pour you a drink ready?”

“You know women too well. I swear it is a crime to look that good, be as perfect as you are, and then not be even remotely attracted to women.”

Luke released a hearty laugh as he threw his head back. “Please woman! You know I check that peach of an ass out every chance I get.”

I threw the pillow at Luke as I swayed my hips giving him a cheeky wink over the shoulder. I exited the lounge room, making my way straight to the bathroom for a hot, relaxing shower.

The rest of the night was spent peacefully with our usual drinks on the sofa and enjoying each other’s company, before retiring to bed for an early night.


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The week flew by uneventfully and after a full Saturday of Open Homes Luke and I were exhausted and ready to unwind. I flopped down on our couch and removed my shoes, before I took a long overdue sip of a very large glass of wine. “So let’s go out tonight. It’s been too long since we let loose and I am definitely in the mood to get my dance on.”

“I am mentally exhausted from this week, do we have to?”

“Yes! Would you quit acting like we are a middle aged couple with five cats.”

He knew I was not a fan of cats and that would get a reaction. “First of all, we will never be a middle-aged couple, unless you are referring to Will and Grace in that category, and secondly it is never just getting a dance on with you, it is a full night of debauchery!”

When Luke was fast to quip I wouldn’t have it any other way, I had nothing left to argue with him. I made it very clear though he was feeding me first.

Heading off to our respective bedrooms I stripped off and made my way into my bathroom.

After a long day the hot water was soothing to my muscles and I was thankful for the moment of peace the shower brought.

Finally turning off the water, I blow dried my hair and applied loose waves with some finishing spray.After applying a little more makeup than normal, I finished up and made my way into my walk-in robe.

After several minutes of procrastination I settled on one of Luke’s favourite outfits, or as he likes to say ‘accentuates all the right features’. Grabbing my clutch, I made my way to the lounge room. “Luke, are you nearly ready? Shall I order an uber?”

“Yes, I am just brushing my teeth. Order it now, let’s go to Capulet first.” Capulet is Luke’s favourite cocktail bar, and a good starting point for getting us in the mood. I ordered the uber and watched as it quickly approached, yelling to Luke to hurry up. He came racing down, doing his belt up ready to go. We locked up and headed out to meet our uber and settled in for the short drive to Capulet.

Arriving at the bar we thanked our driver and Luke helped me out of the car before we headed in.

For a Saturday evening the bar was already filled with the usual suits – Business executives finishing their week off with the obligatory Martini or Single Malt in hand, the usual College crowd hoping to snag a sugar daddy and the mysterious crowd at the VIP section – regulars who you don’t dare make eye contact with because sometimes it is just better to play ignorant on some parts of life.

After ordering our drinks we surveyed the room looking for a table we could settle at, while we got some liquid courage into us. Unfortunately, as it was a last-minute decision to come out the only tables available were towards the VIP section, so we bit the bullet and made our way towards an opening. “So just to be clear, I do plan on hooking up tonight.”

Laughing out loud at his usual behaviour, like this was a shock to me. “As if I expected anything less from you, you brazen hussy.”

“Girl, if you got it, get it.” He says taking a long sip of his drink and perusing the room for any fresh talent. “Agh babes, don’t turn around but there is a major hottie eyeing you up to your left.”

Rolling my eyes “Luke please! You always say that, and usually major hottie translate to a middle aged man with a Peter Pan complex.”

“No seriously, if this hunk of a man was looking at me with that lust in his eyes, I would already be naked. Pretend to knock your purse off the table and check out your Nine O’clock, up there in the VIP Section. When I said I wasn’t going to do that, Luke cut me off. “Seriously Girl! Would you just humour me for once?”

“Fine Luke.” I said with a bit of attitude. As I subtly moved my elbow, I nudged my clutch at the same time, knocking it to the floor. As I bent over to reach and pick it up, I lifted my head slightly searching the crowd where Luke said.

Suddenly there he is! I froze as my eyes locked with his. Stephen Gotti!

The man from Gilhooley’s earlier this week.I couldn’t help the sharp intake of breath as my eyes studied the delicious man I had run into previously.

Those bulging muscles covered in ink that instantly made my head spin, remembering the feel of his hands as he gripped my hips or the way he smelt so good.

Realising I had been looking for far longer than I should, I felt my cheeks go red as my eyes drifted back up to his.

When I found his gaze still firmly fixed on mine, I saw a small smile adorn his luscious lips, before a devilish wink sent me bolt upright in my chair. Busted!

Desperately trying to save face, I picked up my drink and downed the rest of it, feeling my face burn up. I couldn’t believe I got so brazenly caught. “Is it suddenly hot in here or is it just me? Do you need another drink? I need another drink! Let me get us some drinks.”

I quickly jumped up from my chair, nearly knocking the table over and weaving my way through the crowd forming, before Luke could say a word.

Once I felt a safe distance away, and out of Stephen’s hypnotic stare I slowed down and took a deep breath, mentally giving myself a pep talk to chill.

After waiting several minutes in line at the bar to be served, I was finally about to place our order when I felt a firm hand placed on the small of my back and the light pressure of someone leaning against me.”Put the ladies drinks on my tab please Dylan.”

Turning to see who decided they had a right to make such a demand, I was instantly met with those beautiful green orbs and the smouldering face of Stephen.

Stephen’s eyes met mine with a gentle smile and even smoother stroke of my back where his hand was still firmly placed.

Mustering what little courage I had, I turned to face Stephen who made no effort to remove his hand from my back. “That’s very nice of you to offer, Stephen wasn’t it? I’m alright with buying my own drinks, although the gesture is appreciated.”

“I am pleased to see you remembered Trinity, believe me a name like yours, and that beautiful face is one I have not forgotten. And the honour is all mine, what were you having?” Stephen stepped closer to me and I was once again overwhelmed with the smell of this beautiful man so close to me. His scent had me hypnotised to the point I nearly forgot what his question was.

“Thank you, I’ll take a JD and coke for my house mate and a margarita for myself please.” Stephen added his drink before thanking the bartender. As he left to attend to our drinks I turned to thank Stephen only to find him leaning in closer about to speak.

“I am pleased to hear that man with you is just your housemate.” Moving closer so our bodies were now pressed against each other, I could feel his warm breath on my neck. I felt faint as the heat radiated through my body, and I gently gripped Stephen’s arm for support. I did say I would see you again soon, I never realised you would look more breathtaking when I did.”

His lips grazed against my ear as I felt a tingle emanate in my core, a hot flush rushed over me. “That’s very sweet of you to say Stephen, I must admit you’re looking quite handsome yourself, although I am sure you already know given you caught me blatantly staring just before.”

Stephen’s eyes lit up and a wicked smile spread across his lips, his eyes inadvertently dropping to mine.

Instinctively I find myself licking my lips, causing his hand still firmly placed on my back to grip tighter against the sheer fabric of my dress.

“If I may be so blunt, and hopefully not intrusive, would your housemate and yourself like to join us? I would like to spend more time talking and getting to know you Trinity.”

“Let me check with Luke, but I think I would like that too Stephen.” The moment I replied I felt Stephen’s arm around my back tighten more possessively, surprisingly I didn’t mind. There was something about this man that had me drawn in and I was certainly not embarrassed to admit I wanted to find out more about him.

The bartender returned with our drinks and after thanking him and Stephen again I picked mine and Luke’s drinks up and started to walk back to our table.

I was aware of Stephen walking closely behind me, more so when his hand remained possessively placed on my back, as if wanting to warn off any unwanted suitors.

As we got closer to the table, I saw Luke deep in conversation with one of our Sale’s Associates from work and he wasn’t aware of my return until we were right on top of them.

I placed Luke’s drink in front of him, drawing his attention away from his conversation. “Babes, you’re back. Oh, who is this hunk of a man you have with you? Hi, I am Luke and very pleased to meet you.”

I laughed at Luke’s blatant come on stepping aside to introduce Stephen.

“Luke this is Stephen, we met earlier in the week at Gilhooley’s when I was waiting for you, and Stephen this is Luke my house mate and also very over the top best friend.”

Luke and Stephen shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. “And Stephen this is Matt, Matt works with both Luke and I in our Sales Department.”

Matt added that Stephen and him were already acquainted as Matt had sold him his property in Bunya Pine last year.

“Nice to see you again Matt. I extended Trinity an invitation to join myself and my associates up at our booth, if you gentlemen would also like to join us?”

“You don’t have to ask me twice, let’s do this.” Luke was quick to reply and stand up. We collected our drinks and started to follow Stephen up to his booth.

When Stephen took my hand in his, directing us, I felt Luke nudge me with his elbow and I turned to see both him and Matt wink at me.

I rolled my eyes at them both, which only earned me a ‘Get it’ mouthed back from Luke.


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