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Faery Alessandra was a child when her village was destroyed, her family killed by lyncanthropes. But for some reason, one of them saved her. Now eighteen, she’s dared to go into the Celestial Forest, and comes face-to-face with a monster. He seems to know her, though…what is this connection between them?

Age Rating: 18+

Note: this story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Faery Alessandra was a child when her village was destroyed, her family killed by lyncanthropes. But for some reason, one of them saved her. Now eighteen, she’s dared to go into the Celestial Forest, and comes face-to-face with a monster. He seems to know her, though…what is this connection between them?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Pandasarekindacool

Flames licked the ebony sky as thick billows of smoke wafted through out the air. Some houses were already scorched to the ground. Some were still burning.

The heat crackled along the walls, catching onto trees and grass; continuing to wreck havoc on the small town. Crops were destroyed, memories were destroyed, lives were destroyed.

Painful screams struck through the air, bellowing in agony. Mutilated corpses littered the ground, some burnt beyond recognition, some torn to shreds.

A women stood cradling her twisted, torn up child; their spine was cracked and splintered, their stomach ripped open.

They took no hostages and left no survivors. That's the way they worked.

Death-defying roars echoed around the ruins, blood curdling cries and crunches as another life was lost. Beasts that stood on two legs, over seven feet tall shook the town on its axis.

Their sheer ferocity and power was enough to leave a full grown faery crawling at their feet. Those who lived long enough to tell the tale spoke of their overwhelming sovereignty and lethal aura.

They say that their presence is enough to make your feet crumble and hands shake. The strength of their ambience is enough to make you nauseous, queasy and downright insane.

This however, was overlooked by their beauty, prestige and tremendous wealth.

Shimmering balls, crystal chandeliers and an army strong enough to take down an entire country was enough to intimidate their neighbours and let their potential for chaos rain down.

Taking what they saw fit. including mates, or as they call them: inamorata.

They are tailored specifically for your chosen half. To fit each other, compliment each other, to love and cherish till death do them part.

They'd normally feel a connection on the first encounter, but on rare occasions it's the name that seals the beginning of the bond. Only… they never seem to be able to last long without them.

Any beast that dies, the counterpart must go with them. Death truly cannot separate the souls of the beast's for they are so closely strung that insanity rains when one is no longer living.

Once the possessive creatures' find their destined they will never let go, killing anyone who dared to step in their way no matter the cost.

A small girl stands in the wake of the destruction, clutching a tattered bear to her chest, tears streaming down her innocent freckled cheeks.

A cut on her right cheekbone streams with crimson blood, dribbling down her neck to soak her night-gown.

She cries not out of fear- but of agony, for her family, friends and town who now suffers in destruction.

She is too young to know of the story of the beasts, but old enough to feel the agonising fear of losing everything you hold dear.

Her eyes are still puffy from sleep, her pointed ears twitch at each roar and scream, each loss of life still heavy in the air like the smoke heaving from her eradicated home.

Where she was born, where she'd had her first steps, said her first word, cast her first charm.

She knows that there is no use of crying out for her parents, her friends, for she could already feel their aura slip away.

Her soot covered hands, rubbed her eyes slowly, covering her forehead and cheeks in dirt. The cut still drizzling blood from the wound.

Her cat-like pupils expanding to observe her darkened surroundings, the only light from the remains of the burning buildings around her.

Small sobs racking through her chest made her body convulse and shake uncontrollably, her tiny knuckles going white as she clutched the teddy bear to her chest.

She dropped down, covering her knees and clothes in gooey mud and dirt. She was crying so much she failed to notice the beast looming in the shadows around ten feet in front of her.

It's blade-like claws dripping in copper blood, sooty fur matted with dirt and claret with the stench of death surrounding it.

It's jaw was clamped shut, eyes glowing a rich golden in the night like two fallen stars.

Elijah stood in the obscure shadow, fighting everyone of his instincts. He wanted to comfort her, tell the small girl it wold be alright. He knew he couldn't, not like this.

Not covered in the blood of her people. He quickly shook his head, slicing his claws into his hands before they reach out for her. That night, his mission was to kill the faeries living here.

Young and old. Anything with a heart beat. They were direct orders.

He'd always been one to follow them, that after all is how he'd climbed the ranks, easily becoming one of the most efficient killing machines in the entire fleet.

It had earned him countless medals, a seat with many important people and an actual say it what was considered a good opportunity for the kingdom. And how? By leaving his emotions and getting it done.

Disconnecting from himself to achieve the best result. So why now did they decide to sneak up on him? To make him feel an ounce of guilt.

Another sob raked through the girl's chest. It broke him out of his trance and made him jump so much he shifted back to his human form completely.

His body going into auto-pilot and taking a step towards the girl. Elijah forced himself to remain stark still, careful not to alarm her. What the fuck his wrong with me?

he inwardly snapped, a tiny growl being released from his chest, vibrating the ground around him.

The girl's ear pricked in his direction, her body instantly going rigid in fear.

Elijah felt a deep slice in his chest, some part of him didn't want this little girl afraid, especially of him.

A hot heat spread throughout his chest as he forced his feet backwards, slinking back into the shadows, into the unknown. His chest wrenched painfully at each step he took, his heart clenching.

What the fuck? Elijah gritted his teeth together, the pain in his chest increasing in every passing second.

His beast was clawing painfully inside him, it's claws piercing through his stomach to create a gash along his skin.

He growled lowly, internally struggling with the beast, the blood slowly dripping down his stomach as the wound begun to heal itself.

A gradual pressure was building in his mind, making him flinch and claws extend. His body was beginning to lose control but he had no idea why.

His beast roared in his chest, the clawing and slashing got worse, now tearing through flesh at every chance it had causing Elijah to stumble. He may heal fast but not this fast.

Elijah growled out loud again, as if to serve a warning to his beast. Each slash was painful, like knifes constantly stabbing him, each wound just about healing before another one was ripped open.

His hands flew to his stomach, trying to stop the slashes from opening even more, only for his hands to be covered in thick crimson blood.

Lycanthrope blood was different to any other creatures', it was thicker and a lot more sticky.

This is because it allows the wound to close and seal easier, therefore resulting it a quicker healing time.

However, at this moment, Elijah wasn't impressed. The sticky substance coated his torso and clung to his remaining clothing in thick globs.

His hands were covered in the ruby red blood, his whole body drenched in sweat. The pressure increased, edging him forward, towards the little girl. The beast continued.

Each rip, claw and slash creating more panic in Elijah's head.

Something was wrong.

The beast roared again. Forcing his head upwards when he heard a small snap.

The small girl was still crying, her salty tears filling the air but there was a new scent. Another beast.

His own beast went still, the pressure remained, if not getting worse, but the clawing stopped. The beast's attention was on the new arrival. He was here to finish the job Elijah had not yet started.

The beast thundered in his head, stabbing pains shooting through his body.

Lycanthropes and their beasts cannot communicate by words, only emotion. The only time it's been recorded that a lycanthrope and their beast communicate is through the discovery of their mate.

So to feel such strong, heavy emotion towards a faery was unheard of… Unless. Elijah shook his head immediately. No. A person like him was undeserving of a gift like that.

His head pounded again as his beast shook with fury.

The pressure got worse.

His eyes snapped back to the new beast, silently prowling in the shadows. He knew their next moves and it made it a heat of white hot anger pummel through his chest.

The beast would do it's job then leave the little girl.

Leave her in an unmarked grave, never to be heard of again. The imagery made his whole body convulse. Something about her intrigued him and she wasn't going to die tonight.

The beast was just about to go in for the kill when Elijah emerged from the shadows, his aura made the beast hobble slightly on its feet, half emerged from the shadows.

He growled, his chest vibrating.

“Leave. Now.” His deep voice was thick with command, no room for argument.

The other lycanthrope shifted back, revealing his somewhat acquaintance, Mason. They'd been in the same regiment a few years back, but Elijah had proven himself a better asset to the high ranks.

“You heard what he said, Elijah. No one makes it out of this village alive.” Mason stated, his eyes darting towards the little girl who was now as white as chalk and shivering in fear. He could feel it rolling off of her in waves. Her wide cerulean eyes stared straight at Elijah.

Alessandra shook with fear, it gripped her stomach and made her feel nauseous, the two men in front of her were staring at her and talking, she didn't speak their language. No one in her village had.

The only language she had known was that of her ancestors: Torobic. Anything else sounded like gibberish. Especially whatever they were speaking.

The man with bright golden eyes suddenly stiffened, his whole body shaking, his ambience made her cower, forcing her to bow her head in submission.

Quicker than her eyes could follow he was towering over her small frame, facing the other man who's eyes had suddenly turned murderous.

Something about the man with the golden eyes made her feel safe, she didn't know why but a sense of calm and peace slightly eased her shaking form.

It wrapped around her like a blanket and she felt strangely… protected.

It almost felt like her parents embrace, the feeling of safety when she was scared during the horrendous thunderstorms in the summer during the loud bangs and crashes.

Tears prickled at her eyes as she was reminded that their aura was no longer there, but it confused her that she still felt that odd sense of serenity.

Her body felt as if she were possessed when she edged closer to him, his long-tree like legs edging back themselves.

The feeling intensified as more gibberish-like words were exchanged, she assumed they were arguing from the harsh growls, but somehow, she didn't feel as afraid.

She was no longer shaking out of fear, but was now clouded with confusion. What were they talking about? she pondered. She may be only seven but she wasn't stupid.

Soon the man standing in front of golden eyes snapped their jaw, growling loudly. Golden eyes said nothing, only glaring at him. Then he turned and walked away, tense in anger.

Elijah turned to the little girl, crouching down to her height. He'd just told Mason that if he were to even think about hurting her that he'd snap his neck, to which Mason got a tad bit angry.

“What is your name?” Elijah asked in Torobic, knowing they wouldn't have taught Latin in this village.

Alessandra's eyes widened, he could speak two languages? She could only now see is face. The dried blood coating is chest and stomach.

He had a scar that ran from the top of his shoulder down his chest and a tribal looking tattoo on one side of his neck. His eyes were a bright golden that illuminated his face in the darkness.

His teeth looked perfectly straight and his jaw was as sharp as a knife.

“Al-Alessandra.” She stuttered nervously.

Elijah stiffened, his beast went still. No. How. She couldn't be.

Then came that word. The word that seals their fate.



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Friday 5th June

Alessandra woke with a start. Those golden eyes were haunting her again. Swirling through the thoughts and dreams like smoke- interrupting thoughts and halting ideas.

Smashing through the normality of her otherwise dauntingly boring life.

The banging on the scuffed white door startled her, making her jump slightly. She could feel her ears twitching, bristling her messy bed hair. Rubbing the faint scar on her cheek (mainly out of old habit) she replied, “I'm up! I'm up! No need to break the door down Mrs. T.”

Mrs. Templelock (or Mrs. T as the inhabitants of the compound liked to call her) was the owner of this vast section of land located to the east of the Creekwood-Celestial Pack.

She was a seventy-two year old werewolf who was plump and smelt like warm fresh cookies.

She was never seen without an apron on and had thinning grey hair which was permanently fixed into a bun with a red and white chequered scrunchie.

The main house it's self was located on top of a hill, a long winding driveway slipping down through the overgrown bristles and viney-branches.

Trees guarded it and littered golden-brown leaves every autumn. But right now- in the pinnacle of summer, it's airy façade was light and cheerful as sun filtered through the leaves and branches.

However, the house was anything but cheerful, light or airy. Many kids were left without homes- some were abandoned, some had lost their families in combat, some were refugees from neighbouring packs.

All in all though, everyone had their version of events as sorrowful or daunting as they may be. Despite this though, they all had one thing in common- they were all werewolfs.

Well… Apart from Alessandra that is. She also has no idea why she'd ended up in this goddess forsaken place.

Her best guess was that her family has been completely obliterated in the Attack of Nightencewood. But she felt nothing. No sorrow. No survivors-guilt. Nothing. Nada. Zquelch.

The main house itself was massive. A total of thirty rooms, twenty bathrooms. Only one kitchen though which was a shame.

With nearly fifty kids on the go, the kitchen would always have someone in it- night and day so there was no such thing as midnight snacking.

But it also meant that Mrs. T always had forty-nine kids to wake up and deal with before Alessandra, making her extremely aggravated in the mornings.

“WHAT?” Mrs. T shouted through the door. Oh yeah. And she was partially deaf.

“I SAID! IM UP!” Alessandra shouted again, throwing off the thin duvet and wriggling out of the creaking bed.

“WHAT?” Mrs. T screamed.

Alessandra sighed, ripping the door open, “I said. Mrs. T. That I am up.” Alessandra spoke through gritted teeth. Not exactly fond of the cold nipping her exposed skin of her shoulders and legs. And…. She wasn't exactly the typical definition of the well known “morning person'. Whatever the hell those were.

“WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST SAY SO? YOU COULD'VE COME DOWN AND HELPED WITH BREAKFAST.” Mrs.T was still shouting, not because she was particularly angry- just you know she can't hear.

“I only woke up a few minutes ago Mrs.T.” Alessandra sighed, rubbing her hands over the goosebumps on her arms, trying to warm the flesh.


“I'll keep that in mind for tomorrow Mrs.T” Alessandra nodded, glancing over at the alarm clock. 6.52am, it read it illuminous blue flashing numbers. Shit!! If she wanted to get in the bathroom and shower she needed to be quick.


She snorted to herself before reaching for her already set out clothes hanging on a hook by the door and her washing products, allocated in a small wicker basket she'd made in crafts when she was eleven, before sprinting down the halls to the nearest bathroom.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she realized there was no one in the halls on the west side yet.

Having been the last to have been woken up, many of them would be the last the roll out of their pits.

She quickly locked herself in the bathroom and showered, took a pee, brushed her teeth in a record 7 minutes and forty-two seconds. In this house you had to be quick or suffer the wrath of another “inmate' as they called themselves. In this house you were practically a prisoner. Curfew varies from 7.30pm-9.30pm depending on how old you were and lights out completely was at 10pm. This was when all the lights were physically shut off at the mains, they then came back on at 5am the next day. It meant all the youngsters who suffered with night terrors were left to suffer until they learnt to deal with them, even if they were scared shitless.

She could barely recollect when she was younger all the girls wanting to be roomies because she knew the lumos charm. The charm of light.

But as she grew, and her knowledge of charms deteriorated, she was abandoned once again. Just freaky-eyes Alessandra with the twitchy ears and no knowledge of were she once came from.

It's one of the reasons why she doesn't roomie with anyone now. No one wanted to say it- hell no one ever did say it- at least not to her face, but she'd always be the outsider.

Despite this, it's the only place she'd ever known and still found solace in calling it her home.

The door rocked on it's hinges. A large, heavy fist banging the bathroom door. She already knew who it was. Lander. He was the biggest fucker here. Six foot four of pure muscle.

He'd come from the Neckland Pack, further up north where everyone was apparently built like a house. He'd only been here a month and was a temp which meant his family was coming back for him.

He just needed to be away because the battle going on. It was considered too dangerous for anyone under twenty-one.

He had auburn wavy hair and honey brown eyes with a set of strong, straight eyebrows and a sharp-jawline. Instantly half the girls here were smitten. She tried to be but… the pain came.

It shut down any physical attraction she had to him whether she wanted it or not. It was a serious pain in the ass.

“Open up. I need a whiz.” His deep voice sounded through the door.

“Yeah. Yeah. Hold on.” She stumbled, gripping the jeans and yanking it higher up her leg. The battle was getting progressively more difficult due to the fact that water droplets were dripping onto her thighs from her soaking wet hair as she flounced around the bathroom desperately yanking the fabric.

“I swear to the goddess, i'm actually about to piss myself. Open the door.”

“ Go piss in a bush outside then!” Alessandra called, trying to get the denim over her sodden underwear and ass. When you have to quick shower there is no time to dry. Especially not in the compound.

“Who the fuck do you think I am? Just open the door!”

Alessandra gave up, grabbing her toiletries and shirt, throwing open the door and stepping out.

Instantly, Lander recoiled covering his eyes. Not that she minded. She gave no shits about what men saw when they looked at her. “Whoa! Cover yourself woman!” He cried. His cheeks going red and the tips of ears tinging rose.

“Awwe. Has poor virgin Lander never seen a woman half-naked before?” Alessandra pouted jokingly, shrugging her shirt on.

“Oh fuck off. I've fucked more girls than you've had hot dinners. ” He muttered, slamming the door shut.

She snickered. Being stuck in a house with so many morons could be so much fun sometimes. Only sometimes though. It was completely shit the other seventy-five percent of the time.

Sure there were the regulars but most people just came and went, that's just how it worked.

A flurry of bright red hair stomped round the corner, hissing in fury when they collided, “Watch it whore- oh shit! Hey! Ally!” Her look of fury turned into a wide grin.

“How's it going Jess? Still on the hunt for Beth's neck I see.” Alessandra grinned, her eyes glinting dangerously.

Beth was… Well… Quite the character. She was the resident psycho or as the inmates liked to call her the P.B.B. The Prissy Bossy Bitch.

Alessandra may have had a few run-ins over the years which resulted in Bethany wearing a neck brace and a months worth of grounding and bathroom duty.

But that only meant that Beth no longer spewed shit. Not about her anyways.

Jess was the all out bad bitch.

With crimson bright ruby red hair, a naval piercing, many many many tattoos littering her torso and arms, bright green emerald eyes and a natural affinity for the art of shaping, plucking and drawing eyebrows.

She mainly wore deep black leather jacket and a variety of burgundy clothes paired with a set of combat boots.

And even though it hadn't been confirmed, Alessandra was pretty sure she carried a knife and had a samurai sword in a her room.

She wasn't exactly sure… buuutttt she just seemed like that type of person.

“You fucking bet. That bitch has been barking up the wrong trees again. Trying to get evidence against me,” she laughed maliciously, “I swear she thinks i'm dumb. I've covered all my tracks. Every. Single. One. And if she starts scaring away my clients. Well. She'll live to fucking regret it.” Oh yeah, let's not forget the fact she's a hardcore drug dealer.

“She's going to bust you again isn't she.” Alessandra stated.

Jess rolled her eyes, “Let's rephrase that. She's trying to bust me again. I'm not as stupid as i was two years ago. And she's about to get her ass beat if she tries any dumb shit.”

Jess glanced at the bathroom door, nodding to it, “Is it occupied?”

“Yeah, Lander just got in there. Might wanna try the one downstairs near the backdoor.”

Jess winked, “Good thinking dude, i'll catch you at breakfast, yeah? I smell pancakes! Today's gonna be a good one, I can feel it!”

“Will do! See you later!” Alessandra smiled as Jess jogged away, walking back to her room.

Jess and Beth were regulars. They'd all been thrown in here around the same time. Jess and Beth were both eighteen and Alessandra was only a few months away from the big ol' eighteen herself.

She thought back to the days when they were younger. When Beth used to have her head out of her own ass and when Jess used to be more carefree and childlike.

They'd all been kind of close but when their second tier of school started they all kind of separated, went their separate ways into different groups.

Jess begun to deal drugs to get more money and get herself out before she turned twenty-one and Beth decided to wear her ass as a hat and well… Alessandra didn't really want to change.

So she remained the same, just with a fouler mouth.

Once she reached her room she dumped her toiletries and ran down to breakfast. She wanted the best batch of pancakes and the only way to get them was to be relatively quick in barging into the line.

When she saw the mass amounts of twelve year olds, she knew she was in luck.

“Out my way. Coming through. Move before you get shoved. Thank you.” She sang, squeezing through the bristling pre-teens as she was near complete with her daily morning routine. All that was needed now was a big mouthed thirteen year old she could put in their place and she'd be laughing.

“Ally! Over here I got you a batch!” Jess called from across the room.

Alessandra bristled, she'd just shoved past what felt like three thousand children. She shrugged before smiling at Jess, “It better be a fucking good one.”


“Sorry Mrs.T,” she winced.

Mrs.T scowled and went back to serving the mass amounts of pancakes whilst she plopped herself down in a chair opposite Jess.

“So what've you got today, soldier?” She laughed, tying her ruby red hair into a bun. Now her hair was back you could see the crescent moon tattooed on the side of her neck and the hollow tiny heart on the top of her left cheekbone. She was practically gorgeous and most of the boys here wished she would pay them an ounce of attention but all her focus was set on getting out of the compound.

“Ummm… I'm not actually sure, probably like literacy, maths, possibly Triple science? Honestly don't know and don't care.” She laughed.

“That's not the attitude to have Ally! Think about it! You get accepted into college in the Lakemoon-Celestial pack and you're outta here! You could apply for student accommodation and live a free life. Well free of this place anyway.”

Alessandra smiled sadly, she had no idea what she'd do after school. No idea where to go. She'd only ever know was the Creekwood-Celestial pack.

“I mean I guess I could but who knows right? I don't even know what i'm doing in forty-five minutes! I can't determine what i'm gonna do for the rest of my life that's just difficult and takes up too much brain power this early in the morning.”

“Well you've got six months until application day, hun. You better start thinking.”

Alessandra laid her head on the table, pushing her plate out of the way, “I mean what about Inter-Pack Law? Or is that like really difficult? Umm Veterinary-Shift dynamics? Like how you guys shift and like doctor shit?”

Jess tapped her chin, her eyes suddenly lighting up, “Oh! I know! What about like that Coniunx-scindo shit? Where you like help mates split and stuff? There's a fuck tonne of money in that! Especially if it's done illegally!”

“Yeah but like- i don't want the council up my ass. That's like the worst crime you could commit!”

“I mean yeah. But like… the money.” Jess stated. pushing a half-eaten pancake around her plate.

“I'd be wanted by the royal-guards if i did that and you know how that ends up.” Alessandra rolled her eyes.

“Yeah… but how much money do you think you'd rake in.”

“Jess i'm not doing it.”

Jess groaned, “Oh come on! It'll be fun! We could be wanted by the R-G together!”

“No! I want to do something legal! I don't want to be fucking snuffed out by douche-bags on their high-horses.”

“Fine,” Jess huffed, “If you insist.”

An alarm bell rang, signalling the time to go.

“Right, well I need to get my bag, I'll see you on the bus.” Jess sighed, heaving herself out of the seat.

Alessandra nodded, heading out of the house. When she heard a ding from her phone she fished it out of her pocket.

Party tonight. Be ready.


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