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Ashley Price is your typical teenage girl…except for a few minor details…like that she happens to be a witch. Oh, and the mate of a terrifying Alpha. Ashley has a lot to learn, but first she has one big question: What the hell is a Luna?

Age Rating: 16+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


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Ashley Price is your typical teenage girl…except for a few minor details…like that she happens to be a witch. Oh, and the mate of a terrifying Alpha. Ashley has a lot to learn, but first she has one big question: What the hell is a Luna?

Age Rating: 16+

Original Author: Samantha


I’m going to just cut to the chase. Something I don’t normally do. My name is Ashley price, I’m a witch and I’m 16.

My parents are divorced and my mom met this rich guy and decided to marry him, it hasn’t happened yet thank God. And if you couldn’t tell, I don’t like him.

Just sayin.

And this isn’t me being a typical teenager. I don’t like him.

Simple as that.

Especially since we are moving.

I’m the quiet girl who is easy to get along with and will go along with whatever you want to do. I don’t care what people think of me.

But one of the main things I told both my parents was that I did not want to change schools once I was in highschool, I just wanted to finish my two years left of school so I didn’t have to worry about

A lot of things a new school would bring, plus I was in marching band and had learned the entire show and memorized the music.

My parents were fine with this, they said “Of course honey I wouldn’t have it any other way, your studies are important we wouldn’t want to take you away from your friends or band seeing as you love it so much.” Yeah right.

You say that but the next thing I know I’m in a mustang driving down the road listening to my mom and John. I am hoping my mom realises that this was a mistake – that he was a mistake and that we had to go back after she dumped him.

“How you doin back there, ash?” John asked, glancing at me in the mirror while he drove down the road.

“Why would you care?” I muttered looking out my window.

“Ashley, you know this is for the best.” My mother said.

“For you or for me?” I asked. “All I wanted was 2 years, not even that – 1 and a half years left of school and then I could move out and go to college. You agreed to this, we made a family promise.”

I said, trying not to cry. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t get mad and yelled I got mad and would end up crying. This also happened when I thought I was going to get in trouble. It wasn’t my fault I just was scared to disappoint someone.

“I know. But John is going to become part of our family.” My mom rested her hand on my knee.

“He will become a part of your own little family. Not mine.”


“If me and your father split up who would you want to go with?”

My mom asked one day at the dinner table and we happened to be talking about how stupid divorce was and that the only reason that should be the case was if they were being abused or if someone cheated on the other.

“Depends on who was in the wrong,” I said matter of factly. “Though if you remarried. Either one of you. I would never call them mom or dad,” I clarified.

“We wouldn’t expect that of you. Besides it’s not something you would have to worry about,” My dad said smiling kindly at me.

“That’s right. And we would never move you away from your home. And if you didn’t like them then they would never have a chance in this family anyways,” My mom said smiling at me.

“But like you said.” I smiled at both of them. “I got nothing to worry about.”


They didn’t cheat on each other by the way. And my dad wasn’t abusive, nor was my mom. They got into a giant disagreement. After that they just separated.

They completely forgot I was there until it came time to who I would be staying with.

They lied.

That’s the main part.


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I swear if he calls me Ash one more time I am going to kill someone. We still had a little farther to go and all I wanted right now was to be in my own car that was with my dad and be with him.

But of course that would mean being in an entirely different country.

And I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to go to another school. Try another country….ha. No thank you.

I had music blasting in my ears and tried to ignore the “new love” talk up front.

“No, I love you”

“I love you more.”

“Not possible,” my mom coed. I sighed and banged my head on the glass. I kind of wish I had my spell book with me, I think I saw something in there about how to block out sound.

But I guess that’s something else I need to explain. For one. My dad is a witch while my mom is human. I am a witch like my dad. The Supernatural world hasn’t had that big of an impact in my life.

The only other supernatural I saw was my aunt Jen who was also a witch. Besides that I can’t say I have ever seen anyone else like me.

“Come on ash, let’s play a game,” John said, only remembering I was in the backseat when he looked in his rearview mirror and I rolled my eyes.

“If only murder was legal,” I muttered.

“What was that?” My mom asked warningly.

“I said “if. Only. Muuuuurder. Was. Leeeeegal,” I said slowly and looked at her. John started chuckling and shaking his head.

“It’s alright honey,” He said, patting her thigh. Gag.

“Are we almost there?” I asked and took my headphones out.

“Almost,” My mom said and I leaned back in my seat.

“Why couldn’t I drive myself here?” I asked as John set his hand on my mom’s lap.

“Because your car is with your father. And you will survive.” She told me. I Didn’t say anything about my car. I just wanted to be in a different vehicle from them. They’re basically eye fucking. Could y’all wait till I’m not in front of you?

“But we do have a surprise for you when we get home,” John said and I scoffed.

“Home is in the other direction,” I stated.

“Ashley,” My mom said outraged.

“Oh, it’s ok honey. She just needs time to adjust.”

I just need time to knock your teeth in and find a way to get my parents back together. So far that included stabbing the wench that was with my dad and strangling this tool.

I thought looking at John. Adjust my ass

“You’ll love the gift,” Mom said and I sighed leaning back and letting my eyes close with my headphones on my ears.


“We’re here!” My mom’s cheery voice said and I opened my eyes quickly. I fumbled with my seat belt before getting out of the car and breathing in the fresh air I needed.

I separated myself from the lovey dovey couple over there and started to walk into the back yard. There was an open area of just grass for about 3 acres before leading into the woods. There was no one on either side of the house.

Well at least there weren’t any other houses that I could see. “Don’t go too far sweetheart!” My mom called out to me.

She forgot all about me when John went over and kissed her and whispered in her ear. I gagged and walked away closer to the woods.

If you haven’t noticed already, I don’t like touching. Not only other people touching, but people touching me. There are only some people who I will give a hug to.

And very very, little people who I give a kiss to, whether it be on the cheek or on the lips. I hate how clingy couples get and how they can’t keep their hands off one another.

I was roaming the woods and letting my hands glide over the tree bark. I was lost in my own thoughts humming to myself and just acting silly.

I would twirl around and spread my arms out and spin in circles. I ran over logs and let the wind whip through my hair.

I ran as fast as I could and stopped when I couldn’t hear my mother’s giggles anymore. I leaned against a random tree and let out a sigh of relief.

I lowered myself down to the ground and rested my head against the tree. I closed my eyes and got lost in my own thoughts.

I heard a twig snap and my eyes snapped open. I heard footsteps coming my way and I stood up slowly so I wouldn’t make any notice. The footsteps came closer and whatever it was it wasn’t human.

I took off running at full speed and pushed my legs in the direction of the house. I came to a halt when suddenly a large black and brown wolf stood 5 feet in front of me and came up to my chin.

I was 5′9 so I was kind of freaking out.

The dark eyes of the wolf watched me carefully and knelt forward in a stance that would be ready for anything.

I looked it straight in the eyes and held out my hands thinking of some spells that could help me get out of this. I didn’t want to hurt it but if it came down to it I would defend myself.

The wolf tilted its head at me and sat down making the ground shake and trees sway. It’s tail was going crazy as it waved back and forth and bounded the ground.

“Hey…. big fella.” I said

I was confused about what was happening.

Not only a second ago it was looking at me like it was going to tackle me and the next it was sitting down acting like I was a close friend and wanted it’s ear scratched.

Hearing my voice it stood up and walked forward a couple steps making it even closer to me and sat down. I backed up a little and it started to whine.

I stopped in my retreat and tilted my head at the wolf.

“Ashley!” My mom’s voice called out.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Where are you?”

“In the woods.”

“Be careful!”

“Mhm.” I hummed, not letting my eyes leave the wolf. I was tempted to say something about it to my mom but I’m sure she would freak out even more than me or be completely calm while telling me I can’t keep it.

I stuck my hand out slowly which didn’t seem to work for the wolf cause before I could react it was only a couple inches away from me and rubbing its head on my neck and under my chin.

I froze up and then felt sparks shoot through my body. I almost sighed in content but stopped myself and pulled slightly away from the wolf. It whined again but I patted its head to keep it quiet.

“If you’re here, then there’s most likely going to be a pack.” I said out loud to the wolf. I’m pretty sure I was going crazy. But that wasn’t anything new.

I had passed normal a long time ago. I’m sure normal wasn’t even an option for me. “I have to go.” I said and started to walk away not taking my eyes off the wolf.

The wolf whined and followed after me with its tail between its legs.

“You can’t come with me.” I said slightly panicked. “People will freak out. My mother will freak out. You need to go back from wherever it was you came from.” I said like it would understand me. I hoped it understood me.

That’s it. I’ve officially gone crazy.

I’m talking to a wolf.

The wolf whimpered softly but backed up from me and took off running in the direction it came from.


I was running through the woods when I smelled the most amazing smell that has ever existed. My human self took over my body and my legs started in the direction of the smell.

It was a mixture of peaches and rain.

When I got closer I stopped running and walked slowly up to the girl who was sitting next to a tree.

Is it a rogue?

I asked myself and I took back over my body and crouched into a position that would be both useful if I had to run or fight. I stepped closer and as cliche as it sounded.

Yes, I stepped on a stick.

The girl’s eyes flew open and she was up quickly. She didn’t wait very long before taking off running.

Ok so not a rogue.

I was curious now and took after her. It took me a little before I was able to catch up. She was pretty fast.

I got another whiff of her scent and that was all my wolf needed to kick it into high gear and run in front of her. I didn’t know how she would reacted so I crouched down and looked her over

She was perfect.

She had dark brown hair that just came to her shoulders and shaped her face perfectly. Her blue eyes….

Mate. I chanted.

My mate raised her hands in the air defensively and I realized then what was happening. I had found my mate… and I was probably scaring the crap out of her.

I sat down and tilted my head at her trying to look innocent and non threatening. It was a weird feeling.

I am the alpha of the light moon pack after all.

I’m sure my beta right now would be laughing his ass off at what I was doing right now.

I hadn’t realized my tail was wagging until I saw my mate looking at my tail.

“Hey…big fella.” She said her hands were not lowering. Her voice was beautiful. It made my ears perk up to try and hear more of such an amazing sound.

I stood up and walked closer to her and sat down. She started to back up and I whimpered. She stopped walking backwards and tilted her head at me.

“Ashley!” A woman’s voice called out.

“Yeah?” The girl in front of me asked.

Ashley. I liked it. It was a good name. A very very good name.

Oh would you knock it off. She’s just a human, she probably won’t accept us anyways.. That was my human self talking

Then we make her want us. I told him. You have to admit that she is beautiful.

I guess she is ok.

See, I thought smugly.

So what if she is attractive. And smells nice. She is human.

We have been waiting for a mate forever.

We have to think about that pack.

She would make a great luna.

She won’t accept us.

She will.

My mate stuck her hand out to touch us and I moved forward excitedly. I rubbed my head against her neck and under her chin. I felt sparks fly up my body and sighed in content

Ok…maybe this could work, my human self said with a sigh of content himself

I know it will, I thought.


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