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Siren Lane & the King of Alphas

Siren Lane is a headstrong, independent Winter Solstice N9ne warrior. But when she is summoned by the Alpha King, she has no choice but to obey his command and submit to control…or else face certain death.

Age Rating: 18+


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“You’ve been standing in the same place for the past five hours, Si.”

Siren sent an annoyed glare in Jack’s direction. He stood just inside her room door, with his arms crossed, leaning against the doorjamb.

The shirt he wore was twisted slightly around his muscled abdomen and his normally neatly kept hair was wild.

After a quick whiff, Siren turned and pushed the window open wider to clear the air of the sexual stink that clung to him.

“I’m guessing you and Bright are getting along just fine, Jack.” She returned, her voice dry from annoyance. The N9ne were specifically forbidden from participating in coitus with each other. It created bands of friction that could and would, most likely, cause a major fall out between the team.

“Just a little fun,” he explained with a quick wink. “Here and there.” A laugh escaped him and he leaned over to push his palms against his knees with a quick slap, “and everywhere else too.”

Siren turned back to fully address him, her anger seeping to the surface. “Some of us would like to make sure that this team sticks together. We have an assignment, Jack. You know what happens if we fail.”

Jack slid his index finger across his throat in a cutting motion, a sick smile gracing his full lips. Siren stared at Beta #6 with an intimate understanding of Bright’s current predicament.

Yes, Jack was gorgeous. With his dirty blonde hair, bright blue eyes and killer smile: he was every girls’ wet dream; until he opened that mouth of his.

“Are you really giving me shit, Alpha King slut?”

Siren was on him before he could react, punching Jack’s perfect jaw with only half the power she held. He slammed to the ground, knocking his head against the wall in the hallway.

A look of defiance made his lips curl back, but when he caught the murderous look in Siren’s eye – he quickly thought better of his next words.

Instead, he stood and dusted off his light blue shirt and dark wash jeans before turning to head down the hall.

“Sorry, Si.”

A new voice was in the hallway, belonging to Beta #4, Viviana Pike. She stood just a few feet from Siren, in punching range, working her bottom lip with her sharp canines.

Viviana was the Beta surprise, with a bright shock of purple hair and pale skin – she wasn’t the typical wolf beauty.

Though her doe eyes were a staggeringly beautiful green, her nose was slightly crooked from being broken too many times and her lips too thin.

But her face was heart-shaped and free from blemish along with a killer body that Viviana constantly fought to keep.

“You told me you wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“I know and I didn’t tell a soul.” Siren growled at Viv, sending her a feral look with bright red eyes attached. “Then, please explain, how does he know?”

Viv chewed her lip again, sending Si a look of apprehension. She rolled her shoulders and stopped, looking back and forth to check if there were any bodies in the hallway.

Her step towards Siren was quiet from practice, but still graceful. Siren let her struggle with her words, taking pleasure that the other betas feared her.

“Apparently,” Viv stopped.

“Apparently,” Siren mocked. “Apparently, what, Viv?”

“The Alpha King is looking for you.”

Siren froze, caught between excitement and brutal fear. The Alpha King was looking for her? She stared down at Viv, who was still putting serious work to her thin lips.

Disgusted when a drop of blood rained down her chin, Siren turned from Viv and her ridiculous nervous habit.

With narrowed red eyes, Siren turned back towards Viv and appraised her before asking, “looking specifically for me?”

Viv shook her head, “no. He doesn’t know that it’s you, Si.”

“Then how does shit-for-brains know, Viv?” Si was speaking through clenched teeth. Her eyes flashed dangerously at her teammate and friend.

“Process of elimination?” Viv answered. “You’re the only one not actively sleeping with another teammate or mated. They figured you must be the one that Alpha King can’t stop thinking about. You’re the strongest of us, Si. You’re the only one who it makes sense to be.”

“You’re basically telling me that everyone believes I slept with the Alpha King because, as far as they know, I’m not screwing anyone else?” Siren deadpanned. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Well, you must be screwing someone then, Si.” Jacob Mabelson, Beta #2, hovered at the entrance of the hall behind Viv. His broad shoulders filled up the space, temporarily blocking the light spilling in from the next room. “You need some way to get the frustration out. I can practically feelyou chomping at the bit.”

“And who do you think I should screw, Jacob?” Siren raised an eyebrow at Jacob, mocking his careful tiptoe into business that he knew wasn’t his.

“I’m always going to say me, Si.” He motioned to himself. “All this chocolate over here is just waiting for a chance to mate with your chocolate.”

Viv joined them in their husky laugh. Everyone knew that there would never and could never be anything between Siren and Jacob, he was happily mated.

So happily, it nearly made everyone sick with loathing or wet with jealousy. For Siren, it was always the former.

“Guys,” Viv, Si and Jacob turned to face Beta #1, Frederick Kishner, who called to them. Siren noted the tired bags he wore under his hazel eyes with worry. The man never took good care of himself in her opinion. “We’ve got a problem.”

Jacob’s stepped forward, pushing Viv and Siren to one side of the hallway as he faced Frederick. He placed his hand on Frederick’s shoulder and shook him slightly, a frown crossing his handsome face. “Whatever the problem is, you know we stick together.”

Frederick chuckled, a blush burning his cheeks a deep red. “Not that type of problem.” He muttered, refusing to discuss his run in with an STD a few weeks ago. Siren had told him more than once to leave the loose humans alone – but he hadn’t listened and ended up paying the price.

“Then what is it?” Viv spoke before Siren could, confusion in her pretty eyes.

“We’ve been called back.” Siren scoffed, “enough with the cloak and dagger routine. What is the problem, Freddy-boy?”

“The Alpha King – he has ordered us to return to Raphael Manor by tomorrow night.”


Read the full uncensored books on the Galatea iOS app!


“Shit…” Siren breathed out as she packed her things. Viviana had long disappeared after she was basically given the silent treatment. “What the hell am I going to do?”

Her voice fell flat in her bedroom – there was no one there to answer her back. And now, she would be forced to resign from the only place she ever felt like she belonged because of a domineering jerk of an Alpha. “We’re only going to be gone a few days, Si. Why is your entire room packed up?”

She angled her body against the footboard of her bed and sank to the ground, refusing to answer Jacob. His heavy steps were opposite of her slowly accelerating heartbeat.

Her right hand began to shake and she forced it underneath her butt to hide it.

“What’s going on, Si?”

“I have to quit, Jacob.” He sighed heavily, rubbing his hand across his handsome face. “Why?” The question was flat and no nonsense.

When Siren didn’t answer readily he sent her a searching look. It seared her from head-to-toe and forced her, for the first time ever, to look away from him.

The blue glow in his eyes highlighted the likelihood that his wolf was in control and that any wrong step could create friction that Siren didn’t want.

“So it is you.” Jacob mused quietly. “I never thought, for a moment, that the rumors could be true.”

“Yeah, right.” Her scoff bounced off the wall and echoed in the stillness. “It wouldn’t have mattered either way, everyone had already decided that it must be me because I’m not mated or breaking the rules.”

He nodded his head, and with a deep sigh he relaxed against the hardwood the footboard, pushing the entire bed back an inch. They laughed together at the squeak, briefly. “You know you can’t quit right now, Si.”

“I can quit whenever I want to, Jake.” Her taunting voice stirred a smile on his face, but she ignored it and stood to finish packing.

Actually,” Jake spoke, pulling Siren’s attention again. “You can’t.”

“Since when, Jake? Since when?”

“Winter Solstice Charter Code 142.341.121, section B,” Siren froze. “If in the event that the Alpha King recalls service to the Winter Solstice N9ne and has commanded their presence, under pain of death, the N9ne must appear in totality and surrender themselves to the Alpha King’s command without fail and without prejudice.”

A plea came from her, mixed heavily with a tortured groan. “Stop.”

Jake continued, “in addition, should a N9ne member attempt to flee the command and abscond, the remaining members of the N9ne have all right to prevent the member from leaving up to and including shackling them to the transportation vehicles and/or placing them under house arrest.”

As the last nail was pounded into the coffin preventing Si from leaving, she let out a second tortured groan. Her knees gave out and she dropped unceremoniously to the floor. Fear pulsed through her. A feeling she wasn’t familiar with since joining the N9ne almost 25 years ago. “Why are you making me do this?” She begged Jake to answer with her words and eyes.

The sharp look on his face made her gulp with fear, but turn away in anger. He was judging her. Judging her actions. As if he’d never made a mistake before by sleeping with an assignment.

Siren could list five off the top of her head without even trying.

“Normally, I’d help you, Si.” Jake finally spoke, easing off the official tone he used on her earlier. “But this is the Alpha King and if what I knowhappened, happened – then he’s not going to stop trying to get you back.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I do know that.” Jake reasoned, “I have a mate, remember?”

“Not everybody wants a mate, Jake. Not everyone was to be beholden to someone else’s whims. That’s never been what I wanted, especially now.”

“So he is your mate?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Answer the question. Is he?” Her long dead stare was enough for him to form an answer. Jacob genuinely felt sorry for her. This team meant everything to Si and she had worked hard to become the best of them.

He sighed. The weight of the world always seemed to be on Jake’s shoulders. “Look, if you try to escape I will not hesitate to lock you in this room and tell the others why.”

Anger straightened her back, “no you won’t. That isn’t your business to share.”

“It is when you put the group at risk, Si.” Jake stalked around the bed and closed the space between us. She craned her neck to look up at him. His eyes flashed between hazel and blue as he fought his wolf for dominance and control. “What do you think will happen to me… to Vivif we all show up, but you don’t. He’ll stop at nothing to find you, Si. If you were my mate and you ran – I’d do the same.”

“So… what then?” She dumped a stack of her clothes out on the bed. “I’m screwed.”

Jake laughed, “I’m sure that’s the first thing he’ll want to do with you.”

“Ugh…” Siren shuddered, trying to hide the shiver that slid up my back with the thought of visiting the Alpha King’s bed, but she couldn’t afford to do that. Not again. Never again.

“Look, Si,” Jake pushed my stack of clothes to the side and sat down on the bed. “It’s not a bad thing to have a mate. It’s actually pretty great.”

“That’s what you think! But you have the opportunity to keep doing what you want to do.”

“And you don’t think you will?”

“You honestly think the Alpha King is going to let his Luna,” Si spat with disgust, “travel around the world to protect other packs?”

Jake frowned, scratching his head. “No. I guess not. I’m sorry, Siren. But this is how it has to be.”

When his feet passed the door threshold, he turned to shut the door. She listened as the sound of the lock sliding into place bounced around her brain.

Then, his steps abruptly ended as he stood to the right of the door – on guard. The sound of her muffled sobs were the only noise she heard for the rest of the night.


Read the full uncensored books on the Galatea iOS app!


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