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Damaris’ entire life has been filled with pain and suffering. Desperation leads her to disguise herself as a man so that she can run errands for a notorious gang. But when she is captured by their rivals, the King brothers, they all claim that she is “their mate.” Damaris, terrified and confused, tries to escape their grasp. But now they’ve got her scent and nothing will keep them from finding her.

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Abuse, Child Abuse, Rape, Sexual Abuse, Torture, Violence, Gore, Suicide)


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“Stop, you son of a bitch!”

Rain pelts against my face as my ears fill with the sound of my black boots pounding against the wet asphalt that's reflecting the neon lights of surrounding businesses.

The black jeans and black hoodie that I'm wearing are being soaked through and weighed down from the rain.

I weave my 5′4 body through a crowd of men and scantily clad women waiting to enter an exclusive club, many holding umbrellas and a few unsuccessfully using their clutches or jackets to shield themselves from the rain.

A few of them glare at me as I bump into them in my haste.

I look back to see the six-foot-tall, bald, angry man who's chasing me struggling to get through the crowd due to his larger frame.

He's constantly shoulder checking people who slow him down with their rage-filled out lashes. While he's momentarily distracted by an angry man, I turn into an alleyway blocked by the crowd.

I run and duck behind a dumpster, waiting for him to run past the entrance, and soon enough, he does.

I stand up and walk further down the alley, pulling out my newly acquired wallet. Going through – John Lee's wallet according to his driver's license – I find $135. Not bad.

Most people don't carry around cash, just plastic, so this is a score. Pocketing the money, I get rid of the wallet in another dumpster I pass.

I pull my hood down and adjust my short-haired, black wig back into place. Thankfully, I use waterproof makeup to contour my face to appear masculine.

It would suck if my face started melting and he saw my real appearance.

Most of my targets don't realize they have had their wallets stolen until the fact when I'm long gone. Today I screwed up. I made a rookie mistake and dropped the wallet right after lifting it.

I decided to grab it off the ground and run while John was still shocked that I would steal it.

After doing this for seven years out of the twenty-two that I have been alive, it's pretty easy to spot the signs that someone is going to give chase.

He already realized I was pickpocketing him and had that look where he was pissed enough to chase me, so why not be chased with the winnings rather than without?

This way if I get away, then I have the money and he has a false description to give to the police.

If I get caught… well I'd be fucked whether I had the wallet or not because he witnessed me lift it, and I highly doubt he would have believed me if I said he had dropped it.

It was in a pretty deep pocket.

I turn right into another alleyway so I'm going in the opposite direction from John. This alley is behind the exclusive club, I think it said Chaos on the sign in front.

I heard that it's a club for the super-rich. Apparently, three brothers own it, triplets.

I heard they’re rumoured to be cold-blooded, ruthless, and don't care about anything but power, and they already are the most powerful people in Canada, in all of North America even, maybe even the world.

They prioritize those with money and power, but that's nothing new in society. Most of the people in line out front won't even get in.

They don't meet the qualifications of the elite and are just wasting their night out in the cold rain hoping for an opportunity.

When I enter the alley behind Chaos I see five men standing in the middle of the alley by the club's backdoor.

If I was dressed as a girl I would have turned around to not risk running into drunk creeps, but I was dressed in my male disguise.

Dressing as Leo Dharan gives me a sense of security, I get left alone because I'm a guy and the creeps lurking around in the dark are looking to prey upon young, defenceless, girls.

There was a gay guy who bothered me once believing that because I'm smaller it would be easier to overpower me. Jokes on him, I had a switchblade. I whipped it out and that made him back off.

I use my male disguise when I go about my thieving ways or the occasional times when I get hired to do a job, which is usually to steal a specific something for someone.

It makes it easier to escape from those who would seek me out to get revenge and the cops. While they're looking for a guy, I've already changed and walked right past them as a girl.

Of the five men in the alley, three with black hair are standing with their backs to me while the other two appear to be kneeling in front of them, begging.

I slowly and quietly continue forward, hoping to slip by unnoticed.

As I get closer, I can see them visibly trembling and the desperation on their faces because they are facing me. I can see the light from above the door reflect on the tears that stain their faces.

I stop moving and stand still, I do not want to get closer to whatever they're dealing with. It looks serious considering two grown men are begging, crying and trembling. I think one of them might have even pissed himself.

I decide to hang back and wait for them to finish and leave so I can pass.

“P-p-please M-Master, s-spare m-me. I-it wasn't m-my fault. Harry w-was the one w-who didn't c-check,” the one kneeling on the left says, while, I'm guessing Harry, harshly shakes his head, eyes wide.

“N-no, I d-didn't see t-them enter,” Harry replies, panicking.

“Well that's a shame, here I thought I had capable staff handling my business,” the tallest of the three black-haired men who all looked above six feet, says with a sigh. His voice sounds so deep and husky, a shiver of pleasure goes up my spine.

“I agree Alec, who knew we had fucktards doing such an important job. They fucking just let them walk in and start shit, ruining our meeting. You pieces of shit couldn't even do the simple job of fucking looking at a card and going, yup that's a VIP card or nope you can't enter. Because of your stupid nonexistent brains, you fucked up our plans!” the man standing to the right yells, his voice sending another shiver of pleasure through me.

He seems to be just a few inches shorter than the one called Alec but appears to be the most muscular of the three.

“Jace, stop yelling. You'll draw unwanted attention,” the third one, who's the shortest by an inch or two reprimands in a stern annoyed voice. This time I suppress the shiver that wants to be triggered by his voice.

“They will still surrender, they'd be stupid to say no when they know we're just asking to save ourselves the trouble of having to kill them all. They just got scared by the damn mutts these two idiots let slip through,” he says facing the one called Jace.

“Luca's right, they know they're as good as dead if they refuse to surrender,” Alec says, talking to Jace. His reply seems to cause the two kneeling men to relax slightly. “But either way you two are done. You failed to do your job and could have jeopardized our business.”

Alec moves before the two men can even process what he said. He grabs Harry's head and twists it, snapping his neck. Before his dead body hits the ground, he also snaps the other man's neck.

They both fall to the ground unmoving, dead. A terrified gasp leaves my mouth before I can stop myself.

All three of the men snap their heads towards me. As terrified as I am, I couldn't help but admire how gorgeous they are. One look at them and it's clear that they are related.

They all closely resemble each other, but look different and can clearly be distinguished. Their eyes, hair, and facial expressions being the most noticeable differences.

Alec has blue eyes and looks pissed off. His hair is shorter on the sides and longer on the top, it's styled back and has a sleek and powerful look to it.

Jace's eyes are green and he looks a bit shocked. His hair is also shorter on the sides and longer on top, but unlike Alec's sleek and styled look, his is messy, carefree, and slightly curly.

Luca, with grey eyes that are behind black-framed glasses has an apathetic expression on his face. His hair is longer than the others and put up in a man bun.

“I w-won't mention a word of what I saw,” I stutter in my intentionally deepened voice, while slowly trying to walk backwards in retreat. If I can get away from this alive, I will never enter this area dressed as Leo, maybe not even in general.

Alec slowly stalks towards me, while Jace and Luca trail slightly behind him. When they get closer to me they all suddenly stiffen. I see them slightly raise their noses and visibly sniff the air.

Whatever they smelled in the night makes their eyes turn black… I rapidly blink a few times to correct my vision.

Nope. Still black. Maybe I'm having stress-induced hallucinations.

All three of their faces have shock and disbelief flash across them before they let out a low growl…


“No. Fucking. Way!” yells Jace, grabbing his head. “I am not gay! The only dick I like is my big ass dick, especially when it's buried deep inside a tight, wet vagina!”

“There must be some mistake, our mate can't be a guy. Nope. I do not swing that way. Maybe he was around our actual mate and had her scent rub off on him,” Alec says, turning towards the other two while running his hand through his black locks.

“There's no mistake. I know none of us are gay, we would have known if we were by now, but the scent is too strong for it to have just been rubbed off on him. Plus, when I looked into his eyes, I felt the pull, and I bet you guys did too. He is our mate,” Luca says while rubbing his hand over his face, causing Jace to let out a cry of disbelief.

While they are busy discussing whatever the hell they are, I turn and run as quickly and as quietly as possible from the alley.

“Maybe the goddess mistook the tiny guy for a girl when assigning…,” is the last thing I hear Jace say to the others before I pick up my pace and start running, all of them too engrossed in their discussion, to notice my silent escape.

When I get to the main street, I run towards a cab that's pulling up to grab two drunk girls sitting on the curb.

I run to it and get in before they can properly balance one another and stand straight.

I tell the driver to quickly take me towards the other side of the city in a panicked rush, not wanting to risk them discovering I've disappeared until I truly have.

Once I get near my place I give the driver the cab fare and get out. My home is in an abandoned industrial building.

I came across it a few years ago when I had to hide while running from some guys who caught me stealing from them.

I explored it and found that the top floor would make a great place to stay after adding a few necessary things, plus I wouldn't have to spend the majority of my income on rent.

I have a gas space heater to keep me warm, and a portable gas stove to cook some warm food. I don't like to cook and I'm not very good at it either, so it's mostly used to cook ramen noodles.

I plop myself down on my mattress that's on the floor towards the wall lined with windows.

I contemplate whether I should call the cops and inform them that a double homicide was just committed, or not.

I know that I'm a criminal too and that there's probably some criminal code or something where you don't snitch on fellow criminals, but I'm a thief. What I saw was murder.

That's a whole other level of shit.

After thinking about it some more, I realize that they seemed pretty experienced with killing people. That Alec guy killed them so fast with no hesitation or worry.

They've probably done it multiple times before. They probably already got rid of the bodies at this point and cleaned up any evidence that might point towards them.

Plus, if I snitch on them, they seem like the kind of people that would put me on their hit list. I do not want to be on their hit list.

After contemplating for a while, I decided to pretend that tonight didn't happen. Telling the police won't bring the two dead guys back.

However, it will further agitate those three murders and give them the motive to come after me, well add to their current motive. My sense of self-perseverance is outweighing my sense of justice.

Yes, I do have some semblances of a sense of justice despite being a thief.

Trying to clear my mind, I get up and get ready for bed. I'm exhausted, physically, and mentally. It's been a long night.


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Retracting my fangs, I wipe the blood dripping from my jaw with my silk handkerchief. The bodies of the Darkwood Pack Alpha and Luna lie drained and dead at my feet.

They just had to pick the hard way. If they just submitted to us with their heads down, they could have lived.

But no, they just had to pick the hard way, costing them their lives and those of their pack that foolishly thought they could win against us.

‘Luca, are you done dealing with the rest?’ I mind link my brother.

He and the small group of our warriors he’s leading should be done dealing with the other resisting member of the pack while my group finished off the warriors, Alpha, and Luna in the packhouse.

‘Yeah, just finishing up in the last house,’ he replies.

‘Any sign of Jace?’ I ask.

‘No, he’s probably off fucking around with someone.’

‘Alright, I’m going to head off to the club. Meet me there after making sure everyone’s dealt with,’ I say, heading towards my Bugatti La Voiture Noire.

It may seem cruel to kill so many because they choose not to cooperate, but they knew that if they resist we kill everyone involved.

We take mercy on children and those who willingly surrender at the beginning.

We let them join our kingdom and receive the benefits of being under our rule, but only if they take a blood oath swearing their loyalties. For those that choose to resist?

They and their leaders chose their pride over their lives, so we delivered on our promise and slaughtered them, teaching other packs and clans that resisting is useless.

Especially if you factor in the fact that my brothers and I are hybrids. Half-werewolf, and half-vampire. A combination of two natural enemies. We are the first in centuries to be born alive.

Most die in their mothers’ wombs because the two conflicting halves of their blood attack each other until they eventually end up killing each other.

Our parents are the King of Wolves, and the Queen of Vampires.

They were mates, but their hate for each other’s kind led them to refuse to be together, but you can’t just reject and ignore the other half of your soul.

You have one mate chosen by the goddess that presides over the supernatural beings. The mate bond created by her is indestructible and only grows stronger once the mates recognize each other.

The king and queen tried to ignore the mate bond to the best of their abilities.

The two natural enemies, unable to resist the bond in their drunken state, ended up having a one night stand that led to the birth of hybrid triplets.

I am the oldest, Luca the second, and Jace the youngest, all of us born minutes apart. We are unnatural abominations and were treated as such.

Our mother never got rid of us when she discovered she was pregnant because she thought we would die anyway by the seventh month.

She would just need to deliver our corpses and everything would go back to normal, but surprise, we didn’t.

After we were born, neither our mother or father wanted us. We were handed off to the council that presided over the supernatural world.

They tortured, and experimented on us, trying to test our limits and discover how it was possible we lived.

Turns out, both our parent’s genes were evenly powered, therefore when they could not overpower the other half and kill it, they submitted to each other and coexisted.

Having both the power of the world’s most powerful pureblood werewolf and pureblood vampire made us the most powerful creatures to ever live.

After 150 years of being injected daily with ever-increasing concentrations of wolfsbane and silver to weaken us, we had built up enough tolerance and found an opportunity to overthrow the council and massacre all their members with ease.

We took our sweet time torturing our tormentors. We then decided to pay our lovely parents a visit.

We killed them and took over their pack and clan, instantly becoming the leaders of all werewolves and vampires, and have been for almost half a century.

Supernatural creatures are immortal, we physically stop ageing at the age of twenty-five, forever frozen in time.

The century and a half of neglect, abuse, and torture left a lasting effect. I witnessed the change that took place in my brothers, and I see it in the actions they take and the choices they make.

I watched my kind and inquisitive brother Luca, who would annoy me and anyone near him who had ears with his never-ending questions and chatter, became detached and distanced himself from others.

He stopped asking questions and starting to find answers on his own because he lost hope that someone would care enough to answer and his ability to trust what they say if they do.

The only people he is close to and truly trusts is me and Jace.

He mostly avoids interacting with others unless it’s for business purposes or necessary, and I have never seen him engage intimately with a woman.

I would think that he’s a virgin if I didn’t know that he was violated and raped, along with Jace and I, by the disgusting women in the council.

Since we turned thirteen, they decided to teach us how to pleasure them, so that there would be some use for us.

They used to be the closest thing to a mother we had, showing us more care than the rest of the council, but I guess that was just to groom and prepare us so it would be easier to abuse and use us later.

It taught us how to be gods in bed, but it fucked my brothers up. It’s the reason Luca refuses to touch women, and it’s the reason Jace became a whore.

I also think it’s the reason we have an extreme desire to dominate and have complete control in bed, probably due to the lack of control we had experienced all those years.

Jace who loved to make everyone laugh started to use the memory of his once genuine fun-loving self who found joy and laughter in the simplest things as a mask to cover up what had become reality.

It’s as though he believes if he projects a fake version of who he used to be, that it will eventually become real. Everyone sees him as the relaxed and easygoing brother.

The one who loves to have fun and fuck around, but I as his brother know he’s just trying to forget what he went through, that’s he’s trying to regain who he once was.

He fucks multiple women a day, trying to forget and wash away what was done to him.

It’s like he thinks the more women he fucks and pleasures by choice, the easier it will be for the memories of those women and what they forced him to do, to just fade away.

While Jace thinks excessive fucking will make his problems go away, Luca believes our mate will.

He denies it, but it’s obvious when you see the glint of hope that sparks in his eyes when the topic of our mate comes up like I have so many times.

I hate to diminish that spark, but it’s best to smother it before it gets him hurt.

We fell for false promises in the form of ‘love’ and ‘affection’ from the councilwoman once, but I won’t let it happen again with our mate.

We only need to care for and love one another, no one else, not even our mate. I won’t let our mate hurt my brothers, I won’t let anything hurt them. Never again.

Identical twins and triplets are rare in the supernatural world. There have only been a few reported cases over the last few centuries, enough to count on one hand.

In each instance, the siblings all have one mate they share. There is one soulmate for each soul, together they complete one another.

Identical twins and triplets share one soul amongst themselves so they all consist of one soul that is paired with one other.

Mates are drawn to each other with the mate bond they share. It draws mates together and grows stronger over time. They are also important to the survival of supernatural creatures.

We can only reproduce with our destined mate. When we find our mate, we would have to complete the mate bond to be able to create an offspring.

All three of us would have to mark and mate her to complete it, to bring together all the parts of the split soul, which would strengthen the bond between us nth times.

So if we want a child, we need our mate.

None of us currently desire to be fathers, and probably won’t for a few centuries, but if we do decide to have a child, we will be the best fathers and give it the loving family that we never got.

That is if it’s even a possibility at this point. We’ve lived for just over two centuries and have not met our mate yet, most meet them in the first century of their lives.

That means that our mate is most likely dead. If she is still alive, we may not love our mate but will stay with her to give our child a happy life. Besides that, we have no need for her.

We will need to keep her to ensure our child has a mother and that she doesn’t get killed or die.

We would be able to tell through the completed mate bond if she does, and when a mate dies once a bond is completed, their other half goes mad, unable to handle the connection being severed.

I roll down my window while driving towards our club, Chaos. It’s a club for the elite, both humans and supernatural creatures are permitted.

It’s one of the many businesses that we own and a place where we occasionally meet for business meetings.

Tonight we are meeting with the leader of Blue Blood Clan, to discuss if his clan will submit to us willingly, or if we’re going to have to deal with them like we did with the Darkwood Pack.

‘Jace, get your ass to Chaos now,’ I mind link him, annoyed that he skipped out on his responsibilities. Again.



“Ahhhh, harder!”

I flip her over, onto her hands and knees. Grabbing a fistful of her hair, I plunge my cock into her once again, thrusting faster and harder.

Her moans and screams get louder along with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh.

“I’m going to cum!” she screams while clenching the fibers of the rug underneath her.

I slow my speed but increase the strength with which I thrust into her. Pulling out until just my tip remained in her cunt, then slamming back into her.

Fisting her hair in a tight grip, I pull her head back and bring my lips to her ear as I spank her hard.

“Don’t you fucking dare. You are not allowed to cum without my permission. Do you understand?” I calmly but sternly say into her ear.

“Y-yes sir,” she replies breathlessly.

I push her down so her breasts are flat against the floor, and her ass is up in the air. Gripping her ass cheeks, I resume my relentless pounding.

‘Jace, get your ass to Chaos now,’ I hear Alec mind link me.

‘Can we talk later, I’m a little preoccupied at the moment,’ I reply while continuing to pound into… Alisha? Ashley? I’m pretty sure it’s something starting with an ‘A.’

“P-please, sir! Can I cum?” she screams, gripping the rug tighter.

“Not yet,” I say while increasing my thrusts.

‘No! I don’t care who you’re preoccupied with fucking! Get down to Chaos now! We have a meeting with the Blue Blood Clan, and you will be there.

Me and Luca are tired of you abandoning your responsibilities so you can shove your dick into some power-hungry bitch,’ he snaps, pissed off.

‘Alright, I’ll finish up and get there as soon as possible.’

I wrap my hand around the girl and start rubbing her clit, causing her to scream louder. “Now,” I say, causing her to clench around my thrusting cock as she screamed her release. My own release follows hers, with a grunt I spill my seed inside her as she clenched around me, milking my cock.

“That was amazing,” she breathed out, into the carpet as my dick started to soften.

“Leave,” I say as I pull out, watching my seed drip out of her swollen pussy. I feel a moment of disgust before I grab some tissues and wipe my, now limp, dick clean.

“W-what? B-but I thought I was special! You can’t just fuck me then tell me to-”

“I told you before I fucked you that, that’s all it will be. A simple mutual fuck. And you agreed. So, where exactly did I mention anything about you being special?” I ask dismissively while dressing.

“W-well, ah, um…,” she stuttered, turning red. She knows what I said is true.

“Now leave,” I repeat.

I grab my wallet and keys off my desk and exit my office while Alexa gathered her clothes with tear-filled eyes.

Already forgetting about her, I walk outside into the cool night air and get inside my red Bugatti and head towards Chaos.


Once I arrive, I park in my reserved spot, beside Alec and Luca’s cars, and head towards the private room located on the top floor, where the meeting will be held.

I enter through the front, trying to ignore all the heated looks filled with lust aimed towards me.

I catch the eyes of an attractive brunette as she saunters past me, giving me a promising little smirk. I can’t indulge myself at the moment, but maybe later.

As I make my way to the elevator, I suddenly hear shouting and glass breaking from the VIP section of the bar. I look over and see a few werewolves attacking vampires from the clan we are meeting.

I see one of the werewolves throw a vampire through a floor to ceiling glass section that separates the VIP area from the rest.

The glass shatters and explodes over the section as the other two werewolves pounce on a vampire each, causing a full blown fight to break out.

I see Alec and Luca rush out of the elevator on the other side of the room as I head towards the commotion. By now, most of the floor has their attention directed towards the source.

We all reach the wolves around the same time. Grabbing one each, we slam them to the hard, black floor.

I lean towards the man's ear. “Leave and don’t bother returning if you value your life,” I command him using my Alpha command before letting go of him and standing up.

As the man rushes towards the door, I turn and see the other two werewolves following after him. Luca and Alec must have done the same.

I could see Alec clenching his jaw and struggling to control his desire for blood, not wanting humans to witness him killing.

“Master Alec,” the vampire who was thrown through the glass says approaching Alec. “I think it would be best if we postpone our meeting for another time,” he says, bowing his head in respect along with his companions.

“Hmm,” Alec grunts, agreeing.

He turns and heads towards the two men who are there to ensure that non-VIP members cannot enter the area, they are our underlings.

He grabs them both by the back of their collars and drags them out the back door and into the alley. Luca and I follow.



The moment we get outside, both the men drop to their knees. They knew they were fucked.

“Now, tell me why I shouldn’t kill you right this moment for letting those damned wolves into the VIP section. They clearly are not VIP members, so how exactly did they get in?” Alec questions them as they start to cry while shaking in fear.

He’s using his calm voice, and anyone who knows Alec knows that when he uses his calm voice when he’s angry, someone is going to die.

“P-p-please M-Master, s-spare m-me. I-it wasn’t m-my fault. Harry w-was the one w-who didn’t c-check,” the one on the left stutters, throwing his friend under the bus without a second thought.

“N-no, I d-didn’t see t-them enter,” Harry scrambles to defend himself in a panic.

“Well that’s a shame, here I thought I had capable staff handling my business,” Alec replies sighing.

“I agree Alec, who knew we had fucktards doing such an important job. They fucking just let them walk in and start shit, ruining our meeting. You pieces of shit couldn’t even do the simple job of fucking looking at a fucking card and going, ‘yup that’s a VIP card’ or ‘nope you can’t enter.’

“Because of your stupid nonexistent brains, you fucked up our plans!” Jace yells, probably pissed he had to end his fuck session to come here for nothing.

“Jace, stop yelling. You’ll draw unwanted attention. They will still surrender, they’d be stupid to say no when they know we’re just asking to save ourselves the trouble of having to kill them all. They just got scared by the damn mutts these two idiots let slip through,” I reply, annoyed with him.

“Luca’s right, they know they’re as good as dead if they refuse to surrender,” Alec says to Jace before turning towards the two men that are still on their knees. “But either way, you two are done. You failed to do your job, and could have jeopardized our business,” he says before snapping both of their necks.

We all hear a small gasp and snap our heads to look behind us to find a small man… more like a boy, with black hair dressed in black staring at us with wide eyes full of fear.

Well, looks like there’s going to be another dead body to incinerate tonight.

“I w-won’t mention a word of what I saw,” he stutters, fear lacing his soft voice. For some reason, the fear irritates me, while the need to hear more of his voice confuses me.

He starts to back away slowly as Alec starts to walk towards him, pissed. Jace and I trail behind him.

As we get closer, I notice Alec stiffen as he stops, lifting his head slightly and sniffing the air. Jace and I do the same, confused by the sudden change.

The moment I inhale the most mouth-watering scent hits my nose. It smells like vanilla and lavender. I feel my fangs lengthen in my mouth and my wolf going crazy in my head.

I look into the boy's eyes and feel as though I’m being pulled into those dark brown pools, wanting to drown in them.

MATE! My wolf yells while my fangs itch to taste his blood and mark him, causing me to growl along with my brothers. I could tell they were having the same reaction through our link.

We all came to the realization that our mate was the boy standing in front of us.

“No. Fucking. Way!” Jace yells, grabbing his head. “I am not gay! The only dick I like is my big ass dick, especially when it’s buried deep inside a tight, wet vagina!”

“There must be some mistake, our mate can’t be a guy. Nope. I do not swing that way. Maybe he was around our actual mate and had her scent rub off on him,” Alec said, turning towards us with his brows furrowed in deep contemplation.

I can’t believe it, I can actually see a bit of panic in his eyes.

Strange since he’s the one who doesn’t want to have a mate the most from the three of us, and our mate being a guy would be a perfect excuse for him to refuse to mark and mate him.

We had all come to the agreement that if we find our mate we would mark and mate with her so that when we decide we want to start a family, we could. Having a male for a mate eliminates that option.

“There’s no mistake. I know none of us are gay, we would have known if we were by now, but the scent is too strong for it to have just been rubbed off on him. Plus, when I looked into his eyes, I felt the pull, and I bet you guys did too. He is our mate,” I say rubbing a hand over my face, frustrated.

Sure I have a problem with women because of my past, but that doesn’t mean I’m gay. I still want to have a female mate. I had been hoping that once we found her that she would be able to help me forget the past and help me realize how pleasurable sex can be.

“Maybe the goddess mistook the tiny guy for a girl when assigning us our mate,” Jace argues, panicking as well.

I know he also secretly hoped for our mate. He hoped that our mate could help him forget the past. He’s been trying to by fucking around, but it’s not working as well as he would like.

His last chance was our mate.

“The goddess isn’t an idiot like you who makes mistakes,” I say to Jace.

The goddess is the one who creates all mate pairings, regardless of what kind the person is. She has never made a mistake in pairing two halves of a soul together.

“Well, there must have been some mistake somewhere, because last time I checked, none of us wants dick. Unless you guys are hiding something, I don’t see how we could be mated to a guy,” Alec says, drawing my attention towards him again.

I look behind him and realize that the mate we are arguing about, is gone.

“Shit guys, he’s gone!” I hiss at them. We were so shocked and deep in discussion, we didn’t notice him slip away.

“Good,” said Alec. “we are going to pretend we never saw him. None of us wanted a mate in the first place, except for having children in the future. Now that that’s out of the question our problem is solved.

“We don’t need our mate and don’t want him because he is a guy and we aren’t gay. So, let’s pretend this never happened and live our lives without worrying about a mate. Continue as we have been thinking that our mate is already dead.”

“You know what happens when someone recognizes their mate. The pull keeps getting stronger and stronger until it becomes practically impossible to resist, and us being so dominant and possessive in nature will make it even harder. Our nature to dominate, mark, and mate him will just grow, until we can’t resist it,” I reply.

“No way am I mating with a guy!” yells Jace in outrage.

“And you won’t be,” Alec continues. “We will forget about this. If we have trouble resisting the pull, we can revisit this discussion. For now, let’s head home, its been a long day and all I want to do is pass out,” he says while heading back through the door, ending the discussion.

I follow along with Jace back to our cars. I get into my grey Bugatti and head home behind Alec.

I look in my rearview mirror and see Jace’s red car following us, and could already tell that the mate bond was affecting us.

This is the first night in over fifty years that Jace is going home without a girl he plans to fuck.


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The Alpha’s Arrangement

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Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

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Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

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Age Rating: 18+ (Graphic sex and violence)

Warning: this book contains material that may be considered upsetting or disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


Kiara’s entire life has been hell. After suffering fifteen long years of torture at the hands of her parents and the rest of the pack, she’s almost given up on life. That is, until she meets two alphas, both of whom desire her and would kill for her. The only thing she wants, however, is freedom—until she realizes that one of them is her destined mate. But which one?!

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