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Their Little Human

Raven is a pilot of the last ship fleeing Earth. While she must protect all human life, she also needs to find her sister, who’s lost in space. Her ship crashes on Arenk and Laro’s planet, which is in short supply of women. Is it possible to find love in the emptiness of space? And how will she find her sister?

Age Rating: 18+ (BDSM)


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Raven slammed her fist into the emergency evacuation button.

“What the hell are you doing,” Captain said

He threw a box into the pod.

This heap of crap kept them afloat for all this time. After everything, a space storm will end humanity’s last hope. The Bella was the last ship able to travel from Earth.

It groaned as pieces flew off into the vast dark.

“They put their trust in us. We took an oath,” she said.

“Raven, stop being stubborn and get in. First-class passengers and essential personnel only. She would tell you the same thing,” Captain said, helping others inside.

The same ones complained about not having enough fresh air in their cabins and demanded that we cut other passengers’ air percentage.

“She said a lot of things.”

“You can die here with the rest of them then,” he said, closing the pod.

One by one, each started to pop out into the stars. People begin to gather up in the shaking hall. The crowd becomes frantic at the sight, pushing and rushing to the last pod.

“Listen up! Children go into the last pod. I need ten volunteers to help me land this beast, and everyone else strap in. We’re going to have to make a detour,” Raven said into the intercom.

“What if we can’t land it,” someone yelled from the back.

“All this time you’re wasting on talking; we could be landing. Shut the fuck up and do as I say, or I will throw you out of the airlock,” Raven scanned the crowd.

To her surprise, no one else argued. Maybe the sight of the assholes fleeing, leaving them behind, kicked in the survival mode.

She picked out a few people to load the kids up and locked everyone else in their seating area. She and the volunteers made it to the bridge, to the consoles blaring danger messages.

Strapping in, she set a course for the closest planet. It’s either this or float out here until they die. They have ten minutes before the ship falls entirely apart.

She couldn’t wait to get out of this coffin. Rocks pelt the ship hard; she gripped her stomach, hoping to coax the food back down. Bright explosions erupt in the distance.


“When I call out your station, hit your button, and so help me if you mess up, and we’re not dead,” she said.

“Yes, Sir,” they call out in unison.

The dash turned red, and warning messages littered the screen again. She cursed to high heaven. They won’t make it in this now.

Raven pressed the pod escape button and launched the kids on the Captain’s route. She punched the override button and pushed the speed to max.

“Station 1! Red!”

They will make it; it’s only minutes away. Looking out, the remaining pod headed toward the destination. The ship breaks through the atmosphere and flies apart at the seams.

“Station 2! Red!”

Another glorious message informs her that the landing gear is busted.

“Everyone, get to the seating area in two minutes! I’ll eject it, and the secondary system should take over,” Raven said.

“No, are you insane? The ship will split in half; you’ll be exposed. I’ll stay behind. I’ve lived my life,” an older man tries to unbuckle her.

“I don’t plan on dying, old man,” she holds up the suit, “Plus, how could I face my sister again? Make sure they don’t kill each other once you land,” she said.

He nods before taking off. Suiting up was difficult, but she managed.

She’s not religious but prayed that they survive this as she rubbed her gold bracelet. Once the screen blinked, she pressed the ejection button.



“Give me a closer look at the fifth quadrant,” Arenk said.

The computer never lies. So who the hell is entering their planet without clearance? He rubbed his chin. No identification number. Black market ship? They would use cloaking to avoid the scanner.

A rookie brings up the live feed on the main screen.

“Zoom in,” he leans closer to the screen.

What language is that? Before he could get a glimpse of the entire word, it breaks apart and crashes in the forest outside of the quadrant. The rookies could use the practice.

He reaches for his earpiece.

“Hold it; we should go. I need a new cruiser, and I have my eye on that new place. A two-way split is better than five,” Laro said, behind his hand.

“No, we go through the proper channels,” Arenk said.

Just before he pressed it, “I guess you don’t want one of your own cause it won’t happen in our lifetime at this rate,” Laro said, leaning back in his chair.

“We will be rewarded when we’ve earned it,” he said.

“I’m sure our father’s said the same thing. Too bad we can’t ask them,” Laro said.

“Most can’t.”

“Isn’t that something you want different for your future seed? Or are you content with your bi-monthly sessions with no hope of raising yours? That’s if you even know if you did or not,” Laro said.

Arenk let out a sigh and rubbed his chin.

“Rookies, divide into two teams. One on surveillance and the other on standby in the case backup is needed. This is a code black,” Arenk said.

Laro has a spring in his step as they exit the building. They could either hit the jackpot and live well or be taken out by whatever is on that vessel.

The sweet smell of leather and metal greeted them as they strapped on their armor and weapons. Laro doesn’t bother to place on his complete set.

Arenk wouldn’t be caught dead without every single piece.

“Put all of it on. We don’t know what’s out there,” he said, starting the cruiser.

“It’s probably a smuggler, and they’ll be long gone before we get there. Don’t worry so much,” Laro said with a big smile.

They follow the smoke in the sky to the first crash site. These vehicles are great off-road. They rip through the forest like a boat on the sea.

Laro sticks his head out the window, eyes closed, feeling the wind through his hair. It’s almost long enough to wind sail with.

“We’re approaching,” Arenk said.

They first checked the surrounding area for anyone hiding and put out the flames. The ship is a wreck, and they got the front half. Still, there could be something of value on board.

Even if they just stripped it for parts, it would be a nice payday. It was dark inside, despite the bright day. Wires dangled and sparked as they made it to the cockpit.

“How old is this ship? We can’t sell any of this on the mainstream market. I have a few buyers that are into antique ships,” Laro said.

“Up there,” Arenk crouches with his gun aimed at the hunched-over body in the Captain’s seat. They approach with caution, “Hands up, you’re under arrest for illegal entry.”

As they surrounded it, Laro kicked the body. It fell with a colossal thud. He began to try and pry it out.

“Wait, don’t take it out of–,”

The suit hissed and opened.


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“Well, that was anticlimactic, ” Laro said.

He ran his finger over the cracked helmet and damaged panel.

“Some kind of humanoid is roaming around. We need to grab what we can and head over to the other crash sites. There could be others,” Arenk said.

They were quick, but nothing of worth they could carry now. This will require a second trip to strip everything. The second crash was ablaze. A scent of dirt, fat, and acrid burned his nose.

A trail of footsteps led deeper into the forest.

An ear-piercing scream cracked through the trees. Weapons drawn, they close in on the sound. The back half of the spacecraft, burning with a sickening smell. The ground littered with bodies.

His heart tightened in his chest.

The wailing continued. They surrounded the digging humanoid. On closer inspection, it was petite with dark hair.

“Hands up! You’re under arrest for illegal entry,” Arenk said.

It looked up, tilting its head to the side, its tear-filled eyes turned wide. It speaks in a language that is not familiar, but from the higher pitch tone, he can guess it’s a female.

They flipped on their universal dialect device.

“You’re under arrest,” Arenk said.

“I need to bury them. I can’t leave them,” she said.

Arenk and Laro exchanged glances. It would be kind to, but this would be a fantastic opportunity to study this new species from different life cycle stages.

“We’ll send some men back to collect them. Now stand and place your hands behind your back,” Arenk said.

“Where are you taking me?”

Laro sighed and advanced on her. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up. As she came up, so did her knee connecting to his groin. Laro doubled over; he should’ve put on the full armor.

The female made a break for the trees. Arenk twisted the dial on his gun to tranq. After lining up his shot, he fired. She fell to the ground with a quiet thud.



Citrus and vanilla scents woke her; soft black sheets cradled her tight. Sitting up with no problem was a wonderful surprise.

The room is dark, with string lights lining the dresser and top of the bed. What the hell? She leaped to her feet and reached for her knife. Gone, all of her holsters and hairpins.

Padding over to the large picture window, a bright city is laid out before her. She slid it open and walked over to the railing.

Tall buildings with waterfalls attached, streets lined with lights, and everything is covered in green. Leaves, vines, and flowers. People? She can’t make out the specs so high up.

She looked up to the sky and two moons so close she swear she could touch them.

Did you see something like this? Is that why?

Sitting off in the corner of the balcony was a man with gold eyes.

“Beautiful isn’t it,” he said, with a voice that carried a deep and assertive tone. He stands, smoothing out his uniform jacket covered in medals. She reached for a fathom knife. His height alone is quite unnerving, but his facial features are striking. What is in the water and air here?

“Don’t be alarmed; we brought you here for treatment. We don’t have any experience treating your kind, but we tried our best. All of your injuries healed within a few days.”

A few days?

“Where am I? I need to get back to my ship,” she said, walking back into the room.

She has to try and contact the others. They must have ships here. Later they can try and establish some kind of alliance. That’s if they’ll let her leave.

“In the capital, this is my home. Your ship was totaled and confiscated for research.”

“I need to see it,” she said.

She pulled on the door to leave, but it didn’t budge.

“Get cleaned up and rest. I’m Arenk; what’s your name,” he said, extending his hand.

“Raven. Just point me to the exit and retrieve me when I can see the ship,” she said, taking his hot hand into hers.

“Raven, I can’t allow you to wander around unsupervised. It’s for the safety of the Tareaians and yourself,” Arenk said.

She needs to find her. She won’t get stuck here. Raven glanced around the room for something to use.

“I’m not asking for your permission. I’m telling you, open the door,” she said, looking into those breathtaking eyes.

She has to set the tone now. Humans are nothing to fuck with. He steps closer, hands clasped behind his back. A tight lip smile made the heat in her cheeks rise.

“I do the commanding,” his voice stern.

“Not with me. Open the fucking door,” she said.

“That language is not acceptable, little one.”

Arenk closes the distance between them. He uses his long index to lift her chin, meeting his gaze.

“Here, on this planet, we have rules and customs. Naughty girls get put over the knee and receive a sore red bottom,” he said.

Her lower half ricochet with tingles. He wouldn’t, would he? Her heart rammed into her chest. It takes a few tries to form her lips. His face lights up at her struggle.

She slapped his hand away, “I would love to see you try,” she said, pressing my index into his abdomen.

He gives a low chuckle, “Keep this up, and I will do more than try,” he walks past her to the door, “I’ll be back. You must be hungry.”

Arenk grabs the knob, it beeps, releasing the latch. This is as good of a time as any. As soon as the light from the hall crept in, she aimed her foot for his crotch.

Before it makes contact, a pair of arms entangle her, pulling her just out of reach.

“It seems someone needs a lesson,” a gruff voice said.

Arenk turns around, “Yes, that’s definitely not acceptable.”

The stranger releases her. Where did he come from? Another man, but his eyes are green. Green that shines like emeralds. He’s a lot bulkier compared to Arenk’s slender frame.

The other one from the forest. She should’ve expected as much, idiot. No worries, at least she knows there are two watching her now. Next time, she won’t fail.

Arenk tried to lead her to the bench in front of the bed, but she dug her heels in. It doesn’t deter him for a second. He lifted her from the ground with ease.

“Just as promised,” he said, flipping her over his lap.

Her kicking and struggling are useless against his strength. She squeezed her thighs tight after he managed to tug her pants off. She cast her eyes down to hide her embarrassment.

There was no time to put on panties during the evacuation. He’s bluffing. A thought removed from her mind as his heavy palm cracked against a cheek.

Her cry lodges itself in her throat, but the second strike brings it up. He applies the same treatment to the other side. She clenched my teeth to keep the sounds in.

The strikes rain down at a quicker pace, leaving burning prints in their wake. Her dignity flew out of the window as she tried to cover herself. Her whimpers, reeking of desperation.

“Laro, give me a hand,” he said, pausing for a brief moment.

A moment she’s glad to have, praying for a breeze to cool her flaming cheeks. Laro pries her hands from her ass and pins them to her back. A citrus scent wafted off of him.

“You will obey and behave. Do you understand,” Arenk said.

She fidgeted and wiggled within this new constraint.

“Answer me when I’m talking to you,” he said.

“No, I won’t,” her tone is softer than she realized.

“Stubborn until the end.”


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