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Dering Siblings

When Harper Dering turns eighteen, she leaves behind her ten siblings and finds work as a maid for Damon Grayson in Dubbury. Right away, she notices how handsome he is…and he seems to be attracted to her, too. Will they be able to make their romance work, despite the difference in their stations?

Age Rating: 18+


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When Harper Dering turns eighteen, she leaves behind her ten siblings and finds work as a maid for Damon Grayson in Dubbury. Right away, she notices how handsome he is…and he seems to be attracted to her, too. Will they be able to make their romance work, despite the difference in their stations?

Age Rating: 18+

Original Author: Teralyn Mitchell

Book One: The Beautiful Maiden

I looked at the paper clutched in my hand again and back up at the house. This was it. I walked around to the servants’ entrance and knocked on the door.

It was opened by a buxom woman with glossy brunette hair, pale brown skin, and brown eyes.

“You must be Harper,” she said, pulling me inside.

She’s friendly, I thought as she closed the door behind me and pushed me into the kitchen. It was early morning so the servants were sitting around a wooden table in the middle of the kitchen.

A pretty woman with dirty blonde hair and olive skin was at the stove. I looked over the others. There were two girls my age.

One was downright stunning with dark brown hair, honey brown skin, light brown eyes, a petite nose and high cheekbones. Her rosy lips were full and she had a nice figure.

The other girl was a bit plain with mousy brown hair and dark brown eyes. The men were handsome. One had blondish brown curly hair, hazel eyes, and a chiseled face. His uniform fit him perfectly.

The other had dark brown cropped hair, piercing dark brown eyes, and also a chiseled face.

“Everyone,” the lady said. “This is Harper and she’s going to be joining our staff.”

The stunning girl stood up and walked over to me. She shook my hand.

“I’m Aileana and that’s Betsy. We’re maids here who help keep the house clean.”

“That’s Kate, the cook and Azariah,” the lady pointed to the one with hazel eyes before pointing to the one with dark eyes, “and that’s Edwin.”

They were giving me appraising looks and I bit the corner of my bottom lip nervously.

“Two more girls will start today as well,” she said. “Oh, I forgot one person. I’m Mrs. Tabard, the housekeeper. Edwin and Azariah are footmen.”

There was a knock on the door and Mrs. Tabard went to get it. She came back a moment later with two girls that looked alike with the same caramel brown hair and skin and dark brown eyes.

I guessed they were sisters.

“This is Imogene and Lenora,” she said.

She went into her introductions again including me. More people came into the large kitchen which Mrs. Tabard took the care to introduce me and the sisters to.

I didn’t remember everyone but I’m sure over the next few weeks I’d learn their names. We sat down for breakfast. I sat my suitcase in a corner.

Once breakfast was over, Mrs. Tabard put us to work. She put me with Aileana, the stunner.

Since Lenora was a scullery maid she’d be with Suzanne and Imogene was with Zelda once we put our things away.

“She is going to be with you in your room. I am sure the sisters will want to stay together. Before you start on your duties cleaning the bottom level until the master and mistress of the house are awake, show them to their rooms so they can put their belongings away.”

Aileana nodded and motioned for the three of us to follow her. We climbed the stairs to the first level. She continued to the main stairs. We took five flights of stairs to get to the attic.

Aileana showed the sisters into their room and then told them where they’d be able to find Zelda and Suzanne. She led me to our room.

I walked into the room and she followed me in closing the door behind her. There was a window that let in a decent amount of light. There were two nice size beds that could fit two people if need be.

“That’s your chest and bed,” Aileana said in that smoky voice of hers, pointing to a chest under the window. “You can put your underthings in there. You can hang your dresses in the armoire.”

I nodded and put my suitcase down on top of it. I’d put my things away later. I looked at the armoire that was on the wall in front of the bed.

“The armoire there holds our uniforms. Let’s change into them.”

She walked to the armoire and pulled out two uniforms. They had skirts that stopped at the knees and were short sleeved. Aileana stripped off the plain brown dress she’d been wearing.

She was standing in only her shift and underthings. I ran my eyes down the length of her body. She had a nice shape. I’m sure the guys were always around her. She was older than me as well.

“Get changed. There’s a lot to do today,” she commanded still standing in nothing.

I took off my dress and did not miss that she appraised me as well. It was what girls did, right? We had to see what the other had better than us.

I thought about my mother who sent me to work here. I just turned eighteen last week and she already had a job lined up so she could have me out of the house.

I missed my sisters and brothers and living in the country. I didn’t know how I was going to feel about being in a city.

I pulled on the uniform. Aileana got dressed as well and we left the room. The day went quickly and was very busy but I did not see the master or mistress all day.

Ilene and Jonah took breakfast up for Lord Greyson and Betsy took breakfast for Lady Greyson.

“I haven’t seen the lord and lady of the house,” I said to Aileana as we worked in one of the rooms on the second floor.

She was in the bathing room and I was in the bedroom, changing the bedsheets.

“They will be gone for a couple of weeks to visit with their parents in Coveport. They left after breakfast”

“They are siblings? I thought Lady Greyson was his wife.”

“He’s not married and we call her Lady Delilah.”


She smiled and went back into the bathing room. I went back to cleaning the room. We did not talk anymore other than to discuss what I was expected to do.

Since our employers were gone, we did not have to worry about serving them. Kate cooked dinner and we ate in the kitchen.

I got to know the rest of the staff better and told them things about me as well. Everyone was here except for Temperance, the lady’s servant, and Jonah, the lord’s valet.

After dinner we were dismissed to go to bed.

“There’s a bathing room down there,” Aileana said and pointed to a door at the far end of the hall. “There’s running water and we have electricity up here as well.”

“That’s unusual, right?”

“It is. But they treat us well and in turn we do the best work we can,” she said. “There are two tubs, three sinks and three toilets. The tubs have curtains around them for privacy. I don’t think anyone is in there now so you can bathe. I’m sure you’d want to after traveling and working.”

I did want a bath. I traveled five days to get here by train from my hometown of Voxhagen. I thanked her and went into our room. Before going to the bathing room, I decided to put away my clothes.

It only took me a few minutes since I did not have much. I guess once I’m paid I can go shopping for some clothes.

I grabbed a nightgown, drawers, and my robe that my parents bought for me from a fancy shop in a bigger city when I was sixteen. I went to the bathing room at the end of the hall.

It was very spacious and empty. Two tubs sat in the middle of the room. Sinks lined the wall by the door and at the back were covered areas that I assumed was where the toilets.

I liked that this house had modern plumbing and I wouldn’t have to clean out chamber pots. The bathing room was spotless and smelled amazing. There was a window on the far wall.

I could get used to this. I went to the tub furthest from the door and it took me a moment to figure out how to work the knobs.

The curtain billowed around the tub to allow privacy when dressing and undressing. I placed my clothes and towel on the stool by the tub and undressed.

I folded the uniform on the floor before sinking into the luxurious hot water.

When I finally climbed out, I felt refreshed. I dressed in my knickers, nightgown, and robe. Zelda was standing at the sink undoing her braid in front of the mirror.

“You can leave your uniform in that basket. The laundry service comes twice a week. Lenora or Suzanne will take it down,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said and dropped the uniform in the basket.

Zelda was a pretty girl with sandy brown skin, raven black eyes, and brunette hair. She had a nice smile and seemed friendly enough.

“There’s some mint in the cabinets,” she informed me.

“This one?” I said pointing to the one that held the towels.

She nodded and I walked to it. I hadn’t noticed the other things in the cabinet. I pulled out a few sprigs of mint and walked to the sink.

I braided my long, curly ginger hair so that it could dry and not tangle in the night. I rinsed out my mouth before chomping on the sprigs of mint. I said goodnight to Zelda and left the bathing room.

The sisters, Imogene and Lenora, along with Betsy were headed into the bathing room. I said goodnight to them as well.

“Harper,” someone said from behind me.

I turned to see that Azariah was standing there. He smiled at me and it was an amazing smile that revealed his dimples. I bite my lower lip.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi,” he said. “You’re very beautiful.”

“And you’re very handsome. I’m going to go inside now. I’ll see you in the morning,” I said.

He laughed and I pushed open the door and closed it.

“Aza?” Aileana said from the bed.

I took off my robe and put it into the armoire on a hook. I climbed into my bed by the window. There were night tables on either side of our beds but not in the middle so we could see each other.

“Did you hear him?”

“Yeah, he’s a charmer so I’d be careful with him. We’ve lost a few maids after they had relations with him and he refused to talk to them anymore.”

“I’ll be careful,” I said. “So I wanted to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”

“How old are you?”


“You’re right between my two older brothers.”

“I’ve been working for the Greyson’s for years.”

“That’s nice. And they are nice?”

“Very, Harper. Now let’s go to bed.”

She turned off the lamp that was on her side of the bed and I turned off mine. I turned onto my side and stared out the window. It was cloudy so the moon was covered but the stars gave off some light.

“Good night, Harper,” Aileana said. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Good night, Aileana.”


“Lady Delilah lives here with her brother? And their parents live in Coveport?”

The lord and his sister were coming back late tonight. We were already in bed even though it was early because we would not be able to sleep in like we’ve been doing the past couple of weeks.

I was expected to meet both Lady Delilah and Lord Greyson in the morning. Aileana and I were turned facing each other in the dark; talking across the space between our beds.

“Yes. It is her brother’s house that their parents gave to him when he came of age. They retired to their estate in Coveport and usually only come up here a few times a year.”

“And neither of them is married? How old is Lord Greyson?”


“And Lady Delilah?”

“She’s twenty-five,” Aileana said.

“Have they ever been married?”

“No. Lord Greyson is content to whore around and play cards and drink. He spends a lot his time at The Whistling Ghost which is a tavern that offers a lot for the nobility. I guess he has not found anyone for him yet.”

“And the lady?”

“Well, the lady is, well,” Aileana said, stammering.

She’s never stammered and she’s always sure of what it is she wants to say and do. I admire that about her because I’m not that sure about myself. I waited patiently.

She turned her head and let out a loud breathe.

“I don’t want to tell you and you think differently about me. Not many people know.”

“I would not think differently of you but you do not have to tell me how you know whatever it is you may know, Aileana. I will not push you.”

She nodded and took in a deep breath before letting it out again. She faced me again. Her beautiful face was bathed in moonlight making her appear angelic. I waited.

“She does not like men. She enjoys the company of ladies.”

“Oh,” is all I said.

And then it hits me. Aileana must like the company of ladies as well. That would be how she knows. I know that it is something that happens but it’s frowned upon in our society.

I know ladies and lords will sleep with their servants. Some are horrific and force themselves onto the help or threaten to fire them if they do not comply.

But others just seduce the person they want to have relations with.

My older sister, Roxie, told me that the manor house she works in is fraught with the lord sleeping with the maids and the lady sleeping with the manservants.

Roxie isn’t having relations with the lord but she is with one of the manservants.

“Yeah. So she hasn’t married but she thinks her parents are going to start forcing her soon and she’d be expected to have children. She isn’t attracted to men at all.”

“You’re her mistress?” I said.

“You’re too smart for me.”

“My mother used to say it like it was an insult,” I said. “I figured it out because of your behavior and that you know. I am sure this is not something that she tells everyone.”

“No,” Aileana said. “I’ve known Delilah since we were was twelve and thirteen years old. My mother worked for them at the home in Coveport. I started working for them when I turned sixteen and moved here when they needed staff.”

“How long have you and Lady Delilah been intimate?”

“For a couple of years.”

I nodded. “So can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Will you go with her if she gets married? I mean to work at the house she ends up in.”

“I would like to. She’s asked me to.”

“Why are you not her personal servant?”

“That wasn’t my duty when we were in Coveport. Temperance has been working with her since she was sixteen. I’m fine with my job.”

I nodded. “This does not change things for us.”

“You don’t want to move in with Lenora and Imogen now?”

I chuckled. “No. I like the room I’m in and the roommate I have.”

She smiled brightly. “I did fear you’d want to if you knew I prefer women to men.”

“Like Lady Delilah?”


“How do you know your preference if you only have relations with women?”

“You do know I could ask the same of you.”

I nodded in agreement. “That’s true.”

She looked at me for a long moment before turning over to face the other way. She said goodnight and I turned to face the window. I wondered if I’d offended her.

I hope not because I did like Aileana and her sexual preferences did not matter to me in any way. I heard her breathing even and knew she was asleep.

I stared out the window for a long time until my eyes started to droop and sleep claimed me.


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Jonah carried my bags up the stairs.

“I am glad to be home, brother,” Delilah said from behind me.

“Because you’ve missed your plaything?”

She slapped my arm and rolled her eyes. “You have your playthings as well. Do not tease me. And yes I did miss Aileana.”

“I wish she liked men. I do not mind sharing her with you, Dee. She’s so beautiful and sexy.”

“And she makes me feel really good. I’ll have her in my bed tomorrow night. It’s late now and I’m tired.”

I smiled at my baby sister as she went up the stairs. I followed. My sister and I have always been close since there was only three years between us and it only being the two of us.

I’ve always known that she likes women. She came to talk to me about it when she was twelve and I just listened. I did not judge her and it did not change how I saw her or our relationship.

We’ve shared women. They’ve warmed my bed and hers and it was just the way it was.

Our parents could not understand why we would not settle down and they would not approve of either of our lifestyles but they also did not push us so that was a blessing.

I came out on the second floor landing which was Delilah’s floor. I continued on up to my floor. It used to be my parents floor when they lived here but when they gave me the house.

I walked to my bedroom at the end of the hall on the left. My library was at the end of the hall and stairs were there that led up to the attic where the servants stayed.

My rooms spanned most of the left wall and then there was a parlor that I could access from my room. I could also access the library from my room.

On the opposite wall there were two bedrooms with a bathing room in between them.

I walked into my room to find the bed already turned down and my clothes put away. A fire was going in the fireplace even though the nights were starting to get warmer.

I closed the door behind me and stripped down to nothing. I climbed into bed and pulled the cool sheets over my body.

Jonah came in and picked up my discarded clothing and put them in the laundry basket in the closet.

“Do you need anything else before I retire for the night, sir?”

“No, Jonah. I am fine. Go get some sleep.”

He bowed, turned off the lights, and left my room. I was going to need to go to the club tomorrow and see if I could get some companionship. The last two weeks have been frustrating.

There was no one in Coveport that I was going to have sex with and I did not touch my parents’ servants. I barely touched my own.

I turned over onto my side trying to ignore how hard my cock had seemed to have gotten. I was tired of masturbating.

It took me a long time to fall asleep and I didn’t win in my battle to not pleasure myself. I fell into an exhausted sleep once I had my release and cleaned myself up.


I followed Jonah and Temperance up the stairs. Jonah waited beside the door Temperance opened and we walked inside. Lady Delilah was sitting at a table by the window. She was absolutely breathtaking.

Her pale brown skin was unblemished and so smooth. She turned to look at me and I was struck speechless by her eyes. They were the darkest blue I’d ever seen almost indigo and so beautiful.

Her face was delicate with a cute button nose, lush, heart shaped lips, a small, willful chin, angular cheekbones, and a mess of lustrous honey blonde curls that fell around her beautiful face.

“Good morning, Harper,” she said.

“Good morning, Lady Delilah,” I said bowing politely.

“We are very happy to have you on our staff. How have your first two weeks been?”

“I am happy to be here as well, my lady. My first two weeks have gone great. Aileana has been a great help and very friendly.”

“She is amazingly friendly,” she said with a hint of a smile on her perfect lips. “I’ll let you go greet my brother. He hates cold food.”

“Who doesn’t?”

“Exactly. It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Lady Delilah.”

She smiled and I bowed leaving the room. Jonah led the way upstairs to the next level. My palms were starting to sweat. I don’t know why I was so nervous. Maybe it was because I’ve never had to do something like this in my eighteen years. I’ve never had to meet my employer and worry about impressing them. I rapped on the door and opened it when I heard the male voice inside call, “Come in.”

Jonah went in first and I followed him. He set the food on a table in the corner that had two chairs placed at it. He bowed and asked the lord if he needed anything else.

He squeezed my shoulder as he left the room.

“So you’re Harper, correct? I’ve met the other two new maids. Sisters.”

I raised my eyes to look at Lord Greyson and was once again struck speechless. I should have known he’d be just as beautiful as his sister.

He had the same skin tone as her but his was bronzed from being in the sun more. His eyes were the same indigo blue as hers and so vivid.

His hair was darker than hers was; more brown with streaks of golden blond. He had a strong, square jaw, angular cheekbones, and luscious full lips that I could see a faint smile gracing them.

I shook my head.

“I apologize, sir,” I said quickly. “Yes, my name is Harper Dering.”

He stood and I noticed how tall he was. He had a lean wiry body that looked hard and perfect under the clothes that seemed made especially for him.

With the kind of money he possessed that was probably true.

“Why don’t you join me for a moment, Harper Dering?” He was teasing me and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

I walked over to the table and took a seat. He sat across from me. His blue eyed gaze was trained to my face and I felt heat rise to my skin.

“Have you eaten?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Please call me Damon. I hate my lord,” he said.

“Is that proper?”

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen. I just turned eighteen about three weeks ago.”

“So young,” he said softly. “It is proper as long as I approve of it.”

“Does anyone else call you by your given name?”

“Not that I know of.”

I was feeling uncomfortable. He was looking at me intently, his gaze smoldering. He ran his eyes over my face as if he was searching for something. My stomach dipped and heat rose to my face again.

“I am unsure what to do.”

“I take you do not have much experience with servitude.”

“I do not. I only worked at home, helping my mother with my younger siblings. My father died when I was sixteen and she needed the help.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that, Harper. I can image that must have been hard.”

I nodded in agreement because it really had been. My mother is not the most loving woman at least not towards me and my sisters.

She gave all her affection to our brothers so when Father died she got worse. She just expected us to be her domestic servants.

I missed him and his warm laughter and the long talks we would have about any and everything. He was a kind man and I do not know how he ever married my mother.

I was happy when she told me I was coming to Dubbury to work just to get away from her.

“Call me Damon when we are alone, please?”

He smiled and my stomach flipped. He had a magnificent smile that lit up those blue eyes. I smiled back and bite the corner of my bottom lip.

“Of course, sir.”

He looked at me.

“I’m sorry. Of course, Damon.”

“Where are you from and how did you come to work for me?”

“I’m from Voxhagen. And my mother knows Mrs. Tabard. I believe she wrote to her a month before my eighteenth birthday to inquire about openings for maids.”

“Voxhagen is a five-day train ride from here, correct? About eight by carriage?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Why would your mother send you all the way here? There were no positions in Voxhagen or the surrounding cities?”

“I’m sure there were but I’ve never particularly gotten along with my mother and she wanted me far away so that I do not corrupt my younger siblings. My older sisters are in Baccavale and Ashfall which are equally far away from Voxhagen but that was their choice.

“Roxie is still working in Ashfall but Alberta is married and has children now still living in Baccavale. She didn’t want to go back to Voxhagen. My older brother married and lives in Voxhagen. My other older brother lives in Baccavale where my sister lives and works in the stables at a manor house.”

He was listening intently and I wondered why I was telling him all of this.

“I am so sorry. I have forgotten my manners. You do not want to hear all of this,” I said.

“I don’t mind, Harper. I like listening you talk,” he said in a lazy voice.

The way my body reacted to his words was odd. I did not usually react to men that I’ve just met like this.

Azariah is a very handsome man and he did not have this effect on me and I’ve known him for two weeks.

I did find him attractive and pleasing to look at and I flirted with him but nothing like what Lord Greyson was doing to me with just words and looks.

I swallowed. “You’re kind.”

“How many siblings do you have?”

“I’m the fifth born child. I have two older sisters and two older brothers. And then I have four younger brothers and two younger sisters. So there are eleven of us total.”

He took a sip of his coffee. “That is a lot of children. Did you like that growing up?”

“It was fun. I always had someone to play with growing up and I’m close with my some of my brothers and sisters. And I was close with my father.”

“But not your mother.”

“Not my mother,” I said. “I do wish my sisters were not so young that I couldn’t bring them with me.”


“My mother is…well, let’s just say that she favors boys over girls.”

“She mistreats girls? Her own daughters?”

I shrugged. “I guess. And my younger sisters are only six and four. Natalie is the youngest. Chelsea is the second youngest. They will have to deal with our mother’s neglect and her ignoring them and working them like slave servants for twelve and fourteen years.”

I looked out the window behind Lord Greyson. I was trying to will myself not to cry. I could only hope that some of their older brothers would help them and take care of them.

“I’m sorry about that,” he said. “I know it must be hard having to leave them behind to be treated like you were growing up. But maybe one day you will be able to provide for them.”

“Maybe one day,” I said with a smile.

“You say you were close with some of your siblings, why not all? And who were you close to?”

He seemed genuinely interested and I’m sure it was giving him some sort of entertainment why he ate. Since I wanted to stay in his presence and I didn’t mind talking about my family, I obliged.

“Roxie and I are only a year apart and there’s only a year between me and my brother, Collin so I was always close with them. I was never close with Alberta who is ten years older than me nor was I close with Bailey who is a couple of years younger than Alberta. He’s the one that went to Baccavale. Clarence and I were moderately close. We talked some times.

“There are five years that separate me and Mathias so we had more of a big sister/little brother relationship. Logan and Luca are twins and they are eight years younger than me. And there is Natalie and Chelsea. They are the light of my life and sweet girls. I’m close with them but it’s a different relationship.”


I was watching her as she talked. The sun streaming into the room caught in her braided ginger hair. I liked how her sea green eyes sparkled when she mentioned her younger siblings.

She obviously loved them.

“Wow, again,” I said.

I had understood the gist of what she was saying but not who everyone was. I come from a family of two children and she comes from one with eleven. It was hard to wrap my mind around.

“It’s a bit much to keep up with.”

“A little,” I said with a light laugh. “Can you tell me names and ages again?”

“Are you quite sure you want to hear this, Damon? It isn’t that interesting. I’m just a maid.”

I loved hearing her name on her lips. I was rock hard under the table and had to resist touching myself.

I was immensely attracted to this girl with her full and luscious lips, button nose, high cheekbones, full brow and long eyelashes. She has the most amazing body.

She’s curvy with ample breast, a nice ass and long legs. Her golden brown skin was smooth and unblemished.

She was not just a maid to me and I found myself wanting to know everything about her even though I just met her about a half an hour ago.

“I want to know, Harper.”

“Okay,” she said. She ran her hand down her long braid that fell down her back. “Alberta is the oldest at twenty-eight and then there’s Bailey who’s twenty-six. Clarence is twenty-three. Roxie is nineteen. Collin’s seventeen. Mathias is thirteen. The twins, Lucas and Logan, are ten and then there’s Chelsea who’s six and Natalie who’s four.”

“How old is your mother?”

She laughed. “Forty-six. She had Albie when she was eighteen. She and my father married when she was seventeen and he was twenty.”

“They were young. Your mother’s still young.”

“She is,” Harper said.

I could tell she didn’t really like talking about her mother and I could also tell there was more to that relationship that she wasn’t telling me about.

Maybe once she got to know me better she’d feel more inclined to divulge more information.

“You are going to have to tell me some stories of what it was like growing up with so many siblings. How many have you lived in the house with?”

“Well I grew up with Albie, Clay, Baze, Rox, Collin, and Mathias. That was seven children that my parents had to deal with at once. Our house was always full of laughter and noise. We had a three year break before my mother had Mathias but Albie was gone by then. Two years later so was Bailey and then Clay. That left me, Rox, Collin, Mathias and the twins. And then came Chels followed by Nattie.”

“So at any given time there were seven to eight of you at home at the same time?”

“I guess so but now there’s only Collin, Mathias, the twins, Chelsea, and Natalie. Collin is going to come here or go to Ashfall once he turns eighteen next year. So my mom will only have five children left at home. Still a lot but less than she’s had to handle before.”

“I just find all of this fascinating.”

“I take it that it is only you and Lady Delilah then?”


“What was that like?”

“What was what like?”

“What was it like growing up with only one sibling?”

“It was nice. Only three years separate me and Delilah so we were close to one another growing up. We only had each other so we had to be. Our parents left us to each other which worked I guess.”

She smiled and my heart kicked up in my chest. Damn. I looked away.

“I really would like to know what that’s like. To grow up in a small family but then again I wouldn’t trade my siblings and upbringing for nothing. It wasn’t bad. We were not rich but we made it work.”

She had the better end of the deal if you asked me but I did not say that.

“Are you through, Damon?”

“I am. Maybe you can have dinner with me.”

“Is that proper?”

“I don’t know,” I said and I didn’t care. It was my house so I could make up the rules.

“If that is what you wish, I will come up with Jonah when he brings your dinner. Or do you take dinner in the dining room?”

“God, no. We usually only use that room when our parents are in town or we have other guests over. Delilah sometimes has dinner at home but a lot of the time she is gone and so am I.”

She stood and I was happy Delilah decided that the maids needed uniforms. The uniform looked good on her and I couldn’t wait until I could rip it off of her.

She gathered the tray and I jumped up to get the door for her.

“Thank you very much, Lord Greyson,” she said sweetly. “And thank you for listening to me talk about my family. I’m starting to miss them.”

“Anytime you want to talk, I’m here.”

She smiled politely and headed down the hall. I stood in the doorway watching her ass sway until she was too far down the stairs for me to see her anymore.

She was going to be trouble and I already knew it. I ignored my erection and went to my desk to work. I pushed Harper out of my mind.

I was successful for a couple of hours but every time I thought about her my cock swelled and I needed to take care of it.

I walked to the door that led into my bedroom, opening and closing it behind me. I locked the main door to my room.

I stripped out of my clothes and got into my unmade bed. The maids had not been in here and neither had Jonah which wasn’t unusual. But there was only one maid I wanted to think about right now.

I took my hard shaft into my hand and started slowly stroking it as I thought about Harper. Her smile, her laugh, that body.

Soon my thoughts turned into fantasies of things I wanted to do to her and have her do to me. I imagined that it was her hand around me and stroking up and down.

I imagined her breast and turning my head to take one into my mouth while she picked up speed. She moaned and arched her back, pushing her breast further into my face.

“Harper,” I moaned.

I stilled as I thought I heard something. I opened my eyes and looked around but there was no one here. I closed my eyes again and my fantasy changed.

Now she was on top of me, riding my cock and I only lasted for a few more seconds before I exploded all over my hand.

I laid my cock down on my stomach and leaned over to pick up the undershirt I’d been wearing. I wiped my hand off and cock and covered my eyes with my arm. I took deep breathes.

I’ve come a lot but that had been a really good one. I don’t know how long I’d be able to stay away from her. I’m sure she’s a virgin. I was going to have to get up soon.

I needed to get some work done. But not right now. I turned over onto my side and pulled the covers over me and promptly fell asleep.


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The Ties that Bind

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Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

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