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Lily is a brilliant and immensely talented teacher but tragically losing her parents at a young age, her life feels like an endless void. That is until she meets a man who reignites a fire within her. But Alpha Leandro was never meant to be hers. Will they succumb to their cravings or will destiny keep them apart?

Age Rating: 18+ (Content Warning: Suicide)


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“All right, kids. That’s all for today.

“Return the books to the shelves, pack your stuff, and don’t forget to show your parents the note that I posted on your notebooks,” I instructed my adorable students as I cleared the board and materials on my desk.

“Yes, Miss Lily.”

The children giggled as they answered with excitement. It seems that they’re ready to go home.

I’d been teaching preschool in our pack for a year now, and I could say that I loved my job, and it kept me going. And my students were just adorable. Sometimes, I wanted to take them all home.

“All right. Children, please line up and follow me.”

I gathered my things and walked out of the classroom. The children followed closely behind as they ran around and giggled.

I led them to the waiting area and handed them over to Rosa, the elder who looked after the children while they waited for their guardians.

I smiled and waved the children goodbye as I passed by and told Rosa that I would be off early. I usually waited with her, but today was the day.

I walked out of the building and headed straight to my car, where a familiar face greeted me with a bright smile.

“Lilianna dear, how are you?” Greta asked, smiling brightly at me. Her brown eyes stared at me tenderly as a mother would.

“I’m good. Thank you for always asking, Greta,” I said, smiling at her. She had been one of my mother’s friends, a thoughtful, selfless woman who had taken me in during my darkest days.

“It’s good to hear that, dear. Are you going there today?” she asked with a hint of sadness.

“Yes, I am.” I smiled, trying to contain my emotions.

“I see you went to pick up Clara’s school records,” I said, noticing the envelope that she was holding. Clara was her granddaughter.

“Yes, and she’s not happy about the transfer,” she said, placing her hands on her hips and rolling her eyes.

“Well, I’m sure she’ll come around once she makes new friends,” I assured her with a smile. Greta’s son had recently moved to his mate’s pack so they could care for his ailing mother-in-law.

“I just hope she doesn’t get into trouble. She is one pain in the behind kid, just like her dad,” she said comically. I laughed at her remark.

“Oh, she’s not that bad! She’s just clever and too adventurous,” I told her as I laughed.

“Give them my regards. I’m sure your parents are so proud of you, dear, just like I am,” she said, staring at me lovingly.

“Thank you for saying that. It means a lot to me, and it’s all thanks to you and Gary,” I whispered, feeling sentimental as grueling memories resurfaced.

“Oh, don’t say that. You’re family, and we’d do anything for our family. I’m sure your parents would have done the same for me,” she said. Her voice was laced with sadness.

We embraced each other before saying our goodbyes.

I stepped inside my car, feeling the pain, anger, and darkness that clouded my heart as the memories came, flooding my mind once again.



It was a lovely Sunday afternoon on the picnic grounds. The birds were singing; the sky was blue and bright.

The trees were rustling as the wind blew the fresh air, carrying the earthly nature scent as it grazed my tender skin. It was peaceful indeed.

My parents and the other families sat on a picnic blanket as they engaged in a delightful, grown-up conversation.

I was playing near the lake with the kids my age, feeling the cold water on our feet as we splashed and giggled, holding our Sunday dresses up.

I turned in my mother’s direction when I heard her call my name. I waved my hands, running my hands over my dress, smoothing it as I immediately stepped away from the water.

“Don’t go too near the lake, sweetie! We’ll attend the pack gathering later,” she yelled, reminding me as she waved her hand.

I smiled awkwardly and gave her a thumbs-up, knowing I’d already messed up the gorgeous yellow dress that she’d recently bought.

I went back to the lake, messing up my dress even more, when all of a sudden, all the laughter died down.

The birds were startled, dispersing from the trees, the ground began to shake, and the water on the lake became disturbed. The peaceful silence was replaced by frightening screams.

It was chaos; hell broke loose. Everyone was shocked, terrified as they ran for their lives.

The men began ripping their clothes off, shifting into their wolves, snarling as they charged to the unknown group that had disturbed the tranquility and brought havoc.

I was distraught, terrified, frozen in my spot—shocked by what was happening right before my eyes. I wanted to scream, but I could not.

I wanted to run, but I could not. I just stood where I was, watching everything unfold.

Thankfully, my dad rushed to me, scooped me in his arms, and ran toward my mom, steering us away from the bloody scene.

“Take her and go! I’ll find you later. I love you both,” Dad said with uncertainty. He cupped my mother’s face and kissed my forehead before he turned around and left.

“Be safe, dear!” Mother said frantically as my dad shifted into his wolf and disappeared into the woods.

My heart pounded as we ran, hearing growls and screams that resonated throughout our lands. Everyone who could fight stayed behind to subdue the intruders—rogues.

My mother abruptly halted from running as soon as we heard gunshots followed by agonizing whimpers and howls. She looked back, and her face turned pale, alarmed by what we heard.

She held me tightly and began running to catch up with the others and her dear friend, Aunt Greta.

“Greta, take her! I have to go back,” she said, trembling in fear as she handed me to Greta. Back then, I thought that she was afraid of the rogues, but I was wrong; she feared for my father’s life.

“What?! No! Gary called. We’re being attacked on all sides of the border. We need to stick together!” Greta said, her voice cracking. Fear was written on her face.

“Please, I need to know if James is all right,” Mother pleaded in tears. She was determined to go back for my father, no matter what. Greta was torn but eventually gave in.

“I got her; don’t worry, but please be careful, Rose,” she said, hugging her friend as she took my hand.

“Go with Aunt Greta, Lily. I have to go back. I love you, sweetheart. I will see you later,” she said in tears as she embraced me tightly—one last time.

“I love you too, Mommy. Please be safe with Daddy,” I said, not truly knowing the severity of the situation, thinking that they would be back before I knew it.

She smiled lovingly in tears. “I will, sweetie. I promise. Now, go!” she said before she shifted into her beautiful wolf and ran in the opposite direction. She disappeared into the woods—gone forever.

And that was the last time that I saw them alive.

I waited night and day, even after Aunt Greta told me they’d tragically passed, explaining to a ten-year-old girl that her parents had gone to heaven.

But I still waited for them. They’d promised me that they would return. And so I waited.

I was only ten when the nightmare that ruined my life happened, taking the colorful dreams that I’d once had and turning them into a gray shade of emptiness.

After that, Greta became my guardian, as I’d had no one. Orphaned by the tragedy that had claimed my parents and my will to live.

I was an only child and so was my father. Grandpa had died before he was born. Nana had raised him alone. My father had always described her as a strong and independent woman.

She’d lived with us until she caught a terrible illness that ate her life away.

We did fall ill, contrary to the myths and legends that were written about our kind. We fell ill, we fell in love, we got hurt, and sometimes died a horrible death.

We were strong but not invincible.

My mother had been young when her family migrated to another pack, but they were ambushed by rogues on their way, which separated her from her family.

Another pack had found her wandering in their woods. Since then, they’d taken her in as their own. She had forgotten their names and their faces, but not the horrific incident.

What are the odds of suffering the same fate years later?

When my father found her, they’d gotten married and happily started a new life in my dad’s pack, Moonbay. Mother had proudly said that they were lucky, finding each other in this big, messed-up world.

Some of our kind weren’t as lucky as my parents; they might have lived a short life together, but it had been true and blissful. And more importantly, they’d found one another.

Some miserably failed to find their mates and married their chosen, but some chose to cling to faith, hoping that one day the Goddess would show them mercy, and they’d eventually meet their fated mate and live happily ever after.

I supposed dying beside the one you loved was less tragic than living, only to be swallowed by grief and suffering.

We do have choices. And I choose not to dwell on things that I have no control of.

After centuries of hiding, our kind had finally decided that it was enough—no more hiding in fear. It was time to keep up in the new world among humans. And so they had.

The High Council was then established. It was run by a representative of each pack, implementing order and law, starting a new era of wolves.

At the age of sixteen, we were able to find our fated one if luck was on our side. But, like me, not everyone was lucky.

Everyone who turned sixteen had to attend the pack gatherings, in hopes of finding their mate within the pack. And I had, but I’d never found him. He was not from our pack.

So once a year, single or unmated wolves would visit one pack after another in search of their mates. I’d only attended once, and that had been enough.

I’d lost interest in life itself, so I’d never bothered to find him. I’d lost interest in almost everything ten years ago. Even my life.

Most of our kind eventually gave up hope and just cherished what was in front of them, not wanting to chase the ghost of their mates, like Greta and her husband, Gary.

Greta had found and lost her mate at a young age, while Gary had never found his.

After Greta had returned to her home pack, she’d gotten reunited with her friend, who had played with her in the mud and roamed the woods with her as a child, Gary.

After some time, the two had hit it off and had gotten married. They were blessed with two children and, years later, a granddaughter. And proved to everyone once again that happiness was a choice.

At one point, we all searched for that state of euphoria that true love provided. You would never truly experience love if you would not let yourself love or be loved. The choice was always there.

If you wouldn’t try, you’d never know. If you wouldn’t go after it, you’d never get it. And if you never asked—the answer would always be no.

“You can’t put your life on hold for someone you have never met,” Gary had told me once. And he had been right.

Truth to be told, he was the living proof—still happily married two and a half decades later.

Today, some of our kind still patiently waited for the day that might never seem to come and held onto whatever ounce of hope that was left in them.

And some had chosen love over the uncertainty of life.

Living a lonesome life, the agony of surviving, knowing everyone you loved was dead, was far worse than death. It never truly felt like I’d survived at all.

The only thing that was keeping my sanity intact was the children, giving my lonely life a little dose of hope and happiness.

I snapped out of my trance and drove off when I realized that I had been sitting inside my car for a while.

I arrived at Martha’s flower shop. And I was about to park when suddenly, a Black Rover cut me off, almost slamming against me in the process, taking my damn spot.

“Shit!” I cursed, furiously gripping the steering wheel and parking on the other side.

I took a deep breath before I stepped out of my car and sent the driver a deathly glare that could dig a hole into the abyss.

But the windshield was too dark; not even a shadow could be seen from outside. I huffed, sending one last glare before I walked inside the shop.

“Hi. Welcome. What can I help you with?” the clerk asked with enthusiasm.

“Hello. I came to pick up my order. It’s under Lilianna Carter, please,” I said, smiling at her. She nodded and smiled as she typed on the computer.

I curiously glanced through the glass panels, wanting to get a glimpse of the driver.

I’m going to give whoever that is a piece of my mind! I huffed and rolled my eyes as I turned back to the young lady in front of me.

“Is there a problem, ma’am?” she asked as she peeked out. Curiosity was evident in the tone of her voice.

“Well, that car just cut me off. What an ass!” I said. I furrowed my brows and glared once more. The driver then suddenly stepped out of the car after I’d said that.

It was a man.

A very tall man with jet-black hair. And he was headed inside. I diverted my gaze back to the counter as he stepped in. He must have seen me giving him a heartwarming glare.

He walked to the counter and stood beside me and cleared his throat. I unconsciously stared at him.

Clouds of gray were the first thing that I noticed. His eyes sparkled like storm clouds, threatening to unleash a brewing thunderstorm.

I was in awe.

He might as well be Apollo—a total Greek god. And I’m not even exaggerating.

I shamelessly ogled Apollo, studying every part of his godly anatomy.

His shoulders were broad as daylight, and his lips were red, similar to an apple inviting you for a bite. I unconsciously bit my lips, taking in his devastatingly handsome features.

But then I snapped out of my dirty daydream when I finally realized who he was. I gasped in horror.

“Alpha,” I blurted, shocked and ashamed, while I forced a smile.

I just ogled our alpha! In front of him!! He nodded in return.

I immediately lowered my gaze to the ground. And in hell if possible. The deeper the better. I was frantically screaming inside. I hope he didn’t hear me! Tell me you didn’t!!

“Miss, can you please hurry up on my flowers? I really need to get going.” I smiled awkwardly at the clerk, who had heard the whole thing. Me, calling our alpha an ass!

“Yes, ma’am. They’re bringing it out as we speak.” She smiled as if nothing had happened and continued assisting him.

There’s no way in hell that he heard that, right? He was inside his car! Well, even if he’s the alpha, he’s still an ass for doing that. He just doesn’t have to know that I said it.

I unconsciously stared at him, not ogled, as he talked to the clerk.

I noticed how perfectly toned his body was, a solid, hard wall of rock. He must have worked out a lot.

His nose was pointed, and his jaw was perfectly chiseled as if he had been molded by the gods themselves—The alpha is indeed a very sexy man.

It was the first time that I’d seen him up close.

And as I inspected his heavenly body, my gaze fell on something—Oh my! That’s a very fine piece of ass you’ve got there, sir. I blushed at my dirty thought, staring at his blessed ass.

“Are you done checking me out?” he suddenly asked, holding his laugh. Horror was the only thing that could describe best what I was feeling. Winter has come.

Oh my God! That did not just happen! Angel of death, just take me now! I’m begging you! Save me from this horrible nightmare! I mentally screamed as I flushed in embarrassment.

I bit my lips, calculating my next move.

“Um, I don’t know what you’re talking about, Alpha,” I flatly denied, sparing him a passing glance before I faced the counter once again. My heart wanted to abandon my chest so badly.

I heard him chuckle.

Finally, the clerk handed me the basket of flowers. I took it and thanked her. I walked gracefully to the exit with my head held high, dragging my wounded dignity away.

And as I opened the glass door, he opened his mouth as well.

“And oh. I’m sorry for cutting you off. I didn’t mean to be an ass. It’s just a sudden phone conference came in,” he said, giving me an apologetic smile.

I froze like a deer caught in the headlights. Motherfucking werewolf hearing! He heard! Of course, he heard me! I mentally slapped myself, and I darted back to my car.

Shit! This is just my lucky day!

I started my car and drove off.


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I sighed in frustration.

I’d arrived late last night after my three-week trip to the remote packs farther north, only to be greeted by a pile of paperwork stacked like a tower of hell, sitting on top of my desk.

I have never neglected work, but this is too much!

“What the hell is all this shit, Kai?!” I asked my beta, who was sipping his coffee like it was fucking tea time.

“Well, that, my friend, is what happens when you don’t attend a High Council meeting that was scheduled months ago,” he said, sipping his coffee.

“Well, I didn’t forget. I couldn’t go even if I wanted to,” I argued and sighed.

“I know, man. I told them you went north in search of your mate, but Vazquez insisted that you’re purposely ignoring the council,” Kai said, giving me a sympathetic look.

Vazquez again. That bastard keeps getting on my nerves. I reclined and sighed.

“All right, I’ll call them later and—” I said, but before I could even finish, Kai cut me off.

“Oh no. They specifically asked you to talk to them on Skype or somewhere they can see your pretty face,” he said, grinning.

“What the hell?! What’s wrong with talking on the phone??” I groaned, annoyed by those assholes.

“Well, they wanted to talk face-to-face, or it could be that Vazquez is secretly in love with you,” he joked. I glared at him.

“Very funny, asshole,” I retorted.

The thought of my trip suddenly plagued my mind. It had taken me three days by car to get to the last pack in the northern valley, and I’d run in my wolf for another two days to get into their land.

Their pack was so secluded that no roads led directly to their borders. And it had all been for nothing. She wasn’t there. My mate wasn’t there.

It felt like I was just wasting my time looking for someone who probably didn’t want to be found. I often ask myself—does she really exist?

I’d never bothered looking for her when I was younger. I’d thought that eventually, I would meet her when fate decided that it was time.

But as years went by, it hadn’t happened. I’d never met her at a park or accidentally bumped into her at a diner.

There was just no sign of her.

And the fact that not every one of us found our mate made me even more anxious, scared that I would be one of them.

I didn’t know if I was hopeful or just delusional for believing that she’d eventually show up one day.

I accepted every invitation from other packs, whether it was an official visit or not.

Even those friendly warriors’ matches—all of them I attended without a second thought in hopes of finding her there.

When I turned twenty-five three years ago I’d started to question fate. Where is she? Why can’t I find her? Am I one of those who will never know the answer?

Three years had passed since my search for her had begun, but there was still no sign of her. I was starting to lose hope.

Should I just move on with my life? Some days, these thoughts clouded my mind.

I was no saint, and I’d be a hypocrite if I said that I hadn’t lain with another woman my whole life. I’d had a few flings, but nothing serious. All of them had been from the neighboring packs.

The last one I’d had was over a year ago. Katherine was a joker, brave and clever. And a very beautiful woman with a heart of gold. She was perfect, but I wasn’t in love with her.

She was not her.

I knew that it was pathetic to compare her to a woman I had never even met. A year ago, she was mated and got married. I was happy for her; at least one of us had found our mate.

I drowned my sorrows in training my men. And passed the mandatory self-defense training requirement for our pack—men, women, and children, starting at the age of ten.

Just so they could defend themselves if there was an evident threat. I didn’t want a repeat of what had happened ten years ago.

It had been so tragic that even my parents still hadn’t coped.

I admitted I was being emotional, but it couldn’t be helped. Today was the death anniversary of my sister Leanna and my grandparents.

I smiled as I remembered my beautiful sister and her cheeky personality.

She had been a bright, clever girl who’d had our father wrapped around her fingers. And Father always got in trouble with Mother for that. She said that he spoiled her too much.

But could you blame the man?

She had been beautifully brave and had had a very smart mouth that had occasionally blown our parents’ minds into oblivion.

There was a ten-year gap in our ages. I was eighteen and she was just eight when it all happened.

I vividly remembered that day as if it had just happened yesterday.



It was a lovely morning when Leanna asked me to go with them on a picnic in the pack grounds with our grandparents, since both our parents were drowned in work, even on a Sunday.

My father hated the paperwork, so my mom was always ready to help him. They were rushing to get everything done before Leanna’s birthday.

My parents had decided to surprise her and take us on a mini beach escapade for her ninth birthday, and it was just two weeks away, so they were in a rush to get all the work done.

I told my sister that I couldn’t go because I had to go with Kai and help patrol the southern border.

I recalled her giving me puppy eyes and saying, “Pretty please, big brother.”

I admit that I almost fell for that.

She was too cute, from her short brown hair, which she hated combing and was similar to her mother’s, her gorgeous, big blue eyes that she’d gotten from our father, to her pink, chubby cheeks.

She was adorable. But I had my orders, and I took my duties seriously. After all, I was an alpha in training.

“I’m sorry, my princess,” I said dramatically.

And continued, “But the evil king has ordered me to defend the castle borders from the hideous wolves.”

She crossed her arms and furrowed her brows. “Humph! That’s not fair! Mommy and Daddy can’t go either. Not you too,” she pouted.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll have a good time with Grandma and Grandad. Plus, your friends will be there, and I promise we’ll make it up to you on your birthday,” I said, winking at her.

Her face lit up and her big blue eyes grew wide.

“Oh my gosh! You have a surprise for me?! Did Daddy finally agree on getting me a skateboard?!” she squealed, jumping up and down.

Again with the skateboard. I chuckled.

Father had prevented her from having one of those after the gamma’s daughter had tripped, twisted her ankle, and cracked her jaw while trying to do a trick.

He was very protective of her. Our father had gotten her a bike instead, and she’d thrown a fit, saying it was boring.

“It’s far better than riding a skateboard. Like I said, it’s a surprise. So I can’t really tell you, or it won’t be a surprise anymore,” I said as I kissed her forehead.

“Okay, okay! You can go now. I’ll just have to trust your words,” she said, pouting her lips and crossing her arms.

“Okay. I’ll be off now. Be good, listen to grandma, and no wandering off to the woods alone. I’ll see you later, Princess,” I said, hugging her tightly before I told my grandparents that I’d be off.

I walked out the door. I glanced back, and she blew me a kiss.

“See you later, Lee!” She happily giggled and waved goodbye. I never thought that it would be the last time that I would see her smiling.

I walked out of the house, and Kai was already outside, waiting. We went to the southern border, and when we arrived, everything looked peaceful.

The eerie silence was deafening. The cold breeze was blowing an earthly scent as the trees rustled. It was the calm before the storm.

After lunch, we started inspecting the borders, and we could hear nothing but the sound of nature.

It was so quiet, and yet I had a feeling of dread that something was wrong, but I instantly brushed it off. An hour passed as we soaked under the bright sun.

We suddenly heard a loud growl that alerted the whole squad. And soon after that, rogues began emerging from our borders, yet nobody had sensed their presence.

We began shifting into our wolves, taking them down one by one, but they kept coming.

We called for backup just in case the situation got out of hand, but that was when we learned that we were being attacked on all sides, and a few had already infiltrated the border and were headed straight to the picnic grounds.

For the first time in my life, I trembled in fear, hearing nothing but the thumping sound of my heart as my stomach twisted, thinking of my sister and grandparents. They were there.

I shifted and started attacking the rogues. The sooner we were done here, the faster I could go to them, but they just kept coming.

I wanted to run to the other side of our pack, but I couldn’t. We were outnumbered. I could only pray to the Goddess that they were safe.

We managed to control the situation on the southern border. They retreated in fear after we’d killed half of them.

It was chaos. The ground was flooded with blood, dead bodies everywhere. It was a bloodbath.

Our men followed the rogues, the cowering rogues that ran away. Thankfully, none of our men were badly injured.

I started running. My paws were on fire as I ran to my sister, and my heart was beating so hard I thought it would burst. I arrived in an instant, only to be greeted by unimaginable devastation.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was horrified at the scene. The ground reeked of blood. Dead bodies were scattered everywhere—men, women, and innocent children. No life was spared.

I was enraged. Anger was all I could feel, grieving for the loss of our people.

I scanned the area, looking for my grandparents and sister, and as I got closer, I trembled in fear and whimpered as I caught her scent.

No, I told myself. She had been here; that was the reason I could smell her. I tried convincing myself until I saw my father near the wooded area by the lake.

He was slumped on the ground, and he seemed to be cradling someone.

I ran toward their direction, still in my wolf, and soon, my mom came to my view. Tears were streaming down her face. I stopped.

I was seething with rage. I didn’t want to believe it. I was glued to where I stood; my limbs had stopped working. This is not real, I tried convincing myself. I just talked to her this morning.

Regret quickly washed over me. I should have gone with her. I should have been there to protect her like I’d promised when she was born.

It was my fault. I should have gone to them. I could have saved them.

That day devastated us all. I lost three of my family members, and a total of forty-one of our pack lost their lives.

After we buried our dead, we began interrogating the rogue who had been captured alive.

They’d planned the attack for months, and their goal had been to kidnap my sister and make her a bargaining chip.

They’d wanted to overthrow my father as alpha and take the lands for themselves to start their pack. But they’d failed in both but succeeded in one thing—killing my father inside.

After my sister died, my grief-stricken parents weren’t the same anymore. They blamed themselves for her death.

She was my sister, and I was grieving too, but it couldn’t be compared to the grief of losing a child.

There was no moving on from that.

“Lee? Are you with me? I’ve been talking for a while now, and here I thought you were listening,” Kai groaned.

“What was that?” I asked him. He told me that Martha’s flower shop had called and said that my order was ready to be picked up.

“I could pick it up for you. I have nothing to do anyway,” Kai said. He seemed to have forgotten something important.

“No, I got it,” I said, grabbing my keys.

“Are you sure you aren’t forgetting something, Kai?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

He gasped. “Shit! It’s time to pick up Maddie!” He panicked, throwing himself out the door. I chuckled and shook my head.

“Thanks for reminding me!” he yelled.

“Her teacher is probably going to give you detention if you’re late again!” I yelled as I walked out.

As I drove to Martha’s, my gamma, Josh, phoned me, saying that Eris Stone from the High Council wished to talk to me on Skype right now.

Like, are you fucking kidding me?! I was so pissed. I told him that I was driving, but he told me that Eris had insisted that it was important.

I was in front of Martha’s when my phone rang again. It was the High Council. I immediately parked, cutting off a white Camry in the process.

“Sorry. This is important,” I mumbled as I answered the call.

I was talking to Eris on Skype when the person in the car emerged, which immediately caught my attention.

It was a petite woman.

Her silky, long blonde hair bathed under the ray of sunshine, and it was evident that she wasn’t happy about what I’d done, for she sent me deathly glares that could kill before heading inside.

I have to apologize to her.

After explaining to Eris, making the fucker understand that I was truly busy turning every stone, looking for my mate, only then he agreed to schedule another meeting, and I quickly ended the damn call.

I was about to step out when I heard a woman grumbling, calling someone an ass for cutting her off. I chuckled, but then I realized that I was that ass.

All thanks to the wonders of werewolf hearing.

I entered the flower shop and spotted the gutsy blonde. I briefly saw her face as she immediately turned away. I hadn’t seen a lot of blondes in our pack. I just took the time to appreciate it.

She wore round, nerdy glasses. Loose strands of hair grazed her rosy cheek as she tucked a few strands of her platinum-blonde hair behind her ear.

If she’s a pack member, she surely knows her alpha. I went to the counter and cleared my throat. She turned and faced me. And stared for a good minute and gasped in horror.

“Alpha,” she awkwardly acknowledged. Her face was turning red. I nodded in response.

I stared at the woman who’d dared call me an ass.

I noticed that her lips looked soft and were pale red, like a rosebud, and behind her glasses were her ocean-blue eyes, similar to the waves crashing into the sea. Just mesmerizing.

Ocean eyes—it reminds me of that song from Billie something. Am I seriously checking her out? I mentally shook my head. I sensed that she was nervous while she talked to the clerk.

“Miss, could you please hurry up on my flowers? I need to get going,” she told the clerk.

She was avoiding my gaze. Well, perhaps she knows that I heard her. I grinned.

I was about to apologize to her when I noticed that Her ocean eyes here are drilling a hole in my ass.

“Are you done checking me out?” I asked, staring right into her eyes. Well, I’m an ass. What can I say?

She blushed, her rosy-pink cheeks turning almost bright red as she averted her gaze immediately.

“Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about, Alpha,” she denied, blushing.

Of course, denying everything is easier than having to admit that she did stare at my ass. I chuckled.

She’s like a cute kitten standing next to a big bad wolf.

The clerk handed her a basket of flowers. She thanked her, then darted to the door.

“And oh, I’m sorry for cutting you off. I didn’t mean to be an ass. It’s just a sudden phone conference came in.” I gave her an apologetic smile. Shock was written all over her face.

My apology must have really surprised her, for she didn’t say anything and just stared at me with wide eyes before she quickly ran off.

She’s cute, but not my type.

After receiving the basket, I quickly thanked the clerk and took off.


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Natalia dreams of going to college, but her mom and dad have other plans. Her brother has already been to college, so that doesn’t benefit her parents. But placing Natalia in a nunnery will give them something to brag about. If you’re pregnant, the Church won’t accept you, so Natalia goes to the Strip and has unprotected sex with a strange man. When the man bites her, she realizes her mistake, but it’s too late. She’s just mated with a Viperian! What’s worse is, she kind of (really) liked it!

Age Rating: 18+ (Extreme Violence)

Warning: this book contains material that may be considered upsetting or disturbing.

Reader discretion is advised.

Note: Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.

Spring’s Seduction

Nineteen-year-old Spring was promised to Max when she was five years old. The wedding day has arrived, and, finally face-to-face, the two discover a glimmer of attraction. But Spring has a dark secret, and if Max doesn’t learn to trust her as well as lust for her, that secret may just swallow them both whole…

Age Rating: 18+

Note: This story is the author’s original version and does not have sound.


Eska lives a normal life, nothing too out of the ordinary. Sure, she knows she’s a bit different from her parents and friends, but everyone feels like that—right? When a werewolf called Shade abducts Eska, all of that changes. He’s dangerous and intimidating. Eska should be scared to death, but something about him is so intriguing… Why does she suddenly feel more alive than ever before?

Age Rating: 18+

Dream of Me

What would you do if the man of your dreams stood before you? Leila is shocked and dazed on discovering that the masked stranger from a Halloween party, Nikoli, is the same man haunting her dreams. A man who dreams of her too…a man with whom her connection transcends this lifetime.

Age Rating: 18+ (Child Abuse, Extreme Violence/Gore, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault/Abuse, Blood)

Bad Boy Alphas Series


I’m a lone wolf, and I like it that way. Banished from my birth pack after a bloodbath, I never wanted a mate.

Then I meet Kylie. My temptation. We’re trapped in an elevator together, and her panic almost makes her pass out in my arms. She’s strong, but broken. And she’s hiding something.

My wolf wants to claim her. But she’s human, and her delicate flesh won’t survive a wolf’s mark.

I’m too dangerous. I should stay away. But when I discover she’s the hacker who nearly took down my company, I demand she submit to my punishment. And she will.

Kylie belongs to me.

Rejected Warrior

Being the only human in a shifter family should’ve been hard, but for Tricora it was just how she was raised. From learning what it meant to be a leader from her adopted Alpha father to fighting with her three unruly step-brothers, she loved every second of it…that was until she was rejected by her mate for being a human. Now the Alpha King has claimed her for his own. But will she accept?

Age Rating: 18+

Devil vs. Alpha

Eve has powers stronger than most—but when she’s given a mission with a prize she can’t refuse, she starts to wonder if she’s strong enough to complete it. With vampires, rogue werewolves, and evil deities after her, Eve’s determination is called into question—and that’s before she finds her mate…

_From The Millennium Wolves World_

Age Rating: 18+

I Didn’t Belong to You

Jamie Harrison has been in love with her brother’s best friend, Finn Campbell, since she was twelve years old. It’s a cliché, she knows, but you can’t choose who you fall for! As much as Jamie has wanted “it” to happen with Finn, the timing has just never been right—that is, until her brother decides to get married in Las Vegas. Add loads of alcohol and years of pent-up lust, and let’s just say there may be more than one wedding this weekend!

Age Rating: 18+